1. How Technology Is Making Sex EVEN Better! Plus, Win A Lelo Smart Wand (Worth £108)

    Win a Lelo Smart WandEvery year we see new innovations in sex toys - they're getting smaller, more powerful and more discreet.

    Between sound-activated vibrators and vibrating underwear controlled by your smartphone, more and more toys that exceed expectations are hitting the market.

    At Lovehoney, we love bringing you the latest revolutions in sex toys - and with that in mind, we're running a spectacular giveaway this week.

    Win a Lelo Luxury Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator (worth £108.99)! To be entered into the draw, comment below before 5pm on Friday the 8th.

    This luxury vibrator from Swedish brand Lelo is about as high tech as you can get. Enabled with SenseTouch techonology, the wand responds to your touch with increased intensity.

    Read on below for the latest technology news in the sex toy world - and don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win!

    • Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex SimulatorIf you like innovative sex toys, look no further than the newly-released Sqweel Go Oral Sex Simulator (right, £39.99). The newest version of the first oral sex simulator (which was the winner of Lovehoney's Design A Sex Toy competition), the Sqweel Go is more compact than the original and boasts extra functions. Plus, it's rechargeable via USB!
    • Of course, the relationship between sex and technology can also be eductional. I had fun clicking on these interactive maps and seeing how the UK compared with the rest of the world in terms of sexual frequency and satisfaction. If you want to see how sexy your postcode is, make sure you check out Lovehoney's Sex Map of the UK. [3 Maps Of Sex Trends Around The World - Business Insider]
    1. Our Video of the Week is a bizarre mix of lingerie and technology: a bra that tweets everytime you remove it! Released by Nestle in Greece this week, the bra will be worn by a Greek TV personality for two weeks to promote breast cancer awareness. Tweeting bras aren't available to buy - but if they were, would you wear one?

    The winners of the five Death By Orgasm 10 Speed Black Widow Bullet Vibrators from last week are Sasha, Tracey, John A, Caro and Peaf. Remember to comment below for your chance to win a Lelo Luxury Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator (worth £108.99! The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email, so make sure to use one you check regularly.

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    Comments (239)

    • jess: November 03, 2013 03:39
      I'd love something more high end in my collection :) a tweeting bra sounds silly, novelties eh?
    • jess: November 03, 2013 03:40
      I'd love something more high end in my collection :) a tweeting bra sounds silly, novelties eh?
    • jess: November 03, 2013 03:43
      I'd love something more high end in my collection :) a tweeting bra sounds silly, novelties eh?
    • Rob: November 03, 2013 05:18
      Awesome prize!
    • HE: November 03, 2013 07:21
      Being tech-savvy with sex toys has revolutionised my sex life! I particularly have a fondness for USB rechargeable vibrators and luxury toys.

      I love the little sqweel, it's so cute and looks like a sort of gadgety toy you would wind up a cat with to annoy them, haha

    • Diana: November 03, 2013 07:50
      I love sex toys and I'd love to win this to add to my Lovehoney collection (my OH says I am the Imelda Marcos of vibrators!) as up to now I haven't purchased a rechargeable vibrator and it would be a luxurious replacement to my LH magic wand which has just 'died' after 6 months - too much use maybe!
    • Marco: November 03, 2013 07:56
      Being a man I love my tech gadgets and have to admit I've spent a fair amount on tech sex toys. Remote controlled vibrators are our favourites. We've recently purchased a product that enables us to control it online. This certainly brings a new meaning to Cybersex.
    • Tony: November 03, 2013 08:09
      What a great Christmas present !
    • Jess: November 03, 2013 08:14
      This looks amazing!
    • Maria: November 03, 2013 08:14
      Technology and sex toy do really go well together. Technology adds quite a lot to sex toys - vibrations, pulsations, rotations, remote control, you name it!
    • Mozzalini: November 03, 2013 08:19
      Still waiting for a sex toy operated by an iphone app. Perhaps long distance remote vibe operated over wifi so I can get the wife off even when I'm at work!
    • Kellymichelle: November 03, 2013 08:55
      A tweeting bra might be more interesting to read than the "I'm having dinner and here's a pic to prove it" tweets!

      It's great to see lovehoney keeping up to date with the latest tech to bring us exciting new toys

    • Ali: November 03, 2013 09:12
      That mini Sqweel is seriously adorable!
    • PPD: November 03, 2013 09:12
      Penetrating the atmosphere - brilliant! Also, what would the bra tweet?! 'I'm off'? or something more elaborate?

      The sqweel go is the cutest sex toy I have ever seen - I think making it USB rechargeable is a great feature. It would be interesting to see how the large Lelo wand compares to the medium as I didn't get on with that.

