1. Could 3D Printing Be The Future Of Sex Toys?

    3D Printing Sex ToysThese days technology is advancing at lightning speeds. Making tech sexy and sex techy is always part of the equation.

    As soon as they invented a 3D printer people began scanning everything they ever wanted replicated. We knew it wasn't going to be long before someone 3D printed something adult oriented.

    Will 3D printing revolutionize your sex toys or is it still catching up? That's what an XBIZ poll asked sex toy manufacturers, and the majority said 'Yes!' to revolution.

    We've been using a 3D printer at Lovehoney HQ for some time now in our product research and development department. Imagine your very own sex toy design coming to life through this process. If you submit your design to our Design a Sex Toy Competition, your prototype could be printing at Lovehoney HQ really soon! Hurry though! The deadline for entries is 16th September.

    Read more about 3D printing sex toys and how we use 3D printers below. Do you think 3D printing is ready to rise to the occasion? Are you?

    How Does 3D Printing Work?

    So how do these magical Makerbot machines work? The big boxy machine squeezes out little layers of plastics and polymers into a programmed shape, while making 'squiddledy-dee' sounds at the same time.

    How Can 3D Printing Be Sexy?

    3D Printing Sex ToysIt might sound fun to print out naughty toys, but the materials used for printing are NOT body-friendly materials, which are always preferred for sex toys or anything used on sensitive areas of the body. As mentioned, the polymers are woven together right before your eyes, so cool! But they aren't printing with squishy realistic body-friendly silicone just yet. So what are they good for?

    • Replicate yourself. "The process sounds pretty simple: After a quick tutorial on how to perfect your scan the excited buyer enters a scanning booth, where ShapeShot technology snaps some images of the patron's manhood, then uses those images to print out a 3D model. They send the model to New York Toy Collective, where sex toy professionals use the print-out to create a one-of-a-kind dildo." - Huffington Post
    • Personalize a toy. "We wouldn't be surprised if personalized sex toy production breathes life into 3D printing in the way that pornography changed the internet; these technologies will become more affordable, more common, and the sex toy industry will have to respond to this decentralization with creative solutions…" - Fleshbot
    • Modify a toy. Imagine your favorite bullet vibrator with your dream attachment printed to your specifications. Perhaps you want to build a cap or sleeve for it that's more rounded, has rabbit ears or is shaped like Hello Kitty (image above) "Dongiverse began as a parody site of thingiverse, an open-source community where artists and engineers shared printer-ready 3D designs of anything they could think of. But what began as a jokey curation of suspiciously phallic designs quickly drew non-jokey demand for open source, customizable sex toy prototypes…" - Buzzfeed

    How Does Lovehoney Uses 3D Printing?

    3D Printing Sex Toys

    When we're not printing out Christmas decorations for the Lovehoney office (pictured right) we use our 3D printer to develop sex toys. See how useful a 3D printer can be:

    Here at Lovehoney we print out prototypes and test designs right before our eyes. Working with an increasingly global community we might employ a high-end toy designer from Sweden who will send over prototypes. We'll print them from the specs and then see if they have the qualities we are looking for.

    There's a big difference between seeing sketches of a clitoral vibrator and holding one in your hand. With our 3D printer, we don't have to create lots and lots of prototypes - we can just use the 3D printer to check sizes and angles and when we're happy and have the most ergonomic shape we can ask for a real working model.

    That's when we are able to more accurately inspect other important qualities which can't be printed, such as the vibration strength and the finish.

    How to Make a Clone at Home

    If you've been bitten by the replication bug, but can't afford to buy a 3D printer of your own just yet, you can still make a replica safely with Clone-A-Willy and Cloneboy kits.

    The current way to make a real useable long-lasting sex toy from a replicator is to use the replicated object to make a mould, and then create the actual product out of silicone. We carry the Clone-A-Willy, Check out the Clone-A-Willy Hot Pink Vibrator option, Glow In The Dark Clone-A-Willy Vibrator and the female-bodied version Clone-A-Pussy Moulding Kit for an at home cloning experience using similar methods. These remain a bit more accessible, the Cloneboy Personal Dildo Mould helps you to create a smooth body-safe silicone replica right at home.

    How to Make Your Sex Toy Design a Reality

    Now's your chance before September 16th - Enter your sex toy design in our Sex Toy Design Contest. Open to participants around the world, our goal is to find the most innovative and exciting new design and bring it to life. Learn more about Trevor Murphy the designer who imagined the Sqweel (now the Sqweel 2) and won our first design competition with his idea. He continues to earn royalties off the sales! Could your idea be next?

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    Comments (6)

    • MrsMcX: September 10, 2013 17:33
      As I am nearing a completion of a degree in physics I can't help but think this is remarkable! I'm considering buying one myself, although no doubt I wouldn't make anything of use, and make Christmas decorations too (cool idea)! But I think 3D printing is amazing technology and is beneficial to every one. It was interesting to read how LH use the technology, and it's amazing how you can see a product being created on the other side of the world. I love how body parts can now be made with biological cells, the possibilities are endless really. I'm highly impressed that you have one at LHHQ, I would just stare at it all day! It's even more remarkable when you think about the technology we had 50 years ago, this stuff would be witchcraft!! Awesome blog!
    • Scorpius12: September 11, 2013 09:26
      I've been watching with interest the development of 3D printing - it must be thrilling for you that you have such advanced technology at your disposal. 3D printing is the future, and its very exciting to think what fantastic new designs it will help create at LH.

      Excellent Blog! xx

    • Mrs average: September 11, 2013 15:04
      I actually saw an example of the on the channel 5 programme The Wright Stuff. They made a replica doll of one of the team members on the programme. It only took 45 minutes to complete the doll. They did it live on air, it is amazing.
    • Lovehoney Nicole: September 11, 2013 21:12
      Thanks for the lovely feedback! It's fun to give you a taste of what goes on behind the scenes..

      @MrsMcX and Scourpius12 - Yep, it's pretty cool to have such technology at HQ. The first time I saw it I thought it looked like something out of Dr Who!

      @Mrs average, that's pretty amazing! What would you do with a replica of yourself after the fact though?!

    • designdude: September 14, 2013 12:18
      It's crazy to think just how much cool stuff you can create with that technology. Some of the advanced printers use multiple resins at one which allows toy to have a mixture of colours and materials all printed at the same time. I was totally in awe of the whole thing when first saw it done. There are so many applications and rapid prototyping sex toys is definitely one of the best lol.

      Very much enjoy seeing behind the scenes. =D

    • Lovehoney Nicole: September 17, 2013 18:44
      @designdude - yep, we think it's the best possible use for such great technology!