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  1. It's Oh So Quiet... Lovehoney's Review of the Month

    Lovehoney Silencer 6 Function USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

    We've been reading your sex toy reviews and it's finally time to announce our favourites for July. Thank you all for your diligent testing - your comments are invaluable and enable us to keep you satisfied!

    Review of the Month

    butterflybee is our winner for July with her review of the Lovehoney Silencer 6 Function USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator (£12.00). We love how detailed her feedback is, and how chuffed she was with the Silencer!

    "This is unbelievably quiet, obviously not entirely silent, but the lower settings are barely audible at all. Even the more powerful settings are much much quieter than most bullets. If you are looking for something that is not going to be heard, then this is absolutely the bullet for you!"

    "My first use of this brought me to orgasm so quickly, I was a little disappointed it was all over so fast. However, it brought me to multiple, very intense, orgasms. It was quite possibly my best ever experience of a bullet!"

    Read butterflybee's review in full.

    As this month's winner, butterflybee has won a whopping £100 Lovehoney voucher to spend with us - congratulations!

    Have you purchased sex toys or sexy lingerie from Lovehoney? Can you write us a review?

    Read on to discover who was chosen as a Runner Up for this month, and how to take part in next month's competition.

    Not only do we pick out a winner every month, but we also often select runners up to win 2,000 Oh! Points each. Read below to see who was chosen this month.

    Submit your review now to be entered into next month's competition.

    Runners Up

    Roxie Lola's review of the Lovehoney Multispeed Silencer Whisper Quiet Waterproof Vibrator (£19.99)

    "I'm going to preface this by saying I still live at home. I know, every sex fiend's worst nightmare, but the economy isn't being kind. Even so, I can use this regularly without fear of that droning mechanical sex noise. Parents in the next room? No problem. It does get a little louder when it's on full speed, but so long as it's a) inside of you, or, b) under a blanket, no one will be the wiser."

    Lovehoney Bedtime Medium Butt Plug with Suction Cup Base

    sleepycelia's review of the Lovehoney Bedtime Medium Butt Plug with Suction Cup Base (£11.99)

    "I swear fireworks went off when I used it with my magic wand, it makes everything feel so much more intense somehow - or as a standalone toy, using the suction base. I was pretty sceptical of the suction cup when I got it but gave it a chance in order to give an honest review, and surprise! It's actually really, really good. Just squish it onto the bathroom wall and go! But remember to keep your lube handy."

    RevUpYourHarley's review of the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator (£34.99)

    "Used as part of couples play it provides an amazing extra to your sex life, and used solo achieves wonderfully intense orgasm quickly and effectively. The toy isn't so big as to make the man in your life feel inadequate or replaced, yet is big enough to hit all the right spots."

    MrsMcX's review of the Bondage boutique Advanced Wide Leather Paddle with Studs (£14.99)

    "This was until my husband decided to use it to sooth my bottom. Wow, just wow! The cool studs brushing around my sore, red and quite warm bottom felt amazing! I didn't think that metal could give such soothing properties, but the whole experience was incredibly arousing! Feeling the studs rubbing around right where I had been spanked sent shivers all the over my body! This paddle has very very quickly become my new favourite!"

    The Best Sex Toy Reviews at Lovehoney

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    Comments (8)

    • FoxxyFB: August 12, 2014 15:58
      Congratulations everyone, really great reviews! :-) When is the cut off for the monthly entries, wondering as one of those entries was an August one?
    • FoxxyFB: August 12, 2014 15:58
      Congratulations everyone, really great reviews! :-) When is the cut off for the monthly entries, wondering as one of those entries was an August one?
    • Lovehoney Jess: August 12, 2014 16:22
      Hi FoxxyFB

      You are completely correct - I don't know how I missed that! Doh!

      The cut off point is in fact the end of the month, however I seemed to miss the date on MrsMcX's review.

      It's entirely my fault and still a very deserving review so I'll honour the prize and remove that review from next month's competition. I will also be more attentive to dates next time!

      Thanks again FoxxyFB - well spotted!

      Congratulations to all of this month's winners!

    • FoxxyFB: August 12, 2014 16:29
      I thought I was going bonkers, just thought the dates might of changed without me realising, thanks for clarifying Jess :-)
    • Lovehoney Jess: August 12, 2014 16:34
      Nope - it's definitely me who went bonkers! :P

      No problemo :)

    • MrsMcX: August 12, 2014 17:27
      Yey!!! Thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked it, it really is my new favourite paddle! Haha! Xx
    • Scorpius12: August 12, 2014 19:20
      Congratulations everyone - great reviews! xx
    • sexytime87: August 13, 2014 14:13
      Congratulations everyone well done! ;)
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