1. How Important Is Love To Sex, Really? Plus, Win A Lelo Vibrator!

    Lelo tianiWe've all heard the age old notion that sex is more pleasurable when you're in love.

    While scientists and psychologists debate the connection between love and sex, experts agree that climax is reached more easily when you're around someone you trust.

    Do you think sex is more pleasurable when you're in a committed relationship? Or do you find orgasms equally pleasurable with any partner?

    To help you make up your mind, we're giving away a luxury Lelo Tiani Couples Vibrator (left) to one lucky reader.Simply comment below before May 24th to be in with a chance to win.

    This remote controlled vibrator slips inside the woman's body to pleasure her internally and externally while he gets added sensation during sex.

    Read on for the best reads about love and sex from the experts, which may help you see sex in a new way.

    • Researchers have discovered that the emotions of love and lust originate in related parts of the brain. As desire grows into deeper feelings of love, they move to a different part of the brain. So it would seem that sexual desire and love are inherently connected - who'd have thought? [Love, Lust and the Brain - Psychology Today]
    • Tracey Cox Supersex for LifeSexpert Tracey Cox discusses the psychology of one night stands, explaining that according to a recent survey, couples who had sex on the first date were as likely as couples who waited to have sex until later in the relationship.

      When it comes to relationship advice, we trust this lady. Her bestselling book Supersex for Life (£14.99), right, is full of hints and tips for keeping your sex life active and interesting in a long term relationship. [Can First Date Sex EVER Lead to Love? - Daily Mail]
    • Not only does love have a powerful effect on your brain, it could have good consequences for your heart! Studies show blood pressure is lower when you're around someone you love. [Studies: Love Is Good For Your Heart - ABC News]
    1. This amazing video from ASAP Science explains what happens in the brain as we fall in love. We love their explanation of all the chemical processes taking place that comes down to the simple explanation - we love being in love.

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    Comments (97)

    • HE: May 19, 2013 08:25
      I have three of Tracey Cox's books and enjoy reading about couple's relationships - it all sounds so manageable on paper but in reality it's not! I wish I could find someone to fall in love with. I have butterflies around certain people but I've not yet found someone to swoon over or love unconditionally.

      I think I would find sex more fulfilling with someone I love - from what I hear about after-sex cuddles, it helps keep trust and closeness high whilst satisfying your sex drive - and you're not constantly worrying about your wobbly bits than if you were with a stranger on a first date!

      I would rather have sex with someone I'm in love with, but in today's society this almost never happens to most young people :( I pity them sometimes.

    • RedKitsune: May 19, 2013 08:47
      I'm not sure I could have sex with someone I didn't love - let alone orgasm!
    • Rugbymadmick: May 19, 2013 10:30
      Having sex in love is the best ever, having only been with one person all my life I cannot compare to anything else, not I want anybody else. She is my everything is every way <3;-)
    • Mollie: May 19, 2013 10:33
      I think sex is much more pleasurable when you're with some one you trust and love. Similarly my partner and I are much more open about our fantasies and wanting to experiment with each other than we have been with any other partner so I think exploring those makes for a better orgasm too!
    • Wolf Simpson: May 19, 2013 10:47
      Sex can be more pleasurable when in a relationship & in love, but can be just as pleasurable when not. People enjoy the sexual release just as much when single too & meet someone who's after sexual pleasuring as much as them. It's more about the persons frame of mind, some don't feel its possible to have good sex unless its in a relationship.
    • Liz Best: May 19, 2013 11:16
      I have never needed to be in love to have sex. Sex is completely detached from emotion for me. It's a fun, enjoyable stress release. In fact, I would go as far as to say it's more enjoyable when I'm not in love.
    • Liz Best: May 19, 2013 11:21
      I have never needed to be in love to have sex. Sex is completely detached from emotion for me. It's a fun, enjoyable stress release. In fact, I would go as far as to say it's more enjoyable when I'm not in love.
    • Miranda: May 19, 2013 11:29
      Sex is 100% better when you're in love. Having that trust and connection with someone means you can both truly let yourself go and indulge in whatever you desire.
    • maltedmilk: May 19, 2013 11:37
      I didn't really know of "love sex" until I was with my current partner. Had to kiss a lot of frogs... Xx
    • Elin Svahn: May 19, 2013 11:40
      The thing about sex and attraction is that it is really fluid (never mind the pun) and so very individual. What works for one person might not work for another and doing scientific studies on such a wide subject is most likely going to end up with incorrect results. Personally, for me, I enjoy sex more with people that I can have fun with, whether I've known them a long time or met them 5 minutes ago. To me, there's no real connection between love and sex, I'm quite flexible like that.
    • KebertXela: May 19, 2013 11:47
      Who's going to clear it with my girlfrend that I am allowed to have sex with someone else to test this hypothosis?
    • Imogen: May 19, 2013 11:47
      Having never had sex with anyone I didn't love, I don't really have anything to compare with. That said, I don't think I would want to have sex with someone I didn't love, the two are so closely linked in my mind I don't think I could have one without the other.
    • adrian: May 19, 2013 11:56
      Trust is the most important part of a relationship so is love. Can't comment on loveless sex as not been there, would like to try it though ??
    • Francesca: May 19, 2013 12:13
      Having too ''kissed a lot of frogs'' I have met my soul mate in my forties. I had never really believed the hype of it being better but OMG the difference is unmeasurable. Thought i had experienced it all, oh boy was i wrong!! Lol
    • Hooch: May 19, 2013 12:14
      There's got to be some sort of spark there, otherwise what's the point?
    • Sinead: May 19, 2013 12:30
      Love definitely cuts out the walk of shame! You dont get that after sex glow with loveless sex!
    • Luxie: May 19, 2013 12:39
      Love tops all...but I think sex can be fun when you are not in love! Only because you don't worry too much about what the guy thinks of your wobbly bits, and you don't fret about being good in bed. The occasional mindless romp can be liberating :)

