1. Can You Ever Forget Your First Love? Tell Us and Win a Lover's Bundle Worth £200+!

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    First love… it's a powerful, unpredictable, intense and often agonising experience that none of us ever forget.

    We want to know all about the first time cupid's arrow hit you - and what's happened since!

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    Comments (106)

    • joanne lewis: October 18, 2013 16:47
      there's a difference between first love and first true love
    • Stevie: October 18, 2013 16:48
      Oooo wow would love to win this but my first love was a jerk! Lol =P
    • michael bassett: October 18, 2013 16:50
      have to agree with joanne on that one
    • Kinky&Curvy: October 18, 2013 16:53
      I had a first love and he cheated on me but I believe I've finally found the one :) and would love to win this lovers hamper for us both xx
    • Scorpius12: October 18, 2013 17:01
      My first love was an a**hole - lol - My True Love is Mr Scorpius and I would love to win this to share with him :) xxx
    • Rich: October 18, 2013 17:07
      OOo! Was looking at that glass set just the other day! Survey filled in and entered! :)
    • jeffngloria: October 18, 2013 17:10
      Although I was in love with my 1st love its not a patch on true love ,
    • surprise93: October 18, 2013 17:13
      My first love and I broke up three days ago - I found out he cheated on me when drunk. We were together for 10 months and am pretty devastated, may have to work with him on NYE which would be our one year anniversary..
    • Calley: October 18, 2013 17:19
      My first love and I have known each other for 24 years and it's only in the last couple of years, that I've managed to walk away for good. Like a boomerang he was. But he was lovely and I don't regret our time. There is something very special about your first love. For me it shaped the way I looked at other partners and I never loved as freely as I did with him. Your heart gets a little more battered with every love after. So yes, he remains special but he's just a friend now.
    • Julian: October 18, 2013 17:19
      First crush at 11 till 13 and back in contact via FB
      Then met a girl at 18 and now married and still together 25 yrs later. Would love to share this prize with her
    • michael bassett: October 18, 2013 17:21
      been with my partner for 8 years, not married yet but i don't see why anyone would want to cheat if they truly love each other.
    • Roz: October 18, 2013 18:00
      When I click done it just brings me to the top of the last page so I can't enter. :(
    • SubReiSkyeM: October 18, 2013 18:59
      Surprised to see first love is equated to first sexual partner for this survey. What happened to falling in love without sex? What about people who never managed to go out with their first love? Bit exclusionary if you ask me.
    • Kimberley: October 18, 2013 20:41
      When I was 15 I met my partner at school we now have a 2 year old daughter and are 18 wouldn't mind this lovers prize to spice things up
    • xmorningxgloryx: October 18, 2013 20:42
      Can't get rid of my first love as we have a son together lol. He's a nice enough guy though who took years and years to get over. Can happily say I have finally completely moved on now :)
    • Flamingdice: October 18, 2013 21:21
      I thought it was when I was 21 but then I met another at 28 and realised true love only to lose her :(
    • Lindsay M: October 18, 2013 22:10
      Oh my. My first real love? I fell hard. It was a very confusing. It was a long distance relationship and my first same-sex relationship. But it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I'm still very good friends with the person and I strongly believe they're the closest person to being my soul mate that I will ever find. Our morals and values match so coherently and we mesh so well. It makes finding other partners harder, as my standards are incredibly high as to what my perfect partner will be... But I'm incredibly grateful that we are still connected and the best of friends. <3
    • Louisa: October 19, 2013 00:11
      Oh my first love he was beautiful had amazing blue eyes and pink dreadlocks. I was 14 and couldn't believe he liked me. He made me laugh and made me feel alive. But I think the age gap was to much and it ended and then when I realised I still loved him it was to late. He'd died just a few short months after we had split up broke my heart. Nearly 20 years ago. Still miss him
    • Mrs average: October 19, 2013 13:34
      My Husband coincidentally came face to face with my first love when he joined a drama musical society 6 years ago. He was showing one of the guys a photo of his wife and kids and the guy said, "I know her I used to go out with her".
      Obviously we've seen each other quite a bit since through the music group and we can laugh about it now as we are both happy with families of our own.
    • jess: October 19, 2013 14:47
      My first love cheated on me.. We met up after we broke up, things were said.. then he assulted me. So i don't stay in contact. I've been with my current partner for almost 2 years, i've never been happier :)
    • Yasmin0147: October 19, 2013 16:39
      My first love was a user and a complete waste of time, im far happier now with my fiancee and cant wait until our baby arrives, in a couple of days :)
    • Blonde vixen13: October 19, 2013 21:03
      My first love is still a close friend. We sit up because of long distance the first time we dated and second time we got together he joined the forces so distance became an issue again. I loved him but obviously not enough or the distance wouldn't have been an issue.
    • Kinky&Curvy: October 20, 2013 00:50
      I really really would love to win this kit, my OH has lost his libido atm with issues at home :( I'm hopin something like this may bring it back xx
    • Ikey: October 20, 2013 01:53
      I met my first true love a few years ago and we're still together now!
      During my early naive teenage years I thought I had felt love a few times but once I met her, I finally realized what real love really felt like and as cliche as it sounds, I can without a doubt say that I want her by my side for the rest of our lives. :)
      Would love to win this lot to surprise her and I'm sure she wouldn't object either! :P

