1. The Perfect Shape For Pleasure? Win a Love Egg for World Egg Day!

    The Perfect Shape For Pleasure? Win a Love Egg for World Egg Day!Did you know that World Egg Day is coming up on Friday?

    This celebration of everything egg-related has been taking place all across the world on the second Friday of October since 1996.

    Of course, we couldn't let the occassion go unmarked, so we got on our thinking caps to think of a good giveaway to mark this eggcellent day.

    To celebrate World Egg Day, we're giving you the chance to win a Decadent Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg and Bullet (£45.00)!

    The egg shaped vibrator sits in your vagina to stimulate the G-spot while the bullet rests against your clitoris. You can pass the controls to your partner or be in charge of your own pleasure… Oh, and it's waterproof too!

    To enter the contest, simply leave a comment below before October 11th. Your email address will automatically be entered into the draw.

    Now, read on for eggciting articles from around the web…

    • How do you like your eggs? Believe it or not, your favourite way of cooking eggs may also indicate your preferences in the bedroom! A survey by the British Egg Information Service (!) found that those who choose fried eggs in the morning tended to be more sexually experienced, be more knowledgable about sex and have a stronger sex drive. Meanwhile, those who rather scrambled eggs were found to be less open. Which is your favourite egg dish? ["Eggs Factor" Predicts Personality - britegg.co.uk]
    • TENGA Egg Lovers HeartMention eggs to anyone working at Lovehoney and I'm willing to bet they would immediately think of TENGA eggs (right). These discreet male sex toys are designed to stretch over the penis and come in a range of different textures. If this sounds like your cup of tea, you may want to take advantage of the special offer we have running at the moment and grab yourself two eggs for only £15!
    • The point of World Egg Day is to teach the benefits of eggs on general health - but did you know they could also improve your sex life? Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and B vitamins, which in turn improve your sex drive:
      "'Keep your levels high and your body will laugh at stress, helping you stay calmer in the bedroom and reducing your risk of performance anxiety and premature ejaculation.
      " [The Sex-for-Life Diet - Men's Health]
    • They vibrate, they stimulate, they improve your sex life…anything we're missing? Our last article this week lists the top ten facts about eggs. [Top 10 Facts About Eggs - Express]
    1. Our Video of the Week is the infamous scene from The Ugly Truth where Katherine Heigl's character experiments with Remote Controlled Vibrators. Comment below for a chance to win a remote control egg to make it a reality!

    The winner of the Tease Me Soft Satin Blackout Blindfold (£10.00) from last week is Ravyre. Remember to comment below for your chance to win a Decadent Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg and Bullet (£45.00). The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email, so make sure to use one you check regularly.

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    Comments (150)