    • Dean: November 03, 2013 09:41
      I remember when they said virtual reality headsets would become a household item and we would all be having sex like Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock in Demolition Man!
    • jj: November 03, 2013 09:46
      Have been experimenting with sex toys for some years. Always good when technology can bring us something new. Tweeting bra though? Not sure I need one of those!
    • gem: November 03, 2013 09:59
      Tech is definitely making sex toys better, but you sometimes can't beat a classic!
      The tweeting bra erm now that's taking it too far lol
    • Dan: November 03, 2013 10:13
      This looks like a great toy!
    • Tanya: November 03, 2013 10:14
      I'm not convinced by the sqweel but then I've never tried one - I'd much rather my man did it for me but we love trying out new toys together.

      The prize on offer looks most tempting!

    • Iona: November 03, 2013 10:15
      Want! ??
    • Mark: November 03, 2013 10:18
      As people are ever becoming more clued up on sex and what they want out of it technology is also becoming a massive part of this. Without the tech know how we wouldn't know about about sexual feelings or technique.

      God bless technogy and sex, let's hope the relationship continues forever

    • Chris: November 03, 2013 10:19
      I think it's important to strike a balance. There's the world if technology that can easily disrupt an otherwise healthy sex-life. Think if those that are addicted to Facebook and play for hours on their phones in bed when they could be doing something a whole lot sexier.

      Having said that, the world of sex toys has gone nuts recently with increased interest and spending by the public. Just a few years ago there was no such thing as a USB rechargeable vibrator and all those devices that are remotely controlled seem to be striking a chord if not more with a good number of people.

      I love a good toy but both my partner and I still make sure that we have enough time without a buzzing alien to keep a perspective on things.

    • Rachel Jones: November 03, 2013 10:24
      I would love to win the lelo wand love @Lovehoney as they bring the latest gadgets in sex toys direct to your door!
    • MissTig: November 03, 2013 10:31
      I would love to win this as an early Chrimbo pressie :)
    • Vixi: November 03, 2013 10:33
      I like the idea, but not the look of toys. Somehow phallus-like shiny things don´t appeal to me. Make something "natural-like" like an apple or a carrot :) or let me win this price and proof me wrong.
    • Jason W: November 03, 2013 10:35
      Love to add this to our wand collection! Especially to see if it can be better then the LH wand!
    • Scorpius12: November 03, 2013 10:40
      WOW - I would love to win this one - my guess on the dildo btw is: Rascal Black Balled 11 Inch Realistic Dildo - am I right Nicole - lol? :) xx
    • Honesty: November 03, 2013 10:51
      Oh do I want and need one of these ??Lelo x
    • Luke: November 03, 2013 11:05
      I love the idea of a tweeting bra.
    • Tania S.: November 03, 2013 11:06
      I'd love to see a dildo that could make it feel like it was part of your body. Like if it used electric stimulation to transmit the sensation happening You could have pressure sensitive pads or something similar embedded in the dildo, and those pads would trigger the e-stim pads at the base to activate. If the standard electro-sex toys can give sensations of a stationary toy thrusting, or feel like a massage or sucking, I'm sure my idea could work. I could use a good and until someone works this out.
    • Ikey: November 03, 2013 11:11
      Oooh, would love to win this, my OH has been wanting a wand for a while! A great early X-mas present for whoever wins.

      I think tech and better sex go together like bread and butter, as we get better, cheaper and easier to access tech, we get better sex toys as a result. I wonder if voice controlled toys will be the next sex toy gimmick? Are they already a thing?

    • Kevin: November 03, 2013 11:15
      The next sonic 'screw'-driver anyone?
    • Zoe: November 03, 2013 11:15
      Definitely would love to win this, the Lelo Smart Wand looks amazing.
    • bex: November 03, 2013 11:16
      Love love LOVEHONEY
    • Paula: November 03, 2013 11:17
      Oh my this would be a welcome gift under the Christmas tree.
    • Amanda Olley: November 03, 2013 11:18
      Great prize, thanks for the chance to win
    • Andrew Wildman: November 03, 2013 11:22
      Winning the Lelo wand would put a smile back on the face of the most beautiful lady i know again! It would be the perfect gift for her to forget what a cruddy year 2013 has been
    • Joanne bolton: November 03, 2013 11:23
      I would love a new high tech vibrator, mine are getting old and Knackered a bit like me.
    • truegrace: November 03, 2013 11:23
      The sqweel go is just amazing, bring on the new technology i say!
    • Haylz: November 03, 2013 11:25
      Wouldn't mind Santa leaving one of these under my tree this year :)))
    • Christina: November 03, 2013 11:25
      I love my Lelo toys. I just wish I could afford more of them. They are so beautifully made x
    • clare: November 03, 2013 11:29
    • Emma Clarke: November 03, 2013 11:33
      I would love to win so high tech toys for my collection please
    • Melba1983: November 03, 2013 11:34
      Always wanted a wand! Hope I'm lucky :-)
    • Nat T: November 03, 2013 11:39
      Looks amazing! !!!
    • sinead: November 03, 2013 11:40
      I've been squirming to get a good wand, although minis are great they just dont do the same for me
    • Kimberley: November 03, 2013 11:45
      Would make a great addition to my collection I have got rid of my low budget old ones starting a new high end collection with a few glass numbers
    • Krisis: November 03, 2013 11:45
      We can recommend spending that bit more on a high end toy, they will blow your socks off!
    • Rie Luna: November 03, 2013 11:45
      Ooohhh, gimme gimme gimme a Lelo after midnight!

