1. Annabelle Knight Answers All Your Questions!

    annabelle-knight-pr-6Meet the lady who's spelling out how to use sex toys to the nation. Annabelle Knight, Lovehoney's in-house sex and relationship expert, is on a mission to show the masses how to achieve a happy, healthy sex life.

    As a presenter for Lovehoney TV, Annabelle has handled and explained more sex toys than we can count, so when she designed her own range of pleasure products we knew they'd be brilliant!

    See Annabelle introduce her range in Frisky Business, a fly-on-the-wall documentary that goes behind the scenes at Lovehoney - you can find the programme on Lifetime (Sky 156 & Virgin 242).

    Check out Annabelle Knight's sex toy collection to discover exciting new ways of boosting intimate pleasure during solo and shared play.

    Q: You've seen hundreds of sex toys while filming for Lovehoney TV. Did you see a gap in the market for your sex toy collection?

    A: I wanted to create a range of toys that erred on the side of the luxurious, while still being affordable. I also felt that there was a gap in the market for prettily packaged mid-priced toys. I wanted my toys to be displayed in gorgeous and gift-worthy packaging!

    Q: What was the most enjoyable part of designing your range?

    A: I loved the packaging meetings with Lovehoney graphic designer Jasmine. She headed up the design side of my product collection and had some fabulous ideas; I really enjoyed working with her.

    Exotica by Eden Bradley

    Q: Which is your favourite toy from your new range, and why?

    A: I love the Yes! Powerful Vibrating Love Egg. It's perfect for couple's or solo play, and feels so luxurious to the touch.

    Q: How would you define the Annabelle Knight brand?

    A: I'd like to think of the brand as being fun, flirty and friendly. I really tried to keep in mind the 'everywoman' and tick all of her boxes.

    Q: How did you feel when you saw your completed toys for the first time?

    A: Extremely emotional. I welled up out of happiness!

    Q: What are you hoping to add to the range in future, and how would you like the Annabelle Knight brand to grow and develop?

    A: I'd love to add a few more couple's toys - things like a vibrating cock ring - and a masturbation sleeve for the guys as well. Hopefully, after expanding the existing range, I'd like to develop a luxury branch and maybe have some rechargeable toys in there too.

    Q: What do you like about working at Lovehoney?

    A: The Lovehoney family is a fantastic one to be a part of, the moment you step into the office and meet the staff you feel at home. I loved how everyone is looked after within the company and also how much sexual happiness matters to them.

    Q: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

    A: Definitely seeing my products go live. I couldn't have been happier or more proud when that happened.

    Annabelle Knight Shhh! Vibrating Knickers

    Q: What are the easiest and hardest aspects of your job? What part of your role at Lovehoney do you most look forward to at the start of a busy week's work?

    A: I love the writing aspect of my job; seeing my words in print is very rewarding. Also getting a thank you letter or email from someone I've helped is just fabulous. The hardest part is memorising scripts for the buyer's guides! I don't have the best memory but thankfully we have a great and patient team in the studio!

    At the start of the week I most look forward to seeing all my friends in the office, warehouse and studio, having a catch up then getting in front of the camera for a full day of filming.

    Q: You're currently taking courses in couples' therapy and body language; what is your top sex tip for couples?

    A: For me, communication and experimentation are ultimately the key to a happy and healthy sex life. You shouldn't have one without the other; if the two go hand in hand, you won't go wrong.

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    • Darren: August 11, 2019 09:08
      Hi Annabelle, i was wondering if you know if it is possible for a male to squirt like females do?
      And do you have any techniques or recommendations on how i could use a bodywand on myself as i am a male?
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