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  1. 5 Game-Changing Ways to Use Your Magic Wand

    5 Game-Changing Ways to Use Your Magic WandHave you joined the Magic Wand Vibrator revolution yet?

    These super-powerful plug-in vibes are enjoying a huge surge in popularity right now, with the Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand living at the top of our bestsellers list for the past year.

    With over 700 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, it's safe to say this ultra-powerful vibe lives up to the hype.

    So you've read the rave reviews, saved up your spare cash or begged your partner to treat you… But now you have the wand, how do you use it to its full potential? There's a lot more to this vibrator than direct clitoral stimulation, you know!

    We love how versatile the Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand is, so we've listed some of our favourite ways of using it below. Make sure to share your best tips in the comments.

    1. Back Massage

    Whatever Samantha Jones claims, the original Hitachi Magic Wand was indeed designed purely as a back massager. Of course, we know that women around the world quickly found a better use for this powerful plug-in vibe, but it doesn't change the fact that it feels amazing on tired muscles.

    After a long day, turn your wand to the lowest setting and gently press it against your shoulder blades, upper or lower back and neck, moving it in a circular motion. Feels good, right? The vibrations encourage blood flow to your aching muscles, offering lasting relief. Whether or not you decide to end the massage there is up to you…

    2. Start Off Gently

    Lovehoney Spoil Me Satin Cage Brief RedThe only negative thing we hear about the Classic Magic Wand is that it can be too strong on its highest speed, and tends to bring women to orgasm too quickly. That's right - too much power. Not much of a complaint, is it?

    Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix (if you so wish). Try muffling the vibrations by using your wand over your clothes. The extra layers of fabric absorb a lot of the vibrations, leaving you with a more subtle buzz. Using a soft and silky fabric like Satin Knickers adds a luxurious feel to the already pleasurable sensations. This tip works really well during foreplay to help you get into the mood slowly.

    3. Add An Attachment

    Lovehoney G-Spot Pleaser Magic Wand AttachmentWith the addition of a special attachment, you can turn your wand into a Rabbit Vibrator or a G-spot toy. All of the sex toy attachments we sell at Lovehoney are compatible with the Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand, Doxy Massage Wand and Bodywand, so you can customise your vibe regardless of the brand. Visit our How to Choose Magic Wand Attachments guide for information (and a video) on choosing the right accessories for your wand.

    We sell several attachments just for him that can turn your vibrator into a toy he can enjoy too. Read our post Magic Wand Attachments For Men for the lowdown on male-centric add ons.

    4. Make (Almost) Anything Vibrate

    Lovehoney Multipurpose Pleaser Suction Cup Magic Wand AttachmentEvery once in a while, a brilliant new sex toy arrives on the scene and is instantly a complete game-changer. That's how we felt when the Lovehoney Multipurpose Pleaser Suction Cup Magic Wand Attachment arrived on our desks.

    This wonderful invention slips over the head of your wand and can turn any suction cup sex toy into a vibrator. Yes, you read that correctly. The flat side of this mind-blowing attachment acts as a base for any suction cup toy, and allows the vibrations to travel through the wand to the tip of your chosen toy. Time to rummage through your sex toy drawer and give that forgotten suction cup dildo a new lease of life as a vibrator!

    5. Build Your Own Sex Machine

    They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was certainly true for one of our reviewers recently. While using a magic wand vibrator with the Lovehoney Multipurpose Pleaser Suction Cup Attachment and a suction cup dildo, inspiration struck community member David:

    "I had the wand on the bed, resting on a couple of pillows, and then ‘straddled’ it. Initially the wand would want to roll off the pillows, but with some creative thinking I got a couple of belts and secured the wand to the pillows, and before I knew it I had my own vibrating sex machine. Okay, so it was still a little bit awkward, but it worked, and it worked VERY well." - The Big Gay Review

    We love the idea of customising your magic wand with such simple, everyday objects. Genius, and a great budget alternative to a sex machine.

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