      Sex with someone you love can be scary at first because of the emotions involved but it's the kind I prefer. Once a lover knows you mind, body and soul, even the most innocent touch can be intensely erotic.

    • PPD: May 19, 2013 12:47
      I completely agree, the more I like someone the more comfortable I feel around them so its easier to orgasm and the sex is so much better. I haven't been in love with anyone yet though so I have no idea how that would affect the sexual relationship. I imagine it would make it much better though.

      I've never had a one night stand and I don't think I ever will - I'd just hate myself for ages afterwards and would feel so dirty about doing that with a complete stranger.

    • TheBigGee: May 19, 2013 13:11
      Guess it the difference between making love and sex.
    • MissTerryCleavage: May 19, 2013 13:18
      Not sure it's connected to love, think it's hard to find the cross over point between the connection and knowledge you get from regular sex with the same person, to actually being in love with them...

    • Veronicaxx: May 19, 2013 13:24
      I always believed sex for fun was the best kind of sex until I met my current partner who is the love of my life. Since meeting him I have discovered the joys of female ejaculation which happens each and every time without fail! I think this is enough to say that sex when your in love is always best!!
    • Lou: May 19, 2013 13:25
      In my experience loving sex is far superior, there's more of a connection - everything that makes love work feeds back into the sexual experience as well (trust, understanding, a desire to please your partner) and that makes for amazing sex! I loved the little video at the end too, my partner and I frequently describe 'nerd-love', likening our meeting and subsequent falling in love to the probability of life forming on earth!
    • Mogwai: May 19, 2013 13:31
      I can't actually imagine wanting to have sex without being in love with the person first.
    • WildThing: May 19, 2013 14:21
      Sex is much better with someone you love... Nothing is like the sensation of orgasming with someone you trust wholeheartedly and feeling the intimacy between you both....
    • PS: May 19, 2013 14:45
      Even though I am in love the lust has never left, I guess that why I am still with her after 20 years. As to if sex is better if you are in love no sex is good if you do it right.
    • travelnurse: May 19, 2013 15:12
      I do believe that sex is so much better once you have moved on to being in love. You seem to be more invested in the person and the relationship. I tend to give more and actually care about the other person and their desires rather than just the goal of the orgasm.
    • Silverdrop: May 19, 2013 15:22
      Being in love does make sex better, but I think just as important is simply practice. The more often you have sex with the same partner, the better the two of you will get at it.
    • Fluffbags: May 19, 2013 15:24
      I find my orgasms are stronger and easier to achieve with a long term partner. I think it is because you get to know each others bodies, each others likes and dislikes and learn how to really make them tick. That comes with time. It takes me a while (couple of weeks maybe) to start feeling relaxed enough with a new partner to really start to get there. This means that short term relationships, especially one nighters, do little for me generally.
    • sarah: May 19, 2013 15:35
      When you finally meet 'the one ' you find sex gets better and better as the years go by .if you trust someone so deeply you will be relaxed and making love becomes more intense and satisfying .
    • Nick: May 19, 2013 15:36
      While having sex is great whether you're in love or not, I've always found having that connection with someone you love makes it so much more satisfying. Beyond the emotional connection and the intimacy, you know each other's bodies and know what turns each other on. If you're in a commitment and trusting relationship once you've been to the GUM clinic for a checkup you don't have to use condoms. Also, trying something a little out the ordinary on a one night stand is going to raise some eyebrows. I can't imagine many people feeling comfortable playing tie up with someone they've never met, there isn't the trust there.