    • dh: October 06, 2013 07:35
      Oooh, would love to try the remote-control-vibrator-in-public thing. One step on from kegel balls in public I suppose; and that was great!
    • hagit: October 06, 2013 07:37
      bless this world i didnt know there was an egg day
    • geek kink: October 06, 2013 08:10
      Never seen a version with a bullet too.
    • fizzy: October 06, 2013 08:14
      Well I'm a big fan of a fired egg sandwich! I like the way lh have a different take on egg day!
    • sweet: October 06, 2013 08:50
      I prefer my eggs poached but would be happy to keep this one warm! cracking giveaway :)
    • xmorningxgloryx: October 06, 2013 09:31
      I have boiled eggs which apparently means I am disorganised, careless and impulsive.. Sounds about right x
    • Scorpius12: October 06, 2013 09:41
      Another 'eggcellent' blog - lol - that movie is hilarious - I have never seen an egg with a bullet - what a great idea - fingers crossed everyone :) xx
    • BellesUK: October 06, 2013 10:17
      Would love to wear this down to breakfast, our little secret
    • Lemony: October 06, 2013 10:19
      Would love to try these in public with my fella at the controls!
    • Tasha: October 06, 2013 10:36
      I've never seen one like that, mine is just the egg!
    • Jodie: October 06, 2013 10:40
      I hope to feel scrambled after giving this a go!
    • Siobhan Pearson: October 06, 2013 10:42
      The thought of using an egg sounds amazing! I have purchased many toys from Lovehoney and they have all being a joy for me and my partner but this one would beat them all ;-)
    • steven Belshaw: October 06, 2013 11:14
      Would love to have control over this while me and my girlfriend are out lol
    • Roz D: October 06, 2013 11:16
      I like scrambled and fried egg in the morning. What does that say about me!? LOL
    • sinead: October 06, 2013 11:16
      We were just talking about trying one of these #Eggcellent
    • Helen Blankley: October 06, 2013 11:20
      Errrrrr comment, lol
    • Victoria Ann Entwistle: October 06, 2013 11:20
      Looks fab. My partner doesn't eat eggs but I love them so I guess this would be another one all to myself sigh..
    • gemgem: October 06, 2013 11:22
      How would I like my eggs in the morning.......v oh just in my vagina.....vibrating ;-)
    • Rebecca Austerberry: October 06, 2013 11:25
      These are great!! Something for both to enjoy!!
    • Laura M: October 06, 2013 11:26
      So cute!
    • Bryan: October 06, 2013 11:30
      Also superb for Dom/sub play. Tied helpless with the Dom holding the remote...
    • JodieCJ: October 06, 2013 11:37
      Looks like fun. Don't know if I'd trust a partner with the remote ha!
    • Cornelia: October 06, 2013 11:37
      This looks fabulous!
    • gem: October 06, 2013 11:40
      The only way to have eggs is vibrating.
    • James: October 06, 2013 11:50
      Oooh, we need a new remote egg. The last one met it's untimely demise when it slipped out of my partners hand in a nightclub toilet and proceeded to roll into the next stall.

      She wasn't quite brave enough to ask for it back...

    • Stuart M: October 06, 2013 12:00
      Would love to win this for a special friend of mine. LoveHoney rocks!
    • Musicman: October 06, 2013 12:02
      Wow, If this is the prize on offer for National Egg day. Just imagine the toys offered for Easter!
    • Stevie: October 06, 2013 12:05
      Oh wow! Would love this as my egg isn't strong enough for me :( x
    • Kimberley: October 06, 2013 12:10
      Wouldn't mind winning
    • bethan: October 06, 2013 12:28
      Im a fried egg person which apparently means Im experienced and who am I too argue ;)
    • Lou22: October 06, 2013 12:29
      Would love to try this. I like fried or sometime poached eggs, and got a bit of a craving for a fried egg sandwich now :-)
    • Liam: October 06, 2013 12:31
      I like my eggs all ways and the wife likes poached or scrambled, we would also love this toy as our one recently passed away. Haha
    • cat lady: October 06, 2013 13:08
      love the look of this!
    • Andrew: October 06, 2013 13:24
      my wife would have so much fun with this, hope i can win it and surprise her with it
    • sarah: October 06, 2013 13:47
      Ooooooooooo that could be so much fun - OH with control and nobody knowing whats going on ;-)
    • nick: October 06, 2013 13:54
      funny video ))))
    • Dean: October 06, 2013 14:04
      I would love watch my wife having a go with this.
    • Stiggy: October 06, 2013 14:58
      i love usin the bullet on my girlfriend and would love to wake her on a morning wiv this egg
    • UniquelyMe: October 06, 2013 15:13
      My insides are tingling at the thought of this little beauty.
    • Tom: October 06, 2013 15:38
      I wish they had a male version so we can both have some fun,
    • Tallboy: October 06, 2013 15:40
      Would love to try this... In so many places.
    • Ellie Williamson: October 06, 2013 15:46
      Egg Day? I'll bring celebrating with a new purchase and then an omelette for tea!
    • Toy Addict: October 06, 2013 15:53
      My first thought at the mention of eggs is Tenga too :)
    • N: October 06, 2013 15:56
      I really think that y'all are awesome for doing easy to enter contests like this. Thanks guys!
    • Alex: October 06, 2013 16:13
      I know what kind of eggs I will be wanting for my breakfast on world egg day!!
    • Paul: October 06, 2013 16:15
      Holy hell, the thought of sending my partner into orgasm without even touching her but still pressing all the right buttons (excuse the pun) is a major turn on! Might even be tempted to use them myself ;)
    • Ady: October 06, 2013 16:32
    • mar x: October 06, 2013 17:20
      Wouldn't mind winning this!!! :)
    • Angeldelight: October 06, 2013 17:26
      This looks so much fun ....pick me please
    • Lydzy: October 06, 2013 17:31
      Sounds like a great breakfast to start the day! It'd be wonderful to win!!
    • wildflower: October 06, 2013 17:55
      Wow this looks great! Would really love to try it xx
    • Blonde vixen 13: October 06, 2013 18:00
      Gosh there is a world day for everything! Time to start celebrating blonde vixen13 day!!!!
    • Laura: October 06, 2013 18:02
      Yes please!
    • Mistress Magick: October 06, 2013 18:19
      What if you love omelets, but only when a submissive makes them for you! ;-)

