1. Take Our Saucy Valentine's Survey - WIN a £185 Bundle!

    The Lovehoney Saucy Valentine's Survey

    Love is in the air, everywhere you look around! That's right folks, it's almost Valentine's Day and we want to know what you saucy people are getting up to.

    If you're contemplating confessing your undying love to someone or you're planning on having pull-out-all-the-stops, blow-your-mind sex on 14th February - we want to hear from you!

    Take the survey below and you could be in with a chance of winning our Sex O'Clock bundle worth over £185 which includes:

    This survey is now closed and a winner has been chosen.

    Comments (269)

    • sassykitten;): January 16, 2015 14:28
      What a exciting gift of opportunity for us lh lovers ... goodluck every1
    • Tiffany wills: January 16, 2015 15:33
      Ooh how exciting! Sounds superb!
    • Lucy sheppard: January 16, 2015 15:46
      Would love this everything we have ordered from LH has been mind blowing!! Can't wait to order some more
    • Nigel Weston: January 16, 2015 16:32
      Never win anything but worth a go
    • JM88: January 16, 2015 16:45
      Have to be in it to win it! Disappointed there was only an option for sex once on val day! With it being a saturday i think most people will be aiming for more!

      I picked bradley cooper as a date, but only because he was in nip/tuck and i love and miss nip/tuck!

    • megan: January 16, 2015 17:24
      Would love to win this!!
    • Alex dec: January 16, 2015 17:56
      This would be a perfect way to spend valentines evening :)
    • LittleSwitchBitch: January 16, 2015 18:13
      Entered :) we plan on spending Valentines Day at home so this bundle could result in a lot of fun :D
    • faireh: January 16, 2015 18:42
      Ooooh. Never been one for Valentines, but this could persuade us otherwise!
    • Scorpius12: January 16, 2015 19:50
      Excellent Stash - fingers crossed everyone :) xx
    • capricorn13: January 16, 2015 19:59
      Love that the age range went to 100+; made me feel young. Sadly no mature men in the celebrity date choice.
    • Lucille Sheppard: January 16, 2015 21:09
      Who needs Fifty Shades when you can have the real thing...I'd rather play with my hubby and the toys we have...Christian Grey who????... Love honey yes please
    • lou: January 16, 2015 21:09
      ooooooo i want this so much :)
    • Liesel76: January 17, 2015 00:57
      Having just started using lh this would be a fantastic valentine pressie to share with my man !! Please please xxxx
    • Alan Strickland: January 17, 2015 09:07
      Good luck everyone.
    • Heather ratcliffe: January 17, 2015 10:31
      Yes please love having fun with my partner
    • wildflower: January 17, 2015 12:23
      It would have been nice to see some slightly older men in the celebrity date but still a fun quiz !
    • Slinkycat: January 17, 2015 20:24
      Ooh, yes! I'd be very much up for that, seeing as my husband and I have never "done" Valentine's Day, good luck everyone!
    • sexytime87: January 17, 2015 21:04
      Oooo, what a superb Valentine's package, it will certainly be Sex O'Clock to the lucky winner. ??
      Good luck everyone! ??
    • moo: January 18, 2015 19:17
      Wishful thinking! Good luck all!! x
    • Chris: January 18, 2015 20:06
      Would be great to win this and treat the wifey.
    • TGIF: January 19, 2015 07:58
      Done. Good luck everyone :)
    • ShinySparkle: January 19, 2015 12:26
      Oooooooooh Lelo!!! Eeeeep *fingers crossed*

      Good luck everyone xxx

    • adam: January 19, 2015 15:37
      Would love to win.
    • Delboi91: January 19, 2015 19:03
      Would love to win this, never get a chance to treat ourself x
    • Kelly10822: January 19, 2015 19:05
      Well this is some treat! :) worth a shot I suppose
    • Tamara: January 19, 2015 19:06
      Ooh looks fab!!
    • Kelly10822: January 19, 2015 19:12
      I don't class myself as bisexual or gay but those men options were awful compared to the women! Just had to pick Jennifer Lawrence ;)
    • Lewis: January 19, 2015 19:12
      Looks amazing would really love to win hehe what a great way to be spending Valentine's.

      Always loved everything I've ordered from LH, what a treat to in in with a chance of some more and for FREE too.

