1. Sex Position Challenge: Say Hello to Extended Pleasure

    Sex Position Extended Pleasure

    Looking for something to bring a bit more fun into the bedroom? Missionary position isn't quite cutting it anymore? We have the answer!

    Today marks the start of the 'Lovehoney Sex Position of the Month' series.

    This month's position will test both your balance and flexibility (so remember to do your stretches first)… say hello to Extended Pleasure.

    How to achieve Extended Pleasure:

    The man and woman stand facing each other whilst the woman raises one leg over her partner's shoulder.

    The woman leans back slightly and holds on to her partner's arms or waist for support. He holds her leg and waist in position.

    Let us know how you get on with this month's position in the comments section below.

    Although we have used a heterosexual couple for this example, this position could be adapted for lesbian couples with the use of a Strap On Dildo, and gay couples for non-penetrative play.

    Can't wait for next month to get another position? Try our Kama Sutra Playing Cards for more adventurous inspiration.

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    Comments (9)

    • grumpy bear: March 18, 2015 19:44
      Had to Lol at 'let us know WHO you get on..' in paragraph 6.
    • Lovehoney Nicole: March 18, 2015 21:58
      Talk about a Freudian slip! That's fixed, thanks for pointing it out.
    • JJohnson: March 19, 2015 08:52
      The Freudian Slip is a whole different position.
    • Lovehoney Nicole: March 19, 2015 15:50
      Good point, that's next month's one ;)
    • Shannon: March 21, 2015 20:23
      Me and my partner tried this position! I'm glad we were next to the bed! I fell over straight away. Lol
    • Lovehoney Nicole: March 23, 2015 14:39
      Wow Shannon, sounds like you really fell for your partner... Buh dum tss!

      Seriously though, hope it was fun and safe!

    • Sassykitten;): March 24, 2015 13:24
      This would only ever result in a a&e visit.. specially when im 5ft1 n his about 6ft lol .. and accident prone.
    • Naughty Miss K: March 26, 2015 01:20
      Ha! Like my leg is getting up there ;) I'll leave this to the taller/more flexible among you!
      I have a post on my bedroom wall with the modern karma sutra, and on this one it has a little arrow with the foot saying "yes, that is a leg". It amused me.
    • Louise: May 03, 2015 21:50
      Have to say I do really like the the positions of the month I love feeling his hole length amazing!!. We actually have the karma sutra playing cards not that we actually manage to play :-) fantastic position pictures and names . If i had to choose a favourite which is very hard so here's my 3 Splitting The Bamboo, Deeply Yawning and Indrani ... Amazing :-)
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