1. Is Sex Better in a Long Term Relationship? Plus, Win Lelo Luna Beads (Worth £32.99!)

    Lelo Luna Beads giveaway

    It's a truth universally acknowledged that it can be difficult to keep the passion alive in a relationship, year after year. However, others argue that the longer you spend with one partner, the better your sex life gets.

    Do you think sex gets better the longer you're together? Or does your sex life dwindle with time?

    One way to keep your sex life healthy over the years is to pay close attention to your Kegel muscles.

    That's why this week we're giving you the chance to win aLelo Luna Kegel Exercisers (left, £44.99)!

    Simply leave a comment below to be automatically entered into the contest. The winner will be chosen on Friday the 22nd at 5pm. Best of luck!

    Below I've rounded up the best articles on long term love and sex for you to enjoy.

    Image of the Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System courtesy of Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts.

    • Monogamy: A Hot Love AffairIf you're looking to spice up a long-term relationship, you may find a fun sex game like Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game (right, £32.99) to be the perfect antidote to boredom in the sack. The kinky board game adds an element of surprise that really helps to put the "Oooh!" back into your love life.
    • Another sexual expert chimes in to reassure us that getting married doesn't have to negatively effect your sex life. Justin Lehmiller explains: "Contrary to the popular stereotype of the “sexless marriage,” people who are married actually have sex much more often than their single counterparts…In addition to having more sex, married people also report greater levels of sexual satisfaction, including more consistent orgasms." [Sex Question Friday: Do Committed Couples Have Better Sex? - Lehmiller.com]
    • Speaking of marriage, I thought this list of statistics regarding married couples was pretty fascinating. For example, can you believe that 33% more men than women wish their partner was more romantic? [Marriage Statistics: The Biggest Surprises About Love, Sex, and More - Reader's Digest]
    1. In our Video of the Week, Lovehoney's resident sexpert Tracey Cox gives her honest advice to long-term couples who feel their sex life has gone flat. If you want to see more of Tracey, check out her collection of books and sex toys or visit TraceyCox.com.

    The winner of the Lovehoney Ribbed Sensual Glass Dildo (£24.99) from last week is Derek. Remember to comment below for your chance to win Lelo Luna Kegel Exercisers (left, £44.99)! The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email, so make sure to use one you check regularly.

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    Comments (222)

    • Andrey: November 17, 2013 07:34
      My miss would love one of those .... and I'm sure I'll appreciate it too...
    • Hagit: November 17, 2013 09:50
      the leloluna beads are fantastic <3
    • Bernie: November 17, 2013 10:12
      I think sex gets better the longer that you are together with one another.
    • Melba: November 17, 2013 10:15
      Always wanted to give these a try!
    • Elena: November 17, 2013 10:16
      I bought something similar but they were too chunky, would like to try some better quality and prettier ones.
    • Kerrie: November 17, 2013 10:18
      I believe sex is as good as u make it no matter who it's with or how long uv been with them. X
      I wouldn't mind adding some lelo luna legal balls to my evergrowing collection from lovehoney. X
    • Fora: November 17, 2013 10:21
      I've heard great things about the Luna beads, I'd love to have them.
    • PS: November 17, 2013 10:25
      Yep better in a long term relationship
    • Ian: November 17, 2013 11:00
      Sex with a new person is great as it is new but also a bit scary. So yes, sex in a relationship is better as I think you can be yourself more and there is more of a desire to please your partner.
    • ian: November 17, 2013 11:12
      the misses has been asking about these. wud love to try. thanks
    • Helen: November 17, 2013 11:12
      Ooh, having a ten month old baby these would be super good
    • rebecca: November 17, 2013 11:13
      I think you have to keep working at keeping things fresh and fun, always trying new things
    • Jayne: November 17, 2013 11:19
      Would love to try these x
    • cilla: November 17, 2013 11:20
      I've never tried kegel balls, would be awesome to win :P
    • carl: November 17, 2013 11:21
      Im 30 years old and have been with my partner since i was 15, our sex life is amazing, being together longer lets you learn more about what you both like and dislike therefore leading to a perfect sexual relationship
    • Jamie: November 17, 2013 11:28
      clench and relax...
    • Maria: November 17, 2013 11:37
      I wanted to try these before but ended up buying other sets. It would be nice to be able to compare them. Besides, I would need a lighter set in a couple of months...
    • Apricot: November 17, 2013 11:44
      I've never tried kegel excercisers before! They look interesting...
    • jj: November 17, 2013 11:47
      Yes, sex is better with someone you've known a while. You know what each other like and how to please one another.

