1. A New Squeeze: Minna Life Limon Rechargeable Vibrator

    New Minna Life Limon Clitoral VibratorWe see plenty of vibrators at Lovehoney every week, but it's rare to encounter a sex toy as smart as the Minna Life Limon USB Rechargeable Customizable Pattern Clitoral Vibrator.

    We love how ergonomic this clitoral vibrator is - simply squeeze the sides with your fingers to see it buzz into life. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations.

    But what really makes this vibrator different is that you can compose your own pulsation pattern. That's right: You can teach the Minna Life Limon how to please you. Simply select the record function and create your own pattern by squeezing the sides as firmly as you like, and the Limon will take over from there.

    The perfect size and shape to use alone or with a partner, this new vibrator ticks all the boxes: Waterproof? Check. USB Rechargeable? Check? Silicone? Check. Customizable? Check check check!

    Sounds too good to be true? Watch LovehoneyTV presenter Annabelle Knight test out the functions below…

    Customer Review: When life gives you Limons…

    Minna Life Limon USB Rechargeable Customizable Pattern Clitoral Vibrator

    "The Minna Limon is unique in the way that it operates. Most vibrators have buttons that you use to increase the speed of the vibrations or change the patterns, but the Limon does not come with any settings. In fact, the user controls the speed and creates their own settings my squeezing the sides of the vibrator during use. Softer squeezes equal softer vibrations and harder squeezes equal harder vibrations.

    "For those wondering whether the Limon provides pinpoint, or broad stimulation, the answer is that it does both. You can lay the side of the Limon over your vulva, to achieve a diffuse, broad stimulation, or you can use the Limon’s tip as a pinpoint stimulator." - Fluffbags, Lovehoney customer

    Still not convinced? Annabelle Knight explains in more detail how to use and record with the Minna Life Limon Vibrator:

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    • Taylor Andrews: April 23, 2014 17:16
      perfect with a large vodka and tonic.
    • Taylor Andrews: April 23, 2014 17:17
      perfect with a large vodka and tonic.