1. Even More Sex Please! Plus, Win a Lovehoney Goodie Bag!

    Win a Lovehoney bundle!

    It's good news: More Sex Please, We're British (the Channel 4 documentary about Lovehoney) is going to be aired on your tellyboxes again! If you haven't already seen it (and even if you have), make sure you tune in to More 4 tonight at 11.05pm.

    After it originally aired last May, we got dozens of requests from viewers asking for the special Lovehoney mugs we have at HQ - but alas, they're not for sale.

    But when yet another request came for a Lovehoney mug on the forum last week, we decided we'd give you a chance to win a completely exclusive, money-can't-buy-it Lovehoney Mug!

    Because we're nice, we'll also send you a Lovehoney 10 Function Dream Bullet Vibrator (£12.99), Lovehoney Oh! Multispeed Vibrating Love Ring (£5.99), Lovehoney Delight Silk Water-Based Lubricant (£3.00), Lovehoney Satin Drawstring Toy Bag (£4.99) and Lovehoney Get Fresh! Mints (£0.99).

    This fantastic goodie bag has everything you need to have a fun night in – and a cuppa the next morning!

    To be in with a chance to get your hands on this fab prize, simply drop us a comment below to tell us why you'd love to win, and we'll randomly select one lucky reader.

    This competition is now closed.

    Comments (71)

    • Carol Barnett: August 06, 2013 08:33
      Because after, what seems like an eternity, my luck appears to be changing. So why not :)
    • Scorpius12: August 06, 2013 08:35
      Wow - LH - I would love to win one of these mugs. The minute I spied them on the show - I asked if they were for sale - but alas they were not. It would be super cool to own one of these. Fingers Crossed! P.S. Maybe all the lovely LH staff from the show could sign it and make it a real collectors item :)
    • Gemma Donaldson: August 06, 2013 08:36
      Because a cuppa in a lovehoney mug is an ideal way to start my day :-)
    • Laura: August 06, 2013 08:37
      I am having a dry spell, but a girl should always be prepared for all eventualities.
    • Richard: August 06, 2013 08:40
      ...because wouldn't it be nice to wake up on a Sunday morning with more than just a hot and steamy cuppa! ;)
    • Simon: August 06, 2013 08:50
      I need this mug in my life - it would make everyone at work blush :-)
    • Mrs Average: August 06, 2013 08:54
      Can't believe how much I am covetting the mug right now, with all the wonderfull things we can purchase from LH I'd happily spend my OH points on a mug... Really want one!!!!!
    • MissTerryCleavage: August 06, 2013 09:05
      What better way to start the day then with a reminder of all the pleasure Lh have brought to me the night before :)

      Sure fire way to start the day with a grin :)

    • Lindsay M: August 06, 2013 09:06
      I'd love to win this goodie bag because I simply adore Lovehoney and your great toys! Your service is amazing and prices a thrill on their own. <3 My little black toy box is getting quite full, though! I might need to find a new hissing spot soon, at this rate. ;)
    • Kelly: August 06, 2013 09:15
      I'd love to win because let's face it, after using everything else in the goodie bag I'm going to need a good, strong cup of tea to steady myself!
    • xmorningxgloryx: August 06, 2013 09:33
      I would love to win this goodie bag! Lovehoney is my first port of call when I get on my laptop in the morning. What could be better than having a Lovehoney cuppa too?!
    • sarah: August 06, 2013 09:47
      I would love to drink my morning coffee from a lovely new lovehoney mug :-) - but it wont be the coffee that ill be stirring with the 10 function bullet vibrator ;-)
    • SubReiSkyeM: August 06, 2013 10:27
      I really want that Lovehoney mug because I haven't got any special merch from Lovehoney and I think you're all fantastic. I'd love the chance to promote you wherever I went and drink from the mug while browsing your site! I could also do with a new storage bag for my newest Lovehoney g-spot toy ;)
    • Rae: August 06, 2013 10:32
      It would be really funny to make my elderly mum in law a cuppa with that mug! Mind you it would be the first time this week lovehoney made me smile!!
    • Ork: August 06, 2013 10:34
      Because I'm the only Ork in the village :P
    • carrie: August 06, 2013 10:34
      I'd love the Goodie bag because when people ask me what Lovehoney does I can tell them all about the joy you bring to the bedroom and I'm sure my other half would love the vibbing ring - see thinking of him too ;)
    • Rae: August 06, 2013 10:36
      Heck that was supposed to say it wouldn't be the first time this week! Just look what you do to me lovehoney, I can't speak when you are around ;-)
    • MrsMcX: August 06, 2013 10:40
      I watched "More Sex Please We're British" online about a month ago after discovering LH a few month before that. It was so enlightening. The whole LH process is fascinating and really makes you realise that sex toys aren't taboo, you're not a rude or dirty person for enjoying sex toys. I think I've been brought up in an old fashioned way, but now I see the light and I'm convered and fully praising the LH gods!!

