1. Giant Butt Plug in Paris is a Christmas Tree... Apparently!

    christmas tree butt plug in parisNow, we all love a good giggle, but it seems Paris has ended up being the 'butt' of this joke with their somewhat artistic 2014 Christmas butt plug… err, I mean tree!

    Funnily enough though, France haven't suddenly decided to announce a love for all things anal, even though it really does looks like it.

    They've collaborated with American contemporary artist Paul McCarthy (no… not the Beatle. Read it again) to reveal this year's rather eye-catching Christmas tree.

    Featuring a tapered tip, elongated, bulbous body, and flat flared base… Hang on… Does this remind you of something? (Doc Johnson TitanMen Ass Servant)

    We have a feeling that even the most advanced butt plug aficionados out there are clenching their butt cheeks at the sight of this enormous sculpture… We certainly are!

    Continue reading to be bombarded with some of the best butt puns we could think of…

    Although this sky-high piece of art is a little cheeky, it's really cracked us up here at Lovehoney, so we're fully behind the daring design - tushé Paul McCarthy. We have a haunch it was a pain in the butt to erect, and can only assume it will be equally tricky to take down. We're definitely getting to the back end of this pun-tastic tail, butt the bottom line is, we're asstounded by the butt plug Christmas tree, and derriére you to tell us what you think!

    Speaking of sex toys and their extra-curricular festive uses… Remember this video of the Sqweel Go aka Stamp Licker from last year?

    Pick yours up today and save your tongue a lot of hard work this season!

    The (Rear) End.

    Credit: Main photo taken by Charles Platiau/Reuters

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    Comments (6)

    • jayandrach: October 20, 2014 11:39
      I thought this was a joke to start of with and now I'm intrigued by it and guess where were heading for the first time next week.... Yep you got it just outside of Paris ;).
    • ShinySparkle: October 20, 2014 12:55
      Poor Super Victor.... He's been overshadowed by this....
    • Peitho: October 21, 2014 09:42
      That's hilarious! Definitely more butt plug than Christmas festivities, maybe they could order a lot of multicoloured plugs from Lovehoney and hang them off it as baubles, sure that would make it a bit more festive? Love the video too.
    • Al: October 22, 2014 18:38
      Nope, thats definately a butt plug ... weird that I thought of an old sweetcorn advert ??>
    • naughtymum: October 22, 2014 20:52
      Christmas tree my ARSE!!!
    • ShinySparkle: October 28, 2014 15:39
      I read recently that the "tree" was vandalised and let-down. :(