1. Coming Up In Tonight's Frisky Business - Episode 2

    Design your own sex toy and you could win!

    Are you ready for round 2? We are!

    We're back on TV for the second instalment of Frisky Business, Lifetime's fly-on-the-wall documentary all about us - Lovehoney - and our quest to make the nation sexually happy!

    In tonight's episode, learn what it takes to design a winning sex toy, how our team selects the very best flavoured lubes and what a 'rusty trombone' really is.

    Throughout the 6-part TV series, we'll be letting you in on what it's like to work at one of the fastest growing and most vibrant businesses in the UK.

    Frisky Business airs at 10pm on Lifetime (Sky 156 & Virgin 242).

    Read on to discover what episode 2 of Frisky Business has in store… and don't forget to set your digiboxes to record the whole series!

    We were pretty chuffed with last week's episode - and we've had some amazing feedback (and loads of kind comments) from you lovely lot. Tonight's episode of Frisky Business takes a peek at the trials and tribulations of resident presenter Annabelle Knight as she introduces her brand-new range of sex toys for women.

    Andrea and Jazz head off on a field trip to see what happens to your unwanted but well-loved rabbit vibrators, and the ladies taste Lovehoney's fabulously flavoured lubes to discover which of the sweet, fruity and tropical flavours is for them.

    Roy has his hands full with this one…

    As if Lovehoney HQ wasn't busy enough, Rich, Neal, Alice, Eric and Tracey Cox sift through the hundreds of entries for Lovehoney's annual Design a Sex Toy competition, from the good and the bad, to the downright scary. Teeth knickers, anyone? Ouch!

    Be sure to tune in to Lifetime at 10pm to be part of the fun - or you can watch the repeat at 11.15pm on Sunday.

    Are you on Twitter? Want to know more about Lovehoney and Frisky Business? We're holding exclusive Q&A sessions with members of the 'cast' after each episode, starting at 11pm each Wednesday!

    Use #AskAnnabelle after episode 2 to find out more about what it's like to demonstrate sex toys on camera (and how people react when you say that!).

    P.S… Visit the blog again tomorrow to take part in our Frisky Business competition where we'll be giving you a chance to win products from the show!

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    2. Design a Sex Toy Competition

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    Comments (10)

    • Kohitsuji: April 02, 2014 16:37
      Very excited for tonights episode!!! I love the first episode and curious was the bundle is going to be!
    • jake: April 02, 2014 19:03
      Where can I see the 1st episode. ?
    • George: April 02, 2014 19:51
      How about uploading the show on your website some days after the broadcast for the ones abroad - not having access to these two channels - ??
    • clare: April 02, 2014 23:57
      Loving the series, what is the name of the pink vibrator that is often shown on a desk, on, which pulsates along the shaft? I have tried freezing the screen and replaying, but cant see the name?
    • Barry winter: April 03, 2014 06:33
      Fantastic show. It shows you what happens behind the telephone calls. Great show. Keep it up. Thanks barry
    • Delboi: April 03, 2014 07:05
      Your doing great!! I've even managed to get my oh to watch who wouldn't do before buying from you guys! You should all be very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work ??xx
    • Lovehoney - Cazz: April 03, 2014 08:36
      Hi Clare, It is the brand new Nalone Wave Vibrator! www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28589 - Hope this helps x
    • claire: April 03, 2014 11:10
      Thanks for letting me know, saw it in the first show and again last night and can't get it off my mind- going to have to live off beans on toast for a few weeks to save up for this one!
    • Richard: April 06, 2014 22:21
      Will the episodes be available on-line or some sort of catch-up tv / YouTube? I do not have Sky or Vigin but would really love to watch the show.
    • John: April 08, 2014 11:48

      It will be released on Blu Ray and DVD.

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