      (...apropos swedish ;)

    • dowster1: November 03, 2013 11:47
      bet thats hits the right spot
    • hunnybunny: November 03, 2013 11:59
      im not sure about techy vibes, what's wrong with a good old rabbit? BUT saying that I've never played with anything more technologically advanced so maybe im missing out... x
    • SubReiSkyeM: November 03, 2013 12:03
      USB charging sex toys are the best. Glad to see the Sqweel has joined in on it!
    • Tom Craik: November 03, 2013 12:04
      This would be the perfect start to a dirty Christmas. Fingers crossed
    • Laura B: November 03, 2013 12:13
      Lets make xmas messy and let me win :) i would love this and always wanting to try new things!! Not sure about a tweeting bra though.
    • caroline: November 03, 2013 12:17
      Would be an amazing addition to my collection from lovehoney :) whoever wins is so lucky!
    • michaela atkins: November 03, 2013 12:22
      wish i could win this my old pink rabbit has left home on the ark it was that old....
    • Elizabeth Robertson: November 03, 2013 12:26
      Never had one so would like to try it and spice up the old sex drive :)
    • Angeldelight: November 03, 2013 12:32
      Wow would love to win one of theses
    • Gracie: November 03, 2013 12:32
      Sign me up. Great prize! Also love the sound controlled toys...
    • vicky: November 03, 2013 12:52
      me please.......my student loan has run out
    • Rose: November 03, 2013 13:01
      It's a beautiful item. The design alone makes it a very desirable object. I'd love to know if it feels as good as it looks!
    • Hannah: November 03, 2013 13:09
      Looks amazing.... Would love to have some fun with this ;)
    • Kirsty: November 03, 2013 13:11
      Dear Santa
      I Have Been A Very Good Girl :) You know That Is True Could You Please Send Me A Pressie To Take Away My Winter Blues

    • Judith McGonagle: November 03, 2013 13:15
      This would be an awesome addition to my toy box! :)
    • Pr4wnSt4r: November 03, 2013 13:24
      I've always wanted to try something by lelo especially the wand! I'd love love love to win this! Especially in white, it looks so classy and beautiful. I've got my eye on the sqweel too, it looks so cute!
    • Tony: November 03, 2013 13:30
      Toy many toys, not enough money, exactly the same as when I was 8 years old. :(
    • Dean: November 03, 2013 13:38
      That would make a nice xmas gift.
    • roger: November 03, 2013 13:45
      would love one for the wife but guess might be out of luck as destined not to win anything lol but wife would still love it
    • Tim: November 03, 2013 14:19
      Truly remote control toys activated by coded text messages, or a smart phone app with built in camera and chat functions to see the pleasure your partner was getting. Even more of a turn on when in public, not knowing when you might get that tingle as another message comes through. I'd definitely need a second phone battery!

      Two products come to mind. One I think was called "The Toy" but I don't think is sold anymore. The more recent one is Vibease, which has apps for iPhone and Android. Would be fantastic if Lovehoney got something like that on the books.