      Another benefit is that generally one night stands and the like are after a day/night out, and while still good, eating pussy after a whole night of dancing just doesn't compare to fresh out the shower fun. Freshness counts, especially if you're rimming!

      Finally, there's no guilty feeling after sex with someone you love, no need to escape and no awkwardness. You can enjoy a snuggle and a kiss, and you know there's a fridge downstairs with food if you fancy a post sex bacon sandwich - always amazing!

    • Renny: May 19, 2013 16:12
      I've found that sex can be equally pleasurable in a committed relationship or out of one, depending on your relationship with the individual person (or people).

      While out of a relationship, I looked forward to constantly experiencing a new person and the excitement of getting to know them, their sexual style, and whether or not we would meet again. I found myself doing everything uninhibitedly. The sex was great and I learned from each experience.

      In a relationship, I've learned to channel that energy into sex with my partner, and everything is a bit more personal. We know each others limits, and continue to push them-a personal challenge that always keeps our interactions intense and interesting.

    • Sarah :-): May 19, 2013 16:23
      Sex can be great both in a relationship and whilst your single. However personally I believe sex is much better if your with someone you love. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and I am having the best sex of my life. This is because I love him and trust him with every inch of my body. Because we trust each other we are able to discuss our fantasies and try new things together (with the help of a few love honey toys ;-) Also being in a relationship means you have the time to get to know and explore each others bodies and find secret little spots of pleasure. I cant wait for the years of amazing sex ahead with my man,
    • Neil: May 19, 2013 16:55
      Sex and love, for me, are really connected. Trust is easiest in a commited relationship and without trust, sex can't be as good.
    • InsatiablyTaken: May 19, 2013 17:24
      Orgasms are an anytime thing but something about a partner being in control of them just makes them more explosive and satisfying. I couldn't have sex without the committed relationship, there has to be the intimacy and mental connection there for me to even be interested.
    • William Kay: May 19, 2013 17:46
      Think I would split this question down the middle. Orgasm can be as pleasurable with someone you don't know and someone you trust. But all that leads up to that moment and all that follows that moment is always so much more intense and enjoyable in a committed relationship as you fight to be closest two bodies can be to one another. Orgasm is the overrated part of sex the passion involved in trying to become a single entity is when sex is its best.
    • Cathy: May 19, 2013 18:00
      Sex is best in a committed relationship...especially when experimenting and venturing into new and exciting adventures as trust and patience is important for a fun filled time.
    • Andrew: May 19, 2013 19:16
      Sex in marriage is best but only if both partners are honest and open with each other and be adventurous together . Try what your partner suggests and vice versa you may be surprised by what you discover about yourself and your partner and 9 times out of 10 it will bring you closer together as a couple and may even re-ignite the spark in your relationship.
    • Lou22: May 19, 2013 19:32
      I suppose it just depends on the person but for me it is better when you're with someone you love. Having that level of trust that only gets stronger over time just allows you to let go and be yourself completely.
    • Kellymichelle: May 19, 2013 19:53
      I'm not sure about love, but sex is definitely better with someone you trust. One night stands can be fantastic, memorable hot sex but it's a very different experience than being with someone who you can really let go with
    • jon: May 19, 2013 20:16
      Its different on both sides, the sex on a one night stand is fun naughty while sex with the one i love is something no one else can give me :)
    • KinkyFuckery: May 19, 2013 20:29
      Being in love is filled which more passion than a one night stand, that gooey feeling you can't get from that one night fumble. Being in love we want to keep that feeling going having the passion intensity and connection their with your lover is so intense and powerful , love is not blind love is amazing x
    • Rosie Glow: May 19, 2013 20:30
      I think sex is a lot of fun either way! Relationship sex is very different to casual sex, but I couldn't say either was better. I think I actually find it easier to orgasm with somebody I know less well, because it's more exciting, but orgasms with somebody I love are deeper, because, well, the emotions are deeper!
    • Charlotte: May 19, 2013 20:35
      I cant answer whether its better with another person because I have not experience that. but I think that from all the complexed emotions from that person that is your soul mate (love of your life) that makes sex the best because all of the feelings and trust.
      I don't think that you could get any better sex than with the one you love.
    • Sexynurse09: May 19, 2013 20:47
      I've had sex with people I didn't love. It was good, but in my opinion it's a million times better when you have sex with someone you're in love with. Casual meaningless sex is great, it satisfies a sexual need. I feel that meaningful sex is better because you have a deeper connection to the person, you trust the person more and it satisfies the emotional aspects of sex as well as the physical.
    • Philip: May 19, 2013 21:22
      Love is a relative thing but sex is probably better when you're in a relationship - you just have to be honest about what you want!
    • Lindsay M: May 19, 2013 22:14
      Love as an addition to sex is so exhilarating. I couldn't imagine having sex without loving the person.. Just being able to passionately kiss the one you really love and to have them hold you so close gets my heart racing!

