1. Highly Anticipated: Review of the Month, June 2013

    Lelo Mia 2 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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    Review of the Month

    The winner this month is HappilyExperimenting with her review of the Lelo Mia 2 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator. We loved her down to earth writing style and comparisons with the original Lelo vibrator

    "The Lelo Mia 2 was anticipated by all who had ever heard of the luxury sex toy brand. The original Mia was a slim discreet lipstick vibe and every travelling woman’s companion. Being USB-chargeable and having a lock function, there wasn’t anything Mia couldn’t do. That is, until her older sister stepped up to the mark."

    "The original Mia was powerful but this one is so much better! It has comfortable, slow vibrations on the lower end of the scale which help tease up to the point where I can turn it up to the higher settings to tip me over the edge"

    Read the full review by HappilyExperimenting.

    Read on to find out if you were chosen as a runner up..

    We've also chosen four fantastic runners up to receive 2,000 Oh! Points to spend or save as they choose. Remember to upload your honest review now to be in with a chance to win in July!

    Runners Up

    MrsMcX's review of Livia Corsetti Khyati Fishnet Back Seam Tights

    "For someone who is quite body conscious at times, I can honestly say I have never felt more amazing than when I'm wearing these! I feel like they have been tailor made just for me, and my OH certainly thought the same when he caught a glimpse!"

    Throbbingone100's review of Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator

    "If you screw the cap fully closed and try and pull out, the suction is phenomenal. It's virtually impossible to pull your penis out - this may also be to do with the internal landscape of the flight. Even moving slightly in and out with the cap screwed closed is almost unbearably sensual."

    KittyStar's review of Doc Johnson Wonderland Pleasurepillar 10 Function Silicone Vibrator

    "Those lumps, bumps and nubs that I was initially concerned about are beyond satisfying when combined with the functions! Said functions are relatively varied - 3 are essentially constant vibrations at different speeds while the rest are assorted patterns. While they aren't the strongest vibrations in the entire world I do find them pleasurable and a nice contrast to the likes of my smart wand and more powerful "in your face" toys."

    Winter_Is_Coming's review of Tracey Cox Supersex

    "Those familiar with Tracey Cox will find her usual brand of witty humour from beginning to end making it a light enjoyable read which can be easily picked back up for instant inspiration. Tracey Cox is truly an expert in this field and her passion is clearly visible from the beginning to the end of this book!"

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    Comments (7)

    • KittyStar: July 04, 2013 18:46
      Ahhh, I completely forgot my reviews put me in the running for anything like this, thank you LH and well done to everyone else as well! ^^
    • Scorpius12: July 05, 2013 07:53
      Congratulations Everyone - Fantastic Reviews! Off to check out the Lelo Mila 2 right now.....
    • HappilyExperimenting: July 05, 2013 13:45
      I am so happy right now, I've never won review of the month before! I have a huge grin stretching from ear to ear, thank you so much LoveHoney! :D
    • Lovehoney Nicole: July 05, 2013 17:19
      Well done HappilyExperimenting! You had me wondering if it's time to trade my "vintage" Mia in for the newer model ;)
    • Winter_Is_Coming: July 05, 2013 18:07
      Cheers Lovehoney! What a lovely suprise :D Was my first review as well! Well pleased! :D
    • KinkyFuckery: July 07, 2013 17:48
      Well done everyone reviews are so vital for everyone to read and get a true understanding of the product
    • MrsMcX: August 01, 2013 08:30
      I've only just noticed this after being off the forum for a little while! Wow! I'm so proud! Definitely saving all my points for something extravagant! I've actually ordered another pair of those tights for wearing with knee high dresses, you can't see the top pattern. Everyone comments on how luxurious they look, and go into a state of shock when I tell them they're from LH! Only the best as always :)
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