    • jasmine lumber: November 17, 2013 11:50
      I personally think sex is definatly better in a long term relationship. Ive been with my partener for just over 2 and a half years and have the best sex ive ever had with him. I think this is because we are so comfortable with each other and over such a longtime know what feels good for one and other. Your confidence also grows so much more with each other, so we are able to experiment much more with our bodys together. I think this is all from being together for so long :)
    • JayJay: November 17, 2013 11:54
      After mediocre sex in a 22 year relationship, I now have fantastic sex in my new 2 year relationship. I think you just have to be able to feel sexually free with the person and the rest just happens.
    • Kinky&Curvy: November 17, 2013 12:34
      I've got the little noir version of these and they're great :D
    • SweetPea: November 17, 2013 12:38
      I don't think the length of time of a relationship has much to do with the quality of the sex you have. It is all about the effort you both put in, be it the first time with a partner or the 1000th time.
    • Dowster1: November 17, 2013 12:45
      Sex in long term relationship has a proven record. Cant knock it
    • Andrew: November 17, 2013 12:48
      We are married 20 years and still have plenty of great sex. talking to each other and not being afraid to try new things is the key. You never know if you like something or not until you try it. It also helps that we love each other. Discovering Lovehoney has helped us to keep the fire burning.
    • Casey: November 17, 2013 13:08
      In my opinion sex is better in a long term relationship as you've had time to build trust and explore each other
    • Silverdrop: November 17, 2013 13:31
      Sex and communication get better, but the bodies, sadly, break down over time. It's worth it though.
    • kathy: November 17, 2013 13:32
      better the lobger your with someone!
    • christine: November 17, 2013 13:33
      defineately better in a long term relationship, after been with same man for 25 years it gets better and better ;-) would love to win one of these x
    • Lorraine: November 17, 2013 13:35
      Children have put a bit of a pause on our sex life at the mo, but they've got to grow up soon!!
    • sheesh: November 17, 2013 13:37
      would so love to give these to my partner for Christmas she would go wild the minute she unwrapped them
    • PPD: November 17, 2013 13:45
      I'd imagine married couples have more/better sex because they know eache other very well - there's a high level or trust and comfort involved.

      I also agree about sex getting better the longer you're with someone, for the same reasons I mentioned above.

    • JANET: November 17, 2013 13:45
      YES, got to be better if you care about the other person
    • Natasha: November 17, 2013 13:49
      :( I hate commenting, makes me feel like a begger xD

