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    Sexy Male Underwear Survey

    The right pair of sexy underwear can make you look and feel amazing, but who said they were just for women? It's about time you felt sexy too, chaps!

    We want to hear exactly what you're looking for in a pair of sexy undies. Whether it's boxers or thongs, lace or microfiber, let us know what you'd like to see in our Male Underwear category for the chance to win our Massive Male Bundle worth £120.

    Included in this month's mega bundle:

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    Comments (114)

    • Carl Packham: July 02, 2015 16:53
      There should be more choice for men!!
    • vincent wheatley: July 02, 2015 17:18
      Great to see more male underwear on lovehoney.
    • Matt Birch: July 02, 2015 19:12
      Just let me win
    • Karl Williamson: July 02, 2015 19:12
      I love wearing sexy underwear
    • Ian McGeachy: July 02, 2015 19:21
      Yes I would like to see more variety.
    • Paul Flynn: July 02, 2015 19:50
      Should be more choices for men.
    • Robert Wilson: July 02, 2015 22:32
      Would like to see a bigger choice of underwear for men as ladies always have a much better & larger selection to choose from. Thank you RDW
    • Robert Wilson: July 02, 2015 22:35
      Would like to see a bigger choice of underwear for men as ladies always have a much better & larger selection to choose from. Thank you RDW
    • grumpy bear: July 02, 2015 23:13
      I have never owned sexy underwear. My entire underwear draw is near enough identical plain black boxers.

      I would however love to win that o force!

    • Boogaloo: July 02, 2015 23:27
      Yes! So pleased to see this survey. At the moment I think male lingerie is on the whole very tacky and novelty looking, it would be so nice to have some more 'toned down' underwear for men, which looks stylish and sexy.

      Just a pair of satin briefs will do, less of the zips and mesh and latex etc. That's what my partner and I would like to see anyway :)

    • sian kitchener: July 03, 2015 08:11
    • Thomas Maitland: July 03, 2015 08:26
      men's underwear needs to be more like women's figure hugging to show of male lunch box better more pastel type colours
    • Smiler: July 03, 2015 08:31
      Lightweight satin type material, slightly see-through, breathable with no fiddly buttons but something practical
    • peter benn: July 03, 2015 08:37
      products are all of great quality.
    • Paul: July 03, 2015 09:27
      Would love to see more sexy satin silk underwear for men
    • Craig watson: July 03, 2015 09:55
      Great survey
    • paul allman: July 03, 2015 10:06
    • Carl: July 03, 2015 10:08
      Useful survey.
    • russdaboss: July 03, 2015 10:15
      Would like to see more animal print boxers. Really bring out the tiger in me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
      Also some more easy access boxers, croutchless if you will!
      Be nice to have a selection of gimmicky ones too. Elephant trunks etc. Lifes about having fun so make it fun!
      Thank you
    • Kevin: July 03, 2015 10:17
      Love sexy underwear and we need more
    • w taylor: July 03, 2015 10:32
      more choice for men
    • Zach se: July 03, 2015 10:37
      More choice for guys would be sweet!
    • Keith Mitchell: July 03, 2015 10:42
      I love buying lots of different styles colours fabrics whether for indoors or everyday. As long as they look sexy and feel great.
    • Idris kahar: July 03, 2015 10:46
      Silk x
    • Siy Davies: July 03, 2015 10:46
      I believe there should be more choice for men, and maybe some dress up outfits to help fulfil the fantasies of our female partners.
    • C barnes: July 03, 2015 10:51
      Need more selection for men as wife buys
    • Jedi: July 03, 2015 10:56
      I'd like to see more choice matched to colours of female lingerie offerings. So bundles of total underwear choice. Also more fantasy dress up options again themed to the female offering.
    • darren sawyers: July 03, 2015 11:13
      this is a survey id would like too see of
    • Nicola: July 03, 2015 11:18
    • Bryan crosby: July 03, 2015 11:33
      Definately should be more choice of sexy male underwear
    • PAUL: July 03, 2015 11:36
    • Paul: July 03, 2015 11:37
      Love to see more matching silk or satin sexy lingerie for both men and women
    • Andrew Lait: July 03, 2015 11:44
      Love sexy underwear its tops
    • Gill: July 03, 2015 11:45
    • Dave: July 03, 2015 11:47
      About time someone looked at male underware we love to feel and look sexy as well as women
    • david pursglove: July 03, 2015 11:59
      I like thongs for comfort
    • Graham: July 03, 2015 12:03
    • Donna: July 03, 2015 12:15
    • Phil: July 03, 2015 12:25
      Comfortable but good looking makes for a happy me!!!
    • chris hamilton: July 03, 2015 12:29
      Good that lovehoney have more male underwear than they used to/
    • paddy McKenna: July 03, 2015 12:40
      It is good that lovehoney have a good selection of underwear for men.
    • Dave: July 03, 2015 12:45
      Men in lingerie !!!!!!! Bring it on,about time some one took the time to offer a wider range for men, well done love honey
    • Steve Maddock: July 03, 2015 12:52
      The choice is getting better n sexier, keep the goods coming.
    • Scott: July 03, 2015 13:30
      Was fun lil quiz made me think more about what I would were
    • Bill: July 03, 2015 13:31
      Slightly jealous of the variety my wife has for sexy garments. Would love more choices for me.
      Bring on the thong!
    • shot2bitz: July 03, 2015 13:36
      Would love some sexy, silky male undies as I had to give my wife hers back ;)
    • DavidB1986: July 03, 2015 15:08
      Sad that you couldn't select more than one colour/style - however I will say we desperately need more male underwear, and in larger sizes PLEASE.

