1. A Princess Bound: Lovehoney's Book of the Month (With Free Vibrator!)

    A Princess Bound: Free Vibe With Every Copy

    Following bestselling erotic anthologies Fairy Tale Lust and Lustfully Ever After, bestselling editor Kristina Wright brings us A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales. It certainly doesn't disappoint, and we loved it so much that we made it our book of the month for August!

    Revel in this collection of tall tales as hot as a fire-breathing dragon, as naughty as Tinkerbell and designed to make you very, very happy ever after… What's more, when you buy a copy of A Princess Bound at Lovehoney this month, you'll receive a Lovehoney BASICS Lady Lustfinger Vibrator completely free!

    Twisting classic stories from innocent to decidedly debauched, this irresistible ensemble of racy romances and deliciously erotic trysts is sure to keep you turning page after page long after the clock has struck midnight.

    Read on for a sneak peek of one of the stories in this book…

    We spoke with Kristina to discover what inspired the collection and what lies behind her own contribution to the anthology. "A Princess Bound is my third anthology of erotic fairy tales for Cleis Press, but it's the first one to feature a BDSM twist!" shared Kristina. "All of the stories incorporate some element of BDSM and it makes for a very sexy collection of stories!

    "I have always believe the fairy tale genre is filled with subtle and not-so-subtle kinky elements from bondage to blindfolds to whippings. "It's all there, and when erotic romance authors start exploring the themes and drawing out the details, the stories become edgier, sexier and, yes, kinkier." So how did your own addition to your anthology come about? "My story in A Princess Bound is called "The Last Duchess" and English major geeks (like me) will recognise that it's not based on a fairy tale at all, but is a rather creative "sequel" to Robert Browning's poem "My Last Duchess," which in turn is loosely based on historical events. I added a bit of magic, some kink and a very sexy wizard, as well as a happy ending, to a poem that has always intrigued me."

    Immerse yourself in the fantastical world Kristina has woven from tale after naughty tale - pick your copy up from Lovehoney today and receive your free Lovehoney BASICS Lady Lustfinger Vibrator. Magical!

    Preview of "The King's Cousin" from A Princess Bound:

    "Without a word, she stepped into the steaming water, glad that it at least partially covered her. To her surprise, Fallon knelt down next to the tub and grabbed a sponge, which she proceeded to dip into the water and then run over Isabeau’s back. The hot water would have relaxed the princess had it not been for Fallon’s presence. To distract herself from the strangeness of the situation, she focused on a string of black pearls that adorned the lady’s slim neck and plunged into the deep well of her cleavage. “Did you know your parents?” she asked shyly."

    "“No,” Fallon said shortly. She reached around Isabeau and began stroking her upper body with the sponge. Her wrist brushed against Isabeau’s skin, leaving warm sizzles in its wake. Fallon’s slender hands touched her in a way Persina’s never had. They aroused sensations unknown and so overwhelming she wondered if they were conjured up by her imagination or maybe even without her will. She remembered the king’s words about Fallon’s upbringing, and the way the woman’s hands flew over her skin, the lightness and delicacy of her touch, convinced her that the king’s cousin must indeed be the offspring of invisible fairies."

    Naughty Fairy Tales are the Book of the Month - Hot Erotic Fiction!

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    • Peitho: August 04, 2014 13:17
      Reading this now, definitely recommend it as excellent escapism from real life.
    • delilahxx: August 05, 2014 17:12
      Love the look of this book but I'll be buying it next month :)
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