    • Mozzalini: November 17, 2013 13:52
      24 years married and I think my sex life is the best it's ever been. We're now at an age where we're happy to talk about what we like and dislike, what we'd like to try and when/where we'd like to try it.
      Discovering all the great things on Lovehoney and the friendly and welcoming forum has made a huge difference. Thanks LH.
    • Peaf: November 17, 2013 13:56
      Indeed it does!
    • David: November 17, 2013 14:00
    • Tony: November 17, 2013 14:05
      We'll you can't say no can you ! :)
    • lou: November 17, 2013 14:19
    • Cathy: November 17, 2013 14:20
      Oh yes please!
    • steve: November 17, 2013 14:23
      all you can say is yes
    • KB: November 17, 2013 14:24
      A Full Luna makes me turn
    • sandra rubery: November 17, 2013 14:27
      My partner and I have been together 12 years and I must admit its starting to fizzle out a bit! I've just bought a new toy this morning in the hope I can do something about my drive!
    • Holly: November 17, 2013 14:33
      Love Tracey Cox
    • Jayne: November 17, 2013 14:38
      Yes it definately better in a long term relationship
    • Helen Wakeley: November 17, 2013 14:40
      Yes definitly better, you get to no what each other likes. x
    • evey: November 17, 2013 14:41
      we've been together 6 years now and we are getting more and more kinky. finally getting to explore the fantasies that might usually scare off a new started relationship
    • Ali: November 17, 2013 14:45
      Much better the longer you are together - you're more confident with each other. But it's important to keep it interesting - Kegel Balls would be fun (not to be confused with Kettle Balls which would be...ouch!)
    • Karen: November 17, 2013 14:47
      Sex in a long term relationship is better as you know your partner, what they like and don't like and because you are settled you are likely to be more adventurous for example roll playing, toys etc My husband and I have been togther for 25 years use all sort of things to keep our sex life interesting.
    • Yasmin0147: November 17, 2013 14:57
      I think that sex is better in a long term realationship, deffo :) these look like they would be handy to use for pelvic floor exercise, which is good as i need to do mine after having a sproglet two weeks ago, lol :) would really like to check these out.
    • SubReiSkyeM: November 17, 2013 15:00
      I've been with my partner for 4 years now and the sex is just as exciting and fun as when we began dating. Communication is essential for keeping passion alive though!
    • Jess: November 17, 2013 15:01
      Definitely agree that it's better in a long term relationship. Always wanted to try a kegel exerciser. Thanks for the competition!
    • Nicole: November 17, 2013 15:01
      Sex is better in a long term relationship because we try new things all the time and we are comfortable with each other
    • sweet: November 17, 2013 15:04
      Been together ten years now and it just keeps getting better, the trust and confidence develops with the relationship, and now the children are growing up I feel less like just a mum and can get back to being a partner!! Luna beads would be nice to tone up more and add a bit of extra excitement :)
    • Jo: November 17, 2013 15:13
      I definitely think sex is better in a long term relationship!
    • Mick: November 17, 2013 15:15
      Long term relationships are the way to go
    • Lucy Walker: November 17, 2013 15:24
      Yes its better in a long term relationship as you can talk about your desires more openly
    • Renee: November 17, 2013 15:26
      I have had the curiosity if kegel balls do work and if they do they can make a great sex life with hubby even better, sign me up! Our sex life does improve the longer we are together.
    • natkat: November 17, 2013 15:30
      definitely better long term - more intimacy
    • Mickie Bull: November 17, 2013 15:57
      It's better in a long term relationship, especially if you keep it fresh and not mundane or a chore.
    • Dean: November 17, 2013 16:21
      We've been married 30 years next year and I think it gets better.
    • chantelle: November 17, 2013 16:21
      it's always better with somebody you love even better the longer your with them :)
    • Deanna: November 17, 2013 16:36
      I've been with my partner for 7 years and I completely agree it keeps getting better not so awkward now we both know each other very well and what we both like in the bedroom.
    • Samantha Lea: November 17, 2013 16:44
      Its so much more fun when you are completely comfortable with each other
    • aaron: November 17, 2013 16:46
      The longer you are with a partner you learn so much, and when you try new things together it's as exciting as the first time.
    • wildflower: November 17, 2013 16:54
      I have been married 30 years and I still love sex with my husband . After all these years we know each other's likes and dislikes but there is still always something new to find out and its never boring! Would love to give the kegal balls a go.
    • empress onyx: November 17, 2013 16:57
      I think it depends on the individuals. For some the initial tentative steps taken to discover partners wants need and desires in that first interaction is the most enjoyable. For others it is at the point they are completely emotionally connected which takes time. Personally I think it gets better in time. As I like to go from quite demure to vamp over a period of time ;-)
    • Val: November 17, 2013 17:07
      I've heard god things
    • Phil: November 17, 2013 17:14
      Thanks to LOVEHONEY it just gets better .

