1. Dudoir: Win a Boudoir Photography Experience for Men

    Dudoir Photography

    It's a longstanding assumption that women worry more about their appearance than men, but a recent study reveals that this isn't the case.

    Results show that 4 out of 5 men discuss body image on a regular basis, and more than 60% are not entirely satisfied with the way they look. With a third of men using a protein supplement and almost 20% of men thinking about their weight every day, it's clear that men worry too.

    Most guys admitted to wishing they had a more muscular physique, and a staggering 35% of men said they would give up a whole year of their life to achieve their ideal body shape! However, nearly 60% of men said that body talk affected them in a negative way, and in some cases the knock on confidence actually deterred them from joining a gym or working towards a healthier lifestyle.

    With results like these it seems clear that men are in dire need of a confidence boost, and what better way than a light-sculpting photoshoot designed specifically for them? Read on to find out more…

    Working under the name Divine Divas, Spirit Photographic have offered a confidence-boosting photoshoot experience for women for several years with huge success. Realising that the current boudoir package didn't cater for men, they decided to do something about it. The result is 'Dudoir': a male equivalent to women's boudoir photography.

    Globally, more and more women are treating themselves to boudoir photoshoots in order to feel sexier and more confident. With many commenting on the instant and long-lasting boost to their self-esteem, it's no wonder that boudoir photography has become so popular. Not only do you get treated like royalty for a day but you also get the opportunity to see yourself through someone else's eyes, which can be life-changing. Plus, if you decide to keep any of the photos, you'll have a life-long reminder of your day, and how great you feel when you're 'at the top of your game'. Tap into this feeling for an instant confidence boost in everyday life and walk tall wherever you go. Whether it's to the office, the park or pub - you should always strut with pride!

    Dudoir Photoshoot Sample

    Thanks to the creation of Dudoir, there is now a readily attainable, potentially life-changing package available to men everywhere. Completely tailored to suit you, your visit includes a personalised consultation, a professional grooming session and a light-sculpting photoshoot specifically designed to highlight your best bits. To top it all off you'll be greeted with a free glass of bubbly, and will have the opportunity to browse your final photos and purchase any favourites!

    Neill Menneer (CEO and Chief Photographer) says:

    "In a growing image conscious world, why should men not have the chance to show off their masculinity in the same way women show off their femininity? We've been running our own Divine Divas Boudoir experience for many years with spectacular success and wanted to do something similar with a twist for men. Our approach is about showing men at their best and valuing their difference by enhancing their expression of it."

    If you're still not completely convinced, read Lucy's blog to discover what the experience is really like from a woman's perspective, and find out what all the fuss is about.

    In order to make this brilliant package even more accessible, Lovehoney have teamed up with Dudoir to bring you some exclusive offers and an exciting competition!

    Comment on this blog and you'll be entered into our prize draw to win yourself the photography experience of a lifetime at Dudoir's Bath based studio. Check out the amazing prizes below:

    1st Prize: The Treasure Box Package. You'll enjoy a day of all the usual pampering described above, but will also be given 15 (yes, fifteen!) A4 mounted images in a personalised box to keep. This wonderful bundle is worth a mind-blowing £1045!

    Runners Up: We'll choose three runners up at random to win a photoshoot experience, plus you'll get £100 to put towards prints.

    Competition now closed. The winners have been contacted.

    And for those of you who are hankering after this incredible opportunity but don't want to leave it to chance, we're offering an exclusive discount only available to Lovehoney blog readers. Quote 'Lovehoney' when you book your photoshoot and receive the £195 package for just £25! This offer will run for 3 months - take a look at what you get below…

    Dudoir Photography Special Offer

    Special Offer Terms & Conditions:To claim your offer you must quote 'Lovehoney' upon booking. Offer includes a free consultation, grooming session, free glass of champagne and Dudoir photoshoot as well as £100 credit which may be spent on prints or products. Prints start at £95 (A4). Entrants must be over 18. This offer ends 31 May 2014. One offer per person. This offer is available at the Bath photo studio. The studio cannot be held responsible for any personal loss or injury at participating venue.

