1. Could Lube Revolutionise Your Sex Life? Plus, Win 5 Lovehoney Bundles!

    Win 1 of 5 Lovehoney Lube Bundles Worth over £25"Lube enhances pleasure, and makes every single thing that you do feel better" says sexpert Tracey Cox. And we completely agree with her.

    Don't just take our word for it. A 2010 study of 2,453 women found that those who used water-based lube regularly were not only healthier in general - but they also reported greater pleasure during sex. [ScienceDaily]

    Whether you're looking for super-slippery silicone lube, delicious flavoured lube or thick anal lube, we have what you're looking for in our Essentials section.

    Because everyone needs lube in their lives, we're giving away Lovehoney lube bundles to 5 lucky readers! Just comment below by August 23rd to be in with a chance to win.

    Each bundle includes a Lovehoney Delight Silk Lubricant (£3.00), Release Masturbation Lubricant (£7.99), Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant (£4.99), Fresh Toy Cleaner (£4.99) and a Small Satin Drawstring Toy Bag (£3.99) - that's a total value of over £25 each!

    That's not all! Read on for the best lube stories from around the web…

    • Cascade Wave Self-Lubricating Silicone VibratorA UK company has come up with a novel concept - a self lubricating vibrator. Yep, the Cascade vibes (right) feature internal compartments for lube cartridges which squirt out lube at the touch of a button. We couldn't believe it either! [A Self-Lubricating Vibrator - What Next?]
    1. Our Video of the Week shows what happens when you mix two vloggers, a massive vat of Wet! Lube and a mechanical bull.

    The winners of the Satisfy Me G-Spot Dildo from last week is Karen. Remember to comment below for your chance to win one of 5 Lovehoney Lube Goodie Bags (worth over £25 each)! The winners will be chosen at random and contacted by email, so make sure to use one you check regularly.

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    Comments (140)