      I can't make one myself to save my life - I wind up eating them scrambled instead, which I also enjoy, as well as ones that are slightly runny sunny side up with grits.

    • jess: October 06, 2013 18:32
      I like my eggs in all sorts of ways :) I like the design of the toy and that it has a clitoral vibe to! Would love to own this :3
    • Moo Moos: October 06, 2013 18:35
      Holy Cow! Wish I'd had one of these last week on holiday in Mexico....
    • jess: October 06, 2013 18:38
      I like my eggs in all sorts of ways :) I like the design of the toy and that it has a clitoral vibe to! Would love to own this :3
    • Imogen: October 06, 2013 18:51
      I don't like eggs :( The smell, the taste, even the look of them is gross to me.

      Love eggs on the other hand, I would love to try!

    • Sand: October 06, 2013 19:01
      I would love to try this!
    • PS: October 06, 2013 19:10
      Hard boiled
    • Amber: October 06, 2013 19:31
      And it's purple? Waaaaaaaaaaant.
    • Mozzalini: October 06, 2013 19:37
      My wife loves a poached egg in the morning, but I'm sure we could make use of this fun toy in the evening!
    • Lewis: October 06, 2013 19:43
      The best kind of egg
    • Jess: October 06, 2013 19:48
      This has always been one of my fantasies, looks fantastic!
    • Lewis: October 06, 2013 20:11
      The best kind of egg
    • jj: October 06, 2013 20:22
      Over easy?
    • Lorna: October 06, 2013 20:25
      My boyfriend complains I don't like eggs.... I think he could change my mind with this one ;-)
    • AnnaW: October 06, 2013 20:38
      What a great toy. I'm sure my partner and I could have a lot of fun with this ;)
    • Mark: October 06, 2013 20:54
      This is just the type of egg I'd like to give my girl and a surprise in the morning with a cup of tea in bed !!!
    • LetsTryThis: October 06, 2013 21:30
      When I look at Tenga eggs I feel sad that I'm not a man!!
    • Dean Hetherington: October 06, 2013 21:48
      It would be so eggciting to toy with someone with these
    • Jordan: October 06, 2013 22:28
      I like my eggs fried both sides with a runny yolk!
    • Emma: October 06, 2013 22:43
      What an excellent way to have your eggs in the morning!!
    • Richard Charman: October 06, 2013 22:48
      Would love to try these out with my partner
    • Nat: October 06, 2013 23:26
      Bloody hell if that was to happen for real what happens in that scene, I would run away to the bathroom. xD

    • Candied Citrus: October 06, 2013 23:52
      I never knew there was a World Egg Day; I guess you learn something new everyday! :)
    • melanie: October 06, 2013 23:56
      I'd love to try out this!!
    • Andy Bean: October 07, 2013 00:48
      Yes! This is exactly what I need for the OH, it's her birthday in the next two weeks.
    • Jamie: October 07, 2013 01:09
      Didn't know there was a world egg day
      I do now tho thanks LH :)
    • Chloe Metcalf: October 07, 2013 03:24
      Great prize, would love to win this :)
    • ashley smith: October 07, 2013 04:28
      would love to try this beauty out ;)
    • Stuart Faulds: October 07, 2013 06:24
      Fingers crossed, what a generous prize indeed :)
    • jeffngloria: October 07, 2013 09:27
      everything crossed ,fab giveawayx
    • WhiteWolf93: October 07, 2013 10:16
      Think this would be great to try out, would be a nice addition to the eggs my partner and I use at present. Would be good to use in public ;)
    • mrs average: October 07, 2013 10:20
      I'm a poached egg eater and I do fit the description very well.
      I do love the contradiction in the egg facts 6 and 7 listed...
      6. “Nobody can eat 50 eggs,” (George Kennedy in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke).

