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    Settle the Score Survey Competition

    We're kicking off our latest survey to settle the rugby vs. football debate once and for all.

    But clearly we're more interested in the game that happens off the pitch…

    So if you're partial to a bit of hand-ball action, go crazy for a good tackle, or you prefer to go for 90 minutes, in 11 positions, with no hands… we want to know!

    Be a good sport and let us know your views.

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    Comments (26)

    • Becca: September 03, 2015 15:57
      Has to be Rugby! muscular men *drool* plus it's rather more aggressive ...proper mans game instead of football! :D
    • Cat: September 03, 2015 16:02
      Men who play rugby are far hotter than those who play football.
    • That twat over there: September 03, 2015 16:09
      Do you or your partner own a sex toy?
      Nope, we own about 250 of the buggers
    • Skot: September 03, 2015 17:17
      Nice survey, football over rugby all day, more skill to it, anyone can run holding a ball and throw a ball, need goid skills to dribble a ball and use your feet.

      Need skill for football as you need skill between the sheets ??

    • Riya: September 03, 2015 17:19
      Though I am a football fan, I love my partner to be a Rugby player. End of the day Rugby will score more .....
    • Scorpius12: September 03, 2015 18:17
      I definitely think rugby players are hotter - more masculine and I agree - the game is more aggressive - very dominant - lol xx
    • grumpy bear: September 03, 2015 20:06
      I'm not interested in either sport. Really can't see the fascination in it.
    • bondage god: September 03, 2015 20:41
      football is so much better than rugby and it is harder and they have more skill.
    • darren willers: September 03, 2015 20:50
      rugby a thugs game played by gentlemen.....
      football gentleman's game played by over paid idiots who think thay are the next thing since sliced bread
    • Fun Louise: September 04, 2015 06:09
      Rugby players are big strong men, playing a rough and tough game. They work together to dominate their opponents, and if they get a cut, bump or even knocked out they just want to get up and carry on.
      My OH use to play rugby and I love the fact that he can pick me up and carry me away. No wimpy hairstyles footballer can do that.
    • Boogaloo: September 04, 2015 10:15
      Haha this survey made me giggle!

      My OH is actually a rugby player, so of course I said that rugby players are hotter! He's got a gorgeous body, and I'm so proud of him for the sport he plays, there's a lot of skill and danger involved.

      I've never been a fan of football because I find it dull, but rugby is so exciting to watch. The atmosphere at rugby games is also a lot better, not as many drunken idiots!

      The giveaway this month looks fantastic. I haven't been lucky enough to win one yet, so I'm keeping everything crossed!

    • young couple: September 04, 2015 10:20
      Has to be rugby. No namby pamby tripping over a shoe lace pretending you have broken your leg. Can't wait for a decent world cup knowing we have a very good chance unlike football. Good luck!!
    • Nat: September 04, 2015 10:59
    • Mr spanky: September 04, 2015 16:48
      Rugby is way better a real mans sport
    • deekayjay: September 05, 2015 23:04
      Rugby without a doubt - real men unlike poncey spoilt brat footballers!
    • karen: September 06, 2015 22:34
      I wish the u.s.a. had major rugby teams. Instead we have football (they use a rugby ball) and their bodies are full padded! There are rugby teams around but not that many.
    • Subdom27: September 07, 2015 10:05
      It's all about the rugby!

      Good luck in the competition everyone.

    • Amanda: September 07, 2015 12:08
      Rugby players are men most football's are just little boys
    • Jamie: September 07, 2015 14:16
      England's Footballing Lionesses are far more attractive than their Rugby counterparts.

      This survey felt, subversively, a wee bit gender specific in parts. :P

      But I know it was just a bit of fun.

    • Paul: September 07, 2015 15:41
      Given a real choice i am not actually a fan of either :)
    • Dean: September 07, 2015 22:15
      Rugby is a game for men with odd shaped balls ;)
    • nick: September 07, 2015 23:11
      Rugby any day over those primadonnas
    • nick: September 07, 2015 23:11
      Rugby any day over those primadonnas
    • nick: September 07, 2015 23:12
      Rugby any day over those primadonnas
    • Myk Smith: September 08, 2015 08:12
      Rugby always! We're bigger and more fun ;-)
    • Lisa P: September 08, 2015 21:33
      Love everything to do with Rugby!! The roughness of the game & the fit men that play it! ;D
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