1. Meet The People Turning Britain On - The Cast of Frisky Business Part 1!

    Meet the characters of Frisky Business!

    So, if you haven't already heard, Lovehoney will be hitting your television screens this month with another exclusive fly-on-the-wall documentary, and we couldn't be more excited to tell you all about it!

    'Frisky Business' takes you on a tour of our wonderful offices in Bath, and gives you a sneaky peek into the goings-on at Britain's largest online sex toy company.

    Lovehoney is filled with an array of interesting characters, and you'll get to see many on-screen.

    The series introduces you to a few of the key people working at Lovehoney. You'll soon see Rich, Neal, Bonny, Andrea, Roy and Joy all hard at work, among others.

    To give you an idea of who you'll be inviting into your living room every week from March 26th, here's the first of three special blog installments introducing the 'stars'!

    Use the hashtag #FriskyBiz and get involved on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled after each show for live Q&A sessions with the cast members!

    Meet the Cast of Lovehoney's Documentary Series - Frisky Business

    1. Richard Longhurst


      Part of the dynamic duo that is 'Richard and Neal', Rich shares co-ownership of Lovehoney with fellow Co-Director Neal.

      Richard has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working with the Internet. His time working as editor for .net and PC Format magazines in the mid-90's meant he was at the forefront of eCommerce during the big '.net boom', and Richard's technical skills enable him to always be one step ahead in the Internet retailing game.

      Now, he looks after Lovehoney's business development, performance and growth.

      Our Favourite Frisky Business Quote:

      "Well, you can't keep flogging the same old rabbit…"

    2. Neal Slateford


      The other half of the two man team, Neal runs Lovehoney alongside Richard, bringing his creative skills to the company.

      Previously best known for his musical achievements, Neal was part of chart-topping duo DNA in the 1990's. Although in quite a different job role now, his creative streak is as prevalent as ever. While Richard takes care of business growth, Neal adds his creative spark to the mix, turning good ideas into great products.

      Tune in to episode 1 to find out what the women in the office think of Neal's latest sex toy prototype…

      Our Favourite Frisky Business Quote:

      "It's thumbs up so far….well, fingers up anyway!"

    3. Bonny Head Buyer


      Bonny is Lovehoney's Head Buyer and has worked for the company for over 10 years, ensuring we only ever stock the very best products.

      Being such a long-standing member of the Lovehoney team, Bonny has built up a plethora of knowledge when it comes to sex toys and the sexual tastes of the British public. She spends her working day deciding which products make the cut, and we're willing to bet she's seen more sex toys than anyone else in the world!

      'Frisky Business' follows Bonny as she developes brand new products, including a deluxe bondage range.

      Our Favourite Frisky Business Quote:

      "…completely beyond unacceptable!"

    1. Joy Warehouse


      Another long-standing team member, Joy has also worked at Lovehoney since it all started back in 2002.

      Starting her career as a school teacher, Joy joined Lovehoney as a photographer and image retoucher but over the years has tried her hand at many different job roles.

      Now the Warehouse and Goods In Manager, Joy looks after more than 85 staff members and organises stock for 5,000+ live products.

      From lacey lingerie to 5.5 kilo dongs, Joy ensures every item arrives and leaves LH HQ in perfect condition.

      Our Favourite Frisky Business Quote:

      "We can't sell them like that…!"

    2. Andrea Returns


      Andrea is the original member of what is now a three person Returns Department and handles returns ranging from little to very, very large!

      With returns coming back for all sorts of reasons, she knows all there is to know about what turns Britain on… And off!

      From what people like, to the things they (apparently) really don't, Andrea has the task of inspecting every item which is returned from head to, erm, balls?

      From tame lingerie to not-so-tame 12 inch dongs, Andrea sees it all in 'Frisky Business'.

      Our Favourite Frisky Business Quote:

      "Whatever floats your boat!"

    3. Roy Returns


      Roy works alongside Andrea in the Lovehoney Returns Department dealing with product refunds and exchanges.

      Not phased by much, Roy's easy-going character helps him deal with some of the interesting returns we receive. Like many of the staff at Lovehoney, Roy enjoys decorating his workspace with various eye-catching decor, with The Fist of Adonis taking over the paperweight duties and a dildo which makes a rather fetching elastic band holder!

      Roy keeps us entertained throughout 'Frisky Business' with his straight-talking (and often hilarious) remarks.

      Our Favourite Frisky Business Quote:

      "…I only know him by his penis!"

    We can't wait!

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