    • Angeldelight: November 17, 2013 17:16
      We have been together for 20 years and married for 12 ,you both have to work at a relationship but ours has got better and better ,I'm a big fan of keagle balls and have not tried these yet so fingers crossed
    • Lucy: November 17, 2013 17:37
      We've been together for ten years, married for a year. Our sex life just keeps getting better and better, I can safely say we truly know everything about each other, wants, desires and most importantly what makes each other tick but it never stops were always looking for new things and ways to surprise each other.
    • JD: November 17, 2013 17:41
    • Kinky Geek: November 17, 2013 18:02
      definitely gets better over the years and yes please lol
    • Lisa: November 17, 2013 18:18
      nearly 6 years together, the frequency is less but the sex is way better and keeps getting better
    • Denise: November 17, 2013 18:26
      Definitely is better the longer a couple are together, as long as you both keep the spark there
    • Tina: November 17, 2013 18:32
      I don't know. I'd rather sleep to be honest, lol. Perhaps these can revive things.
    • Marie: November 17, 2013 18:46
      Sounds good!
    • Emma: November 17, 2013 19:03
      Yes I think it is :)
    • Anna: November 17, 2013 19:24
      I think when you're in a long term relationship the sex is better as you learn what is pleasurable for each other and are more eager to please your partner.
    • jonti: November 17, 2013 19:25
      yes sex is great in a long term relationship you become more relaxed and open with each other then know how to really satisfy their partner.we use toys but would love to try these !!!
    • Jane Kiely: November 17, 2013 20:06
      Hi my answer to this, yes sex can be better in a long term relationship. But it all depends on who you are with, and how comfortable, you both feel together. Some couples, stay together out of obligations etc. In these types of relationships, I would say no. My relationship is a Yes, and weve been together 11 years ;-)
    • DAMIAN: November 17, 2013 20:11
    • Sand: November 17, 2013 20:14
      I'd love to try these.
    • Christina: November 17, 2013 20:33
      These look great would love to win x
    • MissB: November 17, 2013 20:36
      I definitely agree that sex is better in a long term relationship, don't get my wrong ive had good sex on a causal basis but being in a relationship you know each other and can really let go.. Let the fun begin!
    • Lewis: November 17, 2013 20:39
      They look interesting
    • Hannah: November 17, 2013 20:39
      I tend to think that being in a long term relationship does make it better, but after a long time you might need to change things up a bit.
    • mai: November 17, 2013 21:00
      Sex with the same partner could end up boring in the long term, if no communication is forthcoming regarding exploration of something new or keeping roamnce in the air.
    • Lou: November 17, 2013 21:33
      Great for 20 years, last four have become mediocre. Love to give these a try, maybe they would help spice it up again.
    • Caroline: November 17, 2013 21:45
      Defo better in a relationship so comfortable with him!
    • Cris Curran: November 17, 2013 22:04
      I'd like to give them a try as others have said!
    • Kay: November 17, 2013 22:33
      Sex in a relationship is comfortable, but outside is liberating.
    • Andy: November 17, 2013 22:36
      My wife would love these. She uses Tracy Cox's ones and we were talking about getting more.

      I personally think that while being single gets you some great sex, committed relationships get the best, because you can be comfortable about eveerything

    • andy h: November 17, 2013 22:50
      long term relationship is best
    • Kiana Colon: November 17, 2013 22:59
      I would love to try these and personally I feel that sex is better with a partner since the emotions add to the experience.
    • georgina rose: November 17, 2013 23:02
      pretty! <3
    • Karis: November 17, 2013 23:59
      I would say it is better in a longer relationship.
    • sherri: November 18, 2013 00:37
      Yes in my opinion sex is much better in a relationship- if only i was in one lol
    • BlackAsphodel: November 18, 2013 02:54
      I'd love to give these a try!
    • Koren: November 18, 2013 03:11
      Would love to give these a try
    • Tracey: November 18, 2013 05:15
      benefits all round :)
    • Wendy: November 18, 2013 05:46
      would be interested to try these
    • Louisa: November 18, 2013 09:36
      I think sex is better in a long term relationship, but I think sometimes it needs a little more help. by the way, I think these are just what I need as some parts need a little more exercise these days.
    • lisa: November 18, 2013 09:46
      Yes i think it gets better just as a fine wine improves. You learn each others needs and know how to press the right buttons
    • Hassni: November 18, 2013 10:01
      I'd like to try these.
    • CoffeeTime: November 18, 2013 10:23
      Less reading more doing!
    • Kelly: November 18, 2013 10:43
      Would love to try!
    • Lisa: November 18, 2013 11:17
      Would love to try these!
    • cornish89: November 18, 2013 11:30
      I think sex is better in a long term relationship as you know everything the other person enjoys most!
      Would love to try out the lelo luna beads!
    • NATALIE GOATLEY: November 18, 2013 11:41
      Sex does get better in a long term relationship because you get to know one another and what make each other tick. You also feel more comfortable with each other. However you do lose the initial excitement factor that cant be denied is extremely pleasurable ;)
    • Kohitsuji: November 18, 2013 13:02
      I've been in a long distance relationship with my husband before we got married for about two years because we were deciding on which country to live on. The sex gave us time to make up for the distance when one of us visits. I've always been glad to show him around my hometown.

