1. Tracey Cox Explains: How to Keep Your Erection Hard


    It's happened to every man at one point or another: an erection that isn't quite as hard as you'd have hoped for.

    Feeling stressed out, tired or a little tipsy can affect the strength of your erection, so it's important to keep this in mind when things don't rise as planned. Age, health and emotional state can all also play a part too – a calm, healthy penis is a happy penis, after all!

    In the fourth video in this series, Tracey introduces her Adjustable Stamina Ring and Triple Stamina Ring Set, and explains how these discreet penis rings work to make your erection harder and more impressive looking.

    Each video in the series works in conjunction with Tracey's new EDGE range – a product range for men designed to help improve performance in bed.

    Check out Tracey's EDGE collection to discover how her new range for men can boost pleasure and performance during solo and shared use. Scroll down to watch the video.

    These simple yet effective penis rings will help strengthen your erection. In this video, Tracey explains how, with a healthy lifestyle and the help of a penis ring, you can keep your erections hard and strong for improved shared pleasure.

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    • David Jacobs: July 09, 2014 19:12
      A magic wand looks fun to try on oh