1. Introducing the We-Vibe 4 Plus - The Champion of App-Controlled Orgasms. Plus, Enter Now to Win One!

    We-Vibe 4 Plus Remote and Smartphone Control Clitoral and G-Spot Couple Vibrator

    Here at Lovehoney we're always genuinely excited to discover a new product which raises the bar of sex toy excellence, and we're hugely excited to introduce the amazing We-Vibe 4 Plus. Having already created the world's number one couple's vibrator, We-Vibe have announced their upgraded version of the We-Vibe 4, which can now be controlled via your smartphone.

    Well, as they say, 'there's an app for that'. Perfect for both long-distance fun and for use during lovemaking, is there anything this toy can't do?

    Unlike remote controlled love eggs, the We-Vibe 4 Plus doesn't need to be within range of your remote to work - you (or your partner) can control your toy via your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

    Yup, you read that right. Whether you're on separate continents or across the dinner table from each other, your pleasure is ready to be controlled at the swipe of an app.

    Read on to find out more and for your chance to win the brand new We-Vibe 4 Plus worth £127.99.

    It's clear that We-Vibe have hit the nail on the head here with the holy grail of sex toy tech. What's more, we've got one ready to give away to one lucky winner! Find out how to win at the end of this blog.

    Now with an integrated receiver which responds to an app, this innovative couples toy gives you or your lover complete control, no matter how far apart you might be.

    Introducing the We-Vibe 4 Plus…

    Here are my top 10 things I LOVE about the new We-Vibe 4 Plus:

    1. It has all the great benefits of the We-Vibe 4 (whisper-quiet motors, ergonomic fit and beautiful silicone to name just three) but with the added magic of app technology

    2. The app itself is smooth, sleek and gloriously easy to navigate

    3. Both motors are controlled separately - so your lover can tease your clitoris and G-spot independently from afar

    4. You are able to create your own 'playlist' of throbbing pulses and patterns, and save your favourites to use whenever you fancy.

    5. It's super discreet. When you're using it, you just look like another person playing on their phone. No one will ever know…

    6. You're able to set a key lock password, so no one will accidentally open the app. It also appears as 'We-Connect' on your phone, so doesn't scream 'hey, I'm a sex toy app!'

    7. It'll only work when you 'invite' your connected lover to play, so you won't face a shock when he or she switches it on unannounced.

    8. You can minimise the app and go on to use Skype or FaceTime with it still running in the background, which makes for some pretty interesting long-distance video chats!

    9. You can either use the app to control your own We-Vibe toy, or invite a lover to control it instead. As this invitation is sent via email or text message, as long as you've got your partner's contact details you don't even need to be in the same room to initially begin play. Genius!

    10. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is available in a brand new sophisticated colour, slate grey.

    The competition is now closed. The winner has been contacted via email.

    Comments (206)