    • Janette Stasiak: November 03, 2013 14:21
      looks really smart, love to win one
    • Butters: November 03, 2013 14:25
      the new squeel looks so much more functional, I may actually be tempted to get one
    • Sally Ann: November 03, 2013 14:32
      Well I've entered quite a few of these now there must be some very Happy :) girls out there as I've never won anything have to stick with the Carrot lol
    • Phil: November 03, 2013 14:47
      If I had that wand, I would be more powerful than Harry Potter himself.
    • Tracey Belcher: November 03, 2013 14:47
      The name Tracey won last week but no email for me:( - If at first you dont succeed .... Thanks for the chances would love to win :)
    • Jessica: November 03, 2013 14:49
      Technology in sex toys has changed my life. I buy a lot of the innovative new stuff.
    • Chantelle: November 03, 2013 15:04
      there is always room for more toys! you can never have to many
    • KT: November 03, 2013 15:39
      This wand sounds magic
    • Neil: November 03, 2013 16:07
      she would love this..would be a great toy and a good edition to the toy box
    • Bryony: November 03, 2013 16:15
      I love technology!... And sex.
    • nick: November 03, 2013 16:16
    • Anthony: November 03, 2013 16:35
      My OH would love to add this to toy collection as I would love to use this on her. Fingers crossed for more naughty nights with this one
    • Faye: November 03, 2013 16:39
      I just love the look of this, my latest purchase was the best I've experienced but this looks ace!
    • Andrew: November 03, 2013 16:45
      something we would love to own but could never afford. Hope our luck is in.
    • Caroline Scott: November 03, 2013 16:55
      All LELO products are so beautifully designed that they make you feel sensual just by looking at them - with their sweeps and curves they have a real feminine eroticism.
      I wish someone would incorporate sex toy technology into exercise equipment - imagine a cross trainer where a certain amount of time spent led to an orgasm as a reward. That would be one hell of an incentive to get up off the couch!
    • Candied Citrus: November 03, 2013 17:02
      It took me a while to understand the point of a tweeting bra and how it corresponded to breast cancer awareness; I still don't get it, really... But oh well. ^^;

      And that video of the dildo being sent into space was hilarious. What would the aliens think, indeed?