    • dave: January 19, 2015 19:15
      My wife needs a treat
    • Ali: January 19, 2015 19:22
      Looks like exactly what me and the bf need-we're always looking for more fun ;)
    • Dave rogers: January 19, 2015 19:23
      After the stress me and my partner have been through be nice to treat her and well if I get a little something out of it then bonus lol
    • Lewis: January 19, 2015 19:29
      Looks fun ;) The gf and i Could do with a boost and nice surprise.
    • laura brown: January 19, 2015 19:34
      looks like good prizes to win. doubt i will but i shall try.
      i dont fancy anyone at the last question, why wasnt there a someone else as then i just chose the lesser of the evils.......
    • B Neves: January 19, 2015 19:42
      With this probably it will be my best valentines day ever...
    • Matthew Semple: January 19, 2015 19:52
      I hope I win, but good luck everyone
    • Kendo: January 19, 2015 19:58
      My wife and I love buying from love honey.
    • Nikki: January 19, 2015 20:29
      Would be saucy Saturday for anyone who wins! Fingers crossed!
    • Ade: January 19, 2015 20:31
      There's no link to the comp???
    • Claire bear: January 19, 2015 20:43
      I hope I win lol! Good luck peeps
    • anna: January 19, 2015 21:16
      Never win anything but worth a go!

      Good luck ladies:)

    • Scott Walker: January 19, 2015 21:17
      Loving lovehoney..
    • GINO: January 19, 2015 21:23
      Great prize
    • dave: January 19, 2015 21:25
      buy all our toys here
    • EG: January 19, 2015 21:28
      Good luck everyone :¬)
    • Nathan: January 19, 2015 21:28
      Would be a saucy start to a new married life!! Good luck
    • Antonia: January 19, 2015 21:28
      Would love to win all this love everything I've ordered from LH so winning this and trying new things would be fantastic ????
    • Jude: January 19, 2015 21:29
      What a fab prize. Love Honey is the best
    • Jpjizzle: January 19, 2015 21:29
      Would love this so that i can show my woman that im 50 shades of jay!
    • Lelly: January 19, 2015 21:29
      Oh my! fingers crossed, this looks all rather amazing hehe, not actually got anything in the bundle!
      Now its made me want to shop ;)
    • jayandrach: January 19, 2015 21:32
      Would love to win this bundle of prizes especially for Valentines day
    • Nathan Pope: January 19, 2015 21:32
      Variety is the spice of life x
    • Elyce: January 19, 2015 21:33
      Exciting! Would love to win!
    • Victoria: January 19, 2015 21:34
      Love honey is just brilliant from the sex toys to the sexy lingerie their plus size is just fantastic makes any woman feel sexy ;) would love to win this prize to add to my love honey collection :)
    • andrea: January 19, 2015 21:35
      yes please!
    • Vickey: January 19, 2015 21:35
      This would certainly spice up valentines day that little bit more!
    • Sparklegirl: January 19, 2015 21:39
      Good luck everyone. I would love this as a fabulous start for us as a married couple
    • Mia: January 19, 2015 21:39
      Life is too short not to orgasm everyday..
      Every day can be Valentine's day with this gift..
    • Andy: January 19, 2015 21:40
      This would be a great Valentine's present to open with my lady
    • Cole: January 19, 2015 21:41
      This will make the best valentines day ever!
    • Abbey: January 19, 2015 21:41
      Awesome company! Love love love all toys & lingerie!! Good luck ??
    • Paula: January 19, 2015 21:43
      Would love to win ????
    • Stacey: January 19, 2015 21:54
      What a great bundle of gifts, would love this to help celebrate Valentine's with my beloved !!
    • Sensual kitty: January 19, 2015 21:54
      OMG!!! And i thought lovehoney couldn't get any better, this bundle looks absolutely mind blowing :) Since this is my very very first valentines day, that i am going to celebrate, ever, with my lovely fiancee, i would absolutely love to get the chance of getting this amazing bundle. Just so i could use it together with my honey bunny, and have the best first valentines day ever in my life XD
    • Andrew: January 19, 2015 21:56
      Would love to win so could have endless fun good luck everyone
    • JASON: January 19, 2015 22:00
    • bigalbi23: January 19, 2015 22:01
      well i hope to win and surprise my OH
    • Nat: January 19, 2015 22:01
      Fab prize, would love to win this! Good luck to everyone
    • Nikki: January 19, 2015 22:02
      I'd love to win this super sexy bundle for a hot and steamy valentines night!! ??
    • Claire: January 19, 2015 22:07
      Would love to win this!
    • Paul n babs: January 19, 2015 22:11
      Hopefully valentines if we win will be fun fun fun . Good luck everyone
    • Liana: January 19, 2015 22:14
      Would love to win this. It would make valentines day amazing! ;-)
    • Paul: January 19, 2015 22:14
      We love Lovehoney as our purchases always raise the temperature in and out of the bedroom.
    • John: January 19, 2015 22:26
      I'm being a bit blind but I can't seem to find the link to the survey, Help?
    • alex: January 19, 2015 22:38
      always love the products i receive and fantastic service
    • Di: January 19, 2015 22:41
      This would be make my valentines day just perfect!
    • skipjack: January 19, 2015 22:42
      what a great bundle to celebrate valentines day good luck to everyone.
    • m griff: January 19, 2015 22:44
      nice prize package could have fun with these
    • Vicky: January 19, 2015 22:51
      Love all the products I buy so does my partner
    • r.w: January 19, 2015 23:05
      Sounds like a v good prize and a lot of fun
    • Gareth: January 19, 2015 23:21
      This set would be amazing to get for Valentine's Day! Me and my fiancé adore LH as it is and to win this great bundle would make our weekend just that bit more fun, fingers crossed!
    • David: January 19, 2015 23:28
      This would be the perfect valentines gift and would make a fantastic night.
    • Sophie: January 20, 2015 00:07
      Spending Valentine's night alone would certainly be more enjoyable with this gift set! Screaming in ecstasy is far better than screaming about being alone!
    • Crystal: January 20, 2015 00:07
      This would make a hectic valentines day special.
    • chris: January 20, 2015 00:16
      what a prize, love to share this with my wife she is my everything, love her to bits.
    • Lauren: January 20, 2015 00:41
      Wow what a fantastic set of gifts!!