    • Alex: August 18, 2013 08:02
      The lube Olympic javelin toss was cancelled after a number of competitors misinterpreted it as a double entendre.
    • nick: August 18, 2013 08:45
      great idea!!!!
    • Scorpius12: August 18, 2013 09:16
      A couple of good quality lubes are a 'toy box' must have! Another great blog LH :)
    • xmorningxgloryx: August 18, 2013 09:38
      My sex life has improved so much since discovering the benefits of lube! Would never be without it now!
    • Cornish89: August 18, 2013 09:44
      Lube is the way forward! Lol would love to win the goodies! X
    • Jason: August 18, 2013 10:15
      Lube has truly revolutionised our sexual experience. Really couldn't do without it now and this stuff is really great and last a long time even when using a small amount!!
    • Julian: August 18, 2013 10:25
      You can never have too much lube
    • Noo89: August 18, 2013 10:31
      Too much lube can be a nightmare! Just a little goes a long way and is a godsend...
    • Mr Francis Bigger: August 18, 2013 10:55
      We have got some Lovehoney lube and it's great, it would be good to try some of their other versions.
    • Ann Collings: August 18, 2013 11:14
      Lube as improved my sex life a lot
    • ljw: August 18, 2013 11:16
      everyone needs lube in there life
    • Katie: August 18, 2013 11:19
      Perfect for a quicky or even when you want to take it nice and slow! My partner and I wouldn't be without it!
    • Nick: August 18, 2013 11:24
      Lube is the essence of civilization
    • Steph: August 18, 2013 11:26
      Never used lube with the OH before, hmm..
    • Charlie: August 18, 2013 11:27
      Love a bit of lube.
    • Isaac: August 18, 2013 11:41
      Started using lube in the bedroom recently and it's improved an already fantastic sex life. We'll never be without lube again!
    • Hayley: August 18, 2013 11:47
      Quite a fan of the LoveHoney enjoy water based lube myself. Lube is not something that is discussed much yet i have found then when bringing it up as a topic of conversation people do actually have an opinion on it and want to listen/discuss
    • Lucy-Anne: August 18, 2013 11:49
      Tried many diffrent brands but lh are by far the best in everything... first stop on payday as always >_<
    • Louise&James: August 18, 2013 12:05
      A good lube is a toy box stable, put the bottle in the freezer or hot water for sensory play ;) x
    • louise: August 18, 2013 12:11
      Only lube we've tried were Ky jelly and crisco shortening.
    • Dean: August 18, 2013 12:19
      Been using Tracy Cox water based for years solo, not used it with partners much though....
    • sarah: August 18, 2013 12:22
      A good lube definatly makes things more fun and sensual :-)
    • haylz: August 18, 2013 12:30
      Too much lube is just enough, you know ;)
    • vicky: August 18, 2013 12:38
      Oooo slip sliding i would love to win one of these things are always better wetter :)
    • jj: August 18, 2013 12:40
      Big fan of lube - definitely increases pleasure. Enjoy experimenting with different flavours & sensations.
    • Celeste: August 18, 2013 12:44
      Lubes amazing but not sure about flavored lube, something to try in the future I think.
    • Robert: August 18, 2013 13:07
      me and OH have try every different flavor ;)
    • TBoy78: August 18, 2013 14:17
      Love lube, works wonders :-)
    • Sven: August 18, 2013 14:29
      Lube makes such a difference, espically the warm and tingley ones ;o)
    • David: August 18, 2013 14:35
      I found that due to my wife's having the contraception Injection that it gave her vaginal dryness and to have a pleasurably sex life that lube was essential to help us with this problem we tried different types with different feelings and flavors that our Love Making is Great without Lubes i don't know what we would have done :)
    • Ethel: August 18, 2013 14:48
      Lube is just the job.
    • Chloe Farmer: August 18, 2013 15:13
      I think Lube really can spice up your love life - whether it be flavoured , heating, cooling, tingling or delaying the slippery stuff can help love making feel more passionate, naughty , fun and feels amazing!! Can be a bit messy but its worth it - can always have a steamy shower together to finish of your session and to clean up whatever you have been using :)
    • Kelly: August 18, 2013 15:13
      Could not live without it!
    • Imogen: August 18, 2013 15:15
      Everything is better with lube!
    • Karl Harris: August 18, 2013 15:22
      Lube is fun .sexual and a must for sex play
    • Angeldelight: August 18, 2013 15:28
      We have had lots of fun with different flavours and sensation lubes ,not tried lovehoney lubes ,I bet they are great just like the rest of lovehoney s good x
    • kinky geek: August 18, 2013 15:34
      Can never have too much lube! Uber essential.
    • zan: August 18, 2013 15:34
      Makes this way more wet and sexy ;)
    • fizzy: August 18, 2013 15:37
      I love lube and i love the video!
    • jenny: August 18, 2013 16:22
      dont think ive ever tried LH own brand lubes (yet)
    • Labyrinth: August 18, 2013 17:26
      Well they do say that the best sex is messy sex... Lube is great! You will never have a better time than with a dab of lube
    • Lindsay M: August 18, 2013 18:55
      Oh my, what another great giveaway! I could totally do with some lubes and definitely a toy cleaner. ;)
      Thanks, as always, LoveHoney!
    • Sugar Doll: August 18, 2013 18:59
      I love using flavored lube when performing oral.
    • Naughty nurse 85: August 18, 2013 19:01
      Everyone should have lube in there naughty box ! Just remember guys.... A little goes a long way! I've had some exes pour half a bottle over there bits and I have to say that feeling like I'm making love to a slug is not a good sensation
    • dizzygirl: August 18, 2013 19:10
      I could put these products to good use.
    • MrsMcX: August 18, 2013 19:15
      Luuuuuube glorious llllluuuuuubbbeeeeeee!!!
    • Sand: August 18, 2013 19:26
      I love a good lube!
    • Jessica: August 18, 2013 19:33
      I've been buying different brands to try out with my toys to see what I like then I bring in the other human for my favorites.
    • mel: August 18, 2013 19:44
    • david: August 18, 2013 19:51
      good to win that
    • Sam: August 18, 2013 19:53
      I can't live without lube now! I could never of discovered the joys of anal play without it. A must have for the bedroom!
    • david: August 18, 2013 19:55
      i use Lovehoney Lubricant all the time and love it
    • John: August 18, 2013 20:42
      I've tried a few of these. An essential too any sex collection
    • Sweet: August 18, 2013 21:10
      Yes please, put me in the draw!!
    • Silverdrop: August 18, 2013 21:22
      Water based lube for vaginal or toy use. Silicone for anal use. We never ever ever have sex without lube!
    • bumblebee: August 18, 2013 22:54
      Lube olympics!!! omg!!! It's just the one thing (well, other than condoms) you just shouldn't run out of!!!
    • Tess: August 18, 2013 23:03
      I just ran out of lube, and it would be PHENOMENAL to win this! I've only ever tried one kind and this would be a perfect way to branch out.
    • George: August 19, 2013 00:30
      Lube me up
    • johnny: August 19, 2013 02:48
    • tre: August 19, 2013 02:59
      Great lubes
    • WildThing: August 19, 2013 08:05
      Great lube! The world would be a drier, unhappier place without it!
    • Laura: August 19, 2013 08:58
    • Sara: August 19, 2013 09:14
      This sounds amazing, am currently trying to get my hands on all the lovehoney 'lubes' have got a few, but I do think my box to match. Have all the durex lubes on the same principle...
    • Ruby: August 19, 2013 12:32
      Oh dear god, that video is brilliant!

