1. The Six Week Sexual Happiness Challenge (with Sex Positions)

    Sexual Happiness for Lent

    Here at Lovehoney, we're all about sexual happiness, so anything that can help add a little va-va-voom to your sex life is a-okay with us.

    It's that time of year when many people give up something, be it chocolate, smoking or alcohol, amongst many other morish foods and unhealthy habits.

    We think that a good sex life is just as important as a good diet, which is why we've formulated a six-step guide to help you take up something new this year.

    Now that New Year and Valentine's Day are out of the way, this is a great time of year to purge the things that don't contribute to a happy, healthy you. So if you're struggling to find a spark with your partner or sex just isn't quite pushing your buttons - we've come up with a range of products and sex positions to turn it up a notch for the next six weeks, and beyond.

    You have approximately six weeks to try six new things. What have you got to lose? On your marks. Get set. Go!

    Below are six positions from our Lovehoney Kama Sutra Playing Cards to inject pizzazz and fun into your sex life. For this exercise we refer to a heterosexual couple but the same positions can be adapted for homosexual males and females with the use of a male masturbator or a strap on.

    If six positions weren't enough, all of the positions above and more can be found in our Lovehoney Kama Sutra Playing Cards. There are hours of fun to be had with your other half, and your mates… playing card games of course!

    However, if bending into weird and wonderful positions isn't quite your cup of tea, then perhaps trying a new product a week would be a good way to add excitement to your love life. Below are six products that are sure to rid you of your bedroom blues!

    Let us know how your six weeks of new Sex Positions, Lingerie, Sex Toys and Essentials has been for you in the comments section below.

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    Comments (6)

    • ShinySparkle: February 19, 2015 13:54
      my partner is a whole foot taller than me, some of these may need tweaking!! >.<
    • Anon: February 20, 2015 12:20
      I just want to state how disgusted I am by the fact that Lovehoney is promoting Fifty Shades of Grey, a book series known for the abuse included and the very poor interpretation of a BDSM lifestyle. When I tried to live chat with someone to talk about this I was simply told ''I cannot help you.'' very shortly and since then I have been unable to use the live chat feature as if I have been blocked. This book series can be very triggering for those who have or are suffering abuse. When someone visits this website they should see it as a safe place to buy sex toys etc however the first thing they are met with on the opening page is the Fifty Shades of Grey link and images. Emails are also sent very often about this series. I am appalled at Lovehoney for their support of this franchise and feel they should think again about endorsing and using it to their advantage.
    • pinkanimal: February 23, 2015 11:41
      some people honestly!
      if you dont like the books or film dont read or watch them!
      aaanyways back to subject.
      those positons look difficult lol
    • Sassykitten;): February 23, 2015 12:02
      ^^ Exactly.
      On another note im sure u need a qualification in gymnastics to do some of these .
    • Lollipop: February 23, 2015 13:31
      ^ some people, honestly! If you don't like the film/books don't watch/read them, nobody is forcing you to. I personally don't like the books or film but you don't see me complaining about it! And this is coming from someone who has been abused!

      On a more positive note, I bought the Lovehoney Kama Sutra Playing Cards the other day but sadly haven't had chance to use them yet. Hopping to try them out tonight :)

    • Davide: February 26, 2015 19:03
      ive always thought 'yoga'was a pre sex position run through, my fav. Is the wheel barrow , a great upper body workout .
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