    • melissa: August 28, 2014 11:22
      pleaseeee i want to get there for the first time!!
    • amiss: August 28, 2014 11:28
      Wow, the we vibe 4 plus sounds amazing,
    • melissa: August 28, 2014 11:30
      pleaseeee i want to get there for the first time!!
    • FrozenAngel: August 28, 2014 11:43
      The We-Vibe 4 Plus looks so amazing! I can't wait to be able to try it!.
    • FoxxyFB: August 28, 2014 11:54
      It looks amazing! I love vibrating eggs, but am usually disappointed with the range ... This technology is the future! Would love to try it :-)
    • laurel: August 28, 2014 12:11
      This looks amazing! I can't say how much I want this! !
    • Kinky&Curvy: August 28, 2014 12:11
      Ermmm WOW!! Not only do we get a chance to test 3 but we could win one in a giveaway too!! Lovehoney you spoil us!! Fingers crossed tightly, I'd love to win this :D xX
    • Apricot: August 28, 2014 12:19
      Wowwww, what an exciting piece of tech!
    • Jess: August 28, 2014 12:21
      Wow, I've wanted a we-vibe for months and this competition has got me far too excited!
    • butterflybee: August 28, 2014 12:47
      Really intrigued by this! I only have the we vibe 2, which I don't get along with particularly well so I'd love to give this one a whirl.
    • Nicola b: August 28, 2014 12:52
      Hi-tech orgasms, whoo!!
    • S T: August 28, 2014 12:57
      Oh gosh, we'd have so much fun together playing with this. Whoosh! Whooooosh!
    • Dean: August 28, 2014 13:00
      The remote control of another's pleasure is a brilliant idea!
    • Dean: August 28, 2014 13:03
      So you just need a male version like a fleshlight and long distance relationships will be so much better! Brilliant invention guys!
    • phil: August 28, 2014 13:04
      Now why has it taken so long for this toy to be invented? This is an amazing idea. NEED ONE!
    • Mickey: August 28, 2014 13:07
      Wanted to try this for so long, heard great things about it. I love that you can make your own playlist since it hate pre programmed controls.
    • Harry: August 28, 2014 13:08
      It's my gorgeous girl's birthday next week - she needs a hi tech orgasm!
    • Casey: August 28, 2014 13:08
      This is an absolutely brilliant idea! Seriously, how has it taken so long to invent this? Would love to give control to my partner from a distance!
    • Lydia Thompson: August 28, 2014 13:09
      This is a must have for me, with my partner working away from Monday-Friday - this would be perfect to have as he could still somewhat help me climax ..... Brill toy to have been invented
    • kylie: August 28, 2014 13:11
      Looks like a good idea
    • Julian: August 28, 2014 13:13
      Got to be better than the last remote control egg we purchased.
    • Sam: August 28, 2014 13:17
      I would love to win this, I designed something very similar a few years ago. Would love to try the we-vibes toy.
    • rjt: August 28, 2014 13:22
      It's buzzing.
    • catherine: August 28, 2014 13:25
      Me and my partner are always on the hunt for new toys to play with cus we get bored easily :(
    • Pink animal: August 28, 2014 13:26
      Ooooh yes please
    • Reg: August 28, 2014 13:28
      The give aways from love honey are the best ????
    • John: August 28, 2014 13:47
    • Anne-marie Butcher: August 28, 2014 13:49
      Please please please let me win ons of the great toys that You are giving away , what a great site You have
    • Cara: August 28, 2014 13:51
      This looks amazing very intrigued
    • karen: August 28, 2014 14:03
      Wow want one please Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes Aghhh xxx
    • Louise Bonny: August 28, 2014 14:07
      This sounds amazing especially as my OH is in the military and we are often apart, so this would help those times :P
    • chris: August 28, 2014 14:09
      me and the wife would love to win this ;)
    • Maurice: August 28, 2014 14:10
      Already got the We-Vibe 2, skipped the 3, wonder how the 4 performs :p
    • Natalie Kenevan: August 28, 2014 14:27
      My husband has just been deployed for 4 months...need this is my life!!
    • Pr4wnSt4r: August 28, 2014 14:34
      I'd love one of these for when my boyfriend stays away! It'll help keep things going long distance
    • Valeria: August 28, 2014 14:45
      Me and my boyfriend would be very happy to play with this :)
    • Magnum: August 28, 2014 14:57
      This looks amazing! I love my iphone and my toys with this I can love them together!
    • Alex: August 28, 2014 15:11
      Looks like awesome fun!
    • Kornel: August 28, 2014 15:12
      OMG, i got dream about it. Thats what i ever want try. Iam big fan of remote toys :)
    • chrs: August 28, 2014 15:31
      omg this would go so well with ever expanding lovehoney sex toy collection if it as good as the wevibe before i must have it!!!!!!
    • Kohitsuji: August 28, 2014 15:34
      Gorgeous product and can never go wrong with We-Vibe. Would love to win this because it would be brilliant for my OH to use on me when we're far apart.
    • dafydd: August 28, 2014 15:52
      would be great for when I work away!
    • victoria newman: August 28, 2014 16:05
      Id love one so much, it would be handy for my oh to wind me up while hes watching me when hes having a shower!
    • Jacqui: August 28, 2014 16:08
      me me me me me me!!! please
    • Alistair Vale: August 28, 2014 16:09
      I so want to try this with my lady. Been looking at the older version for weeks.
    • drhds: August 28, 2014 16:29
      Perfect for long distance relationships!!
    • Mat: August 28, 2014 16:36
      I was really disappointed with the WeVibe III - However this looks amazing! I really hope that WeVibe are able to deliver on their promises for this futuristic little device!
    • Purring Tiger: August 28, 2014 16:40
      Would love to be able to try this, it looks amazing!
    • Amanda: August 28, 2014 16:53
      This looks like the best thing EVER!!!

