1. The Fifty Shades of Grey Collection is Growing... Win All 5 Brand New Toys!

    Introducing five new items to the Fifty Shades range

    After several months in the pipeline, we're very pleased to announce that five new toys have been added to the Fifty Shades of Grey – Official Pleasure Collection.

    Joining the already-successful range are:

    The items were checked at HQ by E L James herself, who also nipped into the warehouse to stealth-sign a book for an unsuspecting fan!

    Because we love you and we're super-excited, we're giving away one of each of the new toys to one lucky winner. All you need to do to enter is comment on this blog to tell us why you want to get your hands on the goodies…

    This competition is now closed, the winner has been contacted via email.

    The new products have beautiful videos to accompany them, just take a look at the Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug in all its glory…

    For more great videos from Lovehoney, visit our YouTube channel.

    Comments (184)

    • Louise Bonny: August 06, 2014 13:03
      Well, 50 shades is what unleashed my kinky side so winning all these will be a nice little way to bribe the OH into coming to see the movie next year ;)
    • Marko: August 06, 2014 13:04
      Am I the only one not to read any 50 shades?? I would prefer my evenings with these instead of reading about them
    • andrew wildman: August 06, 2014 13:05
      I would love to win them as I love to experiment with and be experimented on by ladies, naughty exploration needs to be my new title
    • Åsa: August 06, 2014 13:06
      They all look very promising, though with my favourite toys being anal specific, I must say the plug looks lovely. Can never have too many vibrating plugs.
    • Sarah: August 06, 2014 13:07
      I would love to my hands on these to add some much needed kink into my sex life I aim to please ;)
    • Brian: August 06, 2014 13:09
      Just coming into the kinkier side of things, these would push me to be more kinkier every day of the week.
    • katrina: August 06, 2014 13:11
      I read the books on recommendation and have never looked back. It certainly gave us and added dimension. These toys would defo encourage us to be even more adventurous. +I have never won anything so this would be a fab start to a winning streek
    • Sara: August 06, 2014 13:14
      We would love to win this as we loved the original range, these look even better! The mini clitoral vibrator looks so awesome!
    • J Oakes: August 06, 2014 13:17
      Would love to win these. Sad though that the original Charlie Tango vibe is being replaced. Would love to win so I could road test the new version :)
    • Pinkanimal: August 06, 2014 13:18
      I would love to win because 50 shades of grey gave me my sex drive back and turned me into a kinky minx. Which my husband is extremely grateful for!
      I have several items in the fsog collection and would love to have more! Xx
    • Julian: August 06, 2014 13:18
      After an unfortunate house move recycling trip incident, my fiancé lost her entire selection of toys. So this would be a great opportunity to replenish her draw of fun.
    • Will Miller: August 06, 2014 13:20
      The OH would love this little set especially seeing as she's trying to drag me to go see it. But gotta say they all look so kinky and would love to try em out on my sub.
    • Kelly Mitchell: August 06, 2014 13:28
      Who needs the book to experiment? More kicks between the sheets, less between the pages!
    • Deborah Harewood: August 06, 2014 13:32
      Wow. I'm speachless but I'm sure I will have something to scream about if I win xxx
    • kittyondrugz: August 06, 2014 13:36
      Want,want want!
    • FoxxyFB: August 06, 2014 13:37
      I'd love to win these, so I can start my own Red Room full of these beautiful black toys ;-)
    • Kristel: August 06, 2014 13:39
      I would love to welcome these to my ever growing collection ??
    • Laura Jane Hinton: August 06, 2014 13:40
      I have not read many books in my life, as I'd rather watch the movie.. But the 50 shades books were addictive! I barely put them down and finished them all in no time. Enlightened my reading life and personal life tenfold!!! Cannot wait for the movie, and think these would make an excellent way to pass the time until then...!!!!
    • donald: August 06, 2014 13:46
      We would love to win these , the colour would go great with our black leather cuffs and they look alot of fun ;)
    • Adele: August 06, 2014 13:47
      I'm a big fan of these books, I'd love to have everything related to them,these toys are awesome,would love to have 'Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Touch Mini Clitoral Vibrator' I and my hubby would be happy to win xx
    • Tina: August 06, 2014 13:52
      I'd love to win these, as toys add even more fun to those kinky times!