      Thanks again for such great giveaways, Lovehoney!

    • rubysoho: May 19, 2013 22:25
      its .... DIFFERENT but not neccesarily better or worse IMO .
      sex with someoone youre .. unattatched to , be it a one nighter , a drunken encounter with a friend , a fuck buddy .. tends to maybe be a little more .. frantic in my experience , usually fuelled by alcohol as well and we ALL know how much that bashed down the inhibitions .
      when im in relationships though .. its .. more exciting in someways , though maybe less 'urgent' feeling , as the trust is there with that person , so theres no fear / concerns about trying new things , positions , toys , experimenting etc ..

    • Brittnayy: May 19, 2013 22:34
      I've never needed to be in love to orgasm happily during sex, but I must say that having sex with someone that you love is so much more fun!!
    • Mr Socks: May 19, 2013 22:40
      It's important to understand the physiological mechanisms of sex and how they relate to the psyche. That said, research of this ilk will always propagate further research and disagreement due to fundamental flaws in methodology.

      Personally, sex has typically been more fulfilling in a relationship because of the lack of pressure to perform on cue.

    • Amanda Clay: May 19, 2013 22:46
      I think it is for sure! The sexual experiences I've had when single have been very empty and pointless. But the way I feel when having sex with my OH is just phenomenal and it's totally unique to every other experience I've had. Love is the way forward!
    • friday: May 19, 2013 22:48
      I think there needs to be an honest connection in order to acheive pure climax, but that connection doesnt nesecarily have to be love, just as long as you both want the same thing out of it. Sex when you've fallen for someone is mindblowing, but then it can be with someone you just really fancy. I think the reason most women believe that love sex is the best is because theres no niggling insecurities holding them back, but if you can let go of the doubts and fears, whoever your partner, then you can have that pure elation no matter the circumstances ;)
    • Kasumi: May 19, 2013 23:32
      Orgasms are so much better when you're in love... that's why I'm in love with Lelo toys ;)
    • Wyndham: May 19, 2013 23:45
      We have been lusting after one of these toys for ever! Luxury and for couples play, what more could you want? W
    • Dan: May 19, 2013 23:49
      sex and love are two different things for me, you can have sex without love and love without sex, but when you have both then you can have the most amazing love making ever the passion the closeness are al magnified, your aim is to make the moment last forever to give everything of yourself and expect nothing in return. Without love and the rust and closeness it brings that's very hard to do otherwise
    • EstherHarshom: May 20, 2013 01:32
      Trust is far more important than love, at least for sex -- and even that only has to go as far as 'I trust that we're both going to come out of this encounter better than we went in'.
    • johnny: May 20, 2013 03:06
    • Purring Tiger: May 20, 2013 05:41
      Trust is the main factor for me for good sex but the feelings are heightened when you are in love I have found. The more comfortable you are with someone the more relaxed you are and the more adventurous you can be.
    • Angeldelight: May 20, 2013 10:36
      Yes I think sex when you are in love is so much better ,really knowing someone ,trusting them makes it so much better to try new things ,just feeling that close to someone makes so special .
    • rose hip: May 20, 2013 12:11
      Everything's better when we're in love. Oxytocin rocks.
    • Scorpius12: May 20, 2013 12:27