      Now that I'm here in the UK, I'm happily married to him and every time we run into problems, we find the solution together. The Lelo Luna beads would be a lovely part in our sex toy collection!

    • Liz Green: November 18, 2013 13:04
      I do Think sex is better in a long term relationship, there's no awkwardness, you know how to please each other and you genuinely feel for each other so that a sexual relationship means something :) Cool prize by the way xx
    • Emma: November 18, 2013 13:27
      I think these would be amazing to try!!
    • sarah: November 18, 2013 14:08
      Ihave to agree it is better in along term relationship
    • john: November 18, 2013 14:44
      Yes sex is definitely better the longer you are in a relationship.
    • Pr4wnSt4r: November 18, 2013 14:55
      I think sex is better when you're in a long term relationship, while in a relationship you have a lot of things that you wouldn't have with anyone else, such as trust, feeling completely comfortable, knowing what each other like etc. Because you have all of those things sex can be so much better, you aren't worried about not doing it properly or wondering what they would like you to do and you can just focus on bringing pleasure to each other. Also afterwards there is the cuddles which you probably wouldn't have if you weren't in a relationship. Another thing is If I wasn't in a long term relationship I probably wouldn't have such a big collection of toys etc, being in a relationship has allowed me to experiment with what I like and make our sex life the best it can be.
    • sharon smith: November 18, 2013 15:01
      would love to try these lol
    • louise strachan: November 18, 2013 17:13
      The only sexual relationship ive been in is with my husband and thats been nearly11 years .
      Id like to think sex in a long term relationship would be better , more time to know what each other wants and likes . theres also a huge level of trust you cant get on short term .
      I would love to try these balls out and get things back in shape down there
    • Jax: November 18, 2013 18:01
      These articles/findings make me so happy :-) as do the results of kegel exercises ;-)
    • Andy Bean.: November 18, 2013 19:09
      The wife would love this.
    • Magnum: November 18, 2013 19:38
      Woo party time.
    • oosshh: November 18, 2013 19:43
      Depends entirely on the couple as to whether sex improves the longer in a relationship. The key is to keep things fresh and to keep exciting one another. However in order to do this you need a rock solid relationship and trust in order to break taboos such as sex in public, use of toys on each other etc.

      Great communication equals a great relationship and a great sex life.

    • Clint Howat: November 18, 2013 20:36
    • Jennifer Russon: November 18, 2013 20:58
      I've been in a relationship for over 10 years, me and my boyfriend are always looking for new ways to spice things up. These sound fab! Once I've gotten over the initial blushing, I'm sure my face will be burning up for other reasons!
    • Rebecca: November 18, 2013 21:19
      Yes please!
    • c00kie: November 18, 2013 21:36
      I think it depends on you as a couple, you have to keep things interesting every once in a while to keep the sex life good after a few years together. otherwise you'll get into a routine that might start to bore both of you.
    • Khaleesi: November 18, 2013 22:05
      Great Video from Tracey!
    • Crystal: November 19, 2013 00:40
      I think, naturally, complacency is a side effect of long term relationships and that can take the excitement out of sex. But, as long as you keep it fresh and try new things (these Luna Beads being an excellent example) then there's no reason sex shouldn't be just as good, or better, than it was in the beginning.
    • Luke: November 19, 2013 01:15
      Hmm some different balls to play with...
    • SophieM: November 19, 2013 09:40
      I would imagine that sex is better when you've been with someone for a long time and still have that emotional spark - not just physical. Communication is a large key in a healthy relationship, allowing you to talk about trying new things and spicing it up a bit.

      Kegal balls also help to keep everything nice and strong...down there. Would love to see how much of a difference these would make.

    • Sexpert Rebecca Dakin: November 19, 2013 09:42
      If you're both equally committed then sex can get better over time. There is a great comfort in familiarity; knowing someone’s body and likes and dislikes in the bedroom. A very powerful level of intimacy can be achieved. There has to be that connection and spark and a mutual desire to be pleased and to please.

      The mistake some couples make are that they allow the day to day stresses of life - kids and work etc.. get on top of them and then tensions build and the desire for sex diminishes, and soon they are no longer even kissing or holding hands and sex goes out of the window or gets performed as ‘duty’ and not for enjoyment.

