1. "Good Enough to Eat" - August's Review of the Month

    Bombshell Balm Wins Review of the Month

    Fancy adding to Lovehoney's 280,000 customer product reviews and be in with a chance to win? Every month we choose the best new user-uploaded review to receive £100 to spend at Lovehoney. Read our guide to Writing Winning Product Reviews to get started.

    The winner for August is lmrlh with her take on the Pin Ups Betty Bombshell Balm in Cherry (£8.99). We loved her enthusiasm and helpful tips about using the orgasm balm to get in the mood.

    She notes: "The balm itself is gorgeous. It smells good enough to eat, and melts and penetrates into the skin so that you don't have to worry about the effect going away when things get slippery! Try not to be put off by the size - it's truly a tiny amount of product, but all you need really is to dip a finger in, let the product melt, and then apply. I don't even think I made a dent in mine despite a few applications."

    Read the entire review by lmrlh.

    Read on to find out if you're a runner up…

    Four reviewers were also chosen as runners up this month, meaning they each receive 2,000 Oh! Points. Think you can do better? Submit your review now to be in the running for September!

    Runners Up

    WildThing's review of TENGA Hard Boiled Egg Shiny

    "From the minute my egg hatched from its protective case, I was in love with its smooth shape, amazing feel of the material and bumpy interior. The toy was brilliantly packed in a discreet, egg shaped plastic container with a complimentary sachet of TENGA lube and instructions for use. In brief, crack it open… pour in the lube… and stroke away!"

    TheMajesticWorm's review of Icicles No 25 Smooth Glass Butt Plug

    "The plug itself is made of clear, heavy, smooth glass. I think "large" is an overstatement, though to a beginner it would seem very large. The plug is very pretty and could pass for an interesting paperweight with some innocent friends!"

    taraman's review of Adrien Lastic Ocean Dream 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Egg

    "People say laughter and joy is important for a healthy sex life and this toy brings plenty of both to the couples using it. Whether it is used during a shopping trip, at a restaurant or a trip to the cinema this toy is a must-have and I would especially recommend this to anybody who is looking for a way to liven up a relationship or reconnect with a partner."

    lovepuff14's review of Lovehoney Mains Powered Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator

    "Hidden beneath my bed is a box of sex toys that has been amassed through years of collecting and experimenting. An Aladdin’s Cave of devices that twirl, thrust, vibrate or convulse like a dying snake. Each of these has been made redundant by the Magic Wand."

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    • Scorpius12: September 03, 2013 13:21
      Congratulations Everyone - Great Reviews...
    • Taraman: September 04, 2013 09:03
      Thank you so much Nicole/Lovehoney!

    • mrs average: September 06, 2013 09:49
      Well done to lmrlh, wildthing and Taraman.
    • WildThing: September 09, 2013 07:18
      Thanks everyone.... I'm eggstactic! :)
    • elara: October 23, 2013 01:41
      mmmmm loving everything!
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