1. Does Penis Size Really Matter? Plus, Win a Bathmate Xtreme (Worth £228.99)!

    Win a Bathmate Xtreme If you've ever read a gossip magazine or watched Sex and the City, you'll have noticed that people tend to get obsessed with penis size.

    But does the size of his penis really matter during lovemaking? While our female community members seem to agree that size isn't everything, you can't ignore the fact that many men just want to be bigger.

    When it comes to penis pumps, there's one brand that stands out. Bathmate pumps are different from other products because they use the force of water to increase the length and girth of your penis, making them 250% more efficient than air pumps!

    To celebrate the (exclusive to Lovehoney!) release of the Bathmate Xtreme Hydromax Ultimate Penis Pump Set (£199.99), we're giving you the chance to win one. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below - easy!

    Your email address will be automatically entered to the draw, which closes at 5pm on September 6th. Read on for more penis related news from around the web…

    • We've all heard the stereotypes about men of different nationalities and their… assets. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that somebody took all the data on penis size by country and compiled it into this interactive map. Just hover over any country to see the average manhood length in cm's. Hours of amusement guaranteed. [Penis Size Worldwide - TargetMap]
    • Willy Cup Cake Tins (Set of Six)Speaking of penis length, a report from earlier this year found that the average length of British penises is shorter than once thought. The average Briton now measures up at 5.1 inches on average, although it seems to vary according to where you live. Stoke-on-Trent and Leeds have the longest penises, but Bristol and Oxford take the top spots for circumference. Do you agree? [Average Penis Length in UK Smaller Than Previously Thought, Survey Reveals - Huffington Post]
    • Ever wonder why a penis is called a penis? According to this article, "Penis is derived from the Latin word for tail, popping up in Cicero's ad Familiares. By that time, the usage of the word primarily lent itself to this part of male genitalia. The Greek translation of phallus is swell, and the word later came to describe items of penile nature in Latin." Interesting! [How Genitals Got Their Names - io9]
    1. Need more information about how Bathmate products work? Check out this demonstration video for a step-by-step guide to using Bathmate pumps.

    The winners of the Ami by Je Joue 3 Step Kegel System from last week is Miss Geek. Remember to comment below for your chance to win a Bathmate Xtreme Hydromax Ultimate Penis Pump Set (£199.99)! The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email, so make sure to use one you check regularly.

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    Comments (134)