      Good luck to everyone who enters!

    • Jason: October 20, 2013 10:35
    • MrsMcX: October 20, 2013 14:26
      My first serious relationship turned into an abusive relationship. I'll never forget him, I have no connection to him, no feelings for him, and if anything I just feel a bit sorry for him...because now, I have my dream husband, beautiful children, and a happy healthy relationship. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have learnt how to see the snakes in the grass, and how to appreciate real true love when I found it. In such an awful way, he's made me have the perfect life.
    • Cornish_89: October 20, 2013 21:40
      Survey completed, my first love was a complete ass!
    • Andy Bean.: October 20, 2013 22:25
      This would be nice to try.
    • vinnie: October 20, 2013 22:56
      love hurts and then you move on
    • jodie: October 21, 2013 13:55
      First love. Was sweet and lovely and still were still friends but both moved on a found better things
    • lillithlibby: October 21, 2013 17:10
      Gotta love surveys :-)
    • Gillian Witney: October 21, 2013 18:16
      My first love was intense and very special. I will never forget him....x
    • Al Graham: October 21, 2013 18:18
      Had to think about some of those questions...

      I've always been interested in the relationship between love and lust... Are they generally the same? Is lust more intense?

      Good luck everyone :-)

    • Jo: October 21, 2013 18:23
      I met my first love at thirteen but never realised I was in love with him at the time the same goes for him with me we had a best friend relationship from the moment we met we dated other people he even got married 21 years later we have been together 9 years married for 4 and with two beautiful girls, he is my first true love
    • Rachel: October 21, 2013 18:24
    • Nix: October 21, 2013 18:33
      My first love had a hold over me for years. We were together nine years on and off in total and in those years it was an emotional whirlwind of heartache and pain, although at the time I would have done anything for him. I really did believe it was true love and that he would be my only, my one love. It was after I had two children with him that I realised we were a toxic combination and no good could come from us being together. The hardest thing was coming to realise this and moving on without him. But it wasn't until my best friend came along that I realised that I had never been in love and that before it was the idea of love that I was in love with. Not my ex himself. It was very difficult for me and my new partner to enter a relationship with each other as there were lots of obstacles in the way and things to concider as we both had children from previous partners. But we have been happy and in love for ages now and are engaged to be married next year hopefully! I remember looking at my wall and reaching 'true love waits' painted on it. I never really thought I would find true love or have that first real love that supports and cares and loves. But I found him. And he is the greatest love I could ever have wished for.
    • lee: October 21, 2013 18:35
      Would love to get this set to spice up our sex life after the birth of our 1St child and we need some new toys
    • sarah: October 21, 2013 18:38
      I agree with joann lewis- i had a first love in my teens but my first TRUE love is my husband .
    • george: October 21, 2013 18:42
      Altho we were never trulely 2gether we were friends with benefits and best friends 4 a gwd 8yrs and we had a laugh 2gether.
    • Scott: October 21, 2013 18:46
      Met my first love at 19. We were enjoying each other's company for quite some time before we became official. Now we live together and are planning to get married.

      We love to play with toys this would be a great gift to win. I know it would be thoroughly enjoyed by both of us