      There are some cases when 2 people in a new relationship just click and are in tune from the very start and the level of intimacy is intense from the beginning, but this really depends on each individual couple.

      Kegel balls are a great for keeping things nice and tight down below especially for those who have had kids. I am personally big fan of Lelo toys.

      When you’ve used them for a while and you have pelvic floor muscles to crack nuts with (not literally!) try squeezing your muscles (without the Kegel balls) when your partner is inside of you. Squeeze and hold for 3 seconds then release. Alternate between squeezing as he withdraws and as he enters. He will feel like you’re hugging his member and it’s extremely intense and pleasurable for him. Also a long squeeze when he’s about to come will intensify his orgasm.

    • Jasmine: November 19, 2013 11:23
      Always wanted to try these!
    • Stuart P: November 19, 2013 13:59
      These would be a good addition
    • Helen: November 19, 2013 14:37
      After having children, would love to see if they really would make a difference.
    • rag doll: November 19, 2013 15:35
      my partner and i have a right giggle excising our pc muscles during sex and seeing if it can be felt.
    • Crazy Horse: November 19, 2013 17:17
      There is nothing like the excitement of sex in a new relationship but the trust and intimacy of a long term relationship leads to more frequent and, I think, better orgasms.
    • laura: November 19, 2013 19:17
    • Sarah: November 19, 2013 19:20
      No it's not
    • matt allison: November 19, 2013 19:34
      Definitely better in a long term relationship, you grow with each other and try new things together
    • Cathryn BOwen: November 19, 2013 21:08
      Would love to try these
    • olive: November 19, 2013 23:07
      I have alwayyyys wanted to try the Luna Beads.
      And, I think it depends on the couple whether sex gets hotter or colder over time. There are clear benefits to new and known partners, both.
    • Laura: November 19, 2013 23:39
      I think ts better in a long-term relationship, you know what partners likes and dislikes are and are safe to try new things together.
    • Diamondg: November 20, 2013 01:34
      Yes. 100% without a doubt! Sex. Is better vthe more u learn about one another
    • Robyn: November 20, 2013 02:49
      In some ways yes, as my partner knows exactly what to do.....but sometimes I wonder what else I could be experiencing and maybe there are more things I like that we haven't tried
    • Caroline: November 20, 2013 06:46
      Definitely would like to try
    • Nitin Nagar: November 20, 2013 09:31
      Yes sex is always great in a long term relationship. I always believe a woman is an ocean or a flower every petal or tide you go through is a different experience just need to communicate, listen and make love.. Xx
    • Dean: November 20, 2013 10:10
      I think quality doesn't diminish over time, quantity can take a hit with kids and life in general
    • Emma J: November 20, 2013 11:05
      I think sex gets better the better you get to know someone x
    • Daniel Coles: November 20, 2013 11:41
      It does get better as you know more about each other and trust each other more. Would love these.
    • Ben: November 20, 2013 12:53
      Sex just gets better and better in a LTR.
    • Vicky: November 20, 2013 13:19
      Yes I think it's better your more relaxed and don't have to hold your belly in lol.
    • sam: November 20, 2013 15:09
      This is a tough one because i think it matters more about the people involved. If they are both like minded, healthy appetite and like to keep things alive then long term is great, you will experiment, continue to learn about one another and be impulsive which i find is often the best of sex. A quick blast with someone you are not as acquainted with may be a bit of a thrill and exciting, but whether it gives you total satisfaction is another thing
    • nichole smith: November 20, 2013 15:48
      I think sex gets better over time but you have to be open to new experiences so things don't get dull.
    • Hanah: November 20, 2013 16:03
      I think it depends on your relationship...
    • Imogen: November 20, 2013 18:30
      Would love to try these!
    • LoriandHubby: November 20, 2013 19:12
      After 19 yrs of marriage, things have trully gotten better over the years. Now we wish the stamina was still here.
    • Amy: November 20, 2013 19:13
      I think it gets better and you learn what your partner likes and they learn what you like. Also you get more comfortable with each other and so can discuss trying new things
    • Clucky: November 20, 2013 20:19
      I'd say yes, but after 14 years of marriage my husband is so predictable - sometimes I just want a night of passion, but even then he will just go for the same boring ways
    • Kirsty: November 20, 2013 21:16
      Fab prize! X
    • michelle: November 20, 2013 21:41
      love to win
    • rachel: November 20, 2013 21:42
      great prize
    • suzanne: November 21, 2013 00:25
      mmmm yes please x
    • Paul: November 21, 2013 00:43
    • Olivia: November 21, 2013 01:06
      Yes it's better in a longterm relationship, but I would be interested to see how these would improve it even more..
    • MissTig: November 21, 2013 07:52
      I would love some of these :)
    • Gillian: November 21, 2013 08:08
      Yes please! Was looking to get set of these
    • Elinor: November 21, 2013 09:41
      Yes, because you are more relaxed with it other, and more open to trying new things - my hubby and i have been together 10 years, and our sexlife now is the best its ever been!
    • Tam: November 21, 2013 11:01
      Been married 23 years and the sex is just as fun today as it ever was.
    • leanne williams: November 21, 2013 12:05
      I think sex gets better the longer that you are together with one another.
    • felicity: November 21, 2013 12:06
      Id love to try out these
    • Stuart Faulds: November 21, 2013 13:02
      Good sex, to me, is about trust..and that is not something that is necessarily increased by time, but often can be
    • SJ: November 21, 2013 13:04
      Sex with a partner is more often than not better with time. You learn to grow together, become in sync and know exactly the right touches desired be the other. It can go through periods though when it dwindles and this is when the hunt for new toys often begins and you can explore the new together and enjoy it with the old
    • AliceH: November 21, 2013 13:10
      It's not always better. Sometimes it's non-existent but that's why I have an open marriage, just in case of such things, and glad to say...it works a treat!
    • Mary-Ann Pollard: November 21, 2013 13:35
      would love these to spice things up again
    • sarah fleck: November 21, 2013 15:09
      Sounds like fun!
    • leng: November 21, 2013 15:13
      girlfriend would love this.
    • michelle: November 21, 2013 15:38
      Ive recently got married and I would LOVE to try them out thankyou.
    • Emily: November 21, 2013 15:40
      Sex is definitely better in a long term relationship as you learn what turns each other on. Only issue can be if you don't experiment enough to keep things fresh and exciting!