      Well, for valentines I intend to secretly surprise my OH when he arrives at my house. As we are long distance we hardly see eachother so we won't just be celebrating on the Saturday... We'll be celebrating for a whole week. ;)

      I plan on wearing my sexy new lingerie I bought a while ago but never got the opportunity to wear! During valentines it'll be a mix of bondage (Fifty shades of grey style!), playing fun games like monogamy or create our own with cards(!!) and of course a candle lot dinner with a twist. ;)

      Best of luck everyone! :)
      Hope you all have a fantastic Valentines!

    • m smith: January 20, 2015 00:44
      pick me ;-)
    • lee: January 20, 2015 00:57
      Good luck to all
    • Tas Reily: January 20, 2015 02:13
      good luck peeps <3
    • lewis: January 20, 2015 07:45
      what a lovely bundle pick me please
    • Mark rinaldi: January 20, 2015 07:53
      Great gift set.
    • James dyer: January 20, 2015 08:31
      Been close to buying the next level of kinky gifts for me and my partner but haven't had the guts to go for it my partner just dressed up for me and that's how far we go at the moment whereas if I win I have no choice and valentines night is the perfect night to introduce so I'm init to win it :)
    • Mik: January 20, 2015 09:03
      Great survey Lovehoney! I would have liked it if you had asked if Valentine's Day nookie was going to include bondage as it's the release date of 50 Shades...but of course it is!
      PS: I could only fill in one time range for Valentine's nookie..but it's at least 3 ;)))
    • Sarah: January 20, 2015 12:19
      Brilliant prize bundle!
    • Paige: January 20, 2015 12:19
      This would be amazing as its our 1st Anniversary on the 15th Feb so would be perfect ?? I've brought all sorts from LH & they've all been fab so got my fingers well & truly crossed ?? x
    • Adelaine: January 20, 2015 13:11
      Yes yes yes yes yes we would love to win
    • Mell: January 20, 2015 13:36
      All done! Good luck everyone :) x
    • Lucy: January 20, 2015 14:34
      I'd love these toys to add to the collection ;-)
    • SensualFire: January 20, 2015 14:47
      A great opportunity. Good luck peeps
    • Adam: January 20, 2015 14:55
      Got to be worth a go hasn't it!!!
    • Neil Catt: January 20, 2015 15:25
      Would love to give this gift set to my partner
    • rob @ kathryn: January 20, 2015 16:05
      we Love each. want each and will have each,
    • T: January 20, 2015 16:51
      Erm - would give it a go but can't see any link to a survey - does it depend what device you are using?
    • andycooper: January 20, 2015 16:59
      my girllfried would loooooV IT+--------------------
    • Phil: January 20, 2015 17:21
      My good lady needs this!!
      She's such an animal when it cums to orgasms!!! ??
    • Big Phil: January 20, 2015 17:23
      This looks like a lot of fun!! I LIKE!!!!
    • Womb ferret: January 20, 2015 17:25
      This might just gain me entry into the cavernous mine that is my lady's wizard's sleeve!!! Woo!!!
    • Terence McKenna: January 20, 2015 17:43
      Now, this could be an interesting trip!!
    • lucky me: January 20, 2015 17:48
      Great prize, would make an extra special Valentines day
    • Bride to be: January 20, 2015 18:04
      Having just been proposed to on Saturday id love to win this prize as an extra special gift to my new fiancé .
    • Whitney: January 20, 2015 18:31
      Valentines day is for loving gestures during the day, but naughtiness at night ;)
    • lindsay: January 20, 2015 18:36
      Mmmmmm. If only i could try all these out ??
    • Sar: January 20, 2015 18:36
    • craig: January 20, 2015 19:00
      Hope i win it our first wedding anniversary that month we could have a right month celebrating if we won
    • Ian: January 20, 2015 19:19
      Hope to enjoy more on Valentine night need to inject a little fun !!
    • Craig: January 20, 2015 19:29
      What a great prize,me and my girlfriend are thinking of spicing up our sex life so this would be a great way to start,fingers crossed ...
    • gary: January 20, 2015 19:31
      get in something for every day of the week
    • steve: January 20, 2015 19:58
      we never win anythink so not holding my breath
    • Roxy: January 20, 2015 20:08
      Thank you for being one of a handful of sites that include Asexuality under sexual orientation, as well as the other orientations
    • Horny hubby: January 20, 2015 20:49
      Here's to my Monday afternoon "doctors appointment" (wink, wink) more entertaining.
    • John69: January 20, 2015 21:34
      This fantastic bundle I'd like to give to my wonderful wife, let her choose what to use first and most...
    • Rick: January 20, 2015 23:03
      Best of luck everyone ;-)....
    • Rich B: January 21, 2015 09:06
      With this package the fun will not stop at Valentines Day
    • Ian R: January 21, 2015 11:42
