1. Tracey Cox Explains: How to Last Longer in Bed


    It's a big misconception that women want marathon sex sessions that go on for hours. In fact, most women don't need intercourse to last any longer than 13 minutes to feel satisfied!

    The average man actually lasts around 2 minutes during intercourse before climaxing. In the third part of this series, international sex expert Tracey Cox explains how practicing a technique called 'peaking' can improve your sexual stamina.

    Tracey introduces the EDGE Stamina Sleeve, and explains how - with a little training - you can delay ejaculation and maintain control over your orgasms. And remember - practice makes perfect!

    Each video in the series works in conjunction with Tracey's new EDGE range – a product range for men designed to help improve performance in bed.

    Check out Tracey's EDGE collection to discover how her new range for men can boost pleasure and performance during solo and shared use. Scroll down to watch the video.

    Using this tried-and-tested technique, you can work towards delaying your climax and improving your sexual stamina. In this video, Tracey explains how, with a few tools and a handy app, you can maintain control over your climaxes for improved shared pleasure.

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    • Franky: May 21, 2014 16:06
      "Do it once, do it properly, get to sleep. The end result's always the same, so why drag it out?" - Karl Pilkington on sex.
    • Alpha: May 22, 2014 12:33
      love it - caught having a sly w**k by the misses --- "You don't understand love, I'm just doing it for your benefit. Honest!"
    • john: January 06, 2016 05:29
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