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    University of Sex Survey competition

    The exam results are in and the eager Freshers are getting ready to head off to uni for the first time with their bags full of condoms, fancy dress and cheap vodka. It fills us all with equal parts nostalgia and regret.

    Uni was a simpler time, filled with to the brim with events you'd never tell your parents about, which is where our new survey comes in…

    It doesn't matter if you're currently at uni (you lucky devil) or you graduated back when there was no such thing as tuition fees. We'd love to hear about all of the debaucherous things you got up to as a student.

    You'll also be in with the chance of winning these prizes:

    This competition is now closed and a winner has been notified.

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    Comments (23)

    • grumpy bear: September 15, 2015 14:09
      Woo first comment!

      Wasn't allowed to go to uni. I was told I had to get a job.

    • jandlxxx: September 15, 2015 19:01
      Never went to college or uni, but with the crap job I have now, wish I had
    • Mr spanky: September 15, 2015 23:08
      Apparently the opposite of cold isn't "me ;)" haha
    • Monica: September 16, 2015 08:24
      Been with my boy for 8y, never cheated during college, not even on my year abroad =)
    • Steve Perks: September 16, 2015 08:27
      University of hard knocks for me I'm afraid :-(
    • Toni Branch: September 16, 2015 09:47
      Learnt to be naughty nurses
    • Daddy D: September 16, 2015 10:14
      Didn't go to University, but living so close to one then and now I've had some fun with female students. They love flirting with the older man then some will go to the next stage.
    • sian vickers: September 16, 2015 10:53
      Starting uni this semester and I'm happily in a relationship so will not be sleeping around, not everyone that starts uni is 18 and up for fun times lol some of us are old and boring ??
    • Lee austin: September 16, 2015 11:01
      Please let me win
    • Annabelle Thornley: September 16, 2015 11:03
      I never attended university, but I have worked at some and I've had a few fun liaisons at them.
    • Pete: September 16, 2015 11:05
      Didn't get chance of uni crap home life resulted in 22yrs royal navy and the uni of life
    • BBG: September 16, 2015 11:57
      Never went to uni, visited a fair bit
    • Alistair maxwell: September 16, 2015 17:42
      Been working for a uni for 22 years be nice to given a nice reward
    • Googie: September 16, 2015 19:41
      Would love to be tried up please let me win xx
    • bondage god: September 16, 2015 23:12
      my wife attended uni, and we had some amazing sex on and off campus.
    • Cheesecake: September 17, 2015 11:30
      No reason to cheat when your single
    • Hotwife: September 20, 2015 10:22
      I only ended up going to uni for a year, had way too much fun sleeping with guys than actually doing the work! Including a theeesome and foursome, was awesome times! Even met my now husband while I was there! Haha!
    • Mat: September 21, 2015 11:26
      Good luck everyone!
    • adam: September 27, 2015 20:39
      Have not attended Uni but would like to win.
    • Ryuuma: September 27, 2015 21:02
      Never attended but interested
    • andymagpieryan1978@mail.com: October 13, 2015 16:51
      I never went to uni I joined army. Before we left schooll my mate seduced me and I loved it very horney wen a went to army kept sleeping with mates a loved it and same in prison had people quing xxxx
    • russellelisha walker: October 16, 2015 17:36
      Thank you. Lots of love.


    • Dave: October 26, 2015 04:22
      Sex was good at uni hot as fuck