      Fingers crossed
    • Tracy: January 21, 2015 12:23
      Would love to win this, Fingers crossed x
    • Elisa smith: January 21, 2015 19:04
      Yes please ??
    • Jessica webb: January 21, 2015 19:09
      Wow what a great win this would be :)
    • Bob: January 21, 2015 19:13
      I plan to buy a new toy for my wife and let her open it Valentine's Day and see where that leads is.
    • Mark jones: January 21, 2015 19:15
      Our holiday park opens 1st March so would be great to take and nice way to start season off with.
    • Annika Haukenes: January 21, 2015 19:15
      Wow what a generous offer!!! Xx
    • Kyle: January 21, 2015 19:19
      This competition sounds amazing! I never win anything but worth giving it ago just the thought of how much fun the prizes would be excites me. We are going out for a meal on valentines day and then on to watch 50 shades of grey and with these toys we would be able to play some dreams out as we can't afford to buy all the toys we need for it
    • andrew: January 21, 2015 19:22
      Great website and prices
    • andrew: January 21, 2015 19:25
    • Mark kelly: January 21, 2015 19:26
      heat up our Valentines weekend away please :-)...
    • Nitin: January 21, 2015 19:45
      This win shall heat up the bedroom and the cold will disappear.
    • Richard: January 21, 2015 19:46
      Love honey is by far the best online shopping site and cannot wait to order some more toys. And hopefully win the bundle of surprises! Got to be in it to win it;)
    • Darren: January 21, 2015 19:50
      Good prize!
    • Matt: January 21, 2015 19:51
      Can't see the link for the survey?
    • Nick: January 21, 2015 20:07
      My lovehoney experience has made my lovely sweat honey experience more than she ever imagined. Our love in bed is greater than ever, thank you lovehoney, every shopping trip has made us stronger, look at life a different way and to top it off, we now cuddle more in bed and always tell each other: I love you. So thank you.
    • Paul Garcia: January 21, 2015 20:08
      Love to win this for our weekends away
    • Peter: January 21, 2015 20:09
      It will be fun to try new things.
    • Linda sharpe: January 21, 2015 20:16
    • Peter athill: January 21, 2015 20:41
      What a fantastic valentines prize, fingers crossed
    • Jodie carter: January 21, 2015 20:44
      Have enjoyed this site so much with my partner the stuff we have bought we have had amazing reviews for
    • allaboutthatbass: January 21, 2015 20:45
      Would love to try this out with my new partner for a sexy Valentines day surprise xxx
    • Skylar Williams: January 21, 2015 20:51
      Fingers crossed I, win, I never really win anything but I'm feeling lucky. good luck to everyone else.
    • DaneJayne: January 21, 2015 20:57
      Good luck everyone
    • Mark Murphy: January 21, 2015 21:02
      this would be a great valentines day
    • Kat: January 21, 2015 21:02
      Looks so exciting, good luck everyone!
    • Stewart: January 21, 2015 21:03
      Why specify a time for sex? It just happens when the moment is right; whenever and wherever; and not necessarily once per day. I don't know any of the celebs listed so my answer is random and meaningless. It's personality that matters, not physical appearance or age (I'm 66 - at least for 3 more days ;) - and my partner 67 and we have great sex).
    • Jennifer: January 21, 2015 21:06
      Love honey spicing things up ??
    • SugaryMedic: January 21, 2015 21:17
      Quite a nice bundle but as its a couples one its a shame there isn't an option for queer couples! I'd have absolutely no use for the tenga lol xx
    • Rebekah: January 21, 2015 21:18
      Awesome prize. Looks a lot of fun ?? x
    • Elisa: January 21, 2015 21:18
      Worth a try. Loved what weve bought from here
    • SBFTM: January 21, 2015 21:19
      looks like an amazing package. One way to spice things up ;).
    • D: January 21, 2015 21:23
      I would love to win these items as I never win anything and this will make my yeah
    • steve perks: January 21, 2015 21:23
      Spending valntines weekend in Bath having spa treatments with my girlfriend.....can't wait!
    • Foxy: January 21, 2015 21:24
      Nice package ;-) x
    • Leeanne: January 21, 2015 21:24
      This would be wonderful ;)
    • Jordan: January 21, 2015 21:26
      Would love to win these me and my girl need some spicing up in the bedroom ????
    • Bnee: January 21, 2015 21:26
      lol just what the Dr ordered, along with a good hard spanking of course !
    • Fiona: January 21, 2015 21:28
      Oh yes plz, me and my hubby could have some fun
    • Alex: January 21, 2015 21:28
      Would be great way to spend our weekend away in the middle of nowhere ;)
    • Ash: January 21, 2015 21:29
      Slightly confused as I can't find a link to a survey (I don't count adding a comment as a survey but hey ho).

