1. A Self-Lubricating Vibrator - What Next?

    Cascade Ripple Self-Lubricating Silicone VibratorIt used to be that when you bought a vibrator, you had to remember to pick up batteries and lube separately.

    A recent surge in the popularity of rechargeable vibrators has seen batteries become less of an essential - and a new sex toy company is seeking to eradicate the need for lube, too!

    Incorporating LubePlay™ self-lubrication technology, Cascade rechargeable vibrators dispense lubricant at the touch of a button - ensuring you instantly have enough water-based lube where you need it most.

    The UK-based company notes: "Cascade and LubePlay™ Technology have been developed to allow you the freedom to explore and discover a new way to play."

    "Combining a luxury vibrator with the ability to release just the right amount of lubricant at the touch of a button, Cascade, is a truly unique experience."

    With the silicone Flow, Ripple and Wave vibrators to choose from, there's a Cascade vibrator for everyone… Which is your favourite?

    To get started, simply charge your Cascade vibrator with the included USB charger before inserting the included lube cartridge to enjoy the LubePlay™ feature.

    With 3 vibrating speeds and 3 pulsating patterns to choose from, each Cascade vibrator offers a different type of stimulation. If more lube is needed, a press of the button automatically dispenses the right amount to keep you comfortable and satisfied without ruining the moment.

    1. Cascade Flow Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator

      With a long, smooth shaft and tapered tip, the Flow is ideal for clitoral stimualtion.

      Cascade Flow Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator (£74.99)
    2. Cascade Wave Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator

      Rippled texture along the length of the Wave offers exquisite internal sensations.

      Cascade Wave Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator (£74.99)
    3. Cascade Ripple Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator

      The curved tip of the Ripple is great for seeking out the sometimes hard to locate G-spot.

      Cascade Ripple Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator (£74.99)

    Replacement lube cartridges are available separately. For a limited time, any purchase of a Cascade vibrator gets a free pack of Lube Refill Cartridges.

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    Comments (2)

    • violet: July 12, 2013 21:48
      you know, if lovehoney had checked the design a sex toy competition they ran when I joined, there was a design for a self lubricating vibrator... not too dissimilar to this. Maybe I should have kept my idea!
      This one does look fab, but i wonder how expensive the cartridges are to refill?
    • Kath Brothwood: July 30, 2013 17:41
      Vibrator that needs no lube fabi I'd love this always looking. For lube ruins the passionate moment