      I'm sure both me and my partner would be ecstatic to try these out :)

    • JuicyJ89: August 06, 2014 14:11
      I would love to win these items! I own a few of the FSOG range and plan so buy more so this would be a welcome addition to my collection!
    • Sherman: August 06, 2014 14:14
      It would be nice to have something vanilla to use once in a while
    • Melanie Threadkell: August 06, 2014 14:20
      I started to read 50 shades but prefer living it! Although I think it's fair to say me and my partner push the boundaries a little further! I love being dominated and having those toys would give us a lot of fun along with what we already do!!
    • Mr. Whisperer: August 06, 2014 14:21
      Our secret pleasures need the right secret tools. We hope to win these fine instruments of pleasure.
    • kylie: August 06, 2014 14:23
      Love the look of the clit vibe
    • Sarah Reely: August 06, 2014 14:24
      Well 50 shades introduced me to this, I'm reading it for the 5th time! I would love one of these to help convinve the OH....
    • Jennifer: August 06, 2014 14:24
      After marriage and children. I would welcome anything that would help me and my husband have a better kinkier. ;-) sex life .... Fingers crossed x
    • Annie: August 06, 2014 14:25
      These would be awesome to win to start my own collection. Can't wait to see the film x
    • hannah: August 06, 2014 14:29
      Fifty shades of grey opened my eyes up to a lot of things. I'm sure these toys will help to explore this.
    • abi: August 06, 2014 14:33
      Ooh I'd love a go on the clit vibe. The butt plug reminds me of a traffic cone though lol
    • Rob: August 06, 2014 14:40
      50 shades does it again!
    • Grace: August 06, 2014 14:46
    • alex: August 06, 2014 14:59
      50 shades I the best book I read
      I love all the sex and dom in it
    • Koren g: August 06, 2014 15:03
      I would love to win these items because ever since I've read fifty I've become more open with my fetish/kinks sexual preferences and what I want to try and I would love to try these items
    • Melissa: August 06, 2014 15:03
      oh my i would like to touch my sex with these bad boys.
    • sexytime87: August 06, 2014 15:04
      Oh my, oh my how we would love to win this sexy sleek black collection of wonderful goodies..
      These toys would be the perfect addition for turning our Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Kit into the ultimate pleasure package.
      Fingers and toes crossed. ;)
    • Emma Louise Garratt: August 06, 2014 15:28
      I was already kinky (just check out my endless reviews *Emma*) but this book helped others to feel more normal about being open on the subject which is great x
    • Angeldelight: August 06, 2014 15:36
      Wow what a gorgeous prize ,I only have 2 FSOG toys ,but I think they are beautiful ,I will add to them ,but winning this would be amazing .
    • pinkkitten: August 06, 2014 15:40
      I just found my very own Mr Grey so these toys would be a welcome addition to his toy box! X
    • Colin Fisk: August 06, 2014 15:40
      Would be good to win this as the wife says she needs some new toys and like FSOG please
    • Danni: August 06, 2014 15:41
      Why should I win because fifty shades fulfilled my kinky side and to experiment with these and my new fella and see how are we can take our spicy new relationship
    • Scorpius12: August 06, 2014 15:42
      I would love to win because Fifty Shades of Grey really did change my life.