      Would love these to add to my toy box!

    • Joanna Smith: November 21, 2013 17:03
      Sex can be far too different depending on who you are with, where, when, the situation....

      It can be amazing with a long term partner you really love or with someone you can barely stand but fancy like mad!

    • Natalie Henderson: November 21, 2013 17:16
      Would love to give these a try!! :-)
    • Ellen Stafford: November 21, 2013 17:21
      Yes sex is amazing when you have known someone for a long time. You get to know the right buttons to push!
    • Amber: November 21, 2013 17:33
      could do with a pair of these!
    • eoin: November 21, 2013 18:05
      yes its absolutely better with a long term partner
    • jodie harvey: November 21, 2013 18:11
      oh yes please would love to win!! <3
    • Emma Lewis: November 21, 2013 18:47
      It gets boring after a while.
    • Jennifer: November 21, 2013 20:02
      would love to win! <3
    • Erica: November 21, 2013 20:04
      Yes, better in a long term relationship as you trust one another, which allows you to experiment more ;)
    • Interested: November 21, 2013 20:06
      Good sex in long term relationship only gets better if there is complete trust & loving between them
    • JJ: November 21, 2013 20:19
      Definitely! & would love to try these, been thinking about buying for a while.
    • Darren Collins: November 21, 2013 20:22
      The wife says she thinks those look interesting . sex is better in a long term relationship :)
    • Dh: November 21, 2013 20:35
      Sex definately can be better in a long term relationship, the more you explore each others fantasies and fetishes the more exciting it gets!
    • chloe metcalf: November 21, 2013 20:37
      Great prize, would love to win these! :P x
    • Rob: November 21, 2013 20:39
      I think sex get better while in in a relationship because you can be more open with them
    • JenJen: November 21, 2013 20:45
      Depends on if both partners are willing to keep things going.
    • Leigh Larkin: November 21, 2013 20:56
      Baby number 2 on the way. These would certainly be handy as well as fun!
    • sara: November 21, 2013 21:08
      My partner and I have been together 4 years now and can happily say we are still going very strong both in and out of the bedroom. The passion is definately still there. We are completely open and honest with each other and it truly works for us.
      We would certainly love to try out the Lelo Luna beads!
    • Lisa: November 21, 2013 21:16
      with the right partner it can be great long term.........just have to find the right one ;-)
    • Claire: November 21, 2013 21:40
      depends on partner
    • sarah: November 21, 2013 22:08
      definately better with the right partner, you just kno what works best for each other ;)
    • Emma Jackson: November 21, 2013 22:20
      OMG really need these ;) x
    • izzy: November 21, 2013 22:30
      id love to finally get a boyfriend to know what sex without who actaully cares about you is like
    • stephanie: November 21, 2013 22:43
      Count me in!
    • ashley smith: November 21, 2013 22:50
      great prize hopefully im lucky enough to win :p
    • Julian: November 22, 2013 00:00
      Sex is good if not a little less often than it used to be
    • Monika: November 22, 2013 01:20
      Nothing can compare to a partner who knows every spot of your body...
    • Rosalyn: November 22, 2013 01:52
      I think it depends on the couple and how willing you are to commit time for each other from a busy life to experiment and explore new scenarios.