      You can get ladies lingerie in plus sizes, but if you are a man who happens to be on the portlier side, we aren't catered for and that feels very sad. Curvy ladies can be sexy, so why can't curvy gents?

      We need more Jocks/Backless Briefs/Boxers and just some standard colours/materials for regular day wear, as well as sexy evening wear!

    • Steve: July 03, 2015 15:22
      Better choice than ever was
    • Arianne Denness: July 03, 2015 15:40
      ?E ?? ?O?E? ?E?I?ITE?Y ?EE? ?O?E O? ? ?E?YIE? ???IETY ?O? O?? ?E? TO ?E?? ?O? ?? ??? ?O? ?? GI??? TO ?EE? T?E ??EET ?E?E?IT?
    • Phil: July 03, 2015 15:59
      More choices for men please
    • Mr T: July 03, 2015 16:23
      Female designs, but in male proportions. Lots of men enjoy the feel and thrill of cross dressing, but would appreciate the comfort and flattery of something designed for our bodies.
    • Mr M: July 03, 2015 16:36
      Echo comments of Mr T immediately above
    • Ste: July 03, 2015 16:42
      More choices for men needed and more sizes and matching so my wife and I can dress together
    • Eddie: July 03, 2015 17:34
      More choice for men and more satin or silk.
    • michael: July 03, 2015 17:43
    • jandlxxx: July 03, 2015 17:46
      Never brought undies for myself, wife has always got them, and my mum before her, can't be bothered.
    • John Rutherford: July 03, 2015 18:01
      Hi there, my views are there isnt enough choice for men in sxy underwear,and should be as would love to wear different styles and materials.me and wife reverse rolls so wear each others lol.jon
    • Andrew: July 03, 2015 18:27
      More choice for men please !
    • Lee Smith: July 03, 2015 18:41
      Should be more available
    • colleen jones: July 03, 2015 18:51
      My husband is a convert I bought him something special and now he wears nothing else.
    • Paul: July 03, 2015 18:51
      more choices for men would be great
    • tax xxx: July 03, 2015 19:02
      Thank you Lovehoney my wife now buying all my underwear from Sexy suppliers. She converted me
    • GG: July 03, 2015 19:07
      Survey done! good luck lads
    • Chris: July 03, 2015 19:25
      About time sick of the same old same old BORING boxers shorts, lets not stop there let men have there own collection of lingerie bring it on!! more sexy satin please ( NOT JUST FOR WOMEN)
    • Graham: July 03, 2015 20:23
      Think it would be nice if there was something that worked for my partner like her lingerie works for me. Not sure it exosts though. Or maybe i should hit the gym...
    • Blokey Blokerness: July 03, 2015 20:36
      The question about sizes was missing several options for both the slimmer and chunkier gentlemen
    • Jam: July 03, 2015 20:53
      We all like something new. Make something fresh and interesting.
    • Grant: July 03, 2015 21:30
      My wife recently bought me some lace knickers for men, what more can I say, Embrace the lace, they feel great next to the skin and she couldn't wait to get into them.
    • Neil read: July 03, 2015 21:34
      I search a lot for a good range of sexy underwear for men. I love to see my wife wearing hers, and she has a great range. I however, and men in general do not have a wide range to choose from.
      I think it's great that lovehoney are talking about and asking for people's opinion on mens underwear. Things can only get better.
    • John: July 03, 2015 21:59
      I want to win
    • Shaun: July 03, 2015 22:21
      Need to win
    • John Rutherford: July 03, 2015 22:45
      Come on love hunny you can be the first to have the best male selection of sxy undies
    • Dave P: July 04, 2015 07:14
      with this survey are going to be having sexy silk or nylon underwear for men, if so dont forget the larger size man like treble X I would willingly pay extra for some in silk and in nice colours:
    • Dave P: July 04, 2015 07:14
      with this survey are going to be having sexy silk or nylon underwear for men, if so dont forget the larger size man like treble X I would willingly pay extra for some in silk and in nice colours:
    • Paul: July 04, 2015 08:17
      More briefs, briefs, briefs especially XL and larger. More colours pls, reds, royal blues etc.
      good luck guys....
    • Graham: July 04, 2015 08:32
      Would like to see a wider range of girly underwear for men,teddy bear, flowery panties etc
    • hannah: July 04, 2015 09:04
      My other half has loved some of the toys and undies I've bought but there really isn't much choice out there of men. I think there should be a sexy pair of silk/satin boxers out on the market nothing too outrageous just the normal style in different materials make him feel his way to pleasure as well as visualise.
    • Ian: July 04, 2015 13:27
      Silk is a definite. .......had one pair years ago and they feel incredible.
    • Bob: July 04, 2015 15:53
      I think more male underwear designed by women, would be a good thing
    • Chris: July 04, 2015 19:56
      Great to see more underwear on here. A wide choice of colours and. Fabric
    • John: July 04, 2015 21:03
      Think everybody who has had a say on here should be love hunnys guinipigs and try out the knew designs !!!
    • Marcelo: July 05, 2015 08:22
      Why not cotton?
    • Dean: July 05, 2015 08:40
      Yay, one for the boys!
    • Jamie'b: July 05, 2015 10:16
      I wear men's thongs everyday so I struggle to find something a little different for the bedroom so I would love more choice guys x
    • Smu: July 05, 2015 10:35
      I cross dress and find some femme undies fit well others do not but femme undies have so many styles and varieties to choose from most guys would be amazed to try on femme undies and see the effect it has
    • M: July 05, 2015 11:04
      Spice things up a bit I like this
    • Mr S: July 05, 2015 11:14
      just gets me horny knowing I'm wearing sexy stuff under work kit
    • Sebster: July 05, 2015 11:19
      Increased my sexual pleasures 100% and at a fraction of the costs on the High Street.
      So many more toys I want to try....
    • Marcus: July 05, 2015 11:53
      Love tight cotton
    • Claire: July 05, 2015 12:02
      I'd love to win this for my current sex partner,I know he'd be over the moon.
      itd be great if there were a lot more things for men to choose from.
    • Rod: July 05, 2015 12:32
      Underwear and sexy wear makes it all more exciting and playfully
    • Torsten: July 05, 2015 15:12
      More outrageous underwear for men - er want it now!
    • Honeybambel: July 05, 2015 15:21
      Great StuffIt for an exciting Holiday.
    • Danny j: July 05, 2015 15:48
    • Marty: July 05, 2015 15:56
      Love the feeling wearing sexy tight underwear,
    • Beryl spruce: July 05, 2015 17:24
      Love sexy underwear
    • Steve: July 05, 2015 17:26
      Men need greater choices in underwear
    • Scotty2 hotty: July 05, 2015 17:30
      I think it's great that at long last you can get sexy underwear for the fellas..,
    • Martin Yeates: July 05, 2015 18:17
      I wear ladies underwear I find it comfy
    • paul: July 05, 2015 18:20
      Glad to se mens wear
    • Nathan thompson: July 05, 2015 19:12
      Need to be cheaper
    • Kozzatron: July 05, 2015 20:16
      Sexy materials like silk, specifically loose fit with an elastic belt for that free drape feeling. Makes a change to the tight, protrusive microfibre.
    • 50 shades of joe: July 05, 2015 22:06
      I believe it depends on how you wish to please your partner. As long as it leaves plenty for the partners imaginations, woman don't like male Gentiles flapping about. It's about Litierotica. I mean , you don't see Christian grey dancing around in a thong or g string. Boxers are the obvious choice
    • Pal: July 05, 2015 22:30
      I think you should have many types of male underwear as you got load of woman's ones... I think the best way is to look at other site and see what they are offering....
    • Dawn: July 05, 2015 23:03
      Nothing beats a nice pair of tight boxers.
    • Baz: July 06, 2015 07:17
      It's good to give her a little thrill before she rips them off. Nice to see some viatery coming through but there still needs to be more. Novelty items are funny for a one off but just not that sexy.
    • roger lamour: July 06, 2015 08:10
      I like to wear lady underware ilike the feel of them
    • Monty: July 06, 2015 09:53
      Bright colours and soft fabrics.
    • Al: July 07, 2015 15:36
      great prize, hopefully will be more products on the site too from the results of the survey.
    • grumpy bear: July 08, 2015 19:40
      These competitions are amazing but what is love to see is a sort of 'runner up discount'.

      All who enter and don't win are invited to purchase the equivalent prize with a % off.

      Granted for big mixed bundles it might not with as well but wonder if there would be any uptake of you sent a burst email saying "sorry you didn't win but you can buy {the prize} discounted to £x"

      Certainly smaller prizes may have gained enough of my interest to have considered buying had the price been right at the time it was of interest.

      Just a thought..

    • Amanda: July 09, 2015 12:35
      No survey visible. :(
    • Daniel: July 09, 2015 13:18
      more styles would be advantageous x
    • grant: July 10, 2015 02:54
      I would love there to be some boxers made of silk or something that's tight, sexy and made of some sort of meshed fabric
    • Delboi: July 10, 2015 10:37
      As a woman I answered the size question as my partners size. It should of said what size men's underwear do you buy ??

      Great questions. There isn't enough men's choices. Especially for straight men which are not so skimpy.

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