      But yep, I'm most definitely a fan of lube, though I've yet to find a flavoured one I can stand.

    • Khaleesi: August 19, 2013 14:02
      My favorite is the Lovehoney water based lube! X
    • Neil: August 19, 2013 16:37
      Flavoured lubes are the future
    • AndrewS: August 19, 2013 17:07
      I love lube!!!
    • Marie: August 19, 2013 17:07
      Great video. We've run out as well!
    • Laura: August 19, 2013 17:08
      lube is amazing! makes sex even better (if that's possible!!)
    • Stevie: August 19, 2013 17:14
      Yes! Me lube really does make everything better. Me and my partner always use lube. ;)
    • Alice: August 19, 2013 17:19
      We love lube! There's always a tube by the bed here, we use it for anal and it also makes for phenomenal (so he says anyway!) hand jobs. Have used it on zips too. Really handy stuff.
    • Angel: August 19, 2013 17:23
      I was always a fan of id lubes but now really love super slik and a little goes a very long way. Never tried the lovehoney lubes, but may be tempted to give them a go when I need to buy more. Any recommendations?
    • Angel: August 19, 2013 17:25
      I was always a fan of id lubes but now really love super slik and a little goes a very long way. Never tried the lovehoney lubes, but may be tempted to give them a go when I need to buy more. Any recommendations?
    • Chris: August 19, 2013 17:28
      I've never tried lubes, not sure what to think.
      I'm guessing the anal one is a must? But not so sure. Although all the comments above seems to suggest I'm missing out.
    • Jp: August 19, 2013 17:43
      Could come in handy for my wedding anniversary !!!
    • lavinia: August 19, 2013 18:05
      Having recently had a conversation with my daughter and her friend about the very subject of lube, this competition to win some seems timely :) here's hoping :)
    • Ds: August 19, 2013 18:11
      Lube is great!
    • Ds: August 19, 2013 18:11
      Lube is great!
    • Ben Dale: August 19, 2013 18:40
      You always need more lube
    • Neil: August 19, 2013 18:52
      Can never have too much lube.
    • Carl: August 19, 2013 19:14
      Lube needed here!!!
    • Winter_Is_Coming: August 19, 2013 19:36
      Looks great! We can always do with more lube ;)
    • darren: August 19, 2013 20:03
      pina colada durex play lube is my fav
    • Rose: August 19, 2013 20:20
      One can never have enough lube! Naughty girls need their lube ;) h
    • Ryan JACKSON: August 19, 2013 21:27
      Although we havent used LH lubes before... apart froma small sachet.... they really improve sensations. Some last a good amount of time and can make certain positions / styles much more accessible. They are a must have for your 'special little box'
    • rag doll: August 19, 2013 21:55
      when and where can i apply to the lube Olympics.

      as for too much lube, i believe Kin.com has a very funny behind the scenes video on just that matter.

    • Adam: August 19, 2013 22:00
      Lubes are the best you can even rub it between her boobs. Just make sure you dont slide of the bed lol
    • Angela: August 19, 2013 22:04
      Would love some lube
    • sir.nick: August 19, 2013 22:06
      can you slip me an extra box even if I don't win :P
    • delilah: August 19, 2013 22:39
      Love lube :)
    • Luke: August 19, 2013 22:52
      Always say yes to lube
    • martg: August 19, 2013 23:17
      what fun you can have with lube the possibilites are endless
    • Spontificate: August 20, 2013 07:04
      Lube definitely makes solo and couple play more fun.
    • Stuart: August 20, 2013 09:55
      You can't go wrong with a bit of lube ;-)
    • Usagi: August 20, 2013 11:09
      I've only just discovered the joys of lube and I can't get enough!
    • Jay: August 20, 2013 12:02
      Couldn't go back to not having lube!
    • Utter Jibberish: August 20, 2013 13:12
      Lube for Prime Minister!
    • chloe: August 20, 2013 13:15
      Lube is an essential in my relationship, its unbelievable how much of a difference it can make!! I don't think i could ever go back to not using it
    • Emma Savage: August 20, 2013 13:18
      Boyfriend told me he wants naked lube wrestling and that we need to buy sheets of plastic to do it on so we don't ruin the bedding. At least he's being tidy! Can't wait ;)
    • Elle Ash: August 20, 2013 13:36
      I'm seriously going to try that "alternative to shaving cream" thing...
    • VulpenFire: August 20, 2013 16:40
      Lube would be highly appreciated as our stock is decreasing dangerously.
    • chris: August 20, 2013 17:30
      lube just adds a bit extra to the fun we are already having :)
    • Mistress Lauriana: August 20, 2013 18:40
      Would love to win!!
    • Melissa Middles: August 20, 2013 20:33
      I would like to win some :P
    • Becky: August 20, 2013 20:56
      Haha yes please!
    • Steph: August 20, 2013 23:10
      Ooo can't go wrong!!!
    • Angela della Muerta: August 20, 2013 23:21
      Lube is becoming increasingly useful...
    • Tasha: August 21, 2013 00:25
      Awesome stuff, never without it :)
    • Charlie: August 21, 2013 00:42
      Easiest way to spice things up! Defiantly a nice way to test the water with a new parter, to see how they react to hopefully try something a little more adventurous :)
    • Jay: August 21, 2013 01:09
      Ooh I'm running low so fingers crossed...
    • Candied Citrus: August 21, 2013 02:20
      Lube really is great - it's perfect for making anything more fun, and soooo useful too.