    • Lorraine Routley: October 21, 2013 18:46
      I met my first love 18 years ago and we're still together now and I think it's because we use toys and experiment with each other and truly do love each other
    • B: October 21, 2013 18:47
      I fell in love with my first love at 17. we have just celebrated our 28th wedding Anniversary. We have managed 3 children. Would love to win this hamper, in so we can keep the spice of love alive.
    • Jess: October 21, 2013 18:49
      What you think is "your first love" is very often just your first infatuation.
    • Jess: October 21, 2013 18:52
      What you think is "your first love" is very often just your first infatuation.
    • Sarah: October 21, 2013 19:02
      i fell in Love with my first Love when i was 17. Were still going strong! 9 years next month!
    • Samantha: October 21, 2013 19:10
      My first love I was young he was older and exciting, he helped me in an awful situation however at the time commitment was not what he wanted and I was just a silly little teenager. He's now married with children and looks very happy as am I, my fiancée is amazing but am I the only one who wonders what if?
    • lizzie: October 21, 2013 19:11
      I found my first love online dating. She is my soul mate and my best friend. We're celebrating 6 months today. And many more to come. We are destined to be together. Fate bought us together and I love her with all my heart and soul.
    • TWINK: October 21, 2013 19:13
      My first love broke my heart but my true love has mended it <3
    • Phil: October 21, 2013 19:15
      Still in love with my 1st love together now 27 years
    • v: October 21, 2013 19:18
      wish i won something, but i never do :(
    • Kirsty: October 21, 2013 19:18
      My 4 year anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks with my one and only true love. I would love to win this bundle :)
    • Tracie: October 21, 2013 19:19
      Me an husband been married for 25 years so we would love to win this but only started using toys in the last year
    • Peter: October 21, 2013 19:21
      My love would love some new toys
    • Alison: October 21, 2013 19:27
      My first time with a guy was when I was about 12; I had been dressing in my sisters clothes for as long as I can remember whenever everyone was out. Anyway everyone was going out for a family do, and I fanned illness, it was a mild night for the time of year being late October, so just after dark I put on a pair of my sisters knickers, a bra, and them put on her Blancheland School uniform, (grey skirt, white blouse, grey tie, grey blazer, a grey beret, and a pair of her black shoes. I then did my hair in a famine style, being the early 70s it was ok for boys to have long hair anyway. Then went out side for a walk on the cliffs near by. After about 10minutes or so I saw someone in the moonlight sitting on the bench, anyway I decided to carry on and hope they didnt notice I was a boy, when I got closer I could see it was someone I knew from school an thought oh shit hes going to tell everyone if he recognises me, he did and stopped me and asked what are you up to? Do you want to be a girl then? I just kept quiet. He told me to sit down and that we had better have a chat, so I sat next to him feeling absolutely terrified. He could see I was starting to get upset, he put his arm around me and said alright I wont tell anyone In fact Ive fancied you for, I never knew he was bi, I had seen him before out with girls, but never suspected he fancied me. All this mad me feel a whole lot better and snuggled into him, we started kissing and he said I looked very nice and asked. Do you fancy boys, or do you just like to dress the part? I didnt say a word, but answered him by placing my hand on his crotch, and giving his bulge a little squeeze, he gave a slight moan and said I had been dreaming something like this would happen. and undid his jeans and eased them down a bit. I slipped my hand into his undies and started playing with his cock, by now it was getting really hard and I loved the feeling of it in my hand, he asked me if I would suck it for him, so I bent down and put the end of his knob into my mouth, I had always fantasised about this, now it was happening for real. Before I knew what I was doing I was working the entire length, with both my mouth and hand, with the other hand playing with his balls. Next I felt his balls tighten and he started to cum, in those early days I could only take a little so most of it went on the ground, I then licked him clean and we continued our walk hand in hand. I felt great, just like a woman in fact, I must have had a massive smile on my face, after only too short a time we had to part, we kissed once more and agreed to meet up the next night. I raced home and got changed just in time, before the family got home, but I had to hide my sisters knickers as I had cum in them, luckily she had loads and didnt miss them.