      I have a couple of items in the FSOG Collection and would be so excited to win these :) xx

    • Datlamb: August 06, 2014 15:53
      Apparently fifty shades caused for the murder and rape of two women.
    • Khaleesi: August 06, 2014 16:01
      Me too Scorpius! I love the range! X
    • Kimberley: August 06, 2014 16:06
      I've just had a baby so this would be something worth waiting 6 weeks for xx
    • MissNoir: August 06, 2014 16:08
      More to the FSOG Collection?! Oh yes please! ^_^
    • Sarah: August 06, 2014 16:13
      I would love to win th goodies as I love the books but since I read the books my sex life went sky high
    • kittyondrugz: August 06, 2014 16:13
      That butt plug is gorgeous!
    • Michelle Kemp: August 06, 2014 16:18
      These products look fantastic. I'd love to try them and star out toy journey. Especially as on currently re-reading the Fifty Shadea trilogy.
    • Alex: August 06, 2014 17:15
      My wife and I would love to have some fun with these sexy looking toys!
    • Sian ;): August 06, 2014 17:34
      Well well well! Lets get a bit sexual ?? me and I know my fiancé will LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Were always looking for new things to try/ use.... And well who doesn't love 50 shades aye!?!? Would be a very happy bunny if I won ?? xx
    • Kayleigh: August 06, 2014 17:35
      These toys would really help me in the bedroom with my husband to relax and enjoy having fun :)
    • Iain: August 06, 2014 17:59
    • lauriana: August 06, 2014 18:08
      Would LOVE to win these!!
    • Das: August 06, 2014 18:09
      I would love to win 1 of these toys to pleasure my wife and remind her the excitement toys can add to the bedroom. For her to use the plug is a fantasy of mine xx
    • MrsMcX: August 06, 2014 18:12
      Amazing prize! I would totally love this! So excited to see the rest of the range :D
    • David Gladwell: August 06, 2014 18:16
      Yes please I love playing with my partner and this can help us experiment more xxxx
    • Big G: August 06, 2014 18:19
      Got to be better than those terrible books
    • wildflower: August 06, 2014 18:22
      Not too keen on the books but the merchandise is pretty impressive :)
    • Dean: August 06, 2014 18:32
      Will make an interesting gift!
    • Paul: August 06, 2014 18:41
      Never really read Much of 50 shades, but looking forward to trying some of this range out with the Mistress!
    • Lilhorror: August 06, 2014 18:53
      Ah! More fifty shade products to add to the collection! I would love to win them! It will bring me to the ultimate goal! I plan on collecting them all.. Lol I plan on being the Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) of the fifty shades world :) *excited*
    • Lilhorror: August 06, 2014 18:56
      Ooops.. It will bring me *closer* to the ultimate goal.
    • Casey: August 06, 2014 18:58
      These are gorgeous! Very sleek and stylish and perfect for continuing to explore my kinky side with my boyfriend. After all 50 Shades is what helped make me more confident and open about what I want in the bedroom!
    • Gordon Elcock: August 06, 2014 19:14
      look like idea for the goth in your life, for some life in your goth I guess
    • Katie Loftus: August 06, 2014 19:17
      I'd love to win them because as a newly single lady I need to start stocking my pleasure chest and the prize does include a very pretty ring. ??
    • PS: August 06, 2014 19:24
      They look really good quality would love to try them out.
    • missy: August 06, 2014 19:35
      Would be a good wake up call for the other half!
    • Jo: August 06, 2014 19:46
      Everything vibrates!
      What could be better! ;)
    • Kathy: August 06, 2014 19:48
      these could help my marriage after 16 yrs its kinda boring :-(
    • lou: August 06, 2014 19:58
      these look amazing, really wanna try em
    • Dean: August 06, 2014 20:36
      Oooh they are fantastic!
    • clucky: August 06, 2014 20:39
      'd love to win so that I can settle down with the books and enjoy the in style
    • A xxx: August 06, 2014 20:50
      I would LOVE these, I already have the restraints kit and can't wait to help the collection grow! :D