      And some of those ideas are in the alternate uses link are ingenious! :D Haha!

    • Zofoor: August 21, 2013 13:03
      Yeah...! Lube is always a nice gift :D
    • alex mcallister: August 21, 2013 13:07
      depends on your age but it is very useful
    • Alison: August 21, 2013 15:30
      Have never used it but reading this has made me want to give it ago!
    • alex rose: August 21, 2013 18:52
      Always room for some nice lubricant in the play box.
    • Zara: August 21, 2013 21:09
      Hmmm never used lube before with oh...........maybe just maybe!!
    • shannon: August 21, 2013 23:19
      I'd love to win this cheeky bundle and see which I liked best! So far I've only tried the waterbased with my points so I'd love to test them all. I don't want this opportunity to slip past me!
    • Moony: August 22, 2013 06:40
      I always find lube makes sex so much better, especially ones made for extra sensations :)
    • Rachael: August 22, 2013 14:12
      Lube is great for making everything run a lot smoother! my boyfriend is a bit big and it avoids the awkward adjustment period!
    • adam: August 22, 2013 15:09
      My partner an I have not tryed Lovehoney's own brand yet but im sure it will be fun finding out.
    • Brendan Kirkpatrick: August 22, 2013 19:42
      Never leave home without some lube. Must have item.
    • sexy little minx: August 22, 2013 19:42
      It's always better when it's wetter!
    • lillithlibby: August 22, 2013 19:45
      I love lube! Up until recently I'd never used any and so it took me a while to enjoy anything relatedmn
      One little tub of lube later and its my newest funnest thing ever!!!!
    • mrandmrspandl: August 22, 2013 20:12
      With all our lovehoney toys, we get through quite a lot of lube. Helps make things so much more enjoyable.
    • beth: August 22, 2013 20:44
      water based, glycerine and paraben free lube is always on my must buy list. It makes sex so much easier and comfortable!
    • Rach: August 22, 2013 20:58
      Durex passionfruit lube is the bomb ;)
    • gem: August 22, 2013 22:09
      A must have for any toy box
    • matt: August 22, 2013 22:10
      Great prize would be great to try some different products out my OH picks and buys the lube!
    • Ken: August 23, 2013 00:01
      Will be trying some of those ideas, thanks!
    • Hayley: August 23, 2013 09:59
      I think I just found a new game for a private party - lube Olympics! Hahahahahahaa
    • Mike Sharman: August 23, 2013 13:10
      Great product for fun times :)
    • chloe: August 23, 2013 13:10
      Sex can go from amzing to mind blowing when theres lube involved!
    • Michel: August 23, 2013 13:14
      You never have too much lube and I lovehoney
    • Jade Cole: August 23, 2013 13:20
      There's something lighthearted and playful about lube! Makes sexy time fun, a little bit naughty (depending on how u apply it!) but still very intimate!
    • David: August 23, 2013 13:38
      This new lube stuff looks like fun good job A.S.
    • Vicki: August 23, 2013 15:05
      Sometimes we need a little help to achieve optimum dampness!
    • Nicky: August 23, 2013 15:39
      Due to a medical condition lube is essential for me plus hooked on flavored ones
    • Harriet: August 29, 2013 12:44
      Love lube! How did i ever live with out it before?? It really does get things going if its not quite as wet down there as i want it.
    • Sara: September 11, 2013 07:02
      Whoop whoop
    • Caitlin: December 22, 2013 15:14
      Lubricant is one of my best friend because it help me enjoy in sex. journalhome.com/lyndasanchez/818635/choosing-a-lubrication.html
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