      Good luck everyone xxx

    • kittyondrugz: August 28, 2014 16:53
      Here's to second chances.Hope I get one the second time around. Good luck to all!
    • merry cherry: August 28, 2014 16:54
      My sex life needs a boost and this would be just the thing to bring the 'naughty' back! I have so many ideas already!
    • Sum sub: August 28, 2014 17:02
    • Lilly: August 28, 2014 17:03
      Looks amazingly good fun, how fun would this be to test over skype whilst your partners in work!
    • William Butcher: August 28, 2014 17:03
      I would love to win something like this
      i work away alot and with this i could sexy up my life with my wife as we could play with this and on the phone it would help me out alot if it works .
      so please let me win one . i could also review it for lovehoney
    • LibraLover: August 28, 2014 17:04
      I really want to win one of these because my boyfriend is going to work abroad and it would help us stay connected!
    • Gem: August 28, 2014 17:07
      Just because
    • DeadBoy: August 28, 2014 17:08
      Would love to use this with the gf
    • Nookie: August 28, 2014 17:12
      Love the idea of controlling the fun with a partner even from a distance, ingenious!
    • Lois: August 28, 2014 17:22
      I move to uni soon and it will be so hard being away from the OH so anything to make us feel closer would be amazing
    • IrishRose: August 28, 2014 17:25
      I love the advancement of technology, it really does bring us closer together even when we are miles apart
    • Sean: August 28, 2014 17:31
      I love technoogy, and seeing something like this is awesome. Thanks for letting me get the chance to enter.
    • Scorpius12: August 28, 2014 17:43
      It looks so good - we would love to win this, especially as it is our Wedding Anniversary in a couple of weeks :) xx
    • Chris: August 28, 2014 18:02
      This would be brilliant aws I'm always away working & u could keep her satisfied always
    • Natasha: August 28, 2014 18:09
      Wow, the we vibe 4 plus sounds like such good fun. Would really spice up any relationship. Can't wait to get one and give it a go :)
    • Natasha: August 28, 2014 18:11
      Wow, the we vibe 4 plus sounds like such good fun. Would really spice up any relationship. Can't wait to get one and give it a go :)
    • lou: August 28, 2014 18:12
      omg this would awesome, please can i have one
    • Natasha: August 28, 2014 18:13
      Wow, the we vibe 4 plus sounds like such good fun. Would really spice up any relationship. Can't wait to get one and give it a go :)
    • S&S: August 28, 2014 19:00
      This is such a great idea - we'd love to get our hands on one!
    • mistressB: August 28, 2014 19:17
      I have used the wireless remote love eggs and this sounds so much better
    • John: August 28, 2014 19:29
      Would love this
    • Shadow COllector: August 28, 2014 19:40
      Man, this sounds amazing.
    • Kellymichelle: August 28, 2014 19:51
      Looks great, remotes can be such a pain so hopefully a phone will work so much better
    • Nikki: August 28, 2014 20:15
      Ooh we tried a we vibe and it was like nothing I had ever tried I look forward to seeing what this version has to offer!
    • Jay: August 28, 2014 21:34
      My better half is always asking me to put my phone down,but what a great reason not to with this.
    • Brogenie Launon: August 28, 2014 23:13
      This is such a cheeky idea, I love it. Would love to give this a good ol' go with the OH
    • Louise: August 28, 2014 23:56
      Wow sounds increadable! Fingers crossed. :) x
    • Hannah: August 29, 2014 00:59
      Oh WOW. Yes please!
