1. "A Real Gem of a Toy" - Review of the Month, April 2014

    Julian Snelling Rosebud Light Aluminium Large Jewelled Butt Plug

    With the amount of product reviews we've received this month, we reckon Bank Holidays ought to be renamed…

    We've been sent literally hundreds of brilliant, informative and funny reviews, and each one helps our customers make well-informed decisions when shopping with us. However, only one can be chosen as our 'Review of the Month' prize winner. Drum roll please…

    Review of the Month

    "First impressions: this plug is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't find a single flaw anywhere on it! I've been hankering over the clear crystal for months and it didn't disappoint; like the rest of the gems in the Rosebuds range, it reflects fragments of light into what looks like a mini nebula effect under dim lighting, which is not only pretty but also a little humorous… What's not funny about being able to cast dancing kaleidoscope lights on the wall by wiggling your butt?"

    That's just a snippet of sleepycelia's review of the Julian Snelling Rosebud Light Aluminium Large Jewelled Butt Plug (£49.99) which won her a £100 Lovehoney voucher!

    Not only did her review thoroughly describe every aspect of the plug, she also added a touch of humour by describing how she earned the nickname 'Princess Sparklebutt'. Read the rest of sleepycelia's review here.

    Read on to find out if your review was a runner up…

    Proving just how many reviews we received this month, we've selected 4 runners up who have won a massive 2,000 Oh! Points to spend or save at Lovehoney!

    Can you write a fabulous product review? Submit your review here and you'll be entered to next month's 'Review of the Month' competition. Hint: Check out the How To Write Great Sex Toy Reviews guide for the lowdown on what we're looking for!

    Runners Up

    HelenD78's review of the Annabelle Knight Wow! Powerful Classic Vibrator (£19.99)

    "I have been using vibrators for about 15 years now and have never encountered one like this. It is way more powerful than anything I've used before, so much so that I can bring myself to orgasm in easily under a minute. Holding it against my clit, I can feel the vibrations all across the whole area. The width and the rounded tip really contribute to this. The orgasms are really intense, too - and I haven't even needed to use the second power setting! The last time I used it, the orgasm itself went on for longer than the time it took to reach it.

    njoy Pure Plug 2.0 Extra Large Stainless Steel Butt Plug

    filthy_mind's review of the njoy Pure Plug 2.0 Stainless Steel Butt Plug (£119.99)

    "As is usual for njoy toys, the butt plug came in a sturdy, well designed black box, lined with a lovely soft red silky material. My first impression when I saw the thing was "bloody hell"! Seriously folks, I thought my eyes were much bigger than my… well, you know! I needn't have worried, though, as this really was a joy to use."

    "Lying back, the feeling of fullness and the pressure on my prostate almost tipped me over the edge without any other stimulation. Gently tugging and twisting the handle intensified the sensations, and it wasn't long before I'd reached the point of no return."

    Trouble Loves Me's review of the Bondage Boutique Advanced Bondage Kit (£69.99)

    "I'm usually a dom without exception, but the truly luxurious feel of this kit has certainly got me thinking, and as we experiment more and more, it could be *the* toy which encourages me to finally relinquish control. Although it is a little on the pricey side, it really is a one-stop kit, and, honestly, having a beautiful, matching set does make a huge difference! It has also allowed us to experiment with the likes of the flogger and the gag, which we probably wouldn't have actively purchased otherwise, and trying new things and pushing your boundaries is always tremendously rewarding. Invest in this kit and you will be in safe hands as you do so!!

    FoxxyFB's review of the Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring (£9.99)

    "I thought I'd be able to feel the ring as I pushed down on him, but no, it was undetectable totally. Without a doubt it made his cock feel harder, and although he has absolutely no problems getting an erection, it's still nice to see and feel it even harder! It also results in a delay of climax for him - again, not something he needs, but I'm sure every man is happy to carry on just that little bit longer!"

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