      Sadly my V-Day will be spent at work, then the gym.. No special someone to spend it with but don't mind so much.

    • Conor: January 21, 2015 21:29
      This would be perfect ??
    • Bnee: January 21, 2015 21:32
      I can't find the link to the survey ....
    • dave: January 21, 2015 21:33
      would be perfect present
    • Cheryl Cottrell: January 21, 2015 21:34
      Would love to win this for out 3 year anniversary, would definately build my confidence using new stuff, would definately tell customers to buy more
    • Steven platt: January 21, 2015 21:35
      This would go down great pardon the pun :@) great for Valentine as it falls on a Saturday oh yes a dirty weekend away eye eye
    • Tom: January 21, 2015 21:37
      Valentine's day could easily become valentines week!
    • Rachael: January 21, 2015 21:38
      Love your products only ever buy from you.. Would love these for the partner and myself to spice things up again
    • Paul: January 21, 2015 21:42
      This little lot would certainly spice valentines weekend ??
    • samii: January 21, 2015 21:47
      Would be amazing way to get the spice back in our sex life after having our little one! Always loved what i buy off love honey!
    • john noble: January 21, 2015 21:48
      we don't have sex we make love and keep it exciting thanks to lovehoney
    • Hannah: January 21, 2015 21:49
      lovehoney is officially the best website ever!
    • Rob: January 21, 2015 21:49
      Think of the fun,maybe not,I might get carried away,good luck everyone,??
    • Ellie: January 21, 2015 21:50
      Big lh fan. Would love this valentines gift.
    • Mark: January 21, 2015 21:57
      Let the fun begin, and to those who win if it isn't me, ennnnnnjoy ;-)
    • Victoria Bingham: January 21, 2015 21:58
      Would love to win this as keep the spice going as I'm a newly wed
    • Gary Rostill: January 21, 2015 21:59
      love this website !!!
    • Becks: January 21, 2015 22:00
      Love Lovehoney!!!
    • Fran: January 21, 2015 22:02
      would love to win this as me&my partner work nights so hardly have time for intimacy and we both have valentines night off so this would be perfect for us to rekindle our passion and love for one another :)
    • Rae1: January 21, 2015 22:03
      Wow!! what a fantastic competition, thanks for the amazing opportunity to win this, lovehoney! The prize itself is amazing for me and the OH as we plan to go away for valentines weekend and get up to all sorts of stuff. ;)

