1. Coming Up In Tonight's Frisky Business On Lifetime

    Cazz Warehouse

    Tonight's the night. (Fans of a well known television show will know we're paraphrasing here. I couldn't resist!)

    In case you missed our big news, Lovehoney are going to be on the telly… in just a few short hours!

    The first episode of 'Frisky Business', which airs at 10pm on Lifetime (Sky 156 & Virgin 242), introduces you to the Lovehoney gang - a group of interesting and open-minded people who keep the nation sexually happy.

    Get to know the Customer Care team, Returns, Trade and Design, as well as bosses Richard and Neal who started the company 12 years ago with just a £9,000 investment.

    Throughout the 6-part TV series, we'll be letting you in on what it's really like to work at one of the funniest (and most satisfying!) businesses in the UK.

    Read on to discover what you can expect in Episode 1 of 'Frisky Business'… and don't forget to set your digiboxes to record the whole series!

    Andrea Teddy Babe

    You might already have seen a documentary about Lovehoney in 2012 - More Sex Please, We're British was a one hour TV show about the UK's biggest online sex toy retailer (that's us!). People loved it so much that towards the end of 2013, two camera crews showed up to hang out at Lovehoney, and they've created a six-part series especially for Lifetime!

    Once innocent film-makers quickly became accustomed to using words like 'butt plug', 'strap-on' and 'bondage' on a daily basis, while we got used to having cameras hidden round every corner of the building. (Contrary to what you might believe, the only people doing any probing were the guys asking questions - we promise!)

    See exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of product creation and development, as well as sneaky insights into Customer Care and our infamous Returns Department which processes returned products for up to a year after they were purchased.

    Are you on Twitter? Want to know more about Lovehoney and 'Frisky Business'? We're holding exclusive Q&A sessions with members of the 'cast' after each episode, starting at 11pm each Wednesday!

    Use #AskAndrea after episode 1 to find out more about our buzzing Returns Department.

    Visit the blog again tomorrow to take part in our 'Frisky Business' competition where we'll be giving you a chance to win products from the show!

    We'll see you later!

    Comments (16)

    • Bryan Cox: March 26, 2014 20:19
      Hello Lovehoney,
      Why only on Sky and Virgin??
      No Freeview Channel?
      I have neither, nor access to them so unless there is an alternative, I will not be able to see the programmes about my favourite sex toy supplier.
    • Lovehoney - Jess: March 26, 2014 21:02
      Hi Bryan

      Sorry to hear you won't be able to watch the show! :(

      We've worked the same film company who did 'More Sex Please, We're British' which was on Channel 4. This time round the film team, Oblong, decided to work with Lifetime channel which is currently only available on Virgin and Sky.
      It is a real shame that it's not available on terrestrial TV and understand the frustration - I have a few friends and family who will also miss out.
      But don't despair - if the show becomes available online or on another channel, we'll be the first to let you know!
      In the mean time, if you haven't already seen it, you can watch our first documentary here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/more-sex-please-were-british/4od.
      There are also clips of the new series on Lifetime website, and 'behind-the-behind-the-scenes' interviews with a few of the people who are in the show on the Lifetime UK YouTube channel :)

      I hope we'll remain to be your favourite sex toy supplier! :)


    • CD: March 26, 2014 21:41
      For those in ROI with UPC it is on channel 218
    • RI: March 26, 2014 22:56
      Great work! Brilliant first episode. And what a wonderful bunch of people!
    • JJ: March 26, 2014 23:49
      Found this episode by accident tonight after flicking through the channels but glad I did! Series linked ready for next episode!
    • Amanda: March 27, 2014 07:25
      I thought, "What's the purpose of this show then? As if I could possibly love Lovehoney any more than I already do.."
      We'll, Frisky Business showed me I could..
      Love U guys to bits! xxx
    • rachel lewis: March 27, 2014 15:07
      GREAT show I loved it, especially the bit with the sex machine must buy one.
    • hacks: March 27, 2014 19:02
      it was good too see what happens behind the scenes of Lovehoney yea over all was a good show AND
      Chelsea is stunning :))
    • Mikey: March 27, 2014 23:10
      Do you know if i can watch it online cause I missed the episode :(
    • Lovehoney- Chelsea: March 28, 2014 15:03
      Aww thank you hacks.. what a lovely thing to say!
    • Jamie: March 28, 2014 21:10
      Watched the 1st episode , brilliant can't wait for the next one series linked so I don't miss it !!
    • Yvonne Mills: March 28, 2014 21:52
      Great program, looking forward to next week.
      Congratulations on reward
    • hacks: March 29, 2014 11:27
      your very welcome Chelsea x :)
    • Robert: March 29, 2014 16:52
      i have got virgin TV, unfortunately I have not got access to virgin channel 272. I would really loved to see how you operate and the great job that you do. Gutted :(
    • Paul: March 29, 2014 17:52
      What a brilliant show , good to see how the company works and seems like a funny happy place to work. Kaz caught my attention she is gorgeous ;) cant wait for next episode.
    • Jessica: March 31, 2014 19:39
      Absolutely loved the show, love your products! You're all wonderful and I'd love to have a job like yours. Fantastic! Well done! (: xxxx
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