      When you are deeply in love with someone orgasms are definitely more intense. You know each other so well and have the trust and respect to go much deeper into your fantasies with them. Love wins for me .... Winning a Lelo Tiani Couples Vibrator would also be lovely!
    • Michelle Pugh: May 20, 2013 15:31
      I do think. Sex is far more pleasurable when you're in love mostly because you're with someone you trust and can relax and be yourself around
    • Spicier up: May 20, 2013 17:25
      Sex is so much better when your in love from the extra highten passion to the loving caress's you don't get when it's just sex
    • neil: May 20, 2013 17:50
      Sex and love go hand in hand for it to be really enjoyable. There has to be a level of trust and understanding to really br able to let go. I am sure many people enjoy one night stands and get pleasure but I very much doubt it is the same
    • truegrace: May 20, 2013 17:55
      Personally sex and love go together, for us at least anyway!
    • tre: May 20, 2013 18:58
      Sex is far more pleasurable when you're in love
    • chris kivell: May 20, 2013 20:25
      sex is better when in a long term relationship, :)
    • Sherlock: May 20, 2013 21:43
      I don't think I could have sex with someone I didn't love, I get embarrassed far too easily!
    • Kathryn: May 20, 2013 23:32
      In my (fairly limited) experience, the more you sleep with someone, the better it gets.

      I find it easier to let myself relax if I know and trust the person I'm with. I know how he's going to react (if, say, I want to use a toy), I know what he likes, he knows what I like... and once we're done we can fall asleep together and know it's not going to be awkward in the morning!

    • dan: May 20, 2013 23:42
      my earlier comment would have been better had I proof read it before posting, love bringing rust and closeness isnt half as romantic, as trust and closeness. lol now a sense of humour is something that's essential for sex!
    • boing-boing: May 21, 2013 08:09
      Sex in love and in a committed relationship is a million times better. What's better than spending the time getting to know what the other person loves and enjoys the most? And enjoying the closeness that brings :)
    • louise: May 21, 2013 14:21
      sex in my opinion is definitely more pleasurable when your in love, because you are totally trusting of your partner, but the thrill of having sex with a person for the first time can be a major buzz. Having been married for 8 years and I am most definitely in love with my hubby I can honestly say my hubby knows me excellently sex is amazing and the thrill is just like a first time.
    • Melissa: May 21, 2013 16:51
      Sex is defo beter when your in love as you know your partners body, and how they respond.
    • saucey21: May 21, 2013 17:59
      sex when you're in love is the most awesome. the trust and friendship outweighs any spontaneous one night stands. when you can talk openly and honestly with you're loved one about your wants needs and desires, its out of this world even after 15yrs together.
    • Jason: May 21, 2013 18:59
      Good vobrations
    • Aphrodite 2011: May 21, 2013 20:23
      Having sex with the one you love is much much nicer. The orgasms from sexual intercourse are amazing and my partner is very considerate. I was in a loveless marrage and there is no comparism. Cuddling up afterwards is such a great feeling :-) I don't see the point in casual sex and i have my toys which are great but the shared experience of sex is the best :-)
    • Faye: May 21, 2013 21:56
      I have had some fun one nights stands but nothing compares to the intimacy of being in a relationship.
    • lori quesinberry: May 22, 2013 00:05
      I"ve been married for 18 yrs and haven't even seen another man naked, except in porn. It took 16 years for us to realize how intense and sex can be. Unlike before, now when we play, we connect on all levels and we're a lot closer now than ever before.