      Celebrity choice? damn, lovehoney, why such a limited selection? I'd have to pick Bradley Cooper on this one!

      Good luck everybody!

    • Matt: January 21, 2015 22:03
      Great comp will be a nice break from the triathlon training. Good luck
    • Adam squire: January 21, 2015 22:03
      Me and my fiancée have bought stuff from love honey and they have been fantastic from the quality of the product to the customer service. We will defiantly be buying more things from love honey.

      Great job!!

    • Mark: January 21, 2015 22:05
      The Celebrity Choice....
      Why just choose 1?

      C'mon, I'm not the only one that thought surely haha

    • Ollie: January 21, 2015 22:08
      Would love this gift! Make valentines VERY special indeed!
    • Elke: January 21, 2015 22:08
      Good luck!
    • Ian: January 21, 2015 22:10
      This would make her c@@t quiver xx
    • Danny Brown: January 21, 2015 22:11
      Just the sort of things I need to spice up my sex life
    • Beth: January 21, 2015 22:11
      Now this would def add to our first Valentine's Day together! Just love, Love, LOVE LH ;)
    • phil hunter: January 21, 2015 22:14
      great prize, we'd be up all night
    • Rikki A Warner: January 21, 2015 22:15
      By the sound of the prizes on offer I think a good night should be had by all!!!
    • H: January 21, 2015 22:15
      More fun ;)
    • Mike: January 21, 2015 22:15
      A tasty and pleasurable way to start the evening off with a bang!
    • Natalie Jayne: January 21, 2015 22:18
      As the saying goes you've got to be in it to win it! Would love to win this bundle as myself and my partner have never been disappointed with any purchases from love honey :)
    • marc treharne: January 21, 2015 22:20
      be nice to win ready for valentines
    • ian harlock: January 21, 2015 22:20
      good luck to all
    • Rees: January 21, 2015 22:22
      Amazing site, great fast responsive help if needed, prices and quality of the items are outstanding. Thanks x
    • Mark Wilson: January 21, 2015 22:27
      Lovehoney has certainly put a lot of spice into our love life . Really enjoy using their product as they intensify my partners orgasm,s
    • Tegwedd Evans: January 21, 2015 22:28
      This would be a very sexy and helpful gift! It could help me lots! I'm going to ask my partner to be my "big" and assume my role as "little"! Wish me luck? Good luck everyone! Xxx
    • Marissa Bennett: January 21, 2015 22:31
      Quite new to the sex toy world with quite a raunchy sex life. This would make any girl become raunchy though! ????
    • Len: January 21, 2015 22:31
      It would be great to have a bundle of toys to make the 14th a memorable day.
    • Gavin: January 21, 2015 22:31
      Sounds good
    • Fraz: January 21, 2015 22:39
      Wow would be great to have this for free!!!!
    • Far way: January 21, 2015 22:39
      More toys for when he comes back this would be great LH :-)
    • DENISE Nichol: January 21, 2015 22:43
      Enjoying your products definately improved our sex life
    • Jane Fox: January 21, 2015 22:47
      It make having fun with sex easy and affordable.
    • Gkelly: January 21, 2015 22:48
      Would make my valentines very gooood!!
    • Phil: January 21, 2015 22:50
      Erm, can't find the survey, wouldn't mind winning the prizes though if you don't mind, ta
    • Kim: January 21, 2015 23:05
      Would so the survey if I could find it ! Great prize if there's an opportunity to win :-)
    • Christina: January 21, 2015 23:06
      Can't find the survey? Would love a chance to win! :-) thanks x
    • Sally: January 21, 2015 23:10
      This is a fabulous prize and as its my first valentines with a new partner (9months) it would be used fully. We are both reasonably new to love honey and the delights we have both experienced so far have been truly spectalur, Fingers crossed...but not legs ;-) x
    • AJ82: January 21, 2015 23:28
      This could teach my inexperienced new man how to love me properly in the bedroom as well as me teaching him a thing or two. This would be a mind blowing Valentine's present. ??
    • Claire dowson: January 21, 2015 23:33
