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  1. Buyer's Guide: We-Vibe 3 and We-Vibe 4 Compared

    If you're looking for a vibrator that you can both enjoy, a We-Vibe could be the perfect sex toy for you. Worn during sex, this unique vibrator stimulates her G-spot and clitoris, while providing pleasureable vibrations for him.

    There are two versions of this vibrator available on Lovehoney: the We-Vibe 3 and the We-Vibe 4. The differences between these toys are small but still significant. This guide will help you figure out which one is best for you.

    How are the We-Vibe 3 and We-Vibe 4 different?

    Both We-Vibes are shaped for pleasure, with a couple-friendly design and many vibrating settings for you both to enjoy. However, there are some key differences that may make one of the We-Vibes more suited to you.

    1. We-Vibe 3 Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot VibratorWe-Vibe 3 Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

      1. Shaped to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris, and be worn during sex
      2. 2 speeds 4 patterns
      3. Body-safe silicone
      4. Remote control has one button to cycle through functions
      5. Charging unit and carry case
      6. Mains rechargeable
      7. 100% waterproof
      8. Price: £80.00
    2.  We-Vibe 4 USB Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot VibratorWe-Vibe 4 USB Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

      1. Shaped to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris, but is 30% smaller than We-Vibe 3 to make it more comfortable when worn during sex
      2. 6 patterns, each available at 10 speeds
      3. Extra-smooth body-safe silicone
      4. Remote control has 4 buttons - 2 to cycle through functions, 2 to increase and decrease intensity
      5. Charging unit and childlocked carry case
      6. Rechargeable via USB
      7. 100% waterproof
      8. Price: £114.99

    The We-Vibe 4 is 30% smaller than the We-Vibe 3, and has been crafted to be a more comfortable and ergonomic fit.

    The We-Vibe 4 can also be charged by USB, so it could be more convenient if you travel frequently.

    If features like a smaller size, smoother finish and more control over patterns and speeds are important to you, you may be best going with the We-Vibe 4. However, if you're looking for something a bit more affordable, you can't go wrong with the We-Vibe 3.

    Still not sure which We-Vibe to choose?

    You can Contact Customer Care, who will be happy to help you choose. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24/7. You can also tweet us at @LovehoneyHelp.

    The other great place to look for people's advice on sex toys is on the Lovehoney Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.

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    Comments (3)

    • cornish89: November 12, 2013 15:51
      I would love to try the we-vibe 4! Maybe I'll see what Santa brings me for Christmas lol x
    • Khaleesi: November 12, 2013 21:18
      I've got the We-Vibe 3... So tempting to get the 4! Fingers crossed for Christmas/ Valentines!
    • KinkyFuckery: November 20, 2013 13:38
      I have we vibe 3 and love it great to see they have improved it adding to xmasd list !
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