    • Ethel: November 03, 2013 17:02
      I love new technology in the bedroom
    • Charlie: November 03, 2013 17:20
      Wouldn't mind something new to try out x
    • Curls: November 03, 2013 17:53
      I have quite a collection of toys, my Lovehoney Magic wand being the fave! Would love to try the newest model! ;)
    • matt: November 03, 2013 18:07
      Great blog, would love to win this for my girlfriend
    • rach74: November 03, 2013 18:14
      wow looks great
    • lesly: November 03, 2013 18:23
      I really wouldn't mind trying this one. :)
    • Apricot: November 03, 2013 18:48
      The Sqweel Go looks so cute! I'm glad more toys are becoming USB rechargeable but I think sound and touch activation still has a way to go.
    • melissa: November 03, 2013 18:50
      ooooh please please please! :)
    • WildThing: November 03, 2013 18:54
      This is the wand for me.... it could put a spell on me instantly! :)
    • Jessie: November 03, 2013 19:02
      This looks like an amazing product, I own a small wand at the moment, and my other half loves to restrain me and bring me to orgasm using it. Amazing...
    • Jonathan: November 03, 2013 19:19
      Yes Life Changing
    • Sasha: November 03, 2013 19:21
      Oh wow, this would go brilliantly in my Love Honey drawer. Haven't had anything new for quite some time as money's tight at the moment, so I'd LOVE to win this to spice things up a bit, and i haven't got anything techy yet. Wow.
      Good luck to everyone :)
    • S&S: November 03, 2013 19:32
      It's in incredibly exciting time to be enjoying sex-toys, with all the new technology that's being applied to the area!
    • Christopher Powell: November 03, 2013 19:34
      My wife and I love exploring new and different toys, and would love to win this as a nice Christmas treat.
    • Angela: November 03, 2013 19:42
      What is the Sqwueel like? I always imagined it would be too ... harsh maybe? Is it soft?
    • Kinky&Curvy: November 03, 2013 19:46
      Urmmm.... YES PLEASE!! :D xxx
    • Taraman: November 03, 2013 19:50
      I'm a geek! I love all things gadgety! It's more fun using toys on the OH when I know how technologically advanced they are, and this wand looks great too! We love our lovehoney wand but this really looks special
    • stephen: November 03, 2013 19:57
      would so love this prize to try out .
    • Diane: November 03, 2013 20:49
      Love the design, it is sure to hit the spot.
    • Stevie: November 03, 2013 21:11
      Oooo yes please lovehoney! I would love my partner the wave his magic wand at me ;)
    • Adrian: November 03, 2013 21:25
      Don't think a tweeting bra would suit me as a man:/
    • Kieran: November 03, 2013 21:45
      This looks like fun would love to share it with my partner
    • Heatherys: November 03, 2013 21:46
      Mini Sqweel is soooo cute
    • mark white: November 03, 2013 21:48
      oh yes please its the wifes birthday on monday and by the end i will need a day off or a week
    • Nick: November 03, 2013 22:13
      If this can bring my girlfriend to orgasms as big or bigger than the love honey magic wand it would be amazing!
    • Adrian: November 03, 2013 22:19
      Would love to win this for my wife so she could conjure up a new sexy spell. She's loving the 50 shades range of toys but never had a Lelo toy yet!
    • Midsmatey: November 03, 2013 22:25
      The Swedish design of the Lelo wand looks classy and offers finesse of the highest quality.... I look forward comparing the Lelo to Lovehoney's wand..... Battle of the Wands!!! ;-)
    • Elise ebitz: November 03, 2013 22:42
      I spend more time satisfying myself and less asking for it...
    • Bryan: November 03, 2013 22:53
      Remote controlled toys are awesome, especially in public
    • JayJay: November 03, 2013 23:10
      I would love to see my partner's face if he came home and saw me trying this out. Ooooh he would love it as much as I would.
    • maltedmilk: November 03, 2013 23:10
      There really are some brilliant inventions these days! And argh!!! I still haven't used my squeel yet! Bought months ago! Don't ask me how...!!
    • tre: November 03, 2013 23:18
      Looking sexappealing. I like it
    • Koren G: November 04, 2013 00:38
      Would so love to win this prize and try something new
    • Imogen: November 04, 2013 01:03
      I do love a good gadget, not sure about a tweeting bra though!
    • Luke: November 04, 2013 01:05
      mmm would like to see how these things work!
    • Lindsay M: November 04, 2013 03:31
      Thank you, always, for you awesome service and giveaways, LoveHoney! Love you. <3
    • JT: November 04, 2013 04:29
      I want one!
    • JD: November 04, 2013 04:30
      Ohh... I wish I could get lucky.
    • Midsmatey: November 04, 2013 07:34
      The Swedish design of the Lelo wand looks classy and offers finesse of the highest quality.... I look forward comparing the Lelo to Lovehoney's wand..... Battle of the Wands!!! ;-)
    • RedKitsune: November 04, 2013 08:23
      The lelo wand looks like it belongs in space! Maybe they should do a video too!
    • hagit: November 04, 2013 09:13
      It's really cool to see how technology affects even sex toys, and in so many ways we cant even think of!
    • mar: November 04, 2013 10:15
      Would love a chance to win...bit broke lately...I'm sure my bf would like this too for me!!
    • darren: November 04, 2013 11:12
      that would be christmas gift all wrapped up for her xx
    • laura: November 04, 2013 12:18
      Fab prize. Would look great in my toy drawer :)
    • Stuart P: November 04, 2013 12:49
      Wow this would make a great addition to the toy box ;-)
    • rag doll: November 04, 2013 14:39
      there is a subtle line when it comes to technology and sex toys in my opinion- they can either be innovative and rewarding or over complicated and frustrating.
    • Crazy Horse: November 04, 2013 14:43
      I'd love to win this!
    • Bakerson: November 04, 2013 14:43
      Could the lelo wand rival the LH deluxe wand for favourite toy ever status?
    • mrs average: November 04, 2013 14:58
      The tweeting bra looks and sounds rubbish, surely it would be slightly more fun to have tweeting knickers that review each toilet you visit and rate it out of 10 or something? lol
    • Khaleesi: November 04, 2013 15:07
      Very interesting interview with Matt X
    • Maria: November 04, 2013 15:36
      A tweeting bra? Think I'll pass. Lelo's a great brand though, I'll take the smart wand any day!
    • Tallboy: November 04, 2013 16:43
      Everything in our house is hi-tec, this would fit right in.
    • Kerrie: November 04, 2013 17:29
      I have always wanted a wand. It's actually on my Christmas list. I hope Santa shops at love honey this year.x
    • theUKdude: November 04, 2013 17:30
      Oh man ... my OH would love this!!
    • Pip: November 04, 2013 17:43
      All toys should be rechargeable by USB!
    • Lindi: November 04, 2013 17:45
      L – oveHoney’s
      E - rotic
      L - lustiest
      O - bject
    • Steve Maguire: November 04, 2013 17:46
      My OH would absolutely love one of these, she adores the range and has only recently discovered wands. I can't even imagine how happy she's be.
    • Holly: November 04, 2013 17:48
      I would happily trade my right arm for this.
    • Victoria: November 04, 2013 18:14
      I would absolutely love to win the Lelo wand. I am one of these people who have never won anything before so fingers crossed. I am an absolute massive fan of Love Honey and this looks another incredible product. I have recently got a taste of high end toys when I purchased the tango and the Love honey mini magic wand also the sqweel go. Would love a wand this size to add to my collection. Thanks.
    • phil: November 04, 2013 18:18
      Very Classy..
    • Kinky Geek: November 04, 2013 18:31
      Love a bit of Tech, maybe the tweet is to remind hubby to get home with haste!
    • cornish89: November 04, 2013 18:43
      Wow! Would love to win the lelo wand, it looks amazing but is way out of my price range!
    • Alex: November 04, 2013 18:48
      Christmas is right around the corner and my lady would looooove this :)
    • Teal: November 04, 2013 18:52
      My manfriend and I would love to play with this!
    • Lily Volupta: November 04, 2013 19:47
      I love LELO toys + the magic wand. So this seems just perfect.
    • Kayleigh Winter: November 04, 2013 19:49
      Im a sex toy virgin, this sounds amazing. Would love to kick start my collection with someone fantastic like this. Fingers crossed!
    • Hairy: November 04, 2013 19:50
      I wish I could work for love honey! I got some great ideas!!
    • BellesUK: November 04, 2013 19:50
      Oh I love the Lelo toys, I have a Lelo couples toy and its amazing so would love one of these too
    • Camryn: November 04, 2013 19:54
      I'm excited about all the shiny new gadgets, but my purse is not pleased with my wishlist *laughs*
    • The dutchess: November 04, 2013 19:56
      Never won anything, would love something from LELO so I can blog about it! And no to the tweeting bra, sounds as silly as the Christmas ties that sing!
    • The dutchess: November 04, 2013 19:58
      Never won anything, would love something from LELO so I can blog about it! And no to the tweeting bra, sounds as silly as the Christmas ties that sing!
    • Carl: November 04, 2013 20:02
      I think my wife would really like this, the LELO that is not the tweeting bra!!!
    • Caroline: November 04, 2013 20:23
      Looks all sleek
    • Paul: November 04, 2013 20:34
      I love sex and technology, so put the two together and I'm in heaven. X
    • lubylou13: November 04, 2013 21:11
      The dildo is the rascal black balled 11inch realistic dildo. That video was very strange.