      Personally, my best times so far have been one night/short sexual relationships where the freedom to experiment is more available because these types of relationship are simply based on a sexual nature rather than a lasting relationship for which sex has a smaller emphasis/importance.

    • Clair: November 22, 2013 07:55
      For me, yes it is...you get to be intuned with eachother, I think you do grow sexully together, you have a bond that has developed through trust & love.
    • Annamarie Riddiford: November 22, 2013 07:58
      I think so although you need to add variety to keep it fresh.... and this is where winning this competition comes in!
    • tish: November 22, 2013 08:46
      gets better definitely
    • Shirley: November 22, 2013 09:37
      Yes, I think sex is better when you know someone really well and trust them. But of course you must still be crazy about them.
    • S: November 22, 2013 10:25
      Both working at it and having the right communication and tools to keep all the good stuff flowing
    • Jayne: November 22, 2013 10:36
      Long term where there is a strong emotional connection
    • Katie: November 22, 2013 10:46
      Sex is only as good as you make it! Spicing it up and trying something new always helps. I think it gets better the longer you are with someone because you share a deeper connection and have complete respect for that person. Each partner has to be honest with the other to be able to share those intimate moments. This always come with time and should be easier to tell your partner what you like/don’t like when you have been together for a while. I have been with my partner for 8 years now and I love him more and more each day and there is no reason for your sex life to dwindle the longer you have been together. The most important factor is to make time to be with each other not just in the bedroom and keep the fire alive! If you both really love each other you shouldn't need any effort to be passionate in the bedroom (perhaps a little bit gentle of encouragement sometimes)! Its a joint effort and honesty is the best policy! :)
    • Laura: November 22, 2013 11:18
    • Rebecca Shelton: November 22, 2013 12:20
      my partner and i have been together 18 years ,sex is defo better now than at the beginning of our relationship,with time comes trust and the ability to better express your needs it also helps if you still fancy the pants off each other lol
    • Rachel: November 22, 2013 12:25
      I think that the sex deteriorates over time :(
    • michelle bennett: November 22, 2013 12:56
      Ill have to be honest... I love my hubby and have done since the moment i met him but life, work kids takes it tolls sometimes and the passion just poofs :/ It stops being spontaneous and we lost that" omg i want you now! moments" Hes aware of it and we both know when we need to take a step back to concentrate on another more but a more serious relationship does have an effect on somones sex life. That said we knows exactly what the other wants, we knows the signs if im not quite feeling it and because we love and respect eachother we both know just how far we can go. I do 1Million % enjoy sex with him so much more than short term get it over with flings but we both miss the spontaneous, passionate moments.
    • bella smyth: November 22, 2013 14:24
      oh they look good fun i would love to try these :)
    • Han Solo: November 22, 2013 14:50
      Everyone must go through a barren spell at some point. Whether it be illness, kids, work stresses or some other worry. Just a case of working out what works for you both to bring the passikn back into your relationship.
    • Brian: November 22, 2013 16:19
      I believe sex is better in a relationship, there's more meaning to it.
    • Dave: November 22, 2013 16:28
      Sex can be fantastic in the short term or one night stand. But making love can be mind blowing in a long term relationship. I have been with my partner for 10 years and we still keep finding out new things about each other and ways to make sexy better!
    • A Bean.: November 23, 2013 13:09
      I've been with my partner for 6 years and it just gets better and better.