1. 36 Miles of Cock? The World's Biggest Analysis of Sex Toy Sales Says So

    Further Down The Rabbit HoleIf you've been reading the Lovehoney blog for a while, you'll remember us raving about Jon Millward's studies in the past (we've talked about his analysis of porn stars, as well as his survey of call girls in Britain). This "Ideas Detective" really impressed us by taking mind-boggling data and presenting it in a simple but fun way.

    In fact, we were so amazed by his fascinating articles that we got in touch to see if he'd be interested in doing an analysis of Lovehoney, and - you guessed it - he said yes!

    We're so pleased and proud to present the world's biggest analysis of sex toy sales - ever! We gave Jon access to non-personal data (don't worry, we would never share your personal information with anyone) from 1 million sales over a 5 month period, and his insights are incredible.

    If you've ever wondered which sex spends the most on toys, which porn star is most popular or who writes the longest sex toy reviews on Lovehoney, check out our top 10 most interesting at-a-glance stats below. You can also read the full report by Jon or see our abridged version of the results. Happy exploring!

    1. 75% of women who buy sex toys are in a relationship

    Who said you had to be single to enjoy using sex toys? The notion that most vibrators are bought by single ladies was shattered in Jon's report which showed that three quarters of the females who bought toys are attached. The equivalent statistic for male shoppers was 79%.

    2. Men spend 19% more per order than women

    Hey big spender! Men spent an average of £5.73 more than women per order. In fact, our male customers were also more likely to choose next day delivery. Someone's eager!

    3. We sell a LOT of lube

    ID Glide Pump Bottle 1900ml

    If you were to gather up all the lube we sold in one year, you'd have enough to fill 268 bathtubs. That's about 26,800 litres, or over 14 thousand units of the largest bottle of lube we sell (pictured right). If you had the desire (and skill) to plumb your house with lube, you would be able to have a continuous shower for 52 hours.

    4. Women LOVE to write longer reviews

    For every 100 words men write in a sex toy review, women write 110. Men also use twice as many explicit words, but women use more exclamation points. And apparently, the fairer sex use the word "love" a considerable amount more to describe how they feel about their purchases. Side note: Did you know Lovehoney currently has 281,000 customer-uploaded sex toy reviews?! That's a lot of love!

    5. 18.5% of you are happy to leave your sex toys with the neighbours

    At the checkout, you can write instructions to the postie about where to put your parcels if you're not home when they attempt delivery - and nearly a fifth of you are happy to leave your Lovehoney package with the neighbours. Don't worry, they'll never figure out what's inside - all of our orders are sent out in plain boxes and envelopes, and even the returns label doesn't give the game away! Read all about our discreet packaging here.

    6. Men buy the condoms (and lots of them)

    In the 5 month period selected, about 900,000 condoms were sold, and 71% of them to men. When you think about, that's a spectacular number of rubber sheaths. While guys bought 70% of large condoms sold, they also purchased a whopping 90% of small condoms.

    Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus7. Stoya is your favourite porn star

    You've probably heard of Fleshlights - they're realistic male masturbators made from a lifelike material. Interestingly, 1 in 3 Fleshlights sold on Lovehoney is modelled after a porn star, and it turns out adult actress Stoya is your favourite. By far. In fact, 34% of all Fleshlight Girls sold are in her likeness - whether it's her vagina, anus or even her mouth. With customer reviews ranging from "The best toy I've ever bought" to "The best just got better", we're not surprised she's coming up on top. Other top-ranking adult stars included Jenna Haze and Tori Black.

    8. 28 years of pleasure, anyone?

    While rechargeable vibrators are becoming more and more popular, we still sell a lot of battery-powered vibes, and the batteries to go along with them. That amounts to truckloads of batteries. For instance, in a year, we sell enough batteries to keep the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator buzzing for 15 millions minutes (or 28 years). Many reviewers claim that the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 can make them climax in 5 minutes. If so, that amounts to 3 million orgasms.

    9. 71% of wigs are bought by men

    We're not sure if they're buying them for sexy roleplay, cross-dressing or a fancy dress costume, but it's true: the majority of wigs we sell are purchased by men.

    10. 36 miles of… what?!

    And finally, my favourite statistic. If you piled on the insertable sex toys we sold in a year one on top of the other, you would have a very unstable tower of cock that extends a staggering 36 miles into the air. That's high enough to pierce the ozone layer (don't worry, we won't try it!)

    Like what you've read? The full report is entitled Down the Rabbit Hole - What One Million Sex Toy Sales Reveal About Our Erotic Tastes, Kinks and Desires. The condensed version can be viewed on Lovehoney here.

    No personal data that could identify an individual customer was disclosed. Jon did not have access to surnames, titles, addresses or postcodes.

    Read the full study over on Jon's site. Go on, enter the rabbit hole!

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