1. Ten Reasons to Kiss Your Lover This Sunday!

    Ten Reasons to Kiss Your Lover This Sunday!Sometimes it seems like there's a "day" for everything - it started with Mother's Day and Father's Day, but in July alone we're expected to celebrate National Shed Week, International Reggae Day and National Fishing Month.

    However, there is one celebration coming up on Sunday* that we're happy to get on board with: International Kissing Day!

    Let's face it - there's nothing like a good snog with the person you love to set the heart racing. With that in mind, we've put together a blog post with the top kissing facts for your enjoyment.

    To encourage some sexy smooching this weekend, pick up some Lovehoney Flavoured Lube Bumper Pack (£4.00), which encourage kissing all over the body!

    Read on below, and don't forget to leave a comment!

    *It's also National Fried Chicken Day on Sunday, but we don't care so much about that one.

    1. The record holder for the longest kiss goes to Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand - they snogged for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds in February 2013.

    2. Although kissing is normally a sign of romantic affection nowadays, it is thought to have originated with primate mothers passing chewed food to their children by placing their lips over the child's. Having said that, kissing is an almost exclusively human pursuit, apart from the odd chimp who smooches their partners.

    3. Planning to commit a crime? Make sure to kiss someone passionately for two minutes just beforehand. Their DNA will stay in your saliva for at least an hour.

    4. Here's a strange one - apparently, over half of people who became romantically involved with a colleague say it all began with signing off emails with a "x". Do you finish texts or emails with a kiss?

    5. Lovehoney's first ever TV ad was called "The Kiss":

    6. The above video shows a couple sharing a good morning kiss, which could actually be the secret to wealth! Relationship expert Julie Peasgood notes that "Even an affectionate peck can be beneficial. In fact one study suggests that people who give their partner a goodbye kiss before going to work, have 20-30% higher incomes than those who don’t! Psychologists believe a morning kiss generates a more positive outlook on the day ahead - and that goes for everyone, whether we work or not."

    7. Suffer from hayfever? Regular kissing can alleviate your symptoms. It's also proven to produce endorphins that relieve stress and boost self-esteem.

    8. The scientific name for kissing is "Philematology". Sounds a lot more exciting than stamp-collecting! Someone who studies kissing is called a philematologist, while anyone who is afraid of or dislikes kissing is referred to as a philematophobe.

    9. Even your dentist wants you to kiss more! Kissing stimulates saliva production, which decreases your risk of plaque build-up.

    10. Scientists now think that there's a lot more happening during a kiss than just tongue tennis. Research shows that kissing can be a way of "trying" potential partners to see if they would make good parents. The same study found that frequent kissing was more associated with a happy relationship than regular sex.

    Do you have any fun kissing trivia, tips or tricks to share? Make sure to add them in the comments below to be in with a chance to win. Winners will be notified by e-mail before Friday, 11th of July.

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    Comments (27)

    • kittyondrugz: July 04, 2014 10:31
      Ohh,I'm studying today,but will definitely give him a kiss tmw! Fried chicken day also sounds great.. :D
    • Scorpius12: July 04, 2014 10:59
      Great Blog! Here are a couple more pieces of kissing trivia -

      Passionately kissing for one full minute can burn around 26 calories...

      No two lip impressions are the same...

    • kittyondrugz: July 04, 2014 11:18
      Lips are a 100 times more sensitive than the fingertips!Kiss,kiss!
    • Amanda: July 04, 2014 11:41
      My OH's moustache covers his lips. There are downsides to beards!! :/
    • Peitho: July 04, 2014 12:08
      Have just text the boyfriend to let him know it's International Kissing Day on Sunday.... I feel it's important to support these important international events! Lol
    • Dean: July 04, 2014 13:01
      Oh another day like valentines so now us singles feel more alone haha

      Oh well my tip is if you are lucky enough to have someone to kiss all day.... Do it every day, not once a year lol

      P.S do hallmark make a card for this occasion?! If not I might cash in!:)

    • Purring Tiger: July 04, 2014 13:15
      There's nothing like the anticipation that builds up just before you kiss someone for the first time!
    • Yasmin0147: July 04, 2014 13:49
      I try to kiss my guy every time i see him, love him so much, just cant help myself ;)
    • Kinky&Curvy: July 04, 2014 14:46
      Okayy, that's my excuse to have a smooch with my boxin instructor on sunday!! I have hayfever and he's stressing over money and work :P Xx
    • Lovehoney Nicole: July 04, 2014 16:38
      @Kinky&Curvy - that's hilarious! Sounds like it's meant to be...
    • FoxxyFB: July 04, 2014 17:08
      I'm going to see Robbie Williams on Sunday (Xmas present from OH, woop!) do you think he'd be up for a smooch? ;-)
    • sarah: July 04, 2014 18:25
      My OH has had a tattoo of my lips on his neck - on the side where i snuggle up to him every night and kiss him :o)
    • tre: July 04, 2014 21:20
      Kiss start the day off
    • DJ Monkey: July 05, 2014 17:28
      A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become unnecessary - and a lot of words are unnecessary
    • Louise: July 05, 2014 23:34
      I love kissing, Me and my other half love to make a game of it.

      We have 4 kiss names and if one of us shouts it out we have to do it no matter what situation we are in.

      Peck kiss. (small normal kiss)
      Creepy Kiss (Eyes Wide open)
      Lizard Kiss (Touch tongues very quickly)
      and Eskimo kiss (Rub noses)

      Peoples reactions are great especially the creepy kiss in public places Lol

    • Angeldelight: July 06, 2014 13:40
      My oh kissing me (I don't mean a peck) is the quickest way to turn me on x
    • Brittany Ingram: July 06, 2014 18:01
      Nothing like a fried chicken kiss :D I'll be celebrating both holidays methinks!!
    • Kelly S: July 06, 2014 23:06
      Ive kissed my hubby quite alot today ;-) xx
    • HornyBitch: July 06, 2014 23:07
      Ive smooched my sexy hot lover tonnes today ;-) xxxxxxxxxx
    • rach74: July 07, 2014 12:52
      mmm kisses :)
    • Jazzam: July 08, 2014 13:16
      I'm glad to say that I never go a day at home without a kiss from my fiancé :-)
    • chris: July 08, 2014 13:41
      always love to kiss the wife with a peck on the cheek during the day, and a raunchier kiss at night ;)
    • WildThing: July 08, 2014 21:21
      Everyone likes a good snog - especially when it becomes a passionate embrace... Hands sliding up the back, tongues mashing together...... mmmmm......
    • susanz: July 09, 2014 19:43
      love kissing my partner, shame its Ramadan........
    • kittyondrugz: July 10, 2014 20:19
      Were the winners notified? :P
    • Louise: July 11, 2014 20:07
      Yea Kitty the winners where :P
    • Peitho: July 14, 2014 12:47
      Not sure you'll read this Kinky&Curvy but if you do, did you get that International Kissing Day smooch with your boxing instructor?
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