1. "The Best Cock Rings on the Market" - Review of the Month, December 2013

    Lovehoney Magic Cock Rings (6 Pack)

    December saw an influx of reviews, and we've been inundated with tons of fantastic feedback over the festive period. Quite how you've found the time during the hectic build up to Christmas we'll never know, but we absolutely adore hearing what you think about our products, so keep 'em coming in!

    Review of the Month

    This month we chose Tectonic Tiger's review of the Lovehoney Magic Cock Rings (6 Pack) (£7.99) to win our grand prize. His review was informative and thorough, and we especially liked his use of the term "man-cannon".

    "Not only will you and your 'other half' notice the immediate difference that these make to your size and firmness, you should also benefit from a greater intensity when ejaculating and you may well be shocked at just how far your man-cannon can fire its ammo. To say that I highly recommend these is an understatement."

    Read the rest of Tectonic Tiger's review here.

    Informative feedback which makes us giggle is a (ahem) "sure fire" way of getting your review spotted and in the runnings to win £100 to spend at Lovehoney.

    Read on to find out if you were one of our runners up…

    With so many excellent reviews being submitted throughout December, the task of picking out our favourites has been made very difficult. Rather than miss anyone out, this month we've handpicked five (yes, FIVE!) lucky runners up who win themselves 2,000 Oh! Points to spend at Lovehoney.

    Submit your review now to be in with the chance of being our first winner of 2014.

    Runners Up

    Demeter's review of the Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic Wand

    "Newsflash! This vibrator induces an almost out of body experience. It is SO versatile. Can be used in so many different ways - at different speeds, over knickers, or skin contact. It is strong enough to send vibrations all the way to my G-spot and is a great prelude to partner play or for going all the way alone! Don't dismiss the first setting in favour of the higher speeds. It has a low and deep rumble that personally I find really sexy. Try going with that for a bit and see how titillating it is."

    sleepycelia's review of the Sliquid Organics Natural H2O Lubricant 125ml

    "I honestly can't recommend this lube highly enough. It feels natural, it's skin-safe, condom-safe, toy-safe, hasn't caused me any irritation of any kind, the packaging's classy and well designed and on top of all of that, it's tasteless and scentless. I adore it. You won't regret buying a bottle - I'm just about to order my second."

    We-Vibe Touch Personal Massager Silicone VibratorMrMan1491's review of the We-Vibe Touch Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

    "In terms of use during sex, this item really shines: First off, it's totally silent. Even on the highest setting, there's little more than a whisper. Secondly, it's perfectly shaped. During foreplay or solo play, you can either use the tip to directly pleasure the clitoris with pinpoint accuracy, or place the entire thing over the vagina so that it cups and vibrates it all. You can even insert it. And because of the luxurious silicone, it's not at all painful or annoying on any strength setting."

    kodama's review of the Mantric Sysil Edge Adjustable Vibrating Silicone Strapless Strap On

    "It adjusts to fit all sizes, shapes, positions. It's not too big or menacing. It vibrates, with no wires or dangly bits. It looks sexy, not stupid. Can double up as a vibrator, with a handy … handle. It's amazing! My partner loved the way it made her feel, the vibrations were great for her, getting her off whilst seeing to me. Everyone's a winner."

    And finally, we simply couldn't ignore the amazing effort and creativity which was put into WildThing's review of the Fever Thigh High Stripey Stockings. Not only is it a great review, but it's been written with festive flair!

    "Twas the Night Before Christmas
    and all through the house,
    Not a creature was stirring
    Not even a mouse…
    When what to delighted eyes should appear,
    But a fab pair of stockings,
    For someone to wear!…"

    Read WildThing's full review here.

    The Best Sex Toy Reviews at Lovehoney

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    • Scorpius12: January 14, 2014 13:12
      Congratulations Everyone - Great Reviews :) xx
    • Cornish89: January 14, 2014 15:30
      Great reviews everyone! Well done x
    • WildThing: January 14, 2014 18:14
      Dear Lovehoney Team,

      Just to say a massive thank you for your kind words and enthusiasm about my poem... I'm glad you liked it's mix of cheesy festivity and a review at the same time! I'm absolutely chuffed you liked it! :)

      Best wishes and a Happy New Year to the whole team,
      WildThing :)

    • Mozzalini: January 14, 2014 19:59
      Great reviews, congratulations everyone. I'll keep submitting and hopefully get to your standard soon.
    • Lovehoney Jess: January 16, 2014 11:00

      Your poem was great! Informative, funny and entertaining - perfect!

      Happy New Year from all of us!


    • WildThing: January 16, 2014 18:12
      @ The Lovehoney Team....

      I'm glad... and thanks again.

      Enjoy the New Year and don't work too hard :)