      Tweeting bra seems a bit pointless. I love the fact they are trying to come up with new ways to raise awareness but I don't think this is it. With all the TV adds and the campaigns it is very much on people's mind so unlikely something you will forget to do. Breast cancer runs in my family so I am always on the ball anyway with this as I am sure most women are.

      The sqweel go is such a sweetie and I grabbed one as soon as I saw it. Also go a free love honey mini wand with it as the launch offer. It arrived today and I cannot wait to try it later. Brilliant invention. Well done Love Honey.

      The Lelo wand looks absolutely amazing. I would love so much to win this. I have a mini wand but I would love a large wand and have heard so much about the brand Lelo but way out of my price range. Would love this high end treat to be added to my ever growing collection of toys.

    • Stuart: November 04, 2013 21:27
      The future of sex toys is very exciting indeed. It's also great that male sex toys are now on a level footing with female.
    • Rosie: November 04, 2013 21:29
      I love LELO, and their smart wand looks really cool!
    • Whisperina: November 04, 2013 21:33
      Ohhh i have admired the Lelo range for some time now but unfortunately anything Lelo has remained a wish. LoveHoney grant me a wish?

      Also to be honest i would buy the tweeting bra for fun, as it only tweets when being removed...it is kind of cheeky...i do not mind it...at my age i shall take all the attention i can get =)

    • Tori Lou: November 04, 2013 22:27
      Oh my, that looks gooooooood ;)
    • Delwyn: November 04, 2013 22:50
      This would make a wonder full replacement, currently have a sort out of our sex toys, and a number required replacing or upgrading.
      Being a techno geek this would be a wonderful addition sex in the 22nd century
    • Danieal: November 04, 2013 23:35
      I would love love love to have this!!!!! Being a single mom I have no extra money for things like this!!" I don't even own any toys :-( PLEASE PICK ME!!!
    • Lucy: November 04, 2013 23:52
      I love the look of the new sqweel but after owning own i am but a bit skeptical of how its going to work out.. maybe ill put it on the Christmas list..

      As for the tweeting bra, i dont use twitter so its all a bit pointless to me!

    • dizzygirl: November 05, 2013 00:42
      I have a Hitachi and it's hit or miss for me. I've heard the LELO wands are better so, I'd love to try one.
    • Steven: November 05, 2013 01:04
      Would love this for my darling wife
    • Han Solo: November 05, 2013 02:19
      Definitely a case of technology making an improvement to life...
    • Melissab: November 05, 2013 04:05
      interesting! !!!
    • Darren: November 05, 2013 07:53
      I would absolutely buy my wife a tweeting bra!
    • MrsMcX: November 05, 2013 09:44
      I like the interview with Matt -LH.

      Technology has definitely improved my sex life, and others that I know. I think using toys helps you be more open with each other in a relationship and actually helps the bond that you have with each other. Since joining LH, mine has vastly improved.

    • Draven: November 05, 2013 11:59
      When will someone make a sex toy that is controlled by an Xbox control pad?

      I could play a racing game and the faster my car goes on screen, the more the GFs toy vibrates..... fun for us both and no more moaning from the GF when i want to play on my Xbox...!! sorted.