    • Toy Addict: September 01, 2013 08:12
      Wow that pump is pricey! Are pumps actually effective at increasing the size of your manhood tho? Are they painful? They don't seem very comfortable to me.
    • Ato: September 01, 2013 08:36
      Wow this is really incredible...!
    • Chrissy: September 01, 2013 10:12
      I don't see the point of penis pumps. If a bloke has a small cock, get rid of him.
    • Jay: September 01, 2013 10:21
      Hmmm would like to try it, seems interesting :-)
    • Greg: September 01, 2013 10:23
      Yes, size does matter, I hate guys with small ones, I'm a bit of a size queen ;)
    • johny: September 01, 2013 10:26
      Sounds good id try it but if someone else paid :-)
    • Sara Turner: September 01, 2013 10:32
      I'd love to try one but they're pretty expensive!
    • Ben: September 01, 2013 10:36
      Wow that's a lot of cash for something that surely technique can make up for?
    • Lloyd T: September 01, 2013 10:39
      I think its what you do with it but a little bit more of a good thing is never a bad thing. ;-)
    • Kevin: September 01, 2013 10:40
      Thats pretty damn dear.
    • Dean: September 01, 2013 10:47
      Well I would think that size matters to some degree both ways, girls Ive been with have said too big is uncomfortable but obviously very small probably isn't going to work either. I'm dubious that pumps work but you never know until you try something!
    • Caroline: September 01, 2013 11:07
      I would definitely say its about how you use it more than size because if it's too big it's just uncomfortable and sore.
    • tonyflow: September 01, 2013 11:41
      Should we admit to wanting this?
    • sarah: September 01, 2013 11:41
      Like everything in life - it wouldnt be much fun if everything was the same size - sometimes you have to work with wat u got ;-)
    • Only Me: September 01, 2013 12:23
      Ooo yes please!!
    • Only Me: September 01, 2013 12:25
      Ooo yes please!!
    • Kimberley: September 01, 2013 13:14
      Yes and no , yes it does because it needs to be felt but on the other hand it doesn't because you have to know what your doing its no good having a 9inch of you can't push the right buttons
    • Richard Surnom: September 01, 2013 13:15
      You had me at 'items of a penile nature'.
    • Julian: September 01, 2013 13:54
      had no complaints but will try anything once
    • James: September 01, 2013 14:17
      Looks like fun too ;)
    • Stevie: September 01, 2013 14:33
      Oooh yes please! This would be great for my man as he sadly gets PE and I've heard penis plumbs can help.
    • john: September 01, 2013 14:38
      it would be interesting to try
    • Roger Turner: September 01, 2013 15:17
      Sounds like fun to try would be interesting to see if it made any difference and somthing to do on long winter nights.
    • julie: September 01, 2013 15:17
      would love to see if this actually works so count me in :) clearly i wouldnt use it personally but i know who i could give it too if i won. it would definately benefit me if it works ;)
    • Mark: September 01, 2013 15:20
      Size might not be the be all and end all of sex, but I do believe it plays a part. I sometimes wish that I were bigger down there.
    • pauline byrne: September 01, 2013 15:20
      havent been satisfied for time the bf needs this lol x
    • Hayley Todd: September 01, 2013 15:22
      God, this seems extortionately expensive! Is it guaranteed to work? For that price, I'd expect miracles!
    • burak: September 01, 2013 15:25
      size doesnt matter the matter is man....
    • Bev: September 01, 2013 15:25
      Not sure how much this would actually work. Not actually sure how pleased hubby would be with me giving it to him either lol.
    • Ian: September 01, 2013 15:30
      I've been told I know how to use it, makes me wonder how much difference a bit bigger would make...
    • Jen: September 01, 2013 15:30
      I guess it depends if the bloke knows what he's doing. I think its a confidence thing. Fab prize ;)
    • Anthony Martin: September 01, 2013 15:30
      this is something im sure i could grow into wanting...lol xx
    • JulieB: September 01, 2013 15:36
      Yes, size does matter, not length, but girth, and I like them thick...
    • Alice: September 01, 2013 15:37
      Size doesn't matter in the least, it's all down to preference I think. I certainly don't like my man to be anything over 7ins, I. My experience, anything bigger tends to give its owner a sense of self importance and the idea that size is enough to satisfy and technique goes right out of the window.
      As for the global map...nonsense. I'm currently in a polygamous relationship and both my partners are from the red area and they're certainly larger than the research might suggest!
    • Ady: September 01, 2013 15:42
      Worth entering, its not the size But the technique on how you use what you have. Still a lot of money for a pump,
    • gareth: September 01, 2013 15:44
      its down to preference but if its too small then damn you got problems
    • gareth: September 01, 2013 15:47
      its down to preference but if its too small then damn you got problems
    • Lucy: September 01, 2013 16:03
      Im sorry but size certainly matters! LoveHoney please let me win so i can at least have a husband good for one thing!
    • Bob: September 01, 2013 16:04
      That's one expensive penis pump!
    • SE: September 01, 2013 16:04
      I wouldnt mind having a play around with one of these
    • Andy: September 01, 2013 16:10
      Worth a go I guess. I'm sure the wife will LOL.
    • louise: September 01, 2013 16:14
      I know my hubby has been looking at penis pumps lately .
      Due to his many different medications for Fibromyalgia he has trouble getting and maintaining an erection .
      It causes him no end of frustration , so much so he hardly ever wants to partake in intercourse
      which is totally not like him , he would always be mentioning sex and hinting at wanting to do it too . and when we wasnt having sex he'd jerk off 3 or 5 times a dayalong with intercourse one or two times a day with me .
    • truegrace: September 01, 2013 16:14
      Looks good but pricey! We have a far cheaper pump which although doesn't add any permanent length certainly makes things more sensitive for a short while after, much the same as a pussy pump does.
      We would love to give a bathmate a whirl and see if they live up to the hype!
    • chelsey wood: September 01, 2013 16:48
      would love to see the look on my fellas face when i hand him this for christmas instead of the ps4 lmao!
    • chris: September 01, 2013 16:52
      would love to win this, I like to try new toys this would be a great addition to our box of toys :)
    • J W: September 01, 2013 16:54
      Tried one before and liked the sensation, would love to try one of these out and see if it works. I'm happy with my size now, but anything extra is always a bonus!
