1. Ross Noble At Lovehoney - On My First Day!

    Stephanie and Ross

    When daily office activity includes people in suits having serious discussions about anal beads, and teams avidly planning the next shipment of nipple clamps, working at Lovehoney can sometimes be quite surreal.

    But for me, no day here has been more surreal than my very first… and it all started with a tweet.

    I'd spent the morning discussing dildos in the boardroom and thought it couldn't get much better, but that was before my new manager rather cryptically announced: “He’s here! And he’s asking to see you, Stephanie.”

    Perhaps this is a good time to mention that a week earlier my favourite comedian, Ross Noble, had tweeted about an unconventional travel documentary he was filming, saying:

    "Still looking for stuff to do in Wales or maybe the West Country if you have a cool job or something odd you would like to show the world!"

    I hadn't even started yet, but what cooler job is there than working at Lovehoney?

    So I tweeted him, with:

    @realrossnoble When are you around? I start my job in Bath on Monday, at the UK's biggest online sex toy retailer. #CoolJob #SomethingOdd”.

    By the time Monday arrived, I had completely forgotten about the whole thing, and while I absent-mindedly discussed anal lubricant with my new boss, our Press Office got an unexpected phone call from UK television channel Dave.

    As it turned out, Ross was in the middle of filming a new show called 'Freewheeling' and wanted to come and say hello. Here's the official trailer (we're not on it, but you get the idea).

    Now, I had never actually expected Ross Noble to turn up at my new work, and I was honestly shocked to walk down into the Content Team's office and find my favourite comedian entertaining the room with alternative uses for the Fist of Adonis. Ross Noble had come to see me! Well, he’d come to see sex toys, but still.

    If you’re familiar with Ross’ comedy, you’ll know that he likes to go off on a tangent and can create truly bizarre situations out of everyday life. The first time I saw his sketch about putting a blanket over an owl I literally had to pause the TV and recover because I was laughing so hard.

    Doc Johnson The Fist of Adonis Dildo 12 InchFinding myself stood in the middle of a sex toy warehouse in Bath, attempting to keep up with Ross Noble in a conversation about using suction cup dildos to climb walls, was definitely one of the most surreal moments I’ve had working at Lovehoney.

    After a detailed warehouse tour in which I learnt just as much about my new place of work as Ross did, we stopped for a few photos and the camera crew did a short interview with me (in which I definitely came across like a complete plank) and I asked Ross for his autograph.

    I’m not sure what work I would have been doing that afternoon if a camera crew hadn’t turned up unannounced, but spending it in the presence of Mr. Noble and laughing non-stop with my new colleagues definitely made it a first day to remember. He even wished me lots of luck in my new role.

    - Stephanie

    You can see the brilliantly funny Ross Noble visiting Lovehoney in his show “Freewheeling” on Tuesday 12 November at 10pm on Dave.

    The show will be available on Dave's catch-up website for a week after airing and is repeated on Dave at 11pm on the following Saturday and 10:40pm the following Monday.

    And seeing as it's Dave, it'll probably be repeated every week forevermore, sandwiched in between the episode of Top Gear where they race boats and cars to Paris and that QI episode where Alan Davies loves blue whales.

    Ross sent his best wishes to Stephanie on her first day!

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    • gem: November 12, 2013 16:15
      Great blog, What an amazing start to a new job! really looking forward to watching tonight xx
    • Scorpius12: November 12, 2013 16:21
      That is so cool Stephanie - I am really looking forward to watching this tonight. What an exciting first day Hun - the part about using suction cup dildos to climb walls made a hilarious picture in my mind - lol :) xx
    • Ali: November 12, 2013 16:25
      I remember seeing the tweets about this! What a great way to start a new job, and you really do have the best job ever :)
    • cornish89: November 12, 2013 16:27
      Great blog, how hilarious that must have been on your first day! Can't wait to watch it tonight x
    • Blondevixen13: November 12, 2013 17:41
      Hahha I would love to have seen his face as your lot explain the technical parts of dildos and butt plugs! I hope you showed him the American challenge and victor!!!
    • Pr4wnSt4r: November 12, 2013 18:36
      Ross Noble is hilarious! Using suction cup dildos to climb walls?! Who would of thought, why didn't spider man just do that? I can't think of a better combo than Ross Noble and Lovehoney in one programme! (apart from chocolate and orange) Can't wait to watch it tonight.
    • Khaleesi: November 12, 2013 21:16
      Great blog Stephanie! Ross Noble is one of my favorite comedians too! X
    • WildThing: November 14, 2013 20:54
      Great blog - really funny to read - let alone even be there!! :)
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