1. Book of the Month: Free Silky Restraint with Every Copy!

    We all love a steamy erotic novel but, in my opinion, there are few things racier than a memoir-based tale; a window into red-hot real-life exploits… Especially when you can gossip about the best bits with your friends afterwards and there's a free gift up for grabs!

    So it was with a smile and raised eyebrow that I tucked into Lovehoney's Book of the Month, Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission by bestselling author Alison Tyler. As the official Lovehoney Book Club read for November, this is your chance to pull up a pew at the Lovehoney Book Club thread on our forum and share your thoughts.

    Plus, pick up your copy from Lovehoney and you'll receive a free Silver Collection Silky Bondage Restraint (normally £16.99)! If you need any more reason to check out this novel, award-winning sex columnist and author Violet Blue is a fan: "Dark Secret Love a scorchingly hot work… it's impossible to stop turning the pages… I love this book."

    Join our informal erotic book club here - everyone's welcome! Don't forget to give us your take on this naughty read in the comments or on the forum…

    Based on the author's real life experiences, our Book of the Month is a fictional account of Alison's past - her memories of being a submissive searching for her perfect master. Giving the traditional fairytale a lascivious twist, Alison bares all in her quest to find her kinky prince and live naughtily ever after. Up the ante in your own playtime and act out your favourite scenes from the book with your partner - your free silky Silver Collection restraint will come in handy!

    I can't help but feel that this heady, confessional concoction is Alison's way of casting you, the reader, in her novel, cleverly drawing you into the role of voyeur. It seems that it's the very concept of Alison helplessly 'baring all' in this book that thrills her and acts as the final level of her fantasy. The climactic apex of Alison's seduction rests in these pages; in your hands…

    Speaking to Lovehoney, Alison shared her thoughts on her latest book. "Dark Secret Love is the book I've wanted to write for years. I've teased. I've taunted. I've dangled myself from a string. But this is the first time I truly stripped down and stood naked in front of readers," she explains.

    "For someone who is much more at ease in the role of the voyeur than an exhibitionist, I will say that the sensation is terrifying. Yet intoxicating. Within the pages, you'll find my past, my desires, my journey. I did my best not to paint out any flaws. This is a carnal story. Lick your finger. Turn the page. Pleased to meet you." We're pleased to meet you too, Alison!

    Want to try out this page-turner yourself? Enjoy our special free gift offer and explore Alison's dark, daring world… And don't forget to visit our forum to share your thoughts with other Lovehoney customers!

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    • Scorpius12: November 01, 2013 15:17
      Great to see the 'Book of the Month' back - this one looks very good and what a great offer too - thanks LH :) xx
    • fizzy: November 02, 2013 16:30
      Its good to see the book of the month back i'm looking forward to seeing what books you have in the next couple of months!
    • KinkyFuckery: November 05, 2013 21:39
      ooohhhh its like book club is back exiting love it LH
    • Lovehoney Nicole: November 08, 2013 14:35
      Thanks for the feedback guys! We're starting it off with a fantastic book (and fantastic freebie!) this month, but we also have lots of great stuff planned for the coming months. Rosie will report in due time. :)
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