      This would b perfect as me n my partner have just got married and he is taking me away for a dirty weekend for Valentine's Day as our first as husband n wife!!
    • Rachel: January 21, 2015 23:35
      Can someone please tell us how to enter comp I'd love to be in with a chance of winning this fab prize thanks
    • sandie mckeeman: January 21, 2015 23:36
      yeah that would be so good n exciting lyk
    • Eileen: January 21, 2015 23:37
      Excited if I win this!
    • ken: January 21, 2015 23:40
      My wife had a stroke a couple of years ago since then our sex life has been very dull,if we was to win the prize hopefully it might put a bit of spice back to our love making, i did try a few things from Lovehoney over the Christmas period I must of chose badly, but a selection of items may work.
    • JC: January 21, 2015 23:50
      Ropes, toys, oil and a closed door. The rest is our secret that nobody needs to know ;)
    • Jason b: January 22, 2015 01:06
      Love love love love lh the best place to get great quality toys and protection will never use any other site in my life
    • dean: January 22, 2015 02:32
      what a great gift for valentines for my partner as times are hard what a night I would get with a lovely gift like that
    • James ellis: January 22, 2015 04:17
      Fingers crossed
    • Maria: January 22, 2015 05:00
      I love Lovehoney! Top quality every single time! I'd love to win these super nice items!
      I have to assume that our comments are considered participation to the survey, as there's no survey on this page.
    • Sue: January 22, 2015 06:05
      I'm loving honey and I'm feeling hot and bothered thinking about the prize too. Gimme.
    • Matthew: January 22, 2015 06:05
      Never known a better place to by sex toys for there value and quality all I can say is thank you love hunny gave me some amazin nights since I started using you x
    • Caroline: January 22, 2015 06:20
      Would LOVE to win these to go with our love honey collection...have a fun Valentine's Day everyone...enjoy! ;)
    • Dawn: January 22, 2015 07:01
      Wow, this would certainly put the zing back into our 25year old relationship with a Big Bang !! ????
    • Neil: January 22, 2015 07:23
      Good luck all !
    • James: January 22, 2015 07:34
      Definitely the best way to celebrate Valentine's day! Good luck everyone!
    • The new Mrs Brown: January 22, 2015 07:51
      I can't find the link for the survey, therefore adding a comment.
      I got married on New Years eve & our first valentines day as a married couple will be spent on our honeymoon!
      I am beyond excited & this would be the ultimate Valentine's gift for my new hubby!
      It's even more thrilling with the chance we could be stopped by customs...imagine their faces!
      Fingers crossed, I want to make it the best valentines day yet!
    • caroline waller: January 22, 2015 08:24
      would love to win this good luck all
    • Nigel: January 22, 2015 08:57
      Would make Valentines a lot more interesting with these toys to play with, mmm!
    • Steve: January 22, 2015 09:18
      What fun this would be to have in the bedroom, kitchen, living room.....
    • Karen: January 22, 2015 09:59
      Wow would so love to get my hands on this set would be the perfect finish to valentines as me and my boyfriend will be going to watch fifty shades of grey and this would be great to come back home to really explore and maybe push some boundaries. I can't wait.....
    • Rachelle: January 22, 2015 10:15
      Where is the survey!? I want s chance to win some spice in the room!
    • Angela: January 22, 2015 10:43
      Where is the survey?!
      I'd love an opportunity too win this bundle for my fiancée and I !
    • Tina: January 22, 2015 11:14
      Cant find the survey :-( would be awesome to win!!!! ;-)
    • Candice: January 22, 2015 11:32
      Great idea and many thanks
    • David sheen: January 22, 2015 11:44
      Vety good variety of goods quick and reliable
    • David sheen: January 22, 2015 11:46
      Very good choice of goods very reliable and quick
    • Stuart: January 22, 2015 11:48
      What a prize!! Bestest half would be over the moon with these goodies-yet again lovehoney comes up trumps. Good luck all entries x
    • hayley: January 22, 2015 13:07
