1. "The Most Amazing Orgasms" - Lovehoney Review of the Month, November 2014

    "Review of the Month" - Review of the Month, October 2014

    New customers are always telling us how useful they find our product reviews, so to say thank you for all your hard work, every month we choose our favourite sex toy review to win a sexy prize!

    This month's winner is slinkykinky who submitted this awesome review of the brand new Happy Rabbit 2 Natural USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator (£69.99).

    "Although I have the 'natural' version and not the G-spot version, I found that it hit my G-spot with ease, bringing me to a mind-blowing, multiple orgasm within minutes - my husband is amazed at how fast I can climax with this toy and it has become something that we use together, as well as a little treat for me when I'm on my own."

    "Without gushing too much (excuse the pun!), I absolutely love this toy. It looks amazing, it feels great, and it will give you the most amazing orgasms within minutes."

    Thank you so much for your brilliant feedback slinkykinky. You've won a £100 Lovehoney Gift Voucher. Enjoy! Read slinkykinky's review in full.

    Still looking for inspiration for that special Christmas gift? Continue reading to find out who won a runner up prize for this month, and which toy they rated (or hated!)

    It's not all about the winning review, oh no. Every month we receive so many great sex toy reviews we also select runners up who win a wonderful 2,000 Oh! Points to spend or save on their Lovehoney Community account.

    Runners Up

    LibraLover's review of the Bondage Boutique Beginner's 10 Inch Rubber Flogger (£9.09)

    "I was surprised by how different this feels to our other flogger. The rubber gives completely different sensations. We mainly use them as ticklers and the feel of all the rubber tassels trailing across my body is very arousing. When hit with this it is not particularly painful (although it does make a distinctive noise), but is harder than our suede one. If, like me, you don't want to feel too much pain, either of these are perfect."

    Bettie Page Collar Me Bondage Collar and Lead Set

    DominaDoll's review of the Bettie Page Collar Me Bondage Collar and Lead Set (£49.99)

    "The Collar and Leash set comes in a lovely collector’s gift box, with sexy Bettie Page pin-up art featured on the inside of the cover. The collar also comes with two cute collector items: a small collector’s Bettie Page card (kind of like a baseball card) and a cute, sexy little key chain. Sweet! I love it when manufacturer's give so much attention detail with their products. The Bettie Page Collar and Leash makes a great gift and comes already gift-wrapped in a lovely box!"

    ageing-hippy's review of the Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring (£9.99)

    "Having got him erect, I slipped the ring on and tightened it on his penis. Maybe it was the novelty effect, he seemed to get even harder straight away, it certainly didn't interfere with penetration, I was not even aware of it and he certainly felt much firmer inside me. The second time we used it, he put it on behind his balls, it made no difference from my point of view, but he thought it helped maintain his erection even more and he kept it in position for his climax this time."

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    • PurpleHeart: December 10, 2014 11:33
      Congratulations! Great reviews again this month :)
    • Scorpius12: December 10, 2014 12:06
      Congratulations everyone, great reviews :) xx
    • Lovehoney Jess: December 10, 2014 12:10
      Aren't they just?! Thanks again for all your stirling work peeps... And congrats to the winners!
    • ShinySparkle: December 10, 2014 12:10
      Congratulations everyone!!
    • Peitho: December 10, 2014 13:46
      Congratulations all, excellent reviews!
    • Kathy - My Doll: January 15, 2015 18:50
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