1. Tracey Cox Stars in New Sex Documentary - And It's Already Causing Quite a Stir!

    Tracey Cox in new Channel 4 TV show!

    Relationship expert and sex toy designer Tracey Cox has revealed she's taking part in a brand new (and somewhat unconventional) TV show which looks at everyday couples’ sex lives - literally!

    ‘Sex Box' is an educational programme forming part of Channel 4’s Sex Week, and it’s causing quite the stir weeks before it’s aired.

    So why has it ruffled so many people’s feathers? Well, the show consists of three couples (two male-female and one male-male) having sex live on stage. Yep, that's right!

    Well… almost. While the sex does happen on stage, it’s in a secluded soundproof area named the Sex Box, so neither the panel nor the viewers see any hanky-panky.

    After their time in the Sex Box and whilst still in their post-coital haze, the couples will be quizzed by a panel of experts, made up of journalist and TV presenter Mariella Frostrup, psychotherapist and author Phillip Hodson, sex columnist Dan Savage and body language and relationship expert Tracey Cox.

    According to Hodson: “People who have just had sex tend to be less inhibited and are more likely to talk openly and honestly. This is a great opportunity to show that sex is normal and not as worrying, or complicated or frightening or significant as people often think it is.”

    Tracey Cox, who has her own range of toys at Lovehoney, is excited about the show and explains the concept behind it.

    "We live in a sex saturated society but sex is still something we don't really talk about. It remains shrouded in myth and this is what Sex Box sets out to do: get rid of all those misconceptions and have a grown up talk about what's really happening out there."

    Despite getting a mixed reaction, Tracey's not phased by what's being said about the show. "Predictably, the reaction to Sex Box has been a mix of outrage and curiosity. But just like another show I did, The Sex Inspectors, I suspect people will be pleasantly surprised when it airs. It's certainly edgy but it's a mature, grown-up discussion about sex that you rarely see on television. The 'box' acts as a springboard for discussions which will help to dispel many of the myths surrounding sex and I was very proud to be involved."

    Sex Box forms part of a campaign to get people talking about real sex, as we become ever more desensitized to pornography and develop unrealistic expectations of what sex ‘should’ be.

    Do you think shows such as Sex Box will finally get the prudish British public to talk about our sex lives openly and honestly? And will you be watching?

    Whatever people might think about the concept, I’ll bet the viewer ratings for the show will do the real talking. I’ve already bought the popcorn…

    Make sure you tune in to Channel 4 on October 7th at 10pm and catch Sex Box for yourself.

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    • Scorpius12: September 28, 2013 09:01
      This sounds like a great show - it's like something you would normally see on American TV - it's about time we all got more open about sex - I will definitely be watching! xxx
    • Kinky&Curvy: October 04, 2013 20:34
      I will definitely be watching this it's a great idea!! I've always been open about my sex life and find it amazing how many people are so prudish about sex. Sex is natural and fun, people shouldn't be embarrassed about their urges!! :D xxx
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