      After I've joined I've told so many friends about how wonderful LH is. It seems so natural to me talking about sex in general with my friends now, whereas before I would cringe as soon as sex was mentioned and want to leave the room as quick as possible!

      Not only that, but LH has transformed my sex life, after being married for only a year, but being together for 7, our sex life took a dive, I didn't know what to do. I started off with a Sexier Life Starter Pack and it just give me the confidence boost that I needed. Me and my husband are closer than ever and for the first time are totally comfortable with each others bodies. We're constantly buying new toys to play with and it's out little treat for the end of the month. It's so exciting waiting for that big brown box to arrive!

      So I'm may not deserve a cup, because in all honesty, I feel like I owe so much to Lovehoney, the forum members, and all the staff that are so interactive and supportive to all of the customers and members of the LH community. It would seem selfish to be gaining something additional as well as all of the support. But for me personally it would feel like a little trophy for how far I've come and a reminder of how LH helped me get my life back on track. I'm eternally greatful!

    • Harray: August 06, 2013 10:50
      This gift set is a delighfull idea, thanks to Lovehoney ... you are incredible !
    • Kim: August 06, 2013 10:52
      I would love to win this. Lovehoney lingerie is the best, accompanying toys would be wonderful. Especially as my rabbit has died a death. And i never win anything :-(. Winning this would make me feel special
    • Lisa: August 06, 2013 10:54
      I'd love to see people's faces with this mug on my desk.......live life on the edge
    • Stevie: August 06, 2013 11:23
      Oooo yes please! I'd love a mug for my cuppa after being at it with my partner! ;)
    • Laura: August 06, 2013 11:51
      Ooh. This mug would show people my true colours :P haha
    • Kerri: August 06, 2013 12:19
      Something else to get my lips around the morning after ;) hehe
    • Niko: August 06, 2013 12:33
      After a summer full of tea and coffee, my cup finally gave up, and so now there aren't any love or honey to keep me going throughout the day... Need less to say that my weeks have been very empty and unfullfilling lately. A new cup and some toys is sure to bring the love and honey back into my life again! ;)
    • Hazy: August 06, 2013 13:26
      Tea and sex toys. two of my favourite things.(and now thy are together)
    • WildThing: August 06, 2013 14:02
      Nothing like it.... I think I could possible use ALL of the items at once, sipping at my tea in the process!!
    • Toy Addict: August 06, 2013 14:14
      A Lovehoney mug!!! I think I should win because Lovehoney is my favourite retailer, the one I feel I can trust and rely on more than any other, and I would proudly drink from that Lovehoney mug every day :)
    • Tom: August 06, 2013 14:21
      no sorry I cant deprave a member of staff for their MUG, just send the others lool
    • Charlotte: August 06, 2013 14:30
      I want to win because lovehoney has changed my life! Helped me through Ldr and met some great people on the forum. Xxx
    • Rozanna: August 06, 2013 14:58
      Cause i just broke my geeky mug? and then i saw this, plus some free new toys would be a bonus!
    • chrissy: August 06, 2013 15:44
      i'd love to have a lovehoney mug and some naughty bits, i have a heaving holdall of sex toys but it's never enough!
    • kittencub: August 06, 2013 16:09
      I would love one to take to the other company party and show everyone how much better you are.
    • Zombiecpl: August 06, 2013 16:39
      Lovehoney has influenced my life so much- you got me my job, made me love sex and improved my confidence with your gorgeous lingerie, plus I just love your customer service- next to none! And for those reasons I would really love to say thank you by drinking tea from a Lovehoney mug and masturbating with a Lovehoney toy!
    • Dean: August 06, 2013 17:19
      Oh I need that mug in my kitchen! Beats the hell out of my Peter Kay one and that's saying something!!
    • matt: August 06, 2013 17:22
      I need a new cup for work i am having to use disposable cups and i am starting to think that's not good for the environment with the amount I drink. Plus my OH would be so jealous Haha
    • Sheboppin: August 06, 2013 17:37
      aww I wish I could watch it!
      will it be streaming online at all?

      I'm drinking my cuppa from an Eldorado mug this morning - it'd be pretty sweet to add another sex toy company to my mug collection ;)

    • PPD: August 06, 2013 17:40
      I need that mug! You guys have been cheeky and have it out in the occassional video, just teasing us all. It's like its saying, 'Look at this mug, you lot can't have one!' Which makes me want it even more! The only non-sexual item I'd love to have from my favourite online retailer.

      Does it have a picture of a dildo or something dirty written on the bottom?

