1. Fifty Shades of... Laundry Detergent?

    1. Flirty Shades of Grey

    2. Fifty Shades of Grey film fever has certainly hit Britain, and it's coming to a supermarket near you.

      Surf have released "Flirty Shades of Surf", a scented laundry detergent they describe as their "naughtiest fragrance yet".

      Washing your sheets in this special detergent is said to make you (and your lover) more frisky in the sack.

      Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sensation Sensual Bath Oil 100mlWe can see where they're coming from - it's a well known fact that arousal can be kickstarted by a sensual aroma, particularly floral and musky scents.

      It's no surprise the new product has been launched just weeks before the Fifty Shades of Grey movie premiere.

      If you really want to smell like Mr. Grey himself, try enjoying a bath with a splash of Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sensation Sensual Bath Oil, or indulge in a sensual back rub with the Fifty Shades of Grey Sensual Touch Massage Oil.

      Fifty Shades of Grey Sensual Touch Massage Oil 100mlThey've both been infused with Christian Grey's signature scent with hints of bergamot, sandalwood and musk. And it's even E L James approved!

      If extra laundry sounds like more of a turn-off, check out our guide to Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Seduction for less labour-intensive tips.

      Do you think a laundry detergent can really change your sex life?

      Let us know in the comments…

      Image via The Sun.

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    Comments (5)

    • wildflower: January 15, 2015 11:09
      I've been using this for a few weeks and while it does smell really nice I don't think it's going to dramatically change anyones sex life !
      Still it's always a pleasure to slip between lovely clean smelling sheets :)
    • pinkanimal: January 15, 2015 11:32
      while no I dont think that will dramatically change peoples sex lives. I do enjoy clean bedding especially with those unstoppables.
    • Lovehoney Nicole: January 15, 2015 13:37
      Good point! Fresh sheets really do make a difference.
    • anna: January 19, 2015 21:10
      Well its ok, it doesn't spice it up in the bedroom though its smells beautiful
    • Lovehoney Nicole: January 20, 2015 09:05
      Glad to hear you like the smell Anna!