    • Maria: October 21, 2013 19:27
      My first love I was 15 and 6 months after we married and definitely 15 years together we are like teenagers!! Finally I'm pregnant!!!
    • E: October 21, 2013 19:27
      I'm so lucky to have met a wonderful man, best sex ever! Welove each other to bits. Like a pair of gloves! :)
    • TJ: October 21, 2013 19:28
      I have never really.got over,my first love who I met when we were at college as I very first saw him sat talking to my best friend in the college canteen when I was passing with another friend when me and my best friend were in our first year in college. I went out with my first love twice when we were in colege and to be honest I miss him every day.
    • c brophy: October 21, 2013 19:28
      All u need is love x
    • Claire.B: October 21, 2013 19:37
      My first love was my Drama Teacher ! The first man who suggested stockings instead of tights, I now wear them all the time, the men "Love it" ! I will always have a soft spot for him as he taught me so much about "Gay" love, Yum Yum. Love Claire X
    • Chell: October 21, 2013 19:43
    • Lacey: October 21, 2013 20:05
      My first love was a **** head we was due to get married and he cheated on me!!
    • Linzi: October 21, 2013 20:06
      I'm still with my first true love , we have been together 26 years , have our civil partnership 6 years ago had a great life , took on her grandchildren the first 10 years ago then twins 3 years ago
      A bit back to front but still enjoying our life together and bringing up the kids
    • Marcus: October 21, 2013 20:09
      Yes yes yes!
    • nicandsi: October 21, 2013 20:27
    • Brian: October 21, 2013 20:29
      love is very special ive been lucky to have met more than one love before my wife I cant say I truly hate any of them love was some thing that happend since then we have all moved on I would mutch rather see them happy than live in world of regret n coldness .
    • Brian: October 21, 2013 20:31
      love is very special ive been lucky to have met more than one love before my wife I cant say I truly hate any of them love was some thing that happend since then we have all moved on I would mutch rather see them happy than live in world of regret n coldness .
    • Michael: October 21, 2013 21:00
      My first love is still the love of my life. We laugh every day and make love as often as we can. Talking openly about what we want and need has been invaluable to keeping our candles burning.
    • Michael: October 21, 2013 21:01
      My first love is still the love of my life. We laugh every day and make love as often as we can. Talking openly about what we want and need has been invaluable to keeping our candles burning.
    • Nicola: October 21, 2013 21:06
      Would love to try these toys out ;)
    • Kirsty: October 21, 2013 21:13
      My first love was really good at first we done everything together then things went wrong he beat me.but now I'm so happy with my hubby he is my true love best friend and soulmate x
    • Sarah: October 21, 2013 21:17
      My first love was a jerk he used to beat me up and drugged me then cheated on me with my so called best friend! That's all in the past now though!
    • Nicola: October 21, 2013 21:37
      My first love was at college. I Will never forget him...... He was the first and so far only man who ever really seemed to know me, without words he knew exactly what i needed and when. He was a troubled soul with incredible empathy for everyone. We decided on leaving college that a clean break would be best.... Preserve the memory for what it was. I have no idea where he is now but i hope he knows that 12 years later he still lives in my heart.
    • geowire: October 21, 2013 21:59
      My first love gave four amazing children, my true love gives me pleasure in bed. Would love to give him some pleasure back with the delights of this hamper!!
    • paul: October 21, 2013 22:02
      I meet someone who I was with for 9 month s and then I had taken a liken to her best mate.so we started to talk text and meet up untill the time was right and then we made love it was out of this world to cut a long story short 12 years later and 3 fantastic kids we are still going strong but this could spice things up.
    • Chris: October 21, 2013 22:11
      Yes yes yes
    • Waz: October 21, 2013 22:20
      I never forget my first love always lover her May god bless her happiness I love you asf,,,,
    • Anne-Marie: October 21, 2013 22:56
      My first love and i are still really good friends although we aint together. We decided our friendship was worth more than a relationship. I still love him and always will and vise versa we would. do anything for each other xx
    • H: October 21, 2013 22:57
    • Jussy65: October 21, 2013 23:08
      First love is always hard and intense. Only the passage of time puts love and emotion into perspective.
    • Jo86: October 21, 2013 23:46
      I have to agree first love and true love are completely different and it's true what they say u never forget your first love I was a teenager in love at the age of 15 totally besotted but he was a typical teenage boy just wanting to have fun and kiss behind the bike shed we had fun and reconnected when we were 18 and we are still friends to this day but I have now met my true love who I have had the honour of sharing the last two years with he is my best friend soul mate, lover and the perfect father to our little princess. I still get butterflies when I see him and feel like I could explode with love. We would love to win the set to keep the love alight. ??
    • Pengy: October 22, 2013 00:20
      I have been with my first proper love for just over 12 years we have three daughters , we are happy some of the time but sex isn't as bigger part as i would like
    • TnR69: October 22, 2013 00:21
      My first true love is my husband, with him I can be myself and share naughty fantasies with.
    • Lucyloo: October 22, 2013 00:46