    • CJ: November 05, 2013 12:49
      My OH and I own a few toys now but have been admiring the LELO range for a while now, just wish they were cheaper...but hey, free is even better! :)
    • Julia: November 05, 2013 13:34
      I would love to win a wand vibrator. I've looked at them for some time now, but they're so expensive
    • sharon smith: November 05, 2013 15:06
      it has helped me do things i never thought my body was capable of doing, its is so wonderful
    • Kim Coote: November 05, 2013 15:38
      I have to be honest I have never owned a sex toy (vibrator) but this one looks so exciting I would love to give it a try xx
    • lou: November 05, 2013 17:55
      oooo hello lol
    • FrozenAngel: November 05, 2013 18:06
      That Squeel looks so cute!!!
    • PS: November 05, 2013 21:27
      So want to try that .
    • Lou22: November 05, 2013 21:34
      When i read tweeting bra i was thinking about something that made a noise, like a bird or something. Think id find that more fun :)
      Love the look of the new squeel!
    • KinkyFuckery: November 05, 2013 21:37
      Good luck I have this toy its amazing
    • adam: November 05, 2013 21:42
      Would love to win this! Christmas would come earily.
    • Yasmin0147: November 05, 2013 21:52
      This looks amazin havent bought a full sized vibrator in 4 years, deffo need an update this would be perfect
    • Abots: November 05, 2013 21:54
      Tweeting bra? I'm sure tweeting knickers would be a better idea for some ;)
    • CoffeeTime: November 05, 2013 22:37
      most expensive prize ever? Let it be mine.
    • bumblebee: November 06, 2013 00:44
      wow, I've had this on my wishlist for what feels like forever!
    • sweet: November 06, 2013 08:12
      Wow,an amazing prize,will keep my fingers crossed, would love a wand for Christmas :)
    • Faye: November 06, 2013 09:19
      I love the tweeting bra. Would drive me crazy if I owned one but it's always great to see awareness being raised for breast cancer :)
    • AliceH: November 06, 2013 10:49
      I would love to try a sound activated vibrator. As for the tweeting bra...TMI maybe?!
    • Tom: November 06, 2013 10:53

      What an amazing price..... Orgasim lazor beams before we know it........

    • Stefanie Staples: November 06, 2013 12:10
      I'm in love with Lelo's products and I wish I had the money to afford them as well.
    • louise strachan: November 06, 2013 16:15
      I am glad things are moving forward , means we dont have to worry about running out of batteries etc . Or our biggest gripe with toy getting them wet .
      Water proofing is a must for toys these days.
      Countless toys we've broke due to squirting when i cum .
    • Sarah: November 06, 2013 19:47
      This looks like an amazing little toy, got to love technology ;)
    • Penny: November 06, 2013 22:27
      I would wear a tweeting bra...at least for a few days. :)
    • lolly: November 07, 2013 01:27
      Would love to own a wand, hopefully then the days of failed orgasms will be over!
    • Neil Lumbers: November 07, 2013 08:22
      this looks wonderful, would make playtime more fun for us
    • adam: November 07, 2013 09:29
      would love this as a gift for my wife
    • Steve: November 07, 2013 18:12
      Hot hot hot
    • Jazz: November 07, 2013 18:15
      Maybe they should make tweeting nipple tassles as well!
    • honeytongue: November 07, 2013 18:15
      Oh - what a wonderful prize. I have lusted after one of these in the shops but can't justify the cost. I would be shouting from the roof tops if I got one.
    • Brendan: November 07, 2013 18:23
      I'd feel like a horny Harry Potter with a wand like that.
    • Julian: November 07, 2013 18:32
      Great looking prize
    • Louise Lace: November 07, 2013 18:39
      At the ripe old age of 35 and after only 15 years of marriage my hubby and I are only just begining to intoduce toys to our sex life. Winning a prize like this would be heaven for us newbies :)
    • vikki hamer: November 07, 2013 18:46
      Wow, looks good, would like this to play with
    • IT: November 07, 2013 18:56
      I can definitely imagine some fun with this, we are relative beginners when it comes to toys but we're having fun losing our stabilisers
    • LetsTryThis: November 07, 2013 19:05
      Our sex life wouldn't be the same without technology. From the remote control lelo egg to the power of the Tango.
    • Daniel Tolmie: November 07, 2013 19:19
      Just showed this to my other half, and she likes the idea of the new sqweel, and described what fun we could have if we won the Lelo Smart Wand. ;-)
    • tonyflow: November 07, 2013 19:35
      Ooooh - other half would LUUUURVE this
    • Kinky&Curvy: November 07, 2013 20:06
      Would love a wand, been looking at a few for a while :)
      need to treat myself now, been a bad month xxx
    • 8ball: November 07, 2013 20:45
      bough the oh a cheap wand but wouldn't mind getting her something a bit more luxury :)
    • Amy: November 07, 2013 20:49
      Good prize *fingers crossed*
    • chris: November 07, 2013 21:05
      it would be great to play with this winter :0
    • Steph: November 07, 2013 21:10
      Looks great, would love to try this with my boyfriend!
    • Caprice: November 07, 2013 22:03
      I love the look of the Lelo wand! Like the idea of the rechargeable Sqweel too :)
    • Africa: November 07, 2013 22:52
      I have a lot of toys, but do not have a wand vibrator yet. It would be good to try one.
    • Wolf Simpson: November 08, 2013 02:26
      So would love to win this, be a great Xmas surprise for my partner. :D
    • Nikki: November 08, 2013 09:31
      Yes please :) Early christmas treat!
    • Chlo: November 08, 2013 09:38
      Mmmmmmmm.....would this make my husband redundant?! :) I am sure I can still find some other uses for him! X
    • SophieM: November 08, 2013 12:28
      After just a few months of becoming increasingly familiar with sex toys, I already found myself becoming more tech-savvy with them, which is wierd because I'm not like that with phones and gaming consoles.
      I'm a complete rechargeable sex toy convert now and tend to stay away from battery powered toys. It's also more green for the environment which is a plus for me too.
      And I've always been interested in wands! Particularly the Lelo wands :P
    • Noëlle Steegs: November 08, 2013 13:06
      I've never owned a LELO before, so I'd love to experience what all the fuss is about. ;-)
    • Simon huscroft: November 08, 2013 13:07
      Excellent prize my wife would love it
    • Rose: November 08, 2013 13:11
      A tweeting bra sounds so cool. But then people would think I'm getting down and dirty way more than I really am just because I hate my boobs being in boob jail so am always lazily setting them free!!
    • Septimus: November 08, 2013 13:12
      Gorgeous toy! I've been drooling over one for ages!
    • Dreamer: November 08, 2013 13:12
      Would love this to add to my collection of fun & pleasure
    • Emma: November 08, 2013 13:14
      I need this super posh and super shiny sex toys to add to my collection!!!
    • Gareth: November 08, 2013 13:14
      I'd love to try out something touch sensitive on my partner, we find toys difficult to choose some toys she will get sensation from and others not so much