      Amazing Prizes, would really spice things up this Valentines Day - Absolutely love 'Love Honey' ;)
    • vince: January 22, 2015 13:24
      any further additions to our collection of exciting and pleasurable accoutrements would lead to even more exciting days before and after valentines
    • Katy: January 22, 2015 14:24
      Always have to work Valentines Nite, so something to look forward to when we get home, never toooooo tired. Nice prize bundle!!! Good Luck One & All
    • Kev: January 22, 2015 14:26
      Fingers crossed
    • Wendy atkinson: January 22, 2015 14:39
      WOW would love to try these on Valentine's night to help spice up our life's :)
    • Tony Kisby: January 22, 2015 16:50
      It would be a wonderful birthday present for Valentines day!
    • kim: January 22, 2015 17:43
      Never won anything before but worth a try :-) would be good to win as me and my partner have planned a dirty night away in a hotel ;-)
    • Chloe bates: January 22, 2015 17:52
      How exciting!!
    • Danielle: January 22, 2015 17:59
      Every night is a dirty night thanks to the toys I buy from LoveHoney! This would be the perfect set to have on Valentine's night to make my night even more wilder then it was already gonna be ;)
    • michaela.: January 22, 2015 18:28
      I am only young. But have had a baby who is now nearly 2. Since giving birth, my partner dosnt seem to be interested in sex. I did put a slight amount of weight on. But still less the a stone as I was very thin before it actually made me feel better. But think my partner prefered bones to curves. Joined love honey not long ago & have been experimenting with a few toys. It seems to have brought the spark back for us. Winning a bundle like this, well would be amazing. Good luck to everyone. Hope love honey had brought you all as much passion as it has for me. Love everything they offer. <3
    • Leigh: January 22, 2015 19:27
      Looking forward to Valentines day this year, it just such a special day
    • Mick: January 22, 2015 19:55
      Yes please, order a few toys and games this new bundle would be great esp for valentines ;-)
    • Simon: January 22, 2015 20:47
      This would be the perfect prize to add some extra heat to my valentines night! Love honey is great and this would add to our collection!!!
    • Olivia p: January 22, 2015 21:02
      Where is the link to the survey? It finishes tonight, I want to be in with a chance :( xx
    • Chris: January 22, 2015 21:51
      Awesome,but i must be blind,no link hmm.
    • Abbi: January 22, 2015 21:53
      Wow... What an amazing prize.. Would definatly spice up valentines night ??
    • Lesley: January 22, 2015 22:02
      Fantastic prize, fingers crossed!
    • SHAZ: January 23, 2015 00:04
      Amazing looking prize can't find the link for a survey but would love the opportunity to win this great prize and look forward to the excitement of the ongoing experiences to follow!!!!!!!
    • Lily: January 23, 2015 11:52
      Those saying they can't find a link, there isn't one. The survey is in the post, but I found I could only see it from my laptop, and not from a mobile :)
    • nikki: January 23, 2015 13:36
      good luck everyone x
    • Perry: January 24, 2015 00:21
      Great prize!!
    • Winston: January 25, 2015 15:08
      Be nice to win something for a chance, then have a full day of fun on Valentine's day with the mrs, with the bundle and all the other toys and very sexy underware we've bought on here!!!!
    • Graham: January 25, 2015 18:38
      Great stuff, cant wait to try out the fun and maybe recreate a scene from The film.
    • Chant: January 26, 2015 00:14
      would love to win something like this to share with the OH
    • lisa: January 26, 2015 13:51
      Ooh wow that would make a special night to remember good luck everyone and if we don't win I'm sure we've a good imagination n plenty batteries to enjoy the night
    • Gemma: January 27, 2015 13:58
      Would love to win due to a lot of stuff being porno and perfect for me x
    • dennis: January 27, 2015 19:21
      We are both love honey,s and to win this prize would make us a pair of exhausted but very satisfied winners.
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