      Good luck everyone xxx

    • Kinky&Curvy: August 06, 2014 20:52
      This giveaway is amazing, whoever wins this is very lucky!! :D
    • Aaron: August 06, 2014 20:58
      After reading 50 Shades my wife discovered her kinkier side, these toys would open up a whole new level of kink for us both. Good luck everyone
    • Lol: August 06, 2014 21:04
      Would love to expand my collection! ;) x
    • Twilightgirl: August 06, 2014 21:41
      I loved the books and I would love to have one of these gorgeous toys. I would love to expand my collection with one of these little treasures :)
    • Dom boy: August 06, 2014 21:57
      Well my girl would love some new toys and that set looks awesome in every possible way. If I won these toys, she is going to blow true the roof in happieness/hornieness which is what I enjoy most (that's a win win!) and once againg what an awesome set!
    • Purring Tiger: August 06, 2014 22:13
      Such a beautiful collection! I would love to own this new range of toys and add a bit of class and sophistication to my toys!
    • tinylover: August 06, 2014 22:20
      Winning this would be magnificent, to my personal life. Not only would I be thrilled, but my partner would love the opportunity to add to the growing collection we have. Which only counts toys from Lovehoney, because of the good quality.
    • Capricorn13: August 06, 2014 22:20
      The products so far have been very good so it is excellent to see the range expanding. I would love to extend my collection.
    • Emily Bledsoe: August 06, 2014 22:34
      I could get all of my fifty shades going with these. * wg *
    • Tom & Jess: August 06, 2014 23:49
      Some great additions to the range. We would love to win any of them to spice up our sex life!
    • Tidgy: August 07, 2014 00:17
      I'd love a chance to spice up my sex life :) they look so classy and unusual, really glamourous x
    • Nick: August 07, 2014 01:21
      These will have Madame squirting on the ceiling!
    • Marianna: August 07, 2014 04:27
      I loved all three books so much, given that they touched both my sucker for romance and submissive side. And now I have a great colection of toys to go with, that just got bigger (yay!). I'd love to try all the new toys, cause I'm sure they'll be just as awesome as the rest of the collection.
    • Mistress Magick: August 07, 2014 05:31
      There are one or two items in your 50 Shades collection that I'm interested in, but I have mixed feeling about them because of how I feel about the books.

      See my blog entry below:

      "50 Shaders Trounced At BDSM Club"
      And Some Advice For The Curious


    • laurent: August 07, 2014 07:40
      I already how I will use these!
    • chris: August 07, 2014 07:59
      would be great to win
    • Delgirl :p: August 07, 2014 08:30
      Would love to try these babies! They are simply stunning ??
    • Miss Rose: August 07, 2014 10:13
      50 shades might not be for me but I'm certain these could be ;)
    • GIovanni: August 07, 2014 11:09
      Wow, new products of this line!!!
      I hope that i'll be the lucky winner :D
    • Marielle Stravens: August 07, 2014 11:35
      The 50 shades of gray collection win means to me: looking for the unknown, nice kinky and your limits. My sex life will never be the same if I would win this package. I want to explore and experience!
    • IrishRose: August 07, 2014 14:05
      Would love to add these to my collection xx
    • Mj: August 07, 2014 14:33
      The books are just wow and the movie looks amazing , i would love them because the books and soon to be movie as just made me this way.
    • Clare: August 07, 2014 14:33
      winning the 50 shades collection would mean new experiences and spice up my sex life in the bedroom ;)
    • james: August 07, 2014 17:34
      I would love to win these 50 shades goodies so I could spice up my sex life with these toys my wife would be over the moon
    • Nicole: August 07, 2014 18:06
      I'm just too horny I need some real satisfaction. 50 shades of pleasure I want it ??
    • delilahxx: August 07, 2014 18:18
      I do love the Fifty Shades range and would love these to add to my collection :)
    • Rebecca Bird: August 07, 2014 18:19
      You can never have enough toys! Classy looking just Right for the Red Playroom
    • Jason: August 07, 2014 18:22
      I would like to win this amazing prize for my partner she is 25 & suffers from endometriosis, as a result our sex life has become obsolete for the last 5 years. Now she has undergone surgery & is on the road to having a normal sex life we have decided to start trying again & this fifty shades package would be a great start to getting our lives back on track. Oh & we both love the books & can't wait to see the film!
    • Phil: August 07, 2014 18:23
      Yes please !! I'd love to give this a try
    • Sandra: August 07, 2014 18:29
      I would like to win that coz i love FSOG and i want to try something like that but i have never had enough courage to go and buy it. Love to all. Thanks for a chance
    • Jodie Champ: August 07, 2014 18:31
      This book was the first erotic novel I read. That got me into other erotic books. Which had me seeking out sex toys. Which bought me to lovehoney. Where I have since spent over £650 at lovehoney!
    • Laska: August 07, 2014 18:39
      Please could I try these new 50 shades of grey sex toys the USB bullet looks amazing - located in Vancouver Canada
    • ashwin: August 07, 2014 18:40
      These would certainly complement our Dominix collection...
    • Suzi: August 07, 2014 19:38
      Not read the books, but have written a short story of my own on similar lines - would love to try these out both on me and hubby!
    • Elena: August 07, 2014 19:54
      I want it to enjoy my own and personal Red Room of Pain experience with it!!
    • Mark Bell: August 07, 2014 20:01
      Might be just what we need to add that sparkle here's hoping
    • Tina: August 07, 2014 20:02
      FSOG was the catalyst that drove me to read hot a sexy books. Christian Grey will always be my number one book boyfriend and seeing it come to life in film is going to be amazing, and what better way to celebrate this than the toys to go with the series. It's amazing.
    • Darren Collins: August 07, 2014 20:08
      Nice Just looks so much fun ;)
    • Al: August 07, 2014 20:34
      looks very good!
    • susanz: August 07, 2014 20:52
      My favorite saying "Playtime", and these look intresting, and i'm curious, please
    • Ewa: August 07, 2014 21:51
      my daughter is big FUN of FSOG and i woul like to give it to her as a gift.
    • Kayloco: August 07, 2014 22:01
      Ooh, there are a few things in there that i haven't tried that i would love for me and my bf to play with. Plus i'm a huge el james and fifty shades fan so I would be over the moon if I won this.
    • Jodie: August 07, 2014 23:25
      I would love to one of the items in this collection, I already have a few of the 50 Shades collection items and my other half gets really exciting when I tell him i'm making a new order. It would be great to see a smile on his face with all the stress he's been under lately!
    • Sand: August 08, 2014 02:39
      I would love to win these!
    • LibbyLibido: August 08, 2014 02:55
      I only own a couple of the 50 Shades toys so far, but if these new ones are even half as good quality as the rest, I'm sure they'll be a hit! They look brilliant, especially the USB bullet.
