1. Sex or Pizza? The Million Pound Drop Chooses Sex!

    Sex or Pizza?Did you watch the Million Pound Drop this weekend? If you did, you might have noticed Lovehoney crop up at a crucial moment during the show!

    We've all jokingly asked each other hypothetical questions such as 'would you rather have sex or pizza?', but what would you do if you had £75,000 riding on it? Saturday night saw contestants playing The Million Pound Drop facing that very dilemma.

    Despite admitting their love for pizza, young couple Mel and Neil decided they'd be better placed to answer a sex-related question, and were very glad they did!

    Playing for some seriously big bucks, the pair were presented with a question from Lovehoney's 'Fast and Frisky Sex Survey', which revealed when, where and how often we are having sex.

    With just 60 seconds to decide which day of the week we are most likely to have sex, the couple swiftly reasoned that 'on Fridays you're knackered after work', splitting their money between Saturday and Sunday.

    Airing at 8pm on Friday and Saturday nights, The Million Pound Drop is a multiple-choice quiz show hosted by Davina McCall which offers people the chance to win up to a million pounds by betting on what they think are the correct answers. Players place wads of cash onto trapdoors corresponding to possible answers – which fly open if they are wrong, losing potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    Lovehoney feature on the Million Pound Drop

    At the climax of the show, players were asked to select which day of the week they felt people were most likely to have sex.

    With possible answers of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the couple decided to place £50,000 on their Saturday trapdoor and £25,000 over Sunday's slot.

    Relief flooded their faces as they watched the trapdoors labelled Friday and Sunday fall open, losing them £25,000, but ensuring the safety of their last £50,000.

    Davina excitedly revealed that according to Lovehoney's survey, 16% of people named Friday as their friskiest day, with 23% choosing Sunday and 37% opting for Saturday sessions.

    As the live show aired on a Saturday evening, Davina joked along with the audience, saying 'there's probably no point us being here, as everyone's off doing it right now!'.

    66,677 people played along onlineThe prime-time Channel 4 show offers a downloadable Million Pound Drop smartphone app with an interactive function, giving viewers the chance to play along in real time with contestants to see how they would have fared in the same situation.

    The show has an audience of 2 million people, and a whopping 66,677 people played along to our sexy question, and judging by Davina's reaction it would appear she was every bit as excited by the survey as the nation was!

    If you took our Fast and Frisky Sex Survey back in February, then we'd like to say a big thank you! You never know where our research will end up…

    Comments (6)

    • Lou22: June 17, 2013 12:06
      Yep i spotted this! Did make me smile as i remember this survey. Nice to see Lovehoneys name up there and to know the surveys are being put to good use :) x
      As for the question id go for Saturday, sex followed by pizza ;)
    • HE: June 17, 2013 20:08
      I didn't see this, but am honoured to be part of the poll-takers! Imagine if I was playing along with the contestants, I'd definately get the answer right for them!

      It's a bit strange seeing LH's name on such a famous TV show, you might get some more publicity now! :) Congrats LoveHoney! x

    • KittyStar: June 18, 2013 15:31
      I haven't watched this for ages now, always find it stressful/frustrating viewing :P
      I'm shocked but pleased that they'd air a sex based question - even more pleased that it's associated with LH!
    • KinkyFuckery: June 18, 2013 21:12
      Thats fab Lh name is getting about lately love it
    • Scorpius12: June 19, 2013 15:07
      I watched this particular show and was very excited when LH was mentioned - Very cool to be a part of these surveys and LH...
    • Lovehoney - Alice: June 21, 2013 09:42
      Thanks for the lovely feedback - always nice to see our name in lights!
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