      as far as technology goes i am fascinated in what new toys to come out for long distance relationships

      me n my partner live at other ends of the country and sometimes find it hard to see each other as often as we should

      with this being said and the technology out now we can communicate face to face on a daily basis

      I've seen a few sex toys being developed and designed on kickstarted to pleasure your partner from long distance

      everyone can watch webcam and view images, weather its of your partner or not but i have seen controlled sex toys where either one partner or both partners have a sex toy and then can turn their partners one on and adjust speeds etc via their mobile phone this is fantastic even though you are not there in person with your partner you can still pleasure each other and both have a intermit and personal experience with one another, Im also loving that most vibrators are now moving towards usb charging so no more having to run to the shop or turn the house upside down for batteries while you both get frustrated

    • Lolli: November 08, 2013 13:18
      The wand looks fab. Not sure about the tweeting bra though.
    • Stephen: November 08, 2013 13:21
      I would love to own this wand so I could drive my wife wild. Such a great toy to have in my growing collection
    • Emma Datson: November 08, 2013 13:23
      I'd love to try the vibrating underwear controlled via smartphone app but is there any way someone else (other than your partner) could take control by hacking the app? Just a little worrying.
    • Silverdrop: November 08, 2013 13:25
      I don't need my clothes or my toys to tweet, but rechargeable is definitely the Must Have feature for my sex toys! And the Lelo Smart Wand is amazing!
    • Marie Rebelle: November 08, 2013 13:31
      I have seen the Lelo Smart Wand in action and would definitely want to feel it used on my own body. Brilliant toy :)

      Rebel xox

    • Naith: November 08, 2013 13:57
      I've been lusting after the smart wand for quite a while now!
    • Ash: November 08, 2013 14:24
      My misses would go mad for one of these.

      Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Dave: November 08, 2013 15:59
      Only just found this page through twitter. Certainly looks very interesting.
      My partner and I would have hours of fun with the wand, she would love that! ;-)
    • Pr4wnSt4r: November 08, 2013 16:46
      I've always wanted to try something by lelo especially the wand! I'd love love love to win this! Especially in white, it looks so classy and beautiful. I've got my eye on the sqweel too, it looks so cute!
    • by: November 12, 2013 22:10
      Yes please!
    • Nikki: November 24, 2013 00:07
      Oh yes please. I have a draw full of goodies and none of them being Lelo which I am dying to try. I need to be the winner of this lol. X