1. Coming Up On Top: Ian Kerner's "She Comes First" is an Instant Bestseller

    She Comes First by Ian Kerner PhDHaving been called a "New York Times bestseller that will make a better lover of any man", Ian Kerner's comprehensive guide to cunnilingus, She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman (£12.00) certainly lives up to its 5 star rating.

    The Times sex columnist Suzi Godson declared that women should "Get yourself a copy of Ian Kerner's manifesto She Comes First and make sure your boyfriend reads it too."

    A frequent guest on the TODAY Show and Dr. Oz, Ian Kerner Ph.D is a clinical sexologist and sex counsellor whose own issues with erectile dyfunction led him to develop a foolproof approach to oral sex.

    His how-to guide on every aspect of cunnilingus for men has enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide, with many happy girlfriends and wives taking to the internet to sing Mr. Kerner's praises. One reviewer even asked "Is it too late to nominate Kerner for some sort of Nobel prize?"

    With a 5 star rating, Lovehoney customers clearly share this enthusiasm!

    "He clearly knows the subject matter inside and out, literally! He explains in simple but extremely accurate terms the complete stages and sexual responses that lead a woman to orgasm. Additionally he talks a bit about the history of female sexuality. He tells the reader about the origin of some of the confusion and myths surrounding female anatomy and orgasms. After giving it to my current partner to read both he and I agree that his technique improved greatly."

    Read the full review by RedCheeks

    "It is an extremely well written book which draws on the authors’ personal experience as well as a host of other sources. I can’t imagine there is a more comprehensive book out there on the subject. The author covers every point you can imagine from attitudes to scent, from caressing to anal play, kisses to climax. Simply put a superb book and I highly recommend it to anyone who seriously wishes to truly please a woman."

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    Comments (3)

    • Ness: July 20, 2013 05:18
      Must dig out my copy again soon and reread it.

      It is pretty good =)

      Glad you've started to blog about guides!

    • KinkyFuckery: July 22, 2013 21:35
      Think may add this to the wishlist looks an interesting read
    • Lovehoney Nicole: July 23, 2013 16:52
      Thanks Ness! Let me know if there are any other guides that are particularly good :)

      KF, it would seem so! Personally I haven't read it yet, but have only heard amazing things.