    • Bill: August 29, 2014 01:22
      Call me I'm coming
    • Sand: August 29, 2014 02:32
      This sounds like fun to spice things up a bit!
    • laurent: August 29, 2014 05:52
      Sure, my girlfriend can use one of those.
    • Mark: August 29, 2014 07:02
      ET would have loved one of these - and so would I!
    • Duy: August 29, 2014 07:19
      In a LDR. Be nice to have.
    • Makala: August 29, 2014 08:30
      Having one of these would be excellent :) I'm new to buying sex toys, a luxury one would be a blast. I've read it up and have had my eye on the we-vibe, this one is obviously most innovative. Me and my fiance both have Apple phones and we're both techies, I'm certain this will liven things up a bit and make the bedroom a little more interesting just with the app innovation in itself and I really like the sound of the custom patterns.
    • Lou22: August 29, 2014 08:32
      Sounds fab, would love one x
    • Andrey: August 29, 2014 09:04
      Sounds like a great new way of combining technology with pleasure ;)
    • Miss Rose: August 29, 2014 09:09
      It would literally change our sex life, is it possible to fall in love with an app and toy?
    • defiant: August 29, 2014 09:53
      That's awesome. She'd never see it coming...
    • defiant: August 29, 2014 09:56
      That's awesome. She'd never see it coming...
    • jouster: August 29, 2014 10:59
      That would be superb for business travel.
    • Tinykisses: August 29, 2014 11:57
      This sounds very fun!
    • sharon smith: August 29, 2014 12:00
      it looks so amazing,i would love to try it out
    • Alex: August 29, 2014 12:31
      My wife would love this!
    • Kinia R: August 29, 2014 12:54
      I'd love to win it because I've never had anything like that, and it's my birthday soon so me and my parter would love to try something different for my special night :)
    • Marko: August 29, 2014 13:01
      It would be so great to have it to give to someone i know :)
    • David: August 29, 2014 13:04
      I can think of one lovely young lady who would not only really enjoy this but would promote it A LOT ;)
    • Sinead Waugh: August 29, 2014 13:21
      This is exactly what me & my partner need...he's away 3 months at a time with the army!!
    • darren: August 29, 2014 13:26
      Seems they thought of everything, makes my we vibe 3 seem like a relic!!
    • Debra: August 29, 2014 14:21
      Looks amazing and fun
    • babysonfire: August 29, 2014 15:38
      I would love to try this out! Seems a really nice vibe.
    • truegrace: August 29, 2014 17:28
      Looks pretty dam amazing, loving the new technology!
    • Epona: August 29, 2014 17:46
      I've been lusting after the idea of an efficient remote vibrator for the last five years!
    • Panda Sauce: August 29, 2014 17:46
      Long Distance Relationship Heaven. Enough Said.
    • Wifey: August 29, 2014 18:00
      Would love love love this! Xx
    • Aaron Maddox: August 29, 2014 18:02
      WOW what a fantastic prize to win followed by a fantastic weekend if we did ;-). Good luck everyone.
    • Sarah: August 29, 2014 19:18
      I bet this will be so much fun- what a clever idea!
    • trise: August 29, 2014 19:45
      we vibe 4 plus sounds amazing
    • amanda: August 29, 2014 22:54
      Being brought to orgasm by the boss while he's at work and I'm in bed? yes please :)
    • Hooch: August 29, 2014 22:57
      Always wanted one of these!
    • ISAAC: August 30, 2014 00:53
      Oh please, please, please! :P
    • stefan: August 30, 2014 01:20
      Me an my wife have a couple of weddings coming up. This will make them a lot more fun for us
    • Stevie T: August 30, 2014 06:23