      Great giveaway

    • dizzygirl: May 22, 2013 00:06
      Yes it's better when you're in love...and I have loved them all!
    • Pete: May 22, 2013 01:04
      Such an ingenious invention. Very creative and seems like it would add to the experience rather than make it a clumsy item that gets in the way of love making. Sex toys can be intimidating for couples and some may even get embarrassed/turned off by the notion of using one with their partner. This toy looks like it could dispel those feelings and create a sensual and passionate environment for love making and mutual orgasms. Would love to win this one for my lover and me.
    • Ann W: May 22, 2013 02:01
      Nothing can compare to sex with someone that you love and care about. It is such a special and intimate feeling that just would not be right with someone you just hooked up with.
    • AliMc: May 22, 2013 23:04
      I think I would find it very difficult to separate sex and love.
    • Loz: May 22, 2013 23:30
      I have nothing against no strings sex - in fact I've had some great no strings sex, however sex with my boyfriend is definitely the best I've had and I think it is partly due to the fact we love each other, but mainly the trust we have in each other. We are very open about what we want sexually, any fantasies we have and whether things worked well/badly for us. It means that we're very adventurous in the bedroom and have tried a lot of different things, a lot that I was totally against before. I'm extremely glad I managed to sway him into trying toys as now he's as much of a LH addict as me (it's got to the point where we have two drawers for toys and my underwear has to be hung up to make room!). I have always been confident in my sexuality and myself but with my OH, I am now having amazing sex with amazing multiple orgasms with someone who is completely in-sync with me sexually.
    • Al Doc: May 23, 2013 12:42
      For me, love is important for sex to be meaningful, otherwise its just enjoyable exercise! Love has allowed us to explore new aspect of sex life, toys etc. This prize would be a fantastic opportunity to expand our sex and be a wonderful birthday present. (Yes its my Birthday today!)
    • Spontificate: May 23, 2013 14:43
      It's definitely better with someone you love as it is a more emotional connection. You also know each others likes and dislikes better.
    • L Duffy: May 23, 2013 17:01
      I think love and sex are very different things and while they can coexist they don't always, and one can be enjoyed without the other.
    • matt: May 23, 2013 17:43
      You don't need love to have good sex but love does make it so much more intimate. I am able to let myself go more with my girlfriend.
    • Reenie: May 23, 2013 23:23
      I would definitely say that sex and love makes sex feel more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing the video and giving this opportunity to win a couple's toy!
    • JD McNugent: May 24, 2013 01:43
      Yes I can orgasm and the sex is good and fun, but it is not the same as sex when in a relationship. It is deeper and more personal in a relationship and the orgasms are better.
    • Pyra: May 24, 2013 10:09
      Sexual satisfaction can be involved in both casual and committed encounters, but I believe that the better a person knows you, the more likely the sparks are to fly.
    • Rob: May 24, 2013 13:02
      Definitely more pleasureable in a long term relationship
    • MissAnonD: May 24, 2013 13:11
      I definitely think that sex is better in a relationship! You have a lot more time to understand each other's bodies, which means better orgasms!
    • Sam Thornton: May 24, 2013 13:44
      Sex with someone you trust, care about, and are dedicated to makes everything so much more enjoyable. Sex and orgasm spurs hormones which link to emotional attachment, so it's not surprising that a lot of people who have sex outside of relationships comment that they felt "something was missing" before committing to a relationship (whether poly or monogamous!).

      In the end, sex is not only a way to further our species, but also a way for ALL people to bond and love one another. I'd attest to say sex with someone you are committed to is one of the most powerful bonding experiences you can have.

    • LouiseS: May 24, 2013 14:02
      Sex and Orgasms dont require a loving commited relationship , they can happen on a one night stand or even with a toy . It happens because your brain tells it to happen the brain doesnt know love :)
      Always wanted this toy
    • Susan: May 24, 2013 14:08
      Orgasm? It's all about sensations... and mind.
    • RichardSurnom: May 24, 2013 14:46
      Trust is important, but pleasure comes first.
    • Brian: May 24, 2013 18:02
      Orgasms can happen without love. Sex can happen without love. Mind blowing toe curling scream my name sex can happen without love. How does love add to sex? It is the most powerful form of magic that adds an extra layer to all of the above. Too mooshy? Probably. It's still true in my experience.
    • Lydia: May 26, 2013 16:15
      Sex is pleasurable whoever its with. The difference is with someone you love. You're more confident with them and they know your body, they know what you like and you may be willing to try different things for someone you love and you want to impress them