      I'm still lucky enough to be with my first love now. I had relationships in the past but something was missing and so they never lasted. I used to scoff at all those corny discriptions about love I guess I just didn't get it but now I do. He makes me better, stronger even and he's supported me as I am studying for my degree Dispite spending months 180 miles apart and I love him so much for it. He loves me every moment of every day (even on fat days) and I am so grateful for his love and support he's my shoulder (to cry on), my soulmate, my one true love and those days I'm lucky enough to wake up next to him are some of my happiest memories and want to know the crazy thing? He'll never know how much I love him because words, gifts, gestures they all seem to pale in significance to this. You can't quantify or explain this you just know what true love is"
    • george fone: October 22, 2013 05:21
      life go s on
    • Chris: October 22, 2013 07:34
      My first love wrote me a letter when drunk explaining that she had slept with another man, she posted it to me when sober and could not remember the content. Imagine how I felt as I opened the letter whilst in Kuwait during the first Gulf war. However many years later I met my wife. I knew within the first 24hrs I would spend the rest of my life with her. 19 years later going strong.
    • les: October 22, 2013 08:00
      still together after 30 years
    • Lipslikesugar: October 22, 2013 08:05
      My first love is my current boyfriend and although 46 and previously in a relationship that failed never actually knew or realised what love actually was until I met my gorgeous man.....we share everything and can talk about anything .......he melts my heart in a way I never knew could happen :)
    • Wyn: October 22, 2013 09:24
      Met and married in 6 mths, still mad about my hubby after 29 yrs. :))
    • Paul: October 22, 2013 09:49
      my first love was my third relationship she is the only partner i have said "i love you too" and 10 years later we are still going strong. i would be lost with out her
    • Claire: October 22, 2013 10:20
      I first fell in love at 18 he was amazing. After one year together he got ill and dumped me :( he said he did it for me as he didn't want to burden me. I was devastated and took years to get over him. Happily married now but often think of him xx
    • Ralston 35: October 22, 2013 11:07
      first and only love after 48 years of marriage
    • Ralston 35: October 22, 2013 11:08
      first and only love after 48 years of marriage
    • Sue: October 22, 2013 11:28
      I have been with my partner 24 years and still going strong he is my first love and I still love him as much as when I first met him.
    • Jenko: October 22, 2013 17:39
    • Sarah: October 22, 2013 17:44
      I found this quite difficult to answer because for me my first proper true love is only just recently happened - I've had plenty of partners and even two engagements but actual real love for me didn't happen till my current partner and I guess that's because as you get older you have a better understanding of what love means! That said I'm loving it and I know that my partner and I would have a fantastic time trying out all the goodies in the hamper! It certainly beats the Christmas hampers of tinned spam, a jar of picked onions and a Christmas pudding!
    • Gary: October 22, 2013 18:45
      We're still together after 15 years (5 married) and never been as happy.
    • witchway: October 23, 2013 01:40
      true love mixed with absolute lust will not break. I'm now 68, married to my blind date for almost 50 years, how ever long we live its not going to be enough !! still
      love and lust one another.
    • Lisa: October 23, 2013 06:59
      My first love was very hard to get over. We were on and off for years! He was my first too and we met at school. He was the new kid and wouldn't stop pestering me. We were very solid for the next few years until he cheated on me with one of my friends in the back of his car, lol. Kids hey....We laugh about it now but at the time it was the end of my world and we didn't speak for a few years. We got back in touch on social media and kept dipping or toes so to speak, lol. While we were with other people etc we kept going back for casual sex because it was so intense! Not the best but very intense. He is a great guy and we are like best friends now but live quite a distance away from each other so rarely get to see each other. We still reminisce about the good old days but 15 years on from when we first met at 13 and we're very different people. It took me till the age of 23 to realise the sex with anyone was never what I expected because I'm gay! Lol. After a rough start on the gay scene I have now met a great person who I share my life with and we have just moved in together. (And the sex is mind blowing) :D
    • Michelle: October 23, 2013 10:36
      My very first love was when I was about 6 ( so sex/toys were out), but my husband and I use them and are very very happy.
    • Vicki: October 23, 2013 18:07
      We've been together since we were 13 and now were nearly 21 and intend to keep it that way
    • Paula: October 23, 2013 18:23
      First love is an experience but for me it definitely is not what I would class as true love! You learn and get more adventurous as you get older.
    • KinkyFuckery: October 23, 2013 20:56
      First love always hurt when you break up but when you find your true love it never hurts again . Its an amazing experience of feelings to go on that journey with someone you love
    • michaela atkins: October 24, 2013 11:26
      i wuddnt go back to a ex even a 1st love an ex is a ex for a reason...
    • shaun low: October 24, 2013 20:44
      my first true love and i married 2 years ago.....we share everything and even know when were about to text or call each other (whilst out or at work)
    • dave: October 24, 2013 20:45
      Met my first love at school,went out gor a few years,the best years up until now,we went our seperate ways,both got married,had kids,then 25 years later got back together,2 more nippers followed,life is good,sex,well mindblowing,add a little lovehoney etc & it reaches new levels.roll on the next 25 years x
    • brian: October 26, 2013 15:40
      never to old for fun