      Now that is the kind of app I like !! The 3 is fab, make us want to upgrade
    • Steve M: August 30, 2014 07:05
      I need this when I'm away with work to "keep in touch" with home!
    • Mark: August 30, 2014 09:03
      Isn't technology fantastic!
    • Bernie W: August 30, 2014 12:13
      I would like to win one because I've never used a couple's vibrator before.
    • A Farrey: August 30, 2014 12:54
      Sounds amazing
    • Simon Bell: August 30, 2014 13:00
      cool, want one !
    • Dirtydi: August 30, 2014 13:03
      It would be a dream come true to win this, we love toys and are loyal lovehoney shoppers, this would be an amazing reward. We would love be able to review and spread the word about this product to all our amazing followers. Fingers crossed!
    • China: August 30, 2014 13:56
      Do you know how much I need this in my life??!! Ideal for letting Him control my pleasure even more in a LDR!
    • Frisky Girl: August 30, 2014 14:21
      Just because (; It osunds amazing!
      Thanks for the chance.
    • Nicola: August 30, 2014 14:21
      HOW FAB! It would be amazing to win this, knowing that my partner has full control is a little exciting and kind of a massive turn on! Would love to be able to review and recommend this product! Got everything crossed!
    • RedKitsune: August 30, 2014 15:02
      Isn't technology a wonderful thing?! Would love to win this- love that it is a toy we can both enjoy!
    • SexToyGeek: August 30, 2014 15:30
      I wonder if it only works on iOS?
    • BlackAsphodel: August 30, 2014 18:54
      I like that the remote control works from afar.
    • BlackAsphodel: August 30, 2014 18:54
      I like that the remote control works from afar.
    • BlackAsphodel: August 30, 2014 18:55
      I like that the remote control works from afar.
    • PS: August 30, 2014 19:03
      Good idea would love to try that out
    • JG: August 30, 2014 19:55
      Fingers crossed!
    • Ben: August 30, 2014 20:36
      Great for those long nights at work! I can drive my wife crazy while away!
    • Aafrica: August 31, 2014 00:14
      This looks interesting.
    • delilahxx: August 31, 2014 11:49
      Such a cool prize :)
    • Alicia: August 31, 2014 12:59
      Yes, please! :)
    • Anna Guest: August 31, 2014 13:02
      Brilliant! Looks fun!
    • Kindred: August 31, 2014 13:07
      I would love to win this to try with my partner!
    • Cassia: August 31, 2014 13:31
      I absolutely love my love egg and didn't know what could be better.... then this came along and my mind exploded and now I have to have one! Please help me clean my brains off the wall whilst having some wireless fun...
    • Nick Collins: August 31, 2014 13:33
      Was thinking of the we-vibe 4 before I saw this, looks really good!
    • kinky geek: August 31, 2014 15:29
      What a great toy, got to be amazing
    • rosie stone: August 31, 2014 18:23
      My partner has just been sent back in to a war zone with the army, he has already been wounded and has had a near death experience but he is needed because of his skills. We have a 1 year old baby together who is yet to gain the joys of sight and might never will, my partner and I have experienced on webcam and with toys in the past but I feel we are falling further apart as this is no replacement, and we both end up feeling horny as he'll but with no relief I would love to suprise my lovely partner with this an sit back and let him bring me to mind blowing squirting orgasms from the other side of the world, this would really help not only our sex lives but to help us feel that little bit closer for the 9 months that he is away for at a time