      7. The world record for eating hard-boiled eggs is 65 in 6min 40sec, by Sonya Thomas in 2003. She would have eaten more but they ran out of eggs.

    • Nathan: October 07, 2013 11:16
      I love eggs, everyday every morning I have 2 poached eggs on toast with brown sauce, high in good cholesterol and low in bad cholesterol winner on all fronts for me, this little beauty is another winner my wife would love this she loves all vibrators and I think this would be no exception, sounds like an eggcellent competition and good luck to who ever wins you will have to shell out on other things to go with these so you can have a cracking night in.
    • John: October 07, 2013 11:35
      Didn't think I'd get a buzz out of eggs.... Until now!
    • Katherine: October 07, 2013 13:13
      I love love honey!!
    • Ben le Roter: October 07, 2013 13:20
      Fried egg with fried mashed potato all sprinkled with chilli flakes. Chilli oil can also be fun when applied to a vibrating egg.....
    • Ashley: October 07, 2013 13:31
      Well what a wonderful egg!
      My favourites are the chocolate ones ;p
    • Kai: October 07, 2013 15:31
      Nothing better than scrambled duck eggs on toast!
    • delilahxx: October 07, 2013 16:11
      This looks like so much fun :D
    • Cornish89: October 07, 2013 16:31
      This looks great, would love to win it! X
    • Sugar Doll: October 07, 2013 16:37
      Eggs & bullets are so much fun and it's in purple, my husbands fave color.
    • Stuart P: October 07, 2013 17:10
      What an eggcellent idea
    • Humptyeggday: October 07, 2013 17:22
      lol great clip.
    • Craig: October 07, 2013 18:11
      Looks like it could be fun!
    • Alice: October 07, 2013 21:42
      World Egg Day? Whatever next.
      I like mine fried and I grow my own. Sexually experienced but afraid to go to the supermarket maybe?
    • Kez: October 08, 2013 02:29
      Always wanted to try something like this. How eggshilarating it would be... And I'm sure my partner would love being in controll of me for once... Ha ha
    • Kasey: October 08, 2013 04:03
      I tried this once, but the egg I used didn't really have much power at all.
      Hopefully this egg will be more powerful.
    • Kirsty: October 08, 2013 09:58
      Egglicious loving mmmmmm
    • Ashley: October 08, 2013 14:08
      I would love to win this!!! Need more spice in my life!!!!
    • adam: October 08, 2013 15:02
      A great giveaway. Would be great fun having fun with this prize.
    • H92: October 08, 2013 16:14
      I can't wait for egg day especially with my OH coming to visit, winning this would be a very fun way to introduce her to world egg day!!!
    • Lavinia Brown: October 08, 2013 22:11
      ooh would be a great prize to win for my friend, she has been single far too long!
    • Jackie: October 08, 2013 22:23
      Do these eggs have an expiry date ;) How do you eat yours? :)
    • tre: October 09, 2013 02:00
      Oooh, would love to try
    • Toy Fan: October 09, 2013 07:04
      Oh how lovely. Resting against my partners clit. I love world egg day!
    • amanda: October 09, 2013 08:02
      I hope I win! I got excited reading about it!
    • K: October 09, 2013 16:04
    • Jason: October 09, 2013 18:08
      Wooo remote control.
    • Dee: October 09, 2013 18:31
      A good egg!
    • nichole smith: October 09, 2013 21:38
      I've never seen these. Would love to try it!
    • DW: October 09, 2013 23:00
      World egg day! Egg and chips for tea then, followed by...
    • Sheila watts: October 10, 2013 01:58
      Had no idea there was a world egg day but what am eggcellent way to celebrate. I'm so eggcited. Would love to win this product. Looks like an egg with a guarantee of getting laid!!!
    • Paola Z: October 10, 2013 04:05
      This looks great, would love to win it (: thank you for the giveaway!
    • Liz: October 10, 2013 08:33
      hard boiled?