    • tre: August 06, 2013 19:38
      Good ol mug is good start to a morning
    • Nigel: August 06, 2013 19:41
      Saw it last year...very good indeed
    • KinkyFuckery: August 06, 2013 19:51
      WOW amazing I want that mug ! Thats a fab selection sex toys are becoming less of an embarrassment
    • Naughty nurse 85: August 06, 2013 21:14
      There's nothing I enjoy more than a cuppa sweet tea after an orgasm! So what better way to drink it that from a LH mug because its thanks to LH that I have so many orgasms ! X x
    • Simon: August 06, 2013 22:04
      Need a new work mug, what a conversation starter that would be at the coffee machine!
    • gem: August 06, 2013 23:21
      Your all coveting that mug what about the mints people!
      Oh who am I kidding I want that mug Pleeeeaseeeee
    • George: August 07, 2013 00:40
      Fancy a brew? Can you throw in the Yorkshire Gold and some ginger nuts and its a done deal. Is the bullet waterproof? Might speed up the tea stewing
    • HE: August 07, 2013 08:53
      Because I wants it, my preciousss :-P
    • HE: August 07, 2013 09:00
      Because I wants it, my preciousss :-P
    • Naughty Miss K: August 07, 2013 17:47
      Agree with everyone above, it's all about the mug! Who needs a travel mug to take to uni when you could have a LH mug?
    • Alastor: August 07, 2013 18:08
      Mmmm. Let's see... When my lover and I have been playing and I reckon she might need a little refreshment to keep her going or just start chilling out, I am the one who makes her a cup of tea (occasionally coffee). It is becoming a part of our bonding ritual.
      Presenting that drink in a mug from the provider of most of the toys she has just enjoyed, would be cool.
    • Lou22: August 07, 2013 18:35
      Afraid i'm after the mug too :) I'd take it in to work to see who recognised it and to share the Lovehoney love of course x
    • Philip: August 07, 2013 21:06
      Must have mug!
    • kimkey: August 07, 2013 21:36
      Because....I never seem to win anything =( but I would like to!
    • SophieM: August 07, 2013 22:26
      Two words: LOVEHONEY MUG!!!
    • libby: August 08, 2013 04:21
      That mug is awesome :-D the mints are cool and the rest is outstanding :-D
      I think I should win this set because... i watched your show with my parents and my brother and he was making very loud pointed comments and I was sat there without blushing or giving the game away :-D
    • Zee: August 08, 2013 07:28
      Because I have never won anything in my whole life lol
    • Arinna: August 08, 2013 17:12
      I need a new mug to drink my coffee out of (and I also need a new bag for my toys--my collection is outgrowing my old one!). :D
    • kelly-ann murray: August 08, 2013 19:29
      I would love to have the postman bring me this fantastic box of pleasure in the post ;)
    • Bernie: August 08, 2013 22:07
      I would love to give my girlfriend a surprise when she comes home from work.
    • Naomi: August 08, 2013 22:38
      So I have an excuse to bring up Lovehoney (yet again) when people ask me about my mug! I don't love talking about anything more than sex related topics!
    • Michaela: August 09, 2013 11:51
      I'm new to LH, recomened by a close friend at work. Helped boast my confidence.. me and my boyfriend of 4 years can't thank you enough... let us win pleaseeee x
    • Becca: August 10, 2013 17:02
      As a customer for many many years now, I'd love to win the mug to have as mark of being an 'official' LH fanatic!

      I love you guys \o /

    • JT: August 10, 2013 17:59
      OMG I want that mug so bad!
    • Charlotte: August 10, 2013 22:20
      I recently started a relationship with a boy who has liked me for 4 years but never wanted to try incase it ruined out friendship. Much to my suprise the last two months have been the happiest of my life, and i think i owe the poor boy a little bit back for having to wait so long!!
    • CoffeeTime: August 10, 2013 22:54
      That mug will provide great xmas ideas wen im sipping coco on xmas eve.
    • Lovehoney Nicole: August 12, 2013 14:22
      And we have a winner! The randomly selected lucky commenter is Lisa. We'll be in touch about getting your prize to you.

      Thanks to everyone who commented and good luck next time.


    • niki: August 14, 2013 02:16
      I would love the chance to win this! im looking to try new things! love honey is my favourite!
    • becki white: August 23, 2013 12:06
      bullet+a cuppa=best morning ever!
    • maxine morris: August 24, 2013 20:05
      I would luv luv luv to win all of this nothing better than a buzzing good time with a hot cuppa in a love honey cup first thing in the morning (it would b absolutly orgasmic + thrilling at the same time)
    • Milly: September 07, 2013 07:08
      Hi love honey!!! I would love to win the goody bag as I'm new to the site! I bought a few toys last week and Wow! Me and my husband want to experiment more and more!!! I'm a new woman!!!
    • alex: September 08, 2013 11:20
      It looks the best
      I love win one
    • Sean69: February 09, 2014 07:14
      Free sex toys happy days
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