      Please please please pick us.. we will keep a constant monthly blog of reviews for this

    • dynasty: August 31, 2014 19:06
      it makes it so different and excited. i think i will scream and enjoy it very much. it is different then the normal things
    • kasper: August 31, 2014 23:26
      I want this so badlyy!
    • Claudia: September 01, 2014 00:11
      The we vibe 4 looks amazing! Can't believe how much they have improved such a fantastic toy, it's perfect now!! Hopefully will win it, the OH is also very excited by the idea of this toy!!
    • Carina: September 01, 2014 01:28
      Oh my I've wanted the 4 for so long, but now with this update the app idea is really exciting!
    • Pete J: September 01, 2014 03:50
      My lady and I would love to win this because it would do wonders and help with the lack of intimacy when we are far away from each other. The thought of having full control of the we-vibe regardless of how far away I am from my partner is a sexy and powerful feeling. Definitely a thrilling and adventurous experience we are both craving to have ;p
    • Buckethead: September 01, 2014 08:06
      My partner and I would love to use the We-Vibe! Such an exciting thing to add to the bedroom!
    • Daisy: September 01, 2014 10:44
      Never had any success with these 'couples' toys before, but I'm such a sucker for technology - this looks great!
    • Alex: September 01, 2014 12:05
      This looks like a teledildonics toy that might actually work.
    • sara: September 01, 2014 12:58
      My god I'd love my husband controlling my orgasms while he was at work and I at home. I'd be gagging for him to return....would maybe have to have him take an extra long lunch break!!
    • Carl: September 01, 2014 14:19
      This would be great fun when I have to work away!!!
    • Roger Bufton: September 01, 2014 15:34
      Just for the fun if It.
    • Mandy: September 01, 2014 17:23
      I need this is my life.
    • Georgina: September 01, 2014 18:07
      I would really like one as me and OH are in a long distants relastionship which can make things hard expessally sexually as we are both very open people willing to try new things & I think this would me good for us to keep things intirmet and keep things going xx
    • Victoria: September 01, 2014 19:57
    • Cookie: September 01, 2014 21:25
      This sounds amazing!
    • Tom: September 01, 2014 21:29
      My wife works away in the week. It'd be great to have some fun even when we're not home together.
    • Chris Kinnk: September 01, 2014 22:05
      We loved the other We-Vibe's, would love to give this new one a whirl. Just hope the range on the remote is better than the standard We-Vibe 4.
    • JuicyJ89: September 01, 2014 23:39
      I would love to win this for me and my partner. My husband sometimes has to go away for work and this would be a fab little toy to keep the fire burning whilst we are apart. I also like the idea of being out at a restaurant or bar and being able to control it from anywhere turning me on whilst ordering dinner or drinks and no one suspecting a thing! Looks like an amazing little bit of kit!
    • Donovan: September 02, 2014 02:15
      I'm in the army and away a lot, would love to be able to please the oh with the app, sounds amazing!!
    • Erin Lamica: September 02, 2014 02:37
      I would love to give this a go. My husband and I are always looking for ways to spice things up, and I have been eyeing a WeVibe for over 4 years now!
    • Ava: September 02, 2014 02:51
      I am always willing to go on a new adventure. This sure looks like a fun one to have a whirl with. =D
    • Beck: September 02, 2014 03:26
      I don't own any couples toys. Having a toy like this would be nice for both of us.
    • winston: September 02, 2014 04:07
      This sounds awesome!
    • goldilocks: September 02, 2014 06:43
      I'd like to win because this sounds amazing :)
    • Craig Dooris: September 02, 2014 11:46
      Looks absolutely brilL!!
    • Darius: September 02, 2014 12:10
      I'd love to use this with a friend of mine. She's curious about having someone else having a remote for this sort of thing.
    • Peter: September 02, 2014 12:59
      Would love to tease my wife with this
    • Horny GeekGirl: September 02, 2014 13:00
      Would love to try this. It sounds amazing.
    • Kelly Mitchell: September 02, 2014 13:51
      At least my husband can do something useful while he's playing on his phone!
    • James: September 02, 2014 15:22
      Love to get to use one of these. Can see the fun already :-)
    • Georgina: September 02, 2014 15:58
      Omg I would just love one of these to add to my ever growing collection! ;)
    • Trix: September 02, 2014 17:06
      I loved the We-Vibe Thrill, and the technology intrigues me!
    • Mark bell: September 02, 2014 20:40
      I work away from home 2 months at a time this would make our relationship stay stronger than ever please help me out
