1. Ask the Lingerie Expert: Which is the Best Open Cup Lingerie at Lovehoney?

    Best open cup lingerie at LovehoneyAs Lovehoney’s Lingerie Category Manager, I have the luck of being surrounded by gorgeous things day in, day out. One of the hardest questions I’m asked is, ‘what’s your favourite piece of lingerie?’ Now, I’m definitely not complaining, but it’s always so hard to pick!

    While I’m mentally flip-flopping (well, corsets are great, but everyone loves a matching bra set!), the one thing that seems to stick in my mind are Lovehoney’s more daring and sexy styles. Open cup lingerie is available in all sorts of styles, and it's hot hot HOT!

    So, here are my most-loved open cup lingerie sets, with a few nipple pasties thrown in for good measure.

    Bonus! Let me know in the comments what you think and if there’s anything you’d like to see added to our open cup selection.

    Pictured here: Cottelli Underbust Chemise with Lace Panels

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    Comments (4)

    • kittyondrugz: August 26, 2014 15:58
      The Anais set is lovely!
    • Lovehoney Nicole: August 27, 2014 22:05
    • myriah: August 28, 2014 23:09
      I clicked your link to check price and sizes but I didn't see this anais set which I absolutely love in the list that popped up.
    • Lovehoney Nicole: October 07, 2014 00:21
      Hi Myriah, sorry for the late reply. Did you click on the image? The Anais set can be found here: www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22118
      Hope that helps!