1. Get Your Sexy Stocking Fillers Sorted with Our Quick Quiz

    What Stocking Filler Should You Get Them for Christmas? Quiz

    You've sorted the big presents, you've sorted the pet's presents, you've sorted the in-law's presents (sigh), and you've even sorted the kids' teachers' presents: you are totally owning this whole Christmas shopping thing.

    Now comes the fun bit: the stocking fillers!

    Veer away from boring socks, put down the personalised pens and instead buy your partner a stocking filler they actually want.

    We've selected the very best sexy gifts and all of them are under a tenner. Bargain!

    All you have to do is take our quiz to find out which sexy prezzie is guaranteed to go down a storm with your significant other based on their likes and dislikes.

    Perhaps make a mental note not to let them open it in front of the whole family…

    If you're still not sure which sexy stocking filler to buy after taking the quiz, visit Lovehoney's Stocking Fillers page for loads more inspiration and some great offers.

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    Comments (3)

    • Sprinkles: November 26, 2015 10:10
      Wish there was a "none" option. My OH hates Christmas LOL.

      The end result was something we already have but I use, he wouldn't dare use it! :O

    • Mummymermaid: November 30, 2015 20:16
      Massager for us..sounds good to me xx
    • JJ: November 30, 2015 22:37
      Chocolate body paint... something I am yet to try out...