    • chucky: September 01, 2013 17:10
      I would love to have a bigger cock so we could try some more exotic positions and still achieve a good amount of penetration. I would love to have this product
    • steve: September 01, 2013 17:10
      that'd the last time i the mrs asked if i'm in yet
    • Lynne: September 01, 2013 17:11
      Would love to win this!
    • steve h: September 01, 2013 17:13
      worth a try, would pass the time i suppose lol
    • Laura S: September 01, 2013 17:33
      Yep, size does matter. Cant be doing with no 4 inchers ;)
    • Louise&James: September 01, 2013 17:43
      I feel the usual rule is if the guy knows he had a big one he's an arrogant selfish lover and doesn't aim to please as he thinks the size does all the work. If he feels average or below average he puts in more effort to make the woman happy as he's scared it won't be enough. x
    • shirley anne adams: September 01, 2013 18:04
      my other half keeps on going on about one of these,this would be a great gift for him lol :)
    • vicky: September 01, 2013 18:12
      i would rather buy a new set of stainless steel exhaust pipes for my motorbike with that sort of money, i have way more fun and freedom with my bike than i have with any man even ones with big cocks.
    • KT: September 01, 2013 18:14
      Pump up the volume!
    • Doddy: September 01, 2013 18:18
      I've always wondered if these things actually work. An extra inch or 2 never hurt anyone ;-)
    • Ethel Tench: September 01, 2013 18:20
      Size isn't the most important thing. It's how you use it.
    • Chris: September 01, 2013 18:58
      If you havin' size problems
      I feel bad for you son
      I got 99 problems
      A little willy ain't 1
    • Dowster: September 01, 2013 19:09
      Size dosn't matter its what you do with it
    • Faye: September 01, 2013 19:11
      I personally think men need both size and technique. Lucky my man has both :) Though an extra inch wouldn't hurt.. ;)
    • Emma Chamberlain: September 01, 2013 19:26
      Would love to win this :)
    • Richard: September 01, 2013 19:44
      This'd please my OH!
    • JulieM: September 01, 2013 19:46
      Wowzers this is pricey. Sure the other half wouldn't complain if he got a pressie worth this much.
    • Christopher: September 01, 2013 19:47
      If I won this, I hope mine wouldn't already be too big to fit inside it ;-)
    • Gemma Gwynne: September 01, 2013 19:49
      Size doesn't matter to me but my husband sometimes complains about it so this would be the BEST early Christmas present ever! Fingers crossed x
    • Teresa: September 01, 2013 20:00
      Would love to win this for my BF
    • Pip: September 01, 2013 20:06
      Size shouldn't matter as there's always Lovehoney
    • Laura: September 01, 2013 20:10
      Sometimes size does matter but saying that sometimes you can have a guy well endowed who doesn't know how to use it, or a guy who is small in size but can use it very well, it all depends on experiences n how well men can use their penis, as the saying goes good things come in small packages (just hopefully not too small ;P)
    • Zai95: September 01, 2013 20:12
      Looks very good but maybe a bit to expensive for most people .
    • Silverdrop: September 01, 2013 20:31
      Penis pumps aren't just for size - they're also for pleasure!
    • kinky geek: September 01, 2013 20:36
      What a piece of equipment this is!
    • M: September 01, 2013 21:34
      My boyfriend has a smaller penis that all my other exes.. but he is THE best I've ever had, the sex is great
    • Lightningrider: September 01, 2013 22:08
      Reading through the comments, I believe the general consensus is that one of these could be ace! I'd like to agree with several of the women on here who have said that 'larger' men tend to think that their manhood is all you need to have a good time, whereas the opposite is true. Less well endowed men put in more effort to make the sexual experience more satisfying all round ;-) xxxx
    • Cornish89: September 01, 2013 22:20
      Wow that's expensive! Wonder if it works?!
    • Katie: September 01, 2013 22:39
      Wow quite pricey but looks good
    • Whitehorse30: September 01, 2013 23:06
      Wow looks easy n fun if I had this I think I would n my baby ko would be very happy with this new toy :) ooh I no she would beg for more lol
    • Steven: September 02, 2013 00:17
      Its ok for a woman to get rid of a guy based on the size of his penis but if a guy was to break up with a woman over the size of her breasts, he'd be called shallow.
    • Daniel: September 02, 2013 00:50
      Always keen to try out new stuff. Size isn't an issue unless you see it as an excuse for low confidence (or a cause). Does seem a tad expensive though!
    • Daniel: September 02, 2013 06:59
      That looks like a great deal, it would be great to try it out specially at that price =)
    • Spontificate: September 02, 2013 08:06
      Never tried pumps, but would be curious to try this one. I work on the principle if you are going to try something new don't start off cheap.
    • Jon: September 02, 2013 08:27
      ...Try anything once...
    • Naughty nurse 85: September 02, 2013 10:29
      I think my OH would punch me he I bough him one of these. It would need to work at that price! I do prefer a bigger grift but lengh doesn't matter to me
    • Pieter: September 02, 2013 12:16
      I always wanted to try a bathmate but it's to expensive. I have a regular airpump and it works well but I want to know if the bathmate makes a big difference. So fingers crossed ;)
    • sharon smith: September 02, 2013 13:14
      its not the size of the penis that counts to me,its the person that that you are with that matters,if you love your partner, you should take them for what their body parts are
    • Leevi: September 02, 2013 13:17
      Very interesting product series but I've never got one because it seems too expensive for what I'd have to gain from it (a little extra wouldn't hurt though)
    • Luke: September 02, 2013 14:51
      This has a massive price tag.. and 250% more efficient is a bold claim
    • stu: September 02, 2013 14:52
      would love to win this , looks like a great bit of kit !
    • Jason: September 02, 2013 15:34
      I'm much more of a bath man than a shower man! :p
    • LukeO: September 02, 2013 15:41
      Wouldn't mind a go with this.
    • lori quesinberry: September 02, 2013 16:54
      Pumps are amazing. I've heard that this one truly produces lasting effects making the price totally worth it!
    • North: September 02, 2013 17:22
      Being an average sized guy I've always found that method and imagination more than makes up for being oversized... Still wouldn't mind an extra inch or two though!
    • Russ: September 02, 2013 17:26
      Worth a go i guess..An extra inch has gotta be good for the girls..
    • Dan chapman: September 02, 2013 18:03
      Think its important but not everything, would like to use this and see what happens.