    • grant walker: September 02, 2014 21:57
      yes please
    • Hannah: September 02, 2014 22:41
      WOW....this has to be the best app ever....would love for my man and I to play with this as he works away in the week. I NEED this in my life!
    • mr&mrs playfull: September 02, 2014 23:00
      wow what a fun this could be
    • Martin: September 03, 2014 07:20
      I'd like to win, because, it would be the first vibrator for me and my wife
    • Sarah: September 03, 2014 12:55
      Oh this looks amazing me & hubby work different shifts & I know he would love to tease me with this when I'm at home
    • Hannah: September 03, 2014 13:07
      This would be so good for both when I am with my boyfriend during university terms and for when we are apart during the holidays! Would absolutely love to try this and make me anticipate seeing him again even more!
    • Jade: September 03, 2014 13:58
      My boyfriend and I are always ready to try new toys! Would definitely add a different dynamic to our private life!!
    • Varsenik: September 03, 2014 16:54
      What an awesome idea! I wonder if you can link multiples...two We-Vibes to one app or one We-Vibe to two apps!
    • Jim: September 03, 2014 17:45
      Wow, that winds like it cold he a lot of fun!
    • Jeremy Rance: September 03, 2014 18:27
      Gives a whole new meaning to cyber sex . Want to try it with my partner
    • Joe: September 03, 2014 18:32
      Always wanted one !
    • Jessie: September 03, 2014 18:35
      great for orgasm play
    • Gemma: September 03, 2014 18:38
      Tech and orgasms - two of my favourite things!
    • viby: September 03, 2014 18:52
      Actually never tried anything like this before lol... Love the whole app idea... Pretty cool ;)
    • Ali: September 03, 2014 19:24
      I would love to win as the app controls would be very useful in my long distance relationship
    • Lisa: September 03, 2014 19:29
      I travel for work all the time and I'd love to have this to keep this exciting for us while I'm away!
    • Tayla: September 03, 2014 19:39
      Amazing technology! Nothing sexier than letting someone else take control, let alone from the other side of the world!
    • Amber: September 03, 2014 20:17
      This seems amazing! I would love to try it.
    • French fancy: September 03, 2014 21:22
      It looks and sounds amazing would love to try it out sooner rather than later. x
    • MJ: September 03, 2014 21:41
      We brought our first we-vibe the other month and absolutely love it. Would love to win this and try it out
    • Wendy: September 03, 2014 22:00
      As my partner suffers from M.E I'd like to be able to have extra special time together without him always feeling the need to only please me.
    • jane: September 03, 2014 23:54
      I am recently divorced after being in a sexless relationship for 18 years, my new 'friend' live 150 miles away. I need some long distance fun
    • Christine Newhook: September 04, 2014 00:48
      Would love to win this!! I've tried one of the older versions and loved it.
    • Sandra: September 04, 2014 03:24
      I'd love to own this since I don't own any toys yet!
    • dv8: September 04, 2014 07:24
      I want to see if it's twice as good as my We-Vibe 2!
    • Meghan: September 04, 2014 12:00
      This looks like it could be a lot of fun !
    • Mike: September 04, 2014 12:49
      I'm really glad they're offering more colours. The tech addition looks good, hopefully execution really is as advertised.
    • Mistress Magick: September 04, 2014 12:56
      I need intense dual stimulation & have been dying to try one of the newer We-vibes. I love that I could also use this with my long-distance lover/boy. ;-)
    • steve: September 04, 2014 12:56
      Please please please! This would brighten up those dull office moments whilst I'm at work!
    • Ash: September 04, 2014 13:00
      Would be great to win one of these.
    • Sunshine, Lollipops: September 04, 2014 14:10
      Wow, this looks like an amazing toy - great to see something fun we can use together. Just imagine the possibilities... Good luck everybody.
    • Greg: September 04, 2014 14:41
      I've been eyeing up the previous versions of this toy for a while and it looks like a lot of fun.
    • Victoria: September 04, 2014 21:10
      Wow this looks fantastic. Technology never seizes to amaze me. The possibilities with this seem never ending. Would be great to win this being in a long distance relationship.
    • Michael: September 04, 2014 23:24
      Sounds amazing!
    • Bobby: September 07, 2014 04:04
      Just ordered the 4 plus and I'm excited for it to arrive
    • Ellen McCrohan: June 19, 2020 14:55
      My love life gone down hill and I am trying to get spark back maybe this could do the trick... while I am in self isolation and he is at work... hmm anything worth a try if not I may just ask a old flame if he fancy playing a game ; )..