1. Lovehoney Hits 75,000+ Sex Toy Reviews!

    Lovehoney Hits 75,000+ Sex Toy Reviews!

    If you're subscribed to our mailing list you'll already know that we recently hit 75,000 sex toy reviews! That's a lot of opinions on sex toys, lingerie and bondage gear!

    We're really excited about reaching 75,000 reviews, because we love hearing what you have to say about your latest purchase.

    We're very proud that Lovehoney is the biggest database of sex toy reviews, because we know that helps our customers make informed decisions about what to buy.

    Whether it's short and sweet or long and detailed, we love to see you submit your review of sex toys, lingerie or gifts and games.

    Read on for our top ten reasons why we love your reviews…

    Here's 10 Reasons Why We Love Your Reviews!

    1. We run a monthly review competition! You could win £100 to spend on Lovehoney, just by submitting an honest review. We look through all the recently uploaded reviews and pick our favourite to win the grand prize. Read our how-to guide to learn how to Write Great Product Reviews to get started - and don't forget to take a look at the latest winner!

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator2. You can trust us - we publish all reviews, good and bad. We really value your feedback, so if you didn't like a toy, we want to know why. In fact, we often look at reviews when deciding whether or not to stock a product.

    3. Because we publish both positive and negative reviews, you'll sometimes notice one reviewer say something like "Seriously, it's my favourite toy ever!" while someone else claims "Actually made my vagina depressed!" I suppose this shows that some sex toys can be like Marmite… You either love it or you hate it! If the latter, you can always take advantage of our 365 day no-quibble return policy.

    4. Our most reviewed toy is the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator (right), which has a whopping 630+ reviews (and counting!) Even with hundreds of reviews, it still has an average rating of 4.5 stars.

    5. Did you know that every review is checked for spelling, grammar and naughty words? Not many people know how our review system actually works, but it's a job all of its own! If our review-checker spots something might not be right (such as a fault or size issue) they'll go and grab one of the items and check it over themselves, before contacting the customer to make sure they are happy. It's called going the extra inch!

    We-Vibe 3 Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator6. Having said that, with tens of thousands of reviews going live on Lovehoney every year, typos are bound to happen. Read Alice's blog about Lovehoney's Favourite Typos to see some of the best ones (personally I love the idea of Large Didos!)

    7. We're often on the look out for sex toy reviewers to send free products to! If you think you'd make a good reviewer, check out our sex toy testers page to get started. We generally send out about 100 products a week, so once you have a few reviews under your belt you have a good chance of getting some free swag!

    8. We love that you guys even review our more straightforward products, like batteries. In fact, the Lovehoney Satin Drawstring Toy Bag has over 200 reviews!

    9. Occasionally we'll get a review that we can't help but laugh at. Doctorgasm's review of We-Vibe 3 Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator is my favourite!

    10. And finally: We recently surveyed almost 3000 people, and a massive 89% of them said they are much more likely to buy a product with a review on it. Maybe that's why so many people prefer to shop with Lovehoney!

    What are you waiting for? Add your product review today!

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    Comments (8)

    • delilahxx: July 24, 2014 15:12
      A great read thanks :)
      Especially the typos lol
    • kittyondrugz: July 24, 2014 15:53
      Congrats,guys!Will keep contributing,so we can hit 100,000!
    • Dean: July 24, 2014 21:41
      So glad to have been a part of it all!
    • Peitho: July 25, 2014 15:22
      Hillarious! Love Doctorgasm's review and the typos are really funny. Will certainly keep contributing to break the 100 000!
    • Lovehoney Nicole: July 25, 2014 18:36
      Thanks everyone! 100,000 here we come!
    • Amanda: July 27, 2014 22:24
      And I've done 40 of those reviews!! ;)

      More to "come" I'm sure!!

      Thank you lovehoney for making our sex life more interesting and diverse than ever!!


    • Lovehoney Nicole: July 28, 2014 16:04
      Thanks Amanda! Keep up the great work!
    • Aaron g: March 03, 2016 13:51
      I have placed my first order with lovehoney and had Paid a total on near in £80 pound plus I paid for special garenteed delivery ha my parcel is now 2days late I have raised a dispute with lovehoney to be made to feel like my amunimity is no concern to them and due to a fuck up on there end my post man now knows my sexual business I am very disappointed with the service I have received I would not recommend love honey there are other company's out there that are very discreet but I won't be shopping here again
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