1. How to Create the Perfect Bedroom for Seduction

    How to create the perfect bedroom for seduction

    Planning the perfect romantic evening in with your lover is all in the details. Creating an environment suitable for seduction and lovemaking isn't difficult, it just takes a little planning. This guide talks you through creating the perfect romantic bedroom in five easy steps.

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    1. Tidy Up

    They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and who doesn't want to be a Sex God? Keep the bedroom free of clutter and mess. There's nothing sexy about navigating around piles of dirty laundry and too much bric-a-brac is distracting for both you and your partner.

    Aside from de-cluttering, take some time to clean, dust and hoover. Tidy away any laundry (clean or otherwise) and dust every surface. Believe us, it makes a huge difference.

    2. Lighting

    Fifty Shades of Grey Massage Me Massage Candle Mood lighting is so important when it comes to create a romantic ambience in your bedroom. Soft, seductive lighting instantly makes us feel more relaxed and comfortable, so switch off any harsh overhead lights.

    Candles are a wonderful alternative to electronic lighting in the boudoir - they create a gentle glow that's really flattering when you undress, and they smell good to boot. Opt for a sexy massage candle to add an extra opportunity for play - the wax melts down to a skin-safe massage oil. Try the Fifty Shades of Grey Massage Me Massage Candle for a Christian Grey-inspired scent enriched with coconut and jojoba.

    3. Scent-sational

    It's undeniable that smell is linked with sexual desire, and there are certain heady aromas that help set the right ambience for lovemaking. Floral scents like jasmine have long been considered an aphrodisiac, while spicy or musky undertones add a sophisticated feel.

    Why not create a signature scent for your love nest? Smell is so associated with memory that whenever you or your partner get a whiff of sultry jasmine or jojoba, you get to re-live some of the passion.

    4. Bedding

    Lovehoney Fabric Rose Petals

    The bed should be the focal point of any bedroom. It's recommended that you spend as much as you can afford on your bedding, as soft and silky sheets feel quite a bit nicer against the skin than scratchy cheap cotton. Pillows, blankets and throws really add a tactile dimension to the boudoir, so don't be afraid to accessorize your bed!

    Finally, for the finishing touch, why not add some Fabric Rose Petals? This is a great way of drawing your lover's eye to the bed as soon as they walk in the room.

    5. Music

    It's a good idea to keep some romantic music playing in the background to ease any uncomfortable silences. Choose something calming and melodic that's easy to listen to. Make sure your playlist is long enough - you definitely don't want to be fumbling around for a new CD mid-session!

    Once again Lovehoney comes to the rescue! We created a Spotify playlist (with the help of some of our community members) called Best Songs To Have Sex To (A Lovehoney Playlist).

    What are your top tips for creating a seductive bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Comments (5)

    • Sunshine,Lollipops: October 23, 2014 20:15
      I totally agree with needing to have a nice clean and tidy room! Not too concerned about the lighting but can't beat freshly laundered, crisp white sheets that've been dried in the fresh air. I like some incense burning too.
    • sassykitten;): October 24, 2014 13:25
      Completely agree, the right environment creates better sex, fresh bedding dim lighting, massage, room that doesnt smell of sock would b lovely ;) sexy man too, lovehoney best buys ... ideal night in.
    • daisiesgalaxy: October 27, 2014 17:06
      Wack the heating up! Nothing worse than a chilly room
    • ShinySparkle: October 28, 2014 15:37
      One more tip:
      Clear the bedroom of any children's toys. Could be a passion-killer when you discover your child's favourite teddy has made his way into your bed!
      I speak from experience....
    • Lovehoney Nicole: October 28, 2014 16:18
      Lots of great suggestions, thanks!
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