    • Jade: September 02, 2013 19:27
      Pump it up, don't get rid!!!
    • PropertyOfPotter: September 02, 2013 23:05
      We've never used anything like this before! Super curious about it now!
    • James: September 03, 2013 06:09
      As a 3 inch owner size does matter. I would totally use this
    • Jonny: September 03, 2013 09:52
      You need to have enough down there to be felt but sex isn't just about how much you are packing! You have 8 fingers, 2 thumbs and a mouth to make use of!
    • Kulvinder bhogal: September 03, 2013 13:01
      No I don't think it matters what sizy you are, it's what you do with it that matters. :)
    • Kulvinder Bhogal: September 03, 2013 13:14
      i would like to agree with another poster about men considered to be shallow if they split with a woman because of her breast size being too small. yet, women seem to be able to do as they please. Hmm, don't get me started, smiles.
    • jodie: September 03, 2013 14:11
      I think size does matter to women. What a cool bit of equipment love to have a go with it
    • Val750: September 03, 2013 14:45
      Like all men I used to think size was everything. But after having seen quite a few others on various websites I've realised I am average to slightly above. Pleasing I must say :-)
    • boss72: September 04, 2013 01:54
      I think its worth it my partner loves to see me use one to see how big and how much I can take she as the pump or controls in her hand for what one we r using
    • Daniel: September 04, 2013 02:16
      I do agree with size doesn't matter but surely it wouldn't hurt if your man/your penis is bigger? I mean for me personally atm I am what is called a "late bloomer" so I am still at around 6.6in erect at 18 and personally it is a little embarrassing. Since I am a verse top/bottom I like to know that I can please my guy as well. I know the UK average is around 7in so I'm not that far off but for me personally I like taking bigger since it's more filling and I like the strech/burn feeling it gives ;-D
    • Mr.Loverman: September 04, 2013 09:49
      wow,some piece of equipment, wouldn't mind trying one, without the price tag
    • Happydays: September 04, 2013 11:38
      Don't think it matters, I'm not that big but never had any complaints(to my face that is).. would be interesting to see if it works.
    • Fluffbags: September 04, 2013 22:41
      We would be very interested to try a penis pump like this. It looks amazing. I must say though, the part that tickled me the most was at the end of the video, with the guy in the shower with his shower strap attachment! hehe
    • Stevie: September 04, 2013 23:05
      Would be interesting to see if the partner notices.
    • darren: September 05, 2013 10:07
      id certainly give it a try , im not so insecure to buy one, but hey its a good incentive to bathe a bit more often (if you win it )
    • Stuart fletcher: September 05, 2013 14:40
      If you have a small, average or big penis then there is always room for more. Everyone loves a little extra.
    • Stuart: September 05, 2013 17:41
      Looks like it would be worth a try - might suprise the misses ;-)
    • TheSinDoll: September 05, 2013 19:02
      We've never actually used one. I think it'd be interesting to try!
    • Blake: September 05, 2013 19:31
      Would love try this product, looks great yeah it's expensive but the pleasure you would receive would be intense. Lovehoney is the best! Amazing products, amazing prices and best of all amazing competitions!
    • Blake: September 05, 2013 19:31
      Would love try this product, looks great yeah it's expensive but the pleasure you would receive would be intense. Lovehoney is the best! Amazing products, amazing prices and best of all amazing competitions!
    • Dave: September 05, 2013 20:05
      Seems very expensive but in for a penny in for two hundred pound!
    • Lynn: September 05, 2013 20:06
      As a famous Supermarket Says. 'Every Little Helps' ;)
    • Brend: September 05, 2013 20:56
      I'd give that a go no worrie!
    • Madminx: September 05, 2013 21:39
      Be interesting to see what happens!
    • Wolf Simpson: September 05, 2013 22:23
      Would sure improve my bath times...
    • K.C.: September 06, 2013 01:50
      I would love to see how it goes!
    • Jess: September 06, 2013 01:50
      I'm not sure how I feel about this, but everything is worth a try :)
    • Nicola: September 06, 2013 13:02
      Got to be worth a try!!!
    • louise: September 06, 2013 13:06
      It would be nice if he had a slightly larger penis.
      Though I only seem to orgasm with external stimulation
      Be nice to try him a little bigger though
      (an extension of what I previously posted about his erectile problems)
    • Paul: September 06, 2013 14:32
      I'm very happy with my size, but always willing to try something new :-)
    • Russ: September 06, 2013 14:48
      I'll throw my tackle into this comp, I wouldn't buy one but am intrigued as to how it will feel rather than how effective it is.