    • gem: October 10, 2013 09:09
      This looks good fun! Great giveaway
    • Derek Large: October 10, 2013 09:54
      Would love to win and try this toy out. I have many toys but this one looks amazing and I will let you and twitter fans know how good it is.
    • Derek Large: October 10, 2013 09:57
      Would love to win and try this toy out. I have many toys but this one looks amazing and I will let you and twitter fans know how good it is.
    • Kelly: October 10, 2013 12:41
      This would definitely spice things up in the bedroom. My partner loves being in control
    • CuriousCouple: October 10, 2013 14:17
      We did have a cheaper version of this toy and had some lively times when we were out and about, unfortunately it broke and we never got round to replacing it. Would love this newer model x
    • Ikey: October 10, 2013 15:46
      I love eggs, preferably poached!
      My girlfriend however isn't keen on them but I'm certain this is one egg she wouldn't say no to ;)
    • veRONIca: October 11, 2013 04:38
      Haha egg-cellent! Actually didn't know there was an egg day either. Learn something new every day
    • caroline: October 11, 2013 12:18
      Think I am too late but going to try commenting anyway just incase :)
    • Jason W: October 11, 2013 13:06
      Perfect for a bit of out of the bedroom fun. Definitely love to take this shopping!!
    • Matt: October 11, 2013 13:19
      Cracking competition... I'll get my coat!
    • mike: October 11, 2013 13:21
      Great competition :)
    • Penny Ford: October 11, 2013 13:23
      I like mine poached
    • Jacqui: October 11, 2013 13:26
      Now that's a remote he's not getting his hands on!!!
    • Rob: October 11, 2013 14:13
      Looks great fun!
    • amanda whitley: October 11, 2013 14:15
      both me and my husband prefer scrambled and we are pretty open but theres a lot of stuff we both wont do so i guess i believe what they say.
    • Julian: October 11, 2013 14:24
      Oh this would be just perfect.
    • dizzygril: October 11, 2013 14:59
      I like my eggs scrambled.
    • Naughty Miss K: October 11, 2013 15:00
      I was just telling someone about that clip y'day from the ugly truth!
      Love eggs are brilliant :)
    • L: October 11, 2013 15:29
    • Gareth: October 11, 2013 15:42
      id love to be driving along in the car n make my girl buzz on a long journey
    • Tinkerbell: October 11, 2013 16:09
      Pick me!! :D
    • carol phile: October 11, 2013 16:20
      what an eggciting and eggotic prize. Eggcellent!
    • WildThing: October 11, 2013 17:56
      Someone's going to be the eggcited lucky winner!
    • happydays: October 11, 2013 17:57
      hope i'm not to late, Think my OH would love one of these.
    • Chris Kinnk: October 11, 2013 22:09
      I'd love to get hold of one of these for my wife, although the remote would have to stay firmly in my hands. ;-)
    • Bernie: October 12, 2013 02:22
      Eggcellent prize. I hope I win.
    • alex: October 13, 2013 13:57
      love to turn it on while we in airplane
    • Melissa b: October 13, 2013 23:02
      great product
    • jodie: October 17, 2013 22:03
      Wow that's the egss I'd like for breakfast
    • Jess: October 21, 2013 22:44
      Don't think the bf would be bothered with breakfast if he had the controls.
    • elara: October 23, 2013 01:36
      after this film I toltally wanted ones!!!!!
    • Em jay: October 23, 2013 10:36
      I don't remember the last time I came! I'm bored to tears in the bedroom. This could really help me out and stop my anger and frustration after OH has climbed off grrrrr. I wanna be selfish for a change!!!!! Xxx
    • Zoe: July 30, 2018 20:43
      Massive fan of love eggs....this brings back memories of reaching up to a high shelf in the supermarket and suddenly my oh turned it on high....weak at the knees and struggled to finish the shopping!