1. Sound-Activated Orgasms? The Nalone Range is Here, and it's Amazing!

    Nalone exclusive

    I used to think that as a seasoned Lovehoney staff member, I’d seen it all. Oh boy, was I wrong.

    These days you can buy a luxury, high-tech sex toy easily and for a brilliant price. However, when the new Nalone range was put on my desk I knew I was dealing with something extra special.

    The minute it went live I had to shout about it and explain what it is that makes these toys so different.

    So why is it so amazing? Well, we’re talking voice-activation technology, touch and heat-sensitive vibrations and even wireless electrosex functions. This range excited me before I even started to think about the fact that it’s all rechargeable, made from high-quality silicone and comes in gift-ready packaging.

    This range is interactive, responsive and intuitive. Each item has its own unique features, whilst remaining consistent to the brand, which is classy and elegant. Quite simply, it’s the next level of sex toy tech, and it’s genius!

    So here's the low-down on why Nalone products are so exciting…

    The Nalone range

    Sound-Activated Orgasms

    1. Two vibrators (one G-spot and one rabbit-style), aptly named Pulse and Rhythm.
    2. Both feature in-built microphones which control vibrations through picking up sound waves. Control them with your voice, music or any other sound!
    3. If you whisper, they deliver shivers of vibration. If you shout, they knock your socks off. If you change the volume of your voice, the vibrations respond with faultless pattern recognition. They're so responsive, my footsteps set them off.
    4. Can be used as a standard vibrator in 'manual' mode and each has 15 amazing settings.
    5. They're both rechargeable and waterproof for fun anywhere!

    Responsive Touch Controls

    1. Two touch-activated vibrators (one insertable and one clitoral) named Curve and Touch.
    2. This incredible technology works through a closed circuit – meaning if you’re touching all the correct points, a complete circuit is formed and the toy vibrates. If you stop touching the points, you get nothing. You can control vibrations with nothing more than a fingertip, creating your own custom patterns.
    3. Touch-activation means that at that cruicial moment when you’re all done with patterns, and you just want a solid, constant vibration to take you over the edge, you don't need to fiddle around trying to change the setting. Simply hold your finger to the toy and leave it there. Amazing!
    4. Both waterproof and USB rechargeable.

    Electro-Stimulation and Wand Power

    1. A powerful, wireless bodywand with in-built electro-sex technology.
    2. As well as vibrating at both ends (which allows you to have insertable and external stimulation), the Nalone Electro offers three intensities of electric current at the tip.
    3. Delivers mild Electro Magnetic Pulses to any part of the body, causing muscles to contract and adding an extra level of stimulation and enhancing orgasm.
    4. Provides a really gentle introduction to electro sex whilst offering all the power of a classic wand.
    5. 100% waterproof and rechargeable.

    The Nalone range is striking and luxurious, made from super-silky silicone and comes gift-ready in satin lined boxes. The collection also includes remote controlled vibrating kegel balls, a micro bullet vibrator, a miniature metal wand vibratorand a 10 function metal bullet. I'm in love!

    Comments (16)

    • Faye: September 12, 2013 14:25
      It's my birthday next month and the curve and electro are the first things on my birthday list! They sound and look amazing! I adore the style of these, I'm a huge fan of pretty and powerful toys x
    • Stevie: September 12, 2013 15:39
      Wow! They sound amazing would be great to test one of them.
    • violet: September 12, 2013 17:11
      This range looks fab though I can't help thinking the name sounds like a nail grooming brand!
    • Blonde vixen13: September 12, 2013 18:12
      There so pretty and the muli task.... Clearly designed by women
    • Toy Addict: September 12, 2013 18:22
      Touch and Electro look awesome!
    • KinkyFuckery: September 12, 2013 20:57
      WOW they look amazing another fab range at LH
    • Scorpius12: September 12, 2013 21:57
      They look so pretty - love the colours - another exciting range LH :) xx
    • chloxoxo: September 12, 2013 22:06
      I fell in love with this range as soon as i saw it! Cant wait to treat myself!!
    • Midsmatey: September 12, 2013 23:28
      I was considering purchasing the original Wand. However, I'm going to buy the new Electro Wand... Evolution of sex toys has moved on to another level.... My Temptress will be curious to try it out as she enjoys her original Lovehoney wand...
    • lillithlibby: September 13, 2013 14:00
      Wow these really do look amazing. I want them all!! Especially like the idea of the kegel set :-D
    • Sarah: September 13, 2013 15:50
      Wow I would love to test one of these and add it to my collection :)
    • Rach H: September 15, 2013 17:32
      Sounds (no pun intended) amazing
    • mynxy: September 19, 2013 01:15
      Mmm spoilt for choice here...looks sexy and chic. Would love to test drive the range. Touch sounds tempting to begin with. ..
    • KittyStar: September 23, 2013 15:03
      Electro has gone straight to the top of my must buy list, what an interesting variation from the usual wands.
      The sound activated ones intrigue me too though. I have another music activated vibrator in my collection which is one of my favourites - i'm thinking these could be a step up in quality from mine!
      Can't wait to see how they get on in reviews.
    • wildflower: September 23, 2013 15:46
      Have got some of these on my list already, they look great!
    • Miss wilco: September 29, 2013 13:10
      I need the curve and electro!
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