      I think matching up with your partner is the key here. Being a good fit makes a huge difference, pardon the pun. I know my current partner has had bigger, but I'm just right and with the right positions and movements I can be pretty effective :)

      Fingers crossed for this one, could be interesting

    • Chris Kinnk: September 06, 2013 22:40
      Can't say I've tried one of these before, but worth a shot, if only to go all Austin Powers...
    • TheSinDoll: September 07, 2013 05:49
      We've never used one of these before, but it looks so exciting!
    • canttalkeating: September 07, 2013 17:26
      I need this please :)
    • Damien: September 08, 2013 03:51
      my penis could never be too big they say size does not matter, but truthfully it does
    • JT: September 08, 2013 11:14
      Just lol.
    • JD: September 08, 2013 11:14
    • melissab: September 12, 2013 20:24
    • Andrew Guppy: September 16, 2013 09:54
      This sounds great
    • realistic: September 28, 2013 15:06
      Sure size matters but we all have our own shape and size. Whats big for me can be too small for the next girl. Things onley get frustrating when partners just don't fit :). I'm so glad there are stores like lovehoney to deal with that problem!!
    • fitgypsy: September 28, 2020 10:22
      changing times of increasing stress and worries from job tension. Got no free time, but if I win this, I could be so lucky, because the veins of penis are directly linked to the heart. Making it the best thing to choose for being happier