    Competition Terms & Conditions: The prize is not exchangeable for cash. The prize is valid until 8th September 2014 at our Bath photo studio. No travel or accommodation costs are included in the prize. The winner may be required to take part in promotional activity related to the Prize Draw and the winner shall participate in such activity on Dudoir.co.uk's and Lovehoney's reasonable request. The winner consents to the use by Dudoir and Lovehoney, for an unlimited time, of the winner's photograph and name for publicity purposes (in any medium, including still photographs and films, and on the internet, including any websites) and in advertising, marketing or promotional material without additional compensation or prior notice and, in entering the Prize Draw, all entrants consent to the same.

    Statistics taken from a collaborative study by the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) at UWE Bristol, the Succeed Foundation and Central YMCA.

    Comments (18)

    • adam: February 20, 2014 10:22
      I hate my appearance and would love to look at myself in a good way - count me in and goodluck everyone
    • Simon: February 20, 2014 11:19
      I've tried the gym, yo yo dieting, various cardio training and have never been happy with my physique, was even bullied in school about it but this looks great and would be a good confidence boost for me and a nice anniversary present for my wife. Thanks for the introduction to this
    • S&S: February 20, 2014 15:35
      What a fantastic idea, and an amazing experience this would be! I'm not too confident with my appearance, but am definitely working on it. I love photography and have wanted for years now to get together a collection of really tasteful pictures for the missus - as much as I'd love a set from her, I think that a set from me could be even more erotic because it's so unexpected!

      Also, Dudoir is just about the best name for a business ever!

    • Ian: February 20, 2014 18:15
      They'd have to be bleddy miracle workers to make this 45yr old bod look good...lol
    • Will: February 20, 2014 19:28
      Great to see men's body image consciousness coming to the fire. I'm only a few days from my thirty birthday and feeling that I look quite different compared to my 20 year old self which I still feel I have inside. Would love to see that youthful exuberant guy again in a photo.
    • Dean: February 20, 2014 22:06
      I'd love someone to make.me.look half decent lol
    • The Jersey Devil: February 21, 2014 20:56
      This write up hit the spot, it touched on such a strong point for me and the research into this is very clear to see.
      I think body conscience men such as myself can sit back and take solace in knowing that we are not alone!
      For years I had been very self conscience of my weight and body appearance. To a point where I wouldn't even let those closest to me see me with my top off.

      Recently a lot of that has changed and I have gone on a comfortable eating plan. I feel it is about time I started to love my body again.

      After reading this along with Miss Lucy's blog it sounds like such a great thing to win.

    • nick: February 21, 2014 21:07
      it will be a challenge with me )))
    • Aaron: February 21, 2014 23:15
      As long as they have one of those boards you stick your head through, it will be alright for me :). Good luck peeps. Hope the winner enjoys the day
    • Wolf Simpson: February 22, 2014 00:53
      I know my partner would love a hot pic of me. :D
    • Al: February 22, 2014 02:04
      My fiancee lives a really long way from me, I think she'd get a kick out of this.
    • Nikki: February 24, 2014 19:42
      This is great my boyfriend is so body conscious and I wish he could see his body the way I do!
    • David: February 25, 2014 16:56
      Oh god yes I'd love to feel good about my reflection
    • Adrian weeden: February 25, 2014 17:01
      It would be a challenge, but to look at a photo without hovering over delete seems like a positive step!
    • chris: February 25, 2014 21:19
      would be a good confidence boost, us males have insecurities too :(
    • Ian: February 26, 2014 21:27
      Would love to win this. It would be a great present to give to my wife.
    • Mark Kennell: February 27, 2014 19:29
      If I was fortunate to be chosen it will be my first time being professionally photographed! Apparently I have good facial bone structure and with my toned body it would be cool to work with this established company! Fingers crossed and Nivea facial scrub at the ready.
    • Michaela: February 27, 2014 20:03
      My man is increbily sexy. He doesnt se it. Would enjoy the photos too ;)