    • kathryn: August 08, 2014 07:29
      My inner goddess is screaming "yes please"!
    • JT: August 08, 2014 08:34
      I would do a Sweet Tango with Pleasure if I were to win this Delicious Baby.
    • Andrew: August 08, 2014 09:08
      When i bought the 50 shades trilogy of books for my wife as a surprise gift i didn't realise how much it would change our sex life for the better. I would love to win these and surprise my wife with these. I would hide them under the bed clothes and wait for the delighted scream when she discovers them.
    • Cassia: August 08, 2014 10:48
      There is a young woman called Cass
      Who is a rather kinky lass
      She has a brazen love
      For all that does buzz
      Especially when it's in her ass
    • Bernie W: August 08, 2014 11:23
      I want to win these because I am away from my fiancé half of the year. When we are together we need to make all of our time count.
    • Brittany: August 08, 2014 12:16
      I've never read 50 shades, but since seeing the trailer for the film I'm more and more intrigued. Would love to give these a shot and add them to my little growing collection ;)
    • DD: August 08, 2014 12:38
      Would love to win these toys & can't wait to see the movie
    • qwertyuiop123: August 08, 2014 16:01
      Yes please!
    • Charlotte clavier: August 08, 2014 17:03
      I've read 50 shades of grey and although I can't have Christian grey in my bed & can have his toys, lol. They would be fun :-)
    • hayley pemberton: August 08, 2014 17:07
      after recently separating from my husband i need to get my groove back and feel sexual again
    • latersbabyuk: August 08, 2014 17:07
      Oh my!
    • Mrs HS: August 08, 2014 17:09
      Been tempted to purchase the 50 shades range before but always gone for an equivalent product but would love the opportunity to 'try before I buy' and can share the findings with the 1000,s of like minded couples who follow us on twitter to help advertise lovehoney aswell!
    • Ikey: August 08, 2014 18:02
      Been wanting to try out this range for ages! Would love to win something from it to see what they're like!
    • jj: August 08, 2014 18:04
      Currently introducing the new boy to new experiences. Some new toys to play with would be so good!
    • DMB: August 08, 2014 18:21
      For our honeymoon and my birthday to Turkey. .. Need new play things to kick start our marriage... Thanks!
    • Marko: August 08, 2014 18:59
      Because it would be just so awesome!
    • kevin: August 08, 2014 19:25
      Looks like fifty shades of fun! Can't wait to try them out on my significant other
    • Cute as a Button: August 08, 2014 19:45
      Every beauty has her beast, winning these I could have a feast x
    • Raquel: August 08, 2014 20:07
      I would love to win these items to try something new with my significant other! =)
    • BlackAsphodel: August 08, 2014 20:07
      I like their design and color and would love to try new toys.
    • sarah: August 08, 2014 21:20
      would love to win school debt hinders with buying toys for me and my boyfriend.
    • Nikki: August 08, 2014 21:23
      I would love to win this bundle! I was lucky enough to receive a 50 shades tester from the ever so generous love honey. This brand oozes sophistication and luxury. I need to plug my delicious Charlie tango you feel me baby?!
    • Belinda Matthews: August 09, 2014 08:15
      We all need that little bit of excitement in our lives.
    • Kelly S: August 09, 2014 09:37
      I would love to get my hands on the 50 shades of grey goodies, I love 50 shades of grey. I would love to try the new toys.
    • Mark: August 09, 2014 12:33
      Would be nice to try those out!
    • Phil: August 09, 2014 17:22
      I would love to win this , the mrs adores 50 shades and I'd love to surprise her with this , the look on her face before and after (hopefully) would be priceless.
    • richard: August 09, 2014 18:20
      I could not think of a better way than gift wrapping these goodies and giving them to my gorgeous friend dani for her birthday
      And I know she is an avid fan of the 50 Shades books
      And roll on the film release too
    • Jay: August 09, 2014 18:21
      Would love to win and try out the new collection. The designs look great
    • jayne davies: August 09, 2014 18:46
      Yes please. Love the look.
    • Peter: August 09, 2014 19:43
      Would be nice to win these
    • Mick: August 09, 2014 19:50
      These look like lots of fun, they'd make a great present for my OH
    • Lauren: August 10, 2014 04:12
      This would contrast well with previous pink purchases!
    • Patryk: August 10, 2014 10:11
      My sis love the FSOG book series. I forgot about her b-day and this would be a perfect reconpensation
    • Gemgem: August 10, 2014 12:34
      Why would I not want this!?!?.....Ummm you gotta be nuts to not want this!

      They all look every bit as you'd want 50 shades to look, sleek, smart, functional and naughty, you wouldn't mind any of that falling out your knicker draw in front of the window cleaner ;-)

    • sara: August 10, 2014 18:26
      Ooooh I'd love these to have fun with my hubby. He is my very own Christian Grey who took my cherry age 23 like Ana and tells me I'm his all the time!
    • Winter_Is_Coming: August 10, 2014 19:01
      Everything in this range looks amazing! Already have the FSOG restraint kit but would love to own more of these great toys!
    • susan: August 10, 2014 20:05
      would love to try on my new boyfriend
    • Ash: August 10, 2014 20:26
      Yes please! Sounds amazing :)
    • Star xO: August 10, 2014 20:38
      Would love to win these! Just finished watching the series on Netflix, you're all hilarious and amazing.
    • Lesley: August 10, 2014 22:01
      I've read it - hubby's read it - just need the toys to try it all out!
    • Yaz: August 10, 2014 23:06
      Loved the books and am looking forward to the movie. These would a great pre party for the movie release lol! They looks so sleek, love the black
    • Tom: August 11, 2014 01:27
      These look great! Would love to win them!
    • Jamie: August 11, 2014 01:54
      Fifty Shades of Grey is probably my favorite book series ever! It is such an important book (and soon to be film) because it is making sexualy more open and getting people to talk about it. I would love to get my hands on these so I can live out all the scenes from the book!
    • Rose: August 11, 2014 04:22
      I'd love to win, because now that we have an empty nest, we can be as daring as we want to be!
    • Yannira: August 11, 2014 06:26
      I'd love to win, I really love the books and this "toys" are very interesting! ;)
    • Ele: August 11, 2014 08:33
      Firstly, thanks for running such a fabulous competition .....with some wickedly fun prizes!
      I'd love to win because I'm yet to unleash the devil in me and I'd love to give my man an extra special treat for his 40th which is coming up soon. It'd definitely be a night he'd never forget ;)
    • Hannah: August 11, 2014 11:02
      Looks interesting, love to try!
    • Suzi c: August 11, 2014 13:50
      Yes please! These are super sleek and would be very much adored :)
    • Ashley: August 11, 2014 14:11
      Just the thing to spice things up in the bedroom...
    • ana: August 11, 2014 14:54
      Cause after 8years marriage there will be something exiting new in the bedroom
    • fyona: August 11, 2014 15:20
      oh yes please wouldnt mind giving them a try feel what anastasia was feeling
    • Kelly: August 11, 2014 15:24
      Pick me! Pick meeeee!!!! :D
    • Redgirl: August 11, 2014 15:29
      These look great! Love the FSOG collection and would love to add these to my collection!
    • Han Solo: August 11, 2014 15:30
      Already have the 50 shades riding crop so this little lot would bulk the collection out nicely and I'm sure hours of fun would be had...,
    • Charlie: August 11, 2014 16:06
      I would love to win this set! As it's all new to me! And so would start me off in my collection! So pls pick me :)
    • Gemma: August 11, 2014 16:12
      These would be great to win! Nothing like a bit of kink to spice up the bedroom, or anywhere else it takes your fancy!
    • simon: August 11, 2014 16:41
      I need those fab toys to tease, tittilate and tantalize my temptress into submission, otherwise my grey hair will go to waste lol.
    • Alice Deguise: August 11, 2014 16:44
      Would love to add The Fifty Shades Of Grey Toys to my collection & to spice up my sex life!
    • Britny: August 11, 2014 16:46
      I always thought i had a great sex life, until the FSOG books. They've opened my eyes to endless possibilities for me and my partner. *Le Sigh* winning this "collection" would only add to what the books have already shown me is possible.
    • Bethan: August 11, 2014 17:12
      When I read FSOG, I wasn't sure, but I was sure I wanted more dominance on my relationship.
      Luckily for me I have someone who bites and pulls my hair. We have several toys already, some of which bought from LH, (my fave is my clitoral stimulator with the spikes soooooo good recommend to anyone) But these would add to my collection perfectly. & Make every night crazy hot.

    • Rachel Slater: August 11, 2014 23:17
      Oooooo la la! Fab comp & Yes please,
    • KarenU: August 12, 2014 01:29
      50 shades of grey saved my marriage. After having 2 beautiful children and busy schedules, my marriage was sinking. These books made me feel sexy, happy, powerful and alive for the first time in years. I am so thankful for having read these books and I have reread them and am reading them now after recovering from a semi mastectomy (not feelin so sexy now) and it is helping me get through this very tough time. Not to lay it on thick, but el James and Christian Grey have helped me in so many aspects of my life I just feel so much more, I am more positive and rediscovered my love for reading and for that I thank EL from the bottom of my heart??
    • Cherry Cordero: August 12, 2014 05:08
      ohh!! lots of comments here already.. i wish you could read mine too.. i guess, my sole reason to win these toys - is to better/improve our sex life (with my husband, of course) we haven't tried anything but maybe, if i could win these toys, we can do something pleasurable/kinkier.. we are always talking about the anal plug, but it's hard to get one here in our country (Philippines).. so, please.. give it to me.. give me a chance, please ??????
    • Nelly: August 12, 2014 06:57
      FSOG gave me back the spark that menopause kept hidden. These "toys" would help us take it to the next level.