1. Love, Honey: We're Crazy About This Fan Artwork!

    Love, Honey: We're Crazy About This Fan Artwork!Anyone who took our recent "How Well Do You Know Lovehoney" quiz will be familiar with our (much beloved) former mascot, Honey.

    Honey was the face of Lovehoney for 9 years until she retired in 2011, but she's clearly not forgotten.

    We were delighted earlier this week when a Lovehoney fan surprised us with her take on Honey, complete with Barbarella hair and trademark "H" dress.

    We love that she's holding the Lovehoney Waterproof Mini Magic Wand Vibrator too - what a nice touch!

    We've given the artist (blogger Emmeline Peaches) a bunch of Oh! Points to say thank you.

    See the full size image and the original Honey artwork below:

    1. The Original Honey:

    2. Emmeline's Version:

    Thank you to @EmmelinePeaches for sending us this amazing artwork. Visit her sex toy review blog for more sexy drawings.

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    Comments (1)

    • Emmeline: April 25, 2015 